Best Monthly Puppy Subscription Boxes & Gift Boxes 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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If you’re looking to spoil your puppy or need a way to conveniently receive toys and treats at your doorstep, check out the best puppy subscription boxes.

You will learn which brands offer the best monthly subscription boxes for puppies, including what’s inside each box, prices, pros and cons, current discounts and coupons, unboxing videos, and more.

Additionally, you will learn why toy puppy boxes are so beneficial for growing puppies’ developmental and fun needs.

Puppy boxes are packed with amazing puppy-specific goodies, so no matter which one you pick, your pup will love it. Let’s get started!

Top Puppy Subscription Boxes

Here is a quick overview of our top four picks for puppy subscription boxes. Click here to go straight to the reviews. To compare all products side-by-side, click here.


Best Overall

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Best Durable

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Best Premium

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Chewy Dog Box

Best Puppy Gift Box

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How Are Puppy Boxes Different From Other Boxes?

Dog subscription boxes have exploded in popularity among pet parents. They are an excellent way to get toys, treats, and health items delivered to your door each month. There’s one to suit every type of dog, even toy-destroyer dogs.

Puppy needs are different than adult dogs, right?! So, what happens when you have a growing puppy at home, and you want to spoil him with one of these boxes?

Enter puppy subscription boxes! These boxes solve that problem. Unlike your traditional dog boxes, puppy boxes have been stocked with toys, treats, and gear that meet the specific needs of growing puppies, such as teething, chewing, a puppy’s diet, and more.

Puppy Subscription Boxes: What to Expect & Benefits

While there is a lot that differentiates these boxes from one another, here is what you can expect from most puppy boxes.

  • The best puppy toys
  • Nutritions, all-natural treats, and accessories hand-picked by experts
  • Extra customization
  • Exclusive puppy items that aren’t always available at your local grocery or pet store
  • fun experience for your pup when unboxing
  • Great mental stimulation
  • Saves you money as the total price of a box is usually lower than what you would pay at retail
  • Save even more money with longer subscriptions
  • Bonding and enjoyment of getting new cool puppy stuff every month
  • Support local businesses
  • Discovering new brands and products
  • Promotes active play

Why Get A Puppy Subscription Box?

The two most obvious reasons why get a puppy box are: (i) Spoil your puppy (ii) Don’t have the time to shop around for dog stuff. However, there are more important reasons than that.

Dogs are a lot like children in that they get bored with their toys quickly. Researchers also believe dogs can form strong emotional attachments to their toys just like children.1 Further research by Canine behavior expert Dr. Emily Blackwell, who studied 4,000 dog owners, discovered that the less they played with their pets, the more likely the dogs would suffer from one or more of 22 behavioral problems.2

So, how can a puppy box help? Well, since most puppies get bored with their toys, experts advise that toys are rotated to encourage exploration and reduce habituation which is exactly what a puppy box does; it refreshes Fido’s stash of fun stuff every month.3 The value of the toy as a mental and physical outlet is quickly lost in puppies. A puppy box minimizes periods of boredom, keeps toys fresh longer, and provides excellent mental stimulation and new challenges for puppies every month.

A subscription box also encourages active play and bonding, which reduces the risk of destructive or attention-seeking behaviors in your pet. Even when you have to leave your puppy at home, they can provide comfort when they’re feeling nervous.

Puppy Gift Box

Don’t want to subscribe? Puppy subscription boxes can also be bought as puppy gift boxes to be gifted as a present for a pet-loving friend or yourself. Most of the brands here offer the one-time purchase option.

Unboxing Puppy Subscription Boxes

Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Puppies

Here are the best monthly dog boxes for puppies that your furry friend is guaranteed to fall in love with month after month.

Canine Bible’s favorite picks are based on price, customer reviews, toys and treat quality, the number of items, customization options, and other factors.

PupBox Review (Best Overall)

As seen on Shark Tank, PupBox is a pet subscription service created specifically for puppies by celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden.

