8 Best Monthly Dog Treat Subscription Boxes (Reviews & Top Picks)

dog treat subscription box

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This is the ultimate guide to finding the best dog treat subscription boxes.

Are you tired of running out of dog treats? Don’t have the time to search, go to the store and buy high-quality dog treats? Need a cost-effective solution to purchasing dog treats?

If you’re like most dog owners, you love spoiling your pup with delicious treats. But buying treats all the time can get expensive and time-consuming. That’s where treat-only monthly dog subscription boxes come in!

So, if you’re looking for a more convenient way to get dog treats to spoil your pup without breaking the bank, check out one of these dog treat box subscription boxes. We’ll also give you tips on choosing the right box, benefits and why you need one. Let’s dive right in!

Best Dog Treats Subscription Boxes (Our Top Picks At Glance)

Here is a quick overview of just four of our top picks (by category) for the best monthly dog treat subscription boxes. You can click here to go straight to the reviews.

Big Lu
Best Overall

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Best For Chews

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Best Treats + Toys

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Best For Dental Health

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What Are Dog Treat Subscription Boxes?

A dog treat subscription box is a convenient way to get a new selection of premium-quality treats and chews sent right to your door every month.

These treat-only dog boxes (no toys or other items) come with natural, healthy, and conveniently assorted dog treats.

The companies offering these boxes carefully curate a monthly box of great-tasting dog treats designed to satisfy and keep your dog happy with new treats every month. You can customize your box based on preference, dog size, allergies, theme, delivery frequency and more.

Monthly dog treat boxes usually cost much less than buying individual treats yourself.

Why Get A Dog Treat Subscription Box? Benefits

Any time can be treat time with the right dog treat subscription box.

Whether you’re looking to pack some treats for a long training session or your dog is craving some new flavors, a treat subscription gives you a steady supply of high-quality munchies — perfect for stocking your dog’s treat stash, discovering new treats, or even feeding Fido healthier treats to maintains a more nutritious diet.

Getting a treat subscription box is an excellent idea for many reasons and benefits:

  1. Personalized treats for your dog (weight, allergies, size, age, and others).
  2. Save money
  3. New treats every month, so your dog is always excited to try them
  4. A convenient way to get treats
  5. Never run out of treats ever again
  6. Premium-quality dog chews
  7. All-natural and nutritious treats
  8. A fun way to reward your dog
  9. Healthier teeth and gums
  10. Exclusive treat selection not found at stores
  11. Discovering new brands and products
  12. Support local businesses
  13. Treats for every need (from crunchy to chewy, to anxiety-reducing to joint support treats, and more)
  14. No treats from China, rawhide, artificial ingredients, low quality
  15. Responsibly sourced ingredients

What To Look For When Shopping Dog Treat Subscriptions Boxes

When shopping for a snack dog subscription box, you’ll want to make sure that the brand you choose meets the following criteria:

  • Dog Treat Variety: Does the dog treat subscription you’re considering offer plenty of options? You’ll want to choose a brand that treats you to some of your dog’s favorite snack types as well as surprising your taste buds with new ones.
  • Customer Perks: Look for themed boxes, fun giveaways, add-ons, discounts, or access to member-exclusive deals or products. Go with a subscription that gives you more than what you asked for.
  • Dietary & Health Accommodations: Does your subscription lets you customize based on the dog’s dietary and health needs, such as allergies? Not all brands offer this, but some companies offer boxes that can be somewhat customized to dietary preferences and needs.
  • Value: Look at the price of the subscription. Is it more cost-effective compared to what you would get in stores? Does it at least offer products that are hard to find and worth the additional price? Aim for brands that offer you an incredible deal or give you access to treats that can’t be found easily in stores. All the brands we recommend here offer the best value than if you bought these treats separately at retail stores.

Best Monthly Treats Subscription Boxes

Meet our recommendations for the best monthly dog treat subscription boxes currently available.

Our team hand-on reviewed these boxes to help you find the right one for your dog. We based our ranking on factors including treat variety, taste and smell, customer feedback, value, ingredient quality, nutrition, health accommodations and more.

Best Overall Dog Treat Subscription Box (Big Lu Dog Treats)

Big Lu wins our pick for the best dog treat subscription box. Why?

The company specializes in handcrafted, artisanal and all-natural dog treats. Every single batch of their treats is made by specially trained bakers and inspected to ensure exemplary quality. By using a unique preparation method, Big Lu can create dog treats naturally low in odor and have an authentic scent and flavor. Treats are protein-packed.

Their subscription boxes are filled with delicious and premium quality dog chews that will never have any junk, such as fillers. Big Lie dog treats do not contain wheat, soy, gluten, grains, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or artificial ingredients and flavors. 

