24-Hour Live Chat With Licensed Vets

Don’t use this service for emergencies.
Instead, contact your local veterinarian right away.

Need Instant, 24-Hour Answers To Your Pet Questions?

When you have questions about the health and safety of your best friend, no question is too big or too small. If you have a concern or question about your pet, there’s no substitute for expert advice, and you no need to wait for a veterinary appointment either – now you can get answers instantly, 24 hours a day.

That’s why Canine Bible provides this 24-hour Ask a Vet live chat to connect pet owners with pet experts. Our vets love answering your questions! Our team of expert veterinarians is standing by to answer all of your pet questions. Whether you’re dealing with a health issue, behavior problem, nutrition advice, or just need some guidance on pet care, we can help. Use our online vet chat below!

Our veterinarians have seen and heard it all, and they’re ready to provide you with accurate information that you can trust thanks to their many years of practice.

To provide you with the best possible advice, our vets will need any and all information you can provide, including medical histories, detailed descriptions of the issue, and relevant photographs. 

Our virtual veterinarians can also provide clarity on the urgency of the situation and inform you when you need an in-person consultation or need to seek emergency care. You should take your pet to your closest veterinary clinic if it is experiencing a life-threatening situation.

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