Raising a puppy is no joke, and it comes with many challenges, including shoe closet destruction, puppy crazies, terrible twos, and other dreaded adolescent behaviors.

PupBox is our top pick for the best puppy box because it is designed to re-inventing the way you raise your furbaby by delivering the very best puppy products and training information you need to raise the perfect dog.

Each box from PupBox contains 5 to 7 products that include 2 treats (one of which is a bag of training treats), 2 toys, 2 accessories, and 1 training and development guide that will walk you through housetraining teething, adolescence, and adulthood. All with a value of more than $40.

Everything you get in the box is customized and will grow with your pup, changing based on your baby’s changing needs and life stage. For instance, if your puppy is teething, you will get chew toys that encourage positive chewing habits, or if your dog is potty training, you may get pee spray.

PupBox offers 4 different monthly subscription plans. Here is how much much they cost:

  • 1-month $39/box
  • 3-month subscription $34/box
  • 6-month subscription $32/box
  • 12-month subscription $29/box
  • View all options

We love three other cool features: (i) they cater to any allergies your pet may have (ii) when you subscribe, your dog will receive a birthday-themed box for their 1st birthday (iii), and you also get grooming goodies and cleaning essentials. 

Puppyhood is hard. PupBox makes it easier!

  • Box gear for puppies
  • Free shipping for all boxes within the USA
  • Boxes include a training guide by Andrea Arden
  • Caters to allergies
  • Great customer reviews
  • All treats made in the USA and Canada
  • Items are chosen based on the dog’s stage in life
  • Ability to specify allergies in the notes section
  • There is an adult dogs box available
  • Toys rotate based on your pup’s development
  • One time purchase birthday puppy gift box avialable
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary

PupBox Coupon Code

Looking for a PupBox coupon code? Use this link to get the best possible deal on PupBox.

BarkBox For Puppies Review (Best For Premium Toys & Treats)

Is BarkBox ok for puppies? Yes, BarkBox says they are perfect for growing puppies, dogs of all ages, and sizes.4

They come in three sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. For puppies, pick the “small” option. If you aren’t sure what will work best for your puppy, just chat with one of their expert dog parents. As your puppy gets bigger, you will want to update it to medium or large depending on its weight. It’s popular for new puppy subscribers to start smaller and update as they grow up, says the company.

BarkBox is the OG for dog boxes, and it’s sure to offer the most unique with fun-themed boxes, seriously adorable toys inside, and premium treats for your puppy. You can even select ingredient preferences for edibles too.

With over two million pups subscribed, this company offers reliable and unmatched product quality that delivers satisfaction, and best of all, they offer great prices.

Each box contains 5-6 full-sized products, including 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and 1 chew centered around a theme. And if your puppy doesn’t love an item, they’ll send a free replacement. You can add an extra, premium toy to your dog’s BarkBox for just $7 per month.

They offer a Super Chewer box option for puppies who love nothing more than eviscerating their favorite toys. It comes with a 100% guarantee that the toys will not break when big puppy chompers play with them.

BarkBox Puppy Box offers different monthly subscription plans. Here are the prices:

  • 1-month plan $35/box
  • 6-month subscription $25/box
  • 12-month subscription $22/box

  • Great for puppies
  • Unique toys exclusive to BarkBox
  • User-friendly website
  • Useful FAQs & blog
  • Excellent customer service features
  • Discount for committing to more months
  • Free shipping for all boxes
  • Reliable delivery with tracking information sent to you
  • 10% of proceeds donated to over 3000 rescue organizations
  • Online and text ordering available
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Treats made in the USA or Canada
  • Able to change delivery frequency
  • Subscriptions automatically renew, you need to cancel manually

BarkBox Coupon Code

Looking for a BarkBox coupon code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer we could find.

KONG Box Review (Best Durable)

Every dog loves sinking its teeth into a KONG, and yes, they have a subscription box now, including a chewing solution box designed for puppies.

