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Our Story

“Well, I spent my entire childhood surrounded by dogs – The first dogs in my life were stray dogs. I lived in a big city where it was common to see stray dogs. My parents had a mini-market business where they sold groceries and pet food. As a child, I would take the kibble from my parent’s store and feed it to almost every dog that wondered about our store. Over time, I gained the trust of 4 dogs. They became my friends, and I even helped give birth to one of them. As an adult, I still remember their names: Barundis, Pita, Comotu and Salchicha. We went on adventures all the time. It was amazing. 

It was like I had my pack of dogs. Because I hung out around dogs all the time as a kid, I realized the importance of proper training and that dogs have unique personalities and needs.

I also ended up having three family dogs, Rambo and Pepe. Rambo passed away 15 years ago and Pepe is my lovely yellow lab, currently ten years old. And let’s not forget about Bandit, my parent’s dog, who I also considered mine.”  

– Anthony, Founder

The Canine Bible story started with the love of an innocent child who loved dogs and wanted to be sure every dog was well-fed, safe, and happy. Unfortunately, I did not have the resources nor my family to do so physically at that time. So, years later, we launched, a one-stop resource for all dog tips, questions, and concerns. 

Since its launch, we have helped millions of readers with our content to create a better life for their canine friends. To learn more about us, visit our team page.

Where Can I Find Canine Bible On Social Media?

We have a community that extends far beyond this website, and we are proud to offer you some awesome cute photos, funny dog quotes, puppy training tips, dog food reviews and more wherever you may want to hear from us. Follow our pack today, and let’s start sharing all the puppy love!

Where Is Canine Bible Located?

Our headquarter is located in the state of North Carolina. If you need to reach out, we prefer to save trees, so we suggest you try our contact form first.

Is Canine Bible Affiliated With Veterinarians?

Yes, Canine Journal has partnered with registered veterinarians across the U.S. Their participation in our website is crucial to provide live support to our readers who need expert advice. We are proud to have a team of vets available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. 

We also have an internal team of veterinarians and dog experts at Canine Bible that are crucial to providing accurate and helpful information to our readers. 

Your Testimonials Keep Our Tails Wagging

Our team enjoys reading how content has helped you improve your dog’s life. Over the years, we have received many testimonials from our readers. If CanineBible’s content has helped you, please send us a message via our contact form page letting us know so we can add them here. 

Thanks so much for your continued support – it’s our goal to make your dog’s life better every day.