Our Product Review
& Test Methodology

For over 10 years, meticulous, consistent testing has been the foundation of our work here at Canine BIBLE.

Dive into our Canine Bible Labs where we test, rate, and review thousands of dog-related products and services.

Our Testing Process for Canine Products

Before we test any dog-related product, our team of writers, editors, and in-house veterinarians thoroughly researches the market and consults with other industry experts—including certified dog trainers, veterinarians, canine behaviorists, and pet nutritionists—to gain insights on what to look for and how to evaluate it. From there, we craft a detailed testing methodology to rate products based on attributes like ease of use, value, durability, and overall performance.

We then curate a selection of products for each test. These products span various retailers, price points, user reviews, brand reputations, and more. Given the vast online marketplace for pet products, we invest significant time in online research, ensuring we bring the most informed recommendations to you. Recognizing that every dog and owner has unique preferences, we aim to provide a range of vetted options, always keeping value at the forefront of our recommendations. While some products might be provided to us for free, we independently purchase the majority of the items we test.

Beyond just the objective testing results, we also consider qualitative insights: How easy is it to adjust a dog harness? Does a non-slip dog bowl remain stable even with an enthusiastic eater? We take the initiative to interpret the performance data, offering clear and trustworthy reasons behind our recommendations. Each product’s pros and cons are highlighted, enabling you to balance essential details against your pet’s needs, your lifestyle, and your budget, ensuring you make the most informed choice.

Testing In The Lab

At the Canine Bible Testing Facility—situated in North Carolina— we evaluate everything from dog toys and dog food to adjustable leashes and dog accessories side by side to gauge their performance. During each evaluation, we document the unboxing, setup, and tester (both human and canine) experience through photos, videos, and descriptions, offering you an in-depth and behind-the-scenes glimpse of how the products fare during our tests.

Our editors, writers, and producers assess products under the supervision of seasoned professionals and pet experts using standardized methodologies.

Testing At Home & In The Real World

We understand that not every product is suitable for testing in the Canine Bible Testing Facility; this is where at-home and real-world testing becomes invaluable. In their own homes and local parks, our testers assess aspects like delivery and setup and observe how different products endure over time. How does the padding on a dog bed fare after a week versus several months? Do the clasps on a leash remain sturdy? Will the dog toys retain their durability after repeated play sessions?

The testing procedure at these locations involves real pet owners, editors, writers, and pet experts adhering to the same rigorous methodologies we employ in the Canine Bible Testing Facility. They complete surveys rating each product on essential characteristics, offer valuable insights on each item, and capture photos and videos showcasing the products in action in real-life scenarios.

Our Scoring System

Every product we review is assigned a score. We determine a product’s score based on a combination of performance, value, and subjective factors. As the score isn’t a strict average, our editors have the discretion to adjust it to better represent the overall evaluation of the product, factoring in aspects like price and other attributes that might not fit into strict criteria. A score is best perceived as a momentary assessment, compared to other dog products available at the time of the review. For instance, a dog toy reviewed now might not receive the same score if reviewed six months later.

While it’s rare, we might adjust a product’s score post-publication due to factors like product updates. Should such a change occur, we’ll always provide our rationale for the adjustment.

Our 5-point scale is intuitive, but here’s a brief guide for clarity:

Review Criteria

At Canine Bible, we review, compare, and test dog products and services based on different criteria depending on the category of the product. However, the below is the standard criteria that apply to most of the products we review.

  • Price: What’s the initial cost and are there any ongoing expenses
  • Overall Value: We weigh the product’s price against its features and benefits for both short-term and long-term use. We also identify any hidden costs that might arise over time.
  • Availability: Who can benefit from this product or service? Is it widely available or tailored for specific breeds or needs?
  • Customer Experience: We delve into customer reviews, company policies, and the quality of customer support.
  • Reputation: How recognized is the brand in the pet industry? What kind of feedback has it received? We consider ratings from customers, experts, and third-party industry evaluators.
  • Privacy: For tech-related dog products, we evaluate known security breaches, the company’s response, and security features like data encryption.
  • Compatibility: Does the product or service integrate well with other brands or services to enhance your dog’s well-being and convenience?
  • Quality: We assess materials, craftsmanship, adherence to industry standards, durability, and more.
  • Features: We evaluate the features offered, their effectiveness, and how they compare to competitors.
  • Ease of Use: We consider the simplicity of setting up and using the product or service, including installation, guides, and support.

A Note About Ethics

We believe it’s crucial for our readers to understand how Canine Bible generates revenue. The following statement is prominently displayed at the beginning of every article on our site:

Canine Bible is reader-supported. We receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. This doesn’t affect rankings.

However, our editorial team is not involved with affiliate commissions in any capacity. Our reviewers are unaware of how a specific article generates revenue and do not receive any portion of the commission earned. Reviewers are compensated for their contributions and do not receive additional incentives. We do not allow sponsored content on our website.

Brands, even those with affiliate ties to Canine Bible or those under the umbrella of our parent company, have no influence over review scores or outcomes. Our writers adhere to strict guidelines that prohibit biased or influenced content. For a deeper understanding, please refer to our editorial mission statement or contact us for more questions.