To get a Kong Box for puppies, be sure to select the “Puppy” option during the ordering process. This way, the team at KONG will stuff your box with only puppy-specific KONG toys, tools, and training tips to manage and fulfill their chewing instincts, teething, crate training, boredom, and other behaviors or needs.

What differentiates the Kong Puppy Box from the adult and senior options is that only toys from KONG’s puppy product line are used. These toys feature their softest rubber designed for puppy teeth and gums and come only in pink and light blue colors.

What will your puppy get in the box? On your very first order, they ship 1 popular KONG Classic along with 1 Kong training toy, 1 personality toy, 3 unique treats that are designed to be used with the toys in your box, and a recipe and tip cards based on your puppy’s personality.

We love Kong because their toys can help eliminate unfavorable dog behaviors and provide mentally stimulating exercises. They are also perfect for fishing out treats or licking out peanut butter. If you have a heavy chewer puppy that annihilates toys, you can update your profile to the “Extreme Chewer” option after receiving your first box.

The price of your KONG Box depends on how many boxes you decide to get:

  • 1 box $39.95/box
  • 6 Boxes $34.95/box
  • 12 Boxes $29.95/box

  • Puppy option available
  • Comes with chewing training tips from experts
  • Hand-pick items for dogs of every size, shape, and personality
  • Promotes good chewing habits
  • Helps minimize your dog’s bad chewing habits
  • Free shipping inside the United States (except for Alaska & Hawaii)
  • Rubber toys manufactured in the USA
  • Military discount available upon request
  • No customization
  • No toy swapping
  • No discount for multi-dog households
  • From the date you place your order, it takes about 10 days to receive your box (Alaska and Hawaii may take 15-20 days)


Looking for a Kong Box discount code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer we could find.

Read Our Full Kong Box Review

Pooch Perks Reviews (Best Value)

Pooch Perks was named “Best in America” by Fox Business, and it’s is another good option if you are looking for a monthly puppy box.

They offer a Welcome Home Puppy Kit with all the essentials every new puppy needs to ensure they are well behaved, happy, and don’t chew on your favorite piece of furniture or potty on that favorite rug. The box includes 2 bags of training treats, durable teething sticks, a teething play toy, a pet waste holder and bag, 3 puppy pee pads, and training tips.

Note that Pooch Perks Welcome Home Puppy Kit is a one-time purchase, not a subscription. However, the company does offer monthly boxes of toys, treats, chews, and goodies. You can either start your puppy off with the puppy kit and then move on to its subscription services or skip the kit altogether and subscribe.

When you subscribe, you can choose from three plans: Popular Pooch (around $24 per month), Pampered Pooch (about $44 per month), or Toys Only (approximately $22 per month). For puppies, pick the “Small” option. As your pup grows bigger, you can opt for the other options based on his current weight.

At check out, there is a box where you can leave them a message to customize your box even further based on your puppy’s needs and other specific details such as food allergies. They offer the option for an extra toy for $7.99 more.

Not entirely convinced or want something super cheap? They have a smaller sample box if you want to try it first. This brand is a great choice for anyone looking for value.

  • Puppy Starter Kit
  • One-time box option for gifts
  • All treats made in the USA (tested by human bakers and their favorite canines)
  • Plush or durable premium toys
  • Treats are natural, organic, non-GMO, and gluten Edibles are also grain-free with no added artificial preservatives
  • Toys are two-ply tough and double-stitched as well as guaranteed by manufacturers
  • Save 10% by buying a year’s worth of boxes
  • Employee’s dogs test toys for durability, safety, and fun
  • Product are built with the same standards as children’s toys
  • You need to manually cancel your subscription as they renew automatically
  • No multi-dog discount (or for pre-paid multiple months)

Pooch Perks Coupon

Looking for a Pooch Perks coupon code? Use this link to get the best possible deal on Pooch Perks.

