KONG Club Subscription Box Review: Unboxing, Price, Hands-On & FAQs

kong club subscription box

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This is the most comprehensive KONG Club subscription box review.

When I heard that Kong launched a monthly subscription box, I knew I had to try it!

The company claims Kong Club is the ultimate combo of a monthly box of treats, toys, and training tools delivered every month, plus vet-led guidance to manage your dog’s daily wellness journey for every stage of your dog’s life. They even say it can help your dog with several challenges, such as anxiety, behavior and more. So, we decided to put all this to the test. Did our dog love it?

Learn all about this paw-ty in a box and what our canine judges think about it. My dog and I reviewed several factors, including the durability of toys, treat quality and taste, customer service, convenience, price ordering process and more. Let’s dive right in!

Kong Club Subscription Box Review — At A Glance

KONG Club Subscription Box

From playtime to nutrition and everything in between, KONG Club by AskVet is a members-only subscription box that delivers fun, engaging toys and treats to keep your dog happy and healthy. Plus, access AskVet’s licensed veterinarians for 24/7 support, advice, tips & more.

Canine Bible

24/7 Vet support
Customer support

Our Verdict & Summary

Kong Club’s monthly dog box is excellent for dogs at any life stage. Their toys are incredibly durable and designed for your pup’s age. Kong toys are built to incentivize play and are versatile in use. Aside from Kong’s treat’s excellent taste and flavor, the best part about Kong treats is that they are designed to work with their toys for next-level play and mental stimulation. Regarding accessories, I think we can improve and offer more variety. Price-wise, it’s slightly more expensive than competitors but not a deal breaker.

Needs Improvement & Downsides: While their treats and toys are great, we wish they offered themed and more exciting designs like some competitors.

What Makes It Unique: Unlike competitors, the Kong box is the only dog subscription box that offers 24/7 vet support for areas like behavior, nutrition, and preventative care. This is a huge plus.

Best For: Great if you want to provide durable toys and delicious treats that promote better behavior, ever-lasting fun, and expert 1:1 guidance for a happier and healthier dog.

Bottom Line: We love that Kong toys will last and won’t break. It’s one of the toughest dog boxes, yet interactive.


Product Details

Inside The Box
3 toys, 3 treats, 1 card, and 1 recipe

$34.99, $39.99, or $44.99 (depending on the subscription)

Monthly, 6-month & yearly

Manufacturing Country

Toy Materials
Natural rubber, safe for dogs

Treat Ingredients

kong club subscription box
Chapter 1: The Full Review

All About KONG Club Subscription Box

Ch 2 | Ch 3

What Is A Kong Club Subscription Box?

KONG is one of the most popular dog toy brands. It’s well known for making the iconic KONG Toy that even the strongest heavy chewers have trouble destroying.

Kong Club box is a monthly subscription box that offers a carefully curated selection of Kong products, including treats, durable chew items, and other behavior-specific toys. Each Kong Box also comes with treat recipes and behavioral tips.

You can customize each box to your dog’s unique personality and play style to give your dog the most fun and playful experience. For instance, if your dog is a heavy chewer, you can choose a box tailored to this need. Same for puppies, adults and senior dogs.

Each monthly delivery is different, so it’s always fun and exciting for Fido.

What Comes In A Kong Club Box?

Here is what I received when our Kong box arrived

  • 1 KONG classic. Only in the first box because every dog needs the iconic KONG Classic
  • 1 Kong training toy
  • 1 Personality toy was handpicked just for him.
  • 3  Bags of Kong treats are designed to be used with the toys in your box.
  • Tips and recipe cards based on your dog’s personality.

If your first box wasn’t tough enough, you could update the “Extreme Chewer” option through your KONG dashboard after receiving your first box. They will curate your KONG Box to include more durable toys in your next box.

Kong Club Toys

Recognized as the gold standard of dog toys, KONG toys are trusted by groups like veterinary clinics, training facilities, and law enforcement for pet training and engagement. The beauty of Kong toys is their multipurpose functionality and hollow inside, meaning they can serve as dog training tools, treat dispensers, playtime, food bowl, and much more.

kong box dog toy
Our KONG Goodie Ribbon stuffed with Kong Bite treats ready for Charlie to start playing — Image: Canine Bible.

Kong Club Treats

Kong treats help encourage engagement and play. This includes Easy Treat peanut butter, beef, or liver that can be sprayed inside KONG toys. Other treats include biscuits that fit the KONG Classic, digestible rawhide bones, Wild Antler chews, and more.

Charlie’s new Kong Ziggie treats to keep her so occupied | Image: Canine Bible

Kong Club Tips & Recipes

Because Kong dog toys are engineered to work with Kong treats and other food, the company includes easy-to-make recipe cards with every KONG Box so you can make your dog feel like he is eating at a 5-star restaurant. Watch the video below!

Kong Club Key Features

When you subscribe, you also get the following benefits on top of your monthly box. I was genuinely sold when I saw Kong offered us these perks, which you won’t find in other boxes.

