6 Best Dog Toy Subscription Box For Heavy, Tough Chewers — BarkBox Super Chewer vs Bullymake vs Kong Box

best dog subscription box for heavy chewers

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Welcome to my ultimate guide on finding the best dog subscription box for heavy chewers.

As a pet owner, I understand the struggle all too well. You know the frustration if you have a dog like mine that can shred a typical toy in mere minutes. A monthly dog toy subscription box for heavy chewers is perfect if this is you. These toys are not your cheap plush ones that tear open in seconds. These toys are designed specifically for aggressive chewers. With so many tough chewer box companies claiming to have the toughest toys, it’s hard to know where to begin. But don’t worry, I’ve done the hard work for you so your furry friend can spend more time enjoying toys that last.

If you want to buy a super chewer dog box, we’ve reviewed the best dog boxes for chewers for different needs. No matter which dog box for aggressive chewers you choose, your pup will love the paw-ty in a box because they also come packed with delicious treats. Let’s dive right in!

Best Dog Subscription Box For Heavy Chewers At A Glance

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What Is A Heavy Chewer Subscription Box?

A heavy chewer dog subscription box comes with heavy-duty dog chewing toys specially designed for those dogs that like to chew a lot or have a super strong bite. Dog boxes for chewers also come with delicious treats. If you have a heavy chewer dog breed at home and dog toys don’t last a second, a durable dog toy subscription can solve that problem. Dog subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular among pet parents, offering a fantastic way to conveniently deliver toys and healthy treats to your doorstep every month.

Subscription Boxes For Heavy Chewers Benefits

Toys are essential in raising, training, and bonding with your dog. They provide immense fun and are crucial for maintaining oral health, alleviating boredom, rewarding good behavior, and promoting physical activity and exercise. However, dogs with toys that break easily may miss out on these positive benefits.

Furthermore, dog toys serve as a form of companionship for pets when their owners are not around. This is especially important since a lack of suitable toys can lead to various behavioral issues. Dr. Emily Blackwell, a canine behavior expert who studied 4,000 dog owners, found that dogs with less playtime were more likely to exhibit one or more of 22 behavioral problems.[1]

A dog toy subscription box for heavy chewers keeps dogs engaged and entertained but also helps mitigate potential behavioral problems caused by boredom from toys that always break.

A subscription box can save you money as you don’t need to spend money on replacing toys all the time. Moreover, these boxes come with exclusive dog toys that are not always available at the local grocery or pet store.

Dog Breeds That Need A Tough Chewer Box

Here’s a list of top heavy-chewer dog breeds that are likely to destroy most toys quickly and would greatly benefit from a tough chewer box. If your dog belongs to one of these breeds with powerful bites, considering a dog subscription box for heavy chewers would be a wise choice.

  • Doberman
  • Boxer
  • Pit Bull
  • German Shepherd
  • American Bulldog
  • Rottweiler
  • Leonberger
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Dogo Canario
  • Mastiff
  • Bulldog
  • Husky
  • Golden Retriever
  • Great Dane
  • Dalmatian
  • Chihuahua

If your dog isn’t on this list but destroys all his toys, it’s time you make the switch!

The Reviews
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Best Dog Subscription Box For Heavy Chewers

Below, you’ll discover the best monthly dog boxes for heavy chewers dogs are guaranteed to fall in love with month after month.

Best Overall Tough Chewer Box


Super Chewer

Who It’s For: For those seeking the most well-rounded tough toy box in terms of toy durability, design, price, themes and treats.

Items/box: 2 toys, 2 treat bags & 2 meaty chews

Price: 1-mo $45/box, 3-mo $34/box or 12-mo $29/box

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we recommended it: Having a toy destroyer at home is not fun for your wallet and heavy chewer pup. That’s where the Super Chewer box from Barkbox comes in. Barkbox heavy chewer box is the best option for dogs that are rough on their toys. The company designs and tests each toy to withstand the chewing habits of the toughest chewers. Super Chewer uses strong rubber and nylon materials to withstand any chomping. The box includes a monthly themed collection of super-tough toys, healthy treats, and chews. Once you place an order, your first box will be shipped immediately, with the following boxes shipped on the 15th of every month. 

What sets it apart from competitors: This BarkBox for aggressive chewers keeps dogs engaged with various challenging play themes each month. Their toys are made from custom concepts to limited-edition collaborations with unique design elements to maximize playtime. Plus, the ingredients used in their meaty treats and chews are premium quality.

Key Features

  • Toy-only option. You cannot pick the toy-only option during the checkout process, but you can contact them to request one. The monthly price may vary for this option.
  • Guarantee. Barkbox durable toy box comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your super chewer easily destroys the toys or doesn’t care for one, reach out, and Barkbox will replace it for free.
  • Extra tough toys. You can get an additional toy in every box for $9/month 


  • Free shipping inside the United States (except for Alaska & Hawaii)
  • Always fluff-free toys
  • Human-grade treats made in the USA and Canada
  • Caters to beef, chicken and turkey allergies
  • No wheat, corn, or soy
  • Attentive customer service features
  • Themed boxes


  • Can’t change the frequency of boxes delivered
  • Can’t choose toy materials
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. You need to cancel it manually
  • No discount for multiple dogs

Our Personal Experience With Super Chewer Barkbox

My heavy chewer dogs were particularly thrilled with the spaceship toy we received! The outer layer of this toy was meant to be destroyed because inside was the real surprise, a heavy chewer toy. It instantly became a favorite. Although our pups took a few days to chew through the outer cover, they continues to have a blast chasing the bouncy green spaceship toy around our home, showing its lasting appeal even after several months.

– Anthony, Head of Product Testing

Our Video Review Experience

Best Tough Dog Toy Subscription For Training


Kong Club

Who It’s For: Our best choice for parents who seek tough dog toys, address unwanted dog behaviors, and for parents who like to make treats and stuff them in toys.

Items/box: 3 toys, 3 treats & 1 recipe and tip card

Price: 1-mo $39/box, 6-mo $34/box or 12-mo $29/box

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we recommended it: KONG is probably one of the most popular dog toy brands out there, and it’s well known for making the iconic KONG toy that even the strongest heavy chewers would have trouble destroying. And yes, they have their own subscription box now. If your dog loves to chew, KONG Box (recently rebranded as KONG Club) offers avid dog chewers durable rubber KONG toys, tools, and training tips you’ll need to manage and fulfill their chewing instincts. It’s our top pick for the toughest toy box because it offers various tough chewing solutions designed for dogs in different life stages, including heavy chewer puppies, adults, seniors, and extreme chewers dogs. Plus, the versatility of their toys supports better behavior.

What sets it apart from competitors: Kong Club is the only tough dog toy box with 24/7 veterinarian support as part of your subscription at no additional cost. They also include a recipe and tip cards based on your dog’s personality

Key Features

  • 1:1 Pet coaching. 360° Pet Lifestyle Plans for every stage of your pet parenting journey
  • Behavioral aid. Built to help dogs with six common everyday challenges (i.e., nutrition, behavior, etc.)


  • Comes with chewing training tips from experts
  • Hand-pick items for dogs of every size, shape, and personality
  • Promotes good chewing habits
  • Free shipping inside the United States (except for Alaska & Hawaii)
  • Military discount available upon request


  • No customization
  • No toy swapping
  • No discount for multi-dog households
  • From the date you place your order, it takes about 10 days to receive your box

Our Personal Experience With Kong Club

I tried out the Kong Club Box, selecting the medium size for my tenacious chewers. The box was impressive, featuring durable toys like the iconic Classic Kong, the tough Goodie Ribbon — all of which have survived months of enthusiastic chewing. The box also included a variety of treats specifically designed for the Kong toys including the Kong Ziggies, a tube of sweet potatoe spread for the Classic Kong and Kong bites that fits perfectly into the Goddie Ribbon. On top of that, they added a card with a simple apple chedder recipe and a stylish bandana. Every item was a hit with our dogs, particularly the Classic Kong stuffed with the spread, which kept him happily busy for over an hour. The Kong Club Box definitely delivers great value for its contents.

– Madison, Canine Bible Testing Partner

Our Video Review Experience

Also A Great Durable Dog Toy Subscription



Who It’s For: A great option for durable toys with cool hip designs and tasty treats for the value

Items/box: 2 to 3 toys & 3 treats

Price: 1-mo $45/box, 3-mo $36/box, 6-mo $34/box or 12-mo $31/box

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we recommended it: Bullymake specializes in making the most durable dog toys for the toughest chewers. They also add delicious treats. Everything is backed with a durability and satisfaction guarantee. They design and manufacture unique, highly long-lasting toys every month catered specially to power-chewing dogs. You can choose between toys & treats or a toy-only box. The toy-only box will arrive at your house with 4 to 5 toys instead of treats. Whether your dog is an extreme chewer, tugger, fetcher, or player, we are sure Bullymake has you covered with extra tough dog toys and nutritious treats. Is your dog allergic to certain ingredients? No problem! There is an option to select your dog’s allergy at the checkout page, and they will cater to your dog(s)’ allergy needs. 

What sets it apart from competitors: Toys are made from FDA-approved materials. You can choose the materials of the toys you receive. Types of toy materials include nylon, ballistic, rubber and rope. Additionally, all toys they deliver have a satisfaction and durability guarantee. Nothing goes destroyed, or it is replaced for free.

Key Features

  • Free replacement. If Fido doesn’t love an item in your box or destroys one of their toys, Bullymake will ship you a different one for free.
  • Customization. If you don’t want your dog’s boxes monthly, you can change the date you receive the boxes to one every other month, once a quarter, etc.


  • Ships the next business day after placing an order
  • Add an extra toy for $9/month
  • Caters to beef, chicken and grain allergies
  • Each box has a different theme per month
  • Toy-only option available


  • You must manually cancel your subscription if you no longer wish to receive Bullymake boxes
  • No discount for multiple dogs

Our Video Review Experience

Best Non-Subscription Aggressive Chewer Dog Box



Who It’s For: Great for those who only need a one-time purchase.

Items/box: 1 toy, 2 bully sticks & 2 treats

Price: $34.99

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we recommended it: PupJoy is not known for its tough chewer boxes, but they offer a one-time buy Power Chewer Subscription Box for small, medium, or large dogs. You can also opt for the “Build Your Own Box (BYOB)” option and pick heavy chewer toys as add-ons. Select your dog’s BYOB size, and PupJoy will send you tailored goodies to keep your power chewer’s tail wagging.

What sets it apart from competitors: Each box includes more than $45 in value, and it sells for much less. You can extensively customize your box. Dog with allergies? No problem. You can specify and choose all-natural, organic, grain-free, or protein-sensitive options.


  • For dogs who love to gnaw on things
  • Specify diet restrictions
  • Products from small USA businesses
  • Packaged with eco-friendly shipping materials
  • 10% cashback with every purchase


  • Must create an account to get custom pricing

Best Customizable Extreme Chewer Dog Box



Who It’s For: This tough dog toy box is for those who want to hand-pick what comes in their boxes.

Items/box: 2 to 3 toys & 2 to 3 treats

Price: Varies

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we recommended it: A BoxDog subscription box comes with natural handmade treats cooked by their chef, vegan skincare items, toys, gear, gadgets for your dog, and even beds.

What sets it apart from competitors: While they have one of the best pet subscription boxes for dogs, they also offer an ‘extra tough’ selection of tough toys you can include. You can hand-pick the toys in your box, but they don’t offer much variety.

You can choose from two different types of options:

  • Monthly box: For dogs who need treats, toys, and gear more often.
  • Seasonal box: 4 giant boxes per year with seasonal toys and