Big Lu dog treats are formulated to be a treat for dogs of all sizes and ages. You can pick from various chewing textures and toughness, with sizes ranging from a few inches to one foot long.

Big Lu subscription boxes options

  • Party Box: An assortment of Big Lu’s most popular treats – $39.99
  • Ear Lover’s Box: Pig ears and cow ears – $29.90 – $49.90
  • Butcher’s Box: Natural meaty treats full of flavor and rich in nutrients and protein like venison sausages, beef burgers, beef sausages, chicken and more. It’s not processed and does not contain bones – $39.99
  • Jerky Box: Contains stuffed gullets, gullet sticks, gullet flats and more – $39.99

You can also build your box. They offer free shipping and also you can buy treats individually if you don’t want to subscribe.

Looking for a Big Lu coupon code? Use this link to get the best possible deal on Big Lu.

Cheapest Dog Treat Subscription Box (Pet Treater)

Looking for the most affordable dog treat subscription box? Pet Treater wins the medal in this category.

With Pet Treater, you can select a treat-only box for just $18 per box. This is the lowest price by far when compared to the competitors. Your Pet Treater do treat box comes with 2 to 5 mostly USA/Canada made treats.

Ordering it’s simple. Go to the website and select the Treat Your Dog option. From there, simply pick the option to order treats only, fill out your dog profile and just sit back and relax. They will take over from there and will make sure your pet receives quality treats month after month.

Looking for a Pet Treater coupon code? Use this link to get the best possible deal on Pet Treater.

Best Dog Treat Box For Chews (PawsTruck)

Pawstruck is your best option if you want the most dog treat types in your box. Each month you’ll receive 4 to 8 different meat treats made from the highest quality ingredients. You can expect expert-curated premium bully sticks and chews to treats such as jerky and bones.

They source their chews from the finest ingredients creating a subscription box that your pup won’t be able to resist. All of the ingredients Pawstruck uses are natural and high-quality without sacrificing taste and are responsibly raised meat sourced from trusted suppliers in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and South America. 

You’ll receive somewhere between 10 and 20 total chews in your box. The number of chews varies depending on the size of the product, chew time, and cost. This box comes in 3 sizes, each with a weight recommendation, to accommodate all dogs and puppies.

Pawstruck is a family-owned small business based in Southern California that hand packs all your healthy chews specially selected for your dog. When possible, they ship their products using packing that meets Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (FSI) certification standards.

If your dog has a beef, pork, or lamb allergy, it’s best to skip this box. However, they offer a vegetarian line of dog treats.

Looking for a PawsTruck coupon code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer we could find.

BarkBox Dog Treat Box (Best Dog Treat & Toys)

BarkBox needs no introduction. They are the leading dog subscription box company in the industry. You can’t go wrong with their boxes. Dogs love it!

But, you are probably asking yourself: Does Barbox offer a treat-only dog box? Are Barkbox treats safe? Can you buy Barkbox treats individually? Where can I buy Barkbox treats?

While they don’t offer a treat-dedicated subscription box, they have what’s called the “Extra Treat Club,” so you can get all the noms your dogs deserve. Your BarkBox typically comes with 2 toys and 2 full bags of treats, and 1 delicious chew (3 treats in total). BUT, since you are here for the treats, you can 2 extra treats per box by joining the “Extra Treat Club” for an additional $9 per month for 5 treats and 2 toys.

We recommend getting Barbox if you want the best of both worlds, treats and toys. It’s our go-to box here at Canine Bible because the quality of all the items in their boxes is unmatched.

We did a price analysis, and you can expect to pay between $32 to $44 to get 5 BarkBox dog treats per box plus 2 dog toys. Compared to the prices of the other boxes, it’s an excellent deal because not only are you getting so many treats but two extra toys. What dog doesn’t want extra toys, right?!

Our readers get exclusive discounts. Just click here to take advantage of the best offer we could find at BarkBox.

If you are looking for a similar box for your pet but with no subscription, we recommend Chewy Goddy Box. These boxes by Chewy are themed boxes and come with premium treats and toys.

Best Dog Treat Subscription Box For Dental Health (BarkBox Bright)

If you are worried about your dog’s dental health or just want a tasty treat that’s also good for your dog’s teeth and gum, Bright from BarkBox is the best subscription box for you!

Dogs think it’s just a delicious chew (and it is super tasty), but this vet-recommended tooth-cleaning experience is actually a miracle dental chew and toothpaste duo that delivers a powerful combination of ingredients that work together to fight plaque and tartar buildup.

Bright’s dental chew is chicken-flavored, and dogs love it for the chicken, not the oral hygiene. But the 5-ridge star shape really shines at scrubbing teeth, and a mess-free groove makes sure toothpaste ends up in your dog’s mouth (not all over the rug).