Goody Box Chewy Puppy Box Review (Best Puppy GiftBox)

Did you know Chewy, the popular online pet retailer, curates the best toys and treats from top-rated brands into special pet gift boxes, also known as Chewy Goody Boxes?

They offer a particular Goody Box for puppies that come packed with 6 hand-selected products just for puppies, including a leash, poop bag dispenser, shampoo, two toys, and a tasty bag of treats inside.

It’s the ultimate puppy starter kit with all the new pet essentials to help your new family member thrive. They also include a brochure of expert-sourced tips and tricks to help you train and bond with your furry pal.

Goody Box is not a monthly subscription; it’s a puppy gift box available for purchase as a gift for a pet-loving friend, or grab it as many times as you want. However, if you would like to receive this box as a subscription, you can subscribe through Chewy’s Autoship option at check out and save 30% on your first order. You can cancel at any time.

The items in your Chewy puppy box are all hand-picked by pet lovers just like you to keep your puppy engaged and entertained.

  • Crafted just for puppies
  • 6 handpicked puppy products
  • Great value
  • Save you time and money too
  • Perfect starter kit for new puppy parents
  • It also makes a great adoption anniversary or Gotcha Day gift for a friend as well.
  • Hand-picked by pet parents for pet parents
  • No subscriptions needed
  • Pick up just one or as many as you want
  • Subscription option available through Chewy’s Autoship
  • At this time, Goody Boxes cannot be customized.
  • Not recommended for heavy chewers

Goody Box Chewy Coupon

Looking for a Goody Box coupon code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer we could find.

Best Puppy Subscription Boxes Compared

Are you wondering how PupBox vs. BarkBox stack up to each other and the other puppy subscription box companies? This comparison table breaks down the differences.

PupBoxKONG BoxBarkBoxPooch PerksGoody Box
What's In The Box2 Toys, 2 Treats, 2 Accessories, 1 Training
1 KONG Classic (First Box only) 2 Toys, 3 Treats, 1 Recipe & Tip Cards 2 Treats, 2 Toys, & 1 Chew Popular Pooch (5-6 items)
Pampered Pooch (8-9 items)
Toys Only (3-4)
1 Leash, 1 Poop Bag Dispenser, 1 shampoo, 2 Toys, & 1 Tasty Treat Bag
Delivery TimeShips Within A Week Or Less Unsure, Box Takes 10 Days to ArriveShips ImmediatelyShips Immediately1 to 3 days
Free ShippingYesYesYesYesFree shipping on orders of $49 or more
1 Month Subscription $39$39.95 (for 1 box)$35Varies By Subscription Types$24.99
3 Month Subscription $34N/AVaries By Subscription Types
6 Month Subscription $32$34.9 (for 6 boxes)$25Varies By Subscription Types
12 Month Subscription $29$29.95 (for 12 boxes)$22Varies By Subscription Types
Satisfaction GuaranteeReplace Items Your Pup Doesn't Love60 Day Satisfaction GuaranteeReplaces Toys If Pup Isn’t Into It
Extra Toy Cost$7$9
Customization OptionsYesYesYesYes
Caters To Allergies YesYesYesYes
Themed Boxes YesYesYes
Change Delivery Frequency Yes
One-Time Option (Puppy Gift Box)YesYesYesYesYes
Heavy Chewer Puppy OptionNeed To Message For OptionYesYesYesNo

Monthly Puppy Box Alternatives

Each box we reviewed here is curated with a puppy’s cognitive and physical needs, training, fun, and other important puppyhood factors. Most of these boxes let pet owners personalize their boxes based on their pet’s age, allergies, behavioral problems, and more.

The only warning we have for you is that unpacking a box for your puppy may cause endless tail wagging and give your pup turbo-speed zoomies 😉

If you have a puppy that destroys toys in a few seconds, we encourage you to check our review on heavy chewer boxes.

Sources & References: [1] Bris, [2] Express UK [3] Research Gate [4] BarkBox

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