  • 24/7 live vet support: Get help from licensed veterinarians for areas like behavior, nutrition, and preventative care
  • 1:1 Pet coaching. 360° Pet Lifestyle Plans for every stage of your pet parenting journey
  • Community. Access the AskVet Clubhouse, where you can join fellow pet families and experts in an online community for trading advice, tips, recipes, and more.
  • Emergency fund. Free financial support if you have an emergency. Kong offers a Rainy Day Fund – up to $1,000
  • Monthly bonus items. A mystery bonus item is shipped each month with your box

Kong Club App

The Kong Club app allows you to access and manage all of the perks with your subscription.

I love this app. We tested its features, and it’s like having a team of pet experts and fellow pet parents at your disposal anytime, anywhere. I like the peace of mind of knowing I can speak with a veterinary professional 24/7 and avoid unnecessary ER visits or waiting on the phone for a veterinary clinic to pick up. At the press of a button, you can chat with a live vet and find out if your pet’s issue is urgent. It’s great for getting answers to general questions as well.

You get advice for just about anything via the app. You have pet coaches, trainers, nutritionists, and vets at the tip of your fingertips. This is an unmatched perk that gives this dog subscription the edge over the competitors.

KONG Club aims to help you master pet parenthood with vet-led programs designed to maintain healthy, joyful pets. 

Kong Club Box Solutions (Benefits)

Another cool and unique aspect of the Kong Club box is that it’s built to help with your dog’s needs and behavioral problems.

Kong toys and treats are designed to help eliminate certain unfavorable dog behaviors and provide mentally stimulating exercises. Kong toys can help with the following:

  1. Chewing
  2. Teething
  3. Separation Anxiety
  4. Boredom
  5. Digging & Barking
  6. Crate Training
  7. Weight Management

For instance, if you have a dog suffering from separation anxiety, the team at KONG Box will curate your box to include toys, treats, helpful information, and tips designed to make your dog feel more peaceful and secure when you leave the house.

Other areas where Kong Club helps are nutrition, emotional wellness, environmental challenges, behavior, preventive care, exercise, and play.

KONG Club Box Pros & Cons


  • Amazing perk benefits, including 24/7 vet support, vet-led wellness guidance, expert nutrition advice & more
  • Mobile app
  • Handpick items for dogs of every size, shape, and personality
  • Promotes good chewing habits
  • Helps minimize your dog’s bad chewing habits
  • Free shipping inside the United States (except for Alaska & Hawaii)
  • Rubber toys manufactured in the USA
  • Military discount available upon request
  • Customer support number available
  • Your first box leaves our warehouse within 48 hours
  • Pause your next box at any time
  • Offers a cat-specific box


  • No discount for multi-dog households
  • A bit more expensive than other dog boxes
  • Kong Club is unable to provide return shipping labels
  • Subscription is continuous and will auto-renew until you cancel
  • The first box arrives between 7 and 10 days after ordering. 

Kong Box Price

How much is Kong Box?

The price of your KONG Box depends on how many boxes you decide to get:

  • 1 box $49.99/box
  • 6 Boxes $39.99/box
  • 12 Boxes $34.99/box

A Kong Box is valued at over $60, so you will save money on whatever plan you pick.

Kong Club Discount Code

Looking for a Kong Box coupon code? Use this link to take advantage of the best offer from Kong Club.

kong club box review
Chapter 2: Our Experience

Our Experience With Kong Club

Ch 1 | Ch 3

The Judges

We picked two Canine Bible dogs to give us their paw-honest opinion and verdict.

Kong Club Unboxing

Everything in our Kong Box arrived in perfect condition. Toys and accessories looked premium and durable, while treats looked fresh and delicious.

My KONG Club Subscription Box Video Review

Watch our canine judges, Charlie and Hollywood, test everything in the Kong dog box.

Our Personal Testimonial

Kong Box Passes The Picky Puppy Test!

I’ve been a KONG Club member for over 6 months now, and I have to say that it’s the best decision I have ever made! My dogs love getting their monthly subscription box, and it’s filled with all sorts of goodies she can’t get anywhere else. From new KONG toys to delicious treats, my pup is always excited to see what’s inside. The customer service is also excellent, and they’re always happy to help if there’s a problem.

My dogs are big fans of playing with their toys. But, like many dogs, they get bored of them quickly. The KONG Club subscription box has been a lifesaver for keeping them entertained and engaged. Each month, they get a new toy and several treats to keep them busy and happy.

I was a little disappointed with the price increase. Before, we were paying a slightly lower price since they rebranded their box to “KONG Club,” which is slightly higher than I used to pay. However, I’m still a happy paying customer because the 24/7 vet assistance chat and other perks have been beneficial. We’ve used it several times because one of my dogs had eaten something she wasn’t supposed to. Their app vet-chat support is worth the slight price increase.

Another thing I noticed was that the KONG items are much more expensive if you buy them individually. It helps us save money on dog treats and toys. The box was lovely, and the toys were super durable. After all, they are Kong toys.

I highly recommend signing up for a KONG Club subscription – your dog will love you for it!
Madison Clark
Charlie & Hollywood’s owner


I like that Kong lets you personalize your box based on your dog’s size, chewing style, age, personality, needs, or behavioral problems. For instance, a Great Dane with separation anxiety will receive different items than a Pug with weight management issues.

Finally, choose how many boxes you would like to receive and whether you want the boxes delivered monthly or every other month.

Delivery & Shipping

When does Kong Box ship?

Your pup’s first box leaves the warehouse within 48 hours and should arrive between 7 and 10 days of ordering. The moment your box ships, they will send you tracking information. Subsequent Kong boxes will be scheduled on the same timeline as your first order.

Shipping is FREE for customers in the contiguous 48 states, but if you live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii, you will have to pay for the shipping.

Kong Club Customer Service

From our personal experience, Kong Box has great customer support. If you have a question about Kong Box, send them a message or call them (M-F 8:00 am – 4:30 pm MST). Every time we contacted Kong regarding their products, we received a timely response.

Chapter 3: Tips, FAQs & More

Additional Information About Kong Club

Ch 1 | Ch 2

What Do Customers Think About Kong Box?

Here is what real people are saying about Kong Club boxes.

Kong Club Positive Reviews

I got my first box for $1 and it came with so much stuff !! That was just a trial to see what it all had and if my dogs would enjoy it it was the best, and now, every time I walk in the house, they know it’s their Kong box. You would think my dogs are kids on Christmas Day when their box comes !! Best investment seriously. I didn’t think I would still have the long box to this day, but the happiness in my dogs’ eyes and actions makes it all worth it. Picture is of their very first box. You get 3 toys and 3 treats, sometimes you get the same toys, but my dogs still love it and they will still enjoy them.

Tiffany Pennington-Eisenhauer, Kong Official Facebook Page 12/4/2020

I have two Goldendoodles, and they LOVE their kong boxes. They each got a box and licked and chewed every item that came in the box, including the box itself. They especially love the rubber chew toys and tennis balls. I love how the toys are sized out for the dogs, our dogs are 20 lbs, and every toy that came in the box was perfect for them to chew on and play with.

– Kalin Godwin, Kong Official Facebook Page 10/24/2020

Kong Club Negative Reviews

So far my dog has torn up each toy he has gotten so quickly, it’s not worth it. And to cancel it, it is just as much as the stupid box price.ETA: Almost a week ago, they told me to email customer service and they would make things right. So I did just that and yet again NO RESPONSE from customer service. I even attached a screenshot from this conversation from here. I’ve bought products before this box in stores, now I don’t want to even support your company ever again.

– Megan Coggins Kong Official Facebook Page 12/13/2020

I want to like it so bad but both of my dogs don’t like any products from their first Kong Box. My pups are super food motivated and literally eat anything you give them, and they wouldn’t eat the treats from Kong Box. I signed up for a 12-month subscription because I had just high hopes, and I still have 11 more boxes to go.

– Nic Pham, Kong Official Facebook Page 12/13/2020

KONG Box Reddit Reviews

There is a lot of chatter around Kong Box on Reddit. Here are the top commentaries.

Kong Club For Puppies

The Kong Box is safe for puppies. Kong has a line of soft rubber toys and gentle treats specially made for 6-month-old puppies or younger.

Kong Club Cancellation Fee & Policy

How to cancel the Kong box?

You will need to email or call them if you need to cancel your membership subscription. You must cancel any automatically renewing membership before it renews to avoid billing subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card.

Kong Club Guarantee

KONG Box stands behind its products. If you are not satisfied* with a KONG product you received in your KONG Box, they will gladly provide you with a replacement. You must submit your request within 60 days of the date of receiving. Replacements are available for allergies and destroyed or damaged toys.

Kong Club Subscription Cat Box

Kong Club is also available for cats. If you have a kitty at home, they offer a cat box designed to enrich playtime and cater to your cat’s instincts. Along with the box, members will have access to 1:1 vet-led guidance to support their cat at every stage of their life and provide peace of mind.

Kong Club Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kong Box Worth It? Kong Club Subscription Box Alternatives

Absolutely! We love the synergy the toys and treats have to make playtime more exciting and delicious at the same time.

We like that Kong handpicks each item in your dog’s box, making it a more personalized experience. The premium quality and indestructible characteristics of Kong products make this dog subscription box stand out from all other dog boxes. Whether your dog is a heavy chewer or just gets bored with his toys quickly, a Kong box will fulfill any chewing and entertainment needs your dog may have.

Bullymake and Super Chewer also offer a similar box for heavy chewers, but how do they differ from Kong Box?

If you’re curious about other power chewer boxes, read our dog subscription boxes for heavy chewers article. If you are on a budget, check out our cheapest dog subscription boxes or read our article on monthly treat box subscriptions for those who only need treats.

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