Your box also comes with Bright’s enzymatic toothpaste, which has three enzymes that break down the debris that causes bad breath. This duo (chew + toothpaste) turbocharges your dog’s natural self-cleaning process to keep breath fresh and gums and teeth healthy. No toothbrush required!

Delivered to your door every month for as low as $26 per month and guaranteed to noticeably clean teeth and freshen breath in 30 days or your money back.

Looking for a BarkBox Bright coupon code? Use this link to get the best possible deal on BarkBox Bright.

Best Customizable Dog Treat Subscription Box (PupJoy)

PupJoy is takeS our top spot for the best customizable dog treat subscription box.

To get a monthly delivery of only treats from PupJoy, you need to go to their website, select the Build Your Own Box (BYOD) option, and pick your dog’s size. From there, you can choose 3, 4, or 5 items to be in your box. The next step will let you pick from an assortment of high-quality dog treats. If you want more treats, you can include add-ons for an extra fee. Add-ons include doggy beer, bully sticks, dental chews and more.

We love that they let you pick whatever you like for your dog. That’s why they win the top spot in this category.

PupJoy’s monthly price varies depending on how many items you want in your box and delivery frequency.

  • 3 treat bags for $24.23
  • 4 treat bags for $28.05
  • 5 treats bags for $30.60

They also have a non-subscription called “Bully Box” that contains 12 all-natural grass-fed bully sticks and two bags of treats for $39.99.

NOTE: The price may vary according to the size of your dogs and whether you have a monthly subscription.

Our readers get exclusive discounts. Just click here to take advantage of the best offer we could find at PupJoy.

Other Dog Treat Subscription Boxes

Chompbox Dog Box

Chompbox is a subscription box filled with delicious and healthy dog treats, fun toys, dog apparel, accessories and more to keep your pup stocked monthly. In the treat department, you can expect single-ingredient chews, including bully sticks, rawhide treats, bones, elk antlers, or Himalayan yak chews, all without harmful chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Each box is different every month to surprise your pup and keep them entertained.

But if you are looking for an only-treat subscription box on Amazon, we recommend Hotspot. Their box contains 4-5 different types of natural chews, and it’s available to small, large and light chewers.

Nature Gnaws’ Gnawbox Dog Subscription Box

Every month Nature Gnaws will surprise your pup with a variety of 100% natural chews and treats to your door.

Their boxes contain 15-20 different chews that are great for dental hygiene, stress relief, boredom-busting, training rewards and the natural need to gnaw. You can expect to find bully sticks, jerky chews, salmon treats, tendons, yak chews, antlers and more.

Some GnawBox treats are longer-lasting, some quick and crunchy, and all are rawhide-free, single ingredient, and 100% delicious. Nature Gnaw uses human-grade food testing to ensure their chews are free from bacterial contamination and oven-baked to perfection with no additives or artificial ingredients. They also throw in a bonus gift and theme every month to keep your pup excited.

They hand inspect and package every single chew. Chews that don’t meet their size specification are donated via their Gnaw it Forward program.

Best Treat Subscription Boxes Compared

This comparison table breaks down the differences between dog treat subscription box companies.

CharacteristicsBig LuPet Treater Dog BoxPawsTruckBarkBoxBarkBox BrightPupJoy
What's in the Box6-8+ Treats2-5 Treats4 Treat Types (Between 10-20 Chews)5 Treats, 2 Toys (With Extra Treat Club)30 Dental Chews & Triple Enzyme Toothpaste 3 - 5 Treats
Delivery Time3 to 5 DaysShips Within a Week or Less1 to 3 DaysShips ImmediatelyShips Immediately48 Hours or Sooner
Free ShippingYesYesFree Shipping on Orders of $99 or MoreYes
1 Month Subscription$29.99$18$36$35$31$24.23
3 Month Subscription$18
6 Month Subscription$18$26$26
12 Month Subscription$18$23
Satisfaction GuaranteeYesYesYesAny Time
Extra TreatSince $2.54
Customization OptionsYesYesYes
Caters to AllergiesYesYesYesYesYes
Themed BoxesYes
Change Delivery FrequencyYesYesYesYesYes
One-Time Option (Puppy Gift Box)YesYesYesYes
Small DogsYesYesYesYesYesYes

Should You Get A Treat-Only Dog Subscription Box? Alternatives

So, is a treat dog subscription box the right choice for your pup?

We love the convenience of having dog treats delivered every month. Plus, it’s a fun way to spoil your pup that won’t break the bank. We recommend it for every dog owner who is looking wants to feed healthy treats and keep your dog’s taste buds satisfied.

Want more dog box subscription options? From heavy chewer-focused boxes and puppy boxes to multiple dog subscription boxes and affordable dog boxes, there’s something for every dog (and their human).

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