Our pack has combined hundreds of years of experience with dogs, personally and professionally. Every person in our team plays a critical role in the content we serve our readers. Everyone is committed to providing the most in-depth and unbiased information via research, reviews, and stories to ensure you have all the guidance you need for every aspect of caring for your beloved pup.

Expertise You Can Trust

Many of our writers are registered veterinarians, vet techs, animal trainers, and other dog experts dedicated to making pet owners’ lives easier.

Our writers have been featured in many notable media outlets, including Cuteness, Pinterest, Dogster, WikiHow, Yahoo! News, SF Gate, Money and countless others.

Additionally, we have several in-house and affiliated veterinarians (DVMs) who review our dog’s health content for medical accuracy and insurance professionals who check insurance content for compliance and accuracy. Additionally, our researchers fact-check everything through high-quality sources and peer-reviewed studies. You can learn more about it on our editorial process page. 

The Team Behind Canine Bible


CEO & Founder

Anthony is the founder of Canine Bible, starting the site as a tribute to her childhood dogs. An avid dog enthusiast since childhood, his goal is to help owners develop better, more prosperous relationships with their pets through compassion and understanding. By profession, he is an avid digital marketer passionate about creating amazing content that adds value. 

When not managing Canine Bible, Anthony spends time training and spoiling his pup Pepe and volunteering at local animal shelters. 

Abel Curi

Creative Director

Abel Curi is a creative director and dog lover. He ensures the visual and video content at Canine Bible is as amazing as our written content. Abel also works in television commercial production for a large multinational company in South America, and he uses his skills to create engaging and informative content for pet owners everywhere. Abel is an animal lover through and through, and he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his two beloved pups.

Cristian Castagne 

Social Media Manager 

Cristian Castagne is our social media guru. While his background ranges from international business to entrepreneurship, he has an innate passion for managing communities and making them grow. He volunteers at his local dog rescue and has a soft spot in his heart for his Chihuahua.

Stephany Bazán


In addition to being a dedicated dog mom, writer, and editor for Canine Bible, Stephany is a lifelong environmental educator and animal care professional who’s worked with all sorts of animals. Passionate about animal welfare and the value pets provide their people, Stephany has been profiled in a variety of media outlets. She is currently looking to adopt her third pup. 

Andre Sandoval

Content Editor

Andre is a pit bull dad and helps our team ensure all our content stays updated with the latest and more relevant information. He works directly with the writers, editors, and veterinarians to ensure our content meets our brand and quality standards before it gets published.

Ximena Diaz

Dog Trainer & Writer

Ximena Diaz is a professional dog trainer and animal behaviorist with over ten years of experience working with dogs. She has worked with all kinds of dogs, from family pets to working law enforcement K-9s. Ximena is known for her kind and gentle approach to dogs and her ability to identify and correct unwanted behaviors quickly.  

Dr. Andrea Higgs

Vetenarian (MVZ)

Her passion is animal welfare and she focuses on the importance of preventive medicine. Andra has skills in dog nutrition, dermatology, clinical pathology, diagnostic imaging, and endoscopy, as well as extensive experience in animal training through positive reinforcement. As Canine Bible’s in-house veterinarian, Andrea vets every article before it gets published so our readers can feel confident about trusting our content.  

Lauren Angle, DMV

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Growing up, Lauren Angle always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. She has loved animals since she was a little girl, and veterinary medicine seemed the perfect way to help them. Since graduating from veterinary school, Lauren has worked as a small animal veterinarian in several clinics around the Atlanta area. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs in her spare time. She is very happy to share her knowledge and experience with our readers and hopes to be helpful with any issue presented by your non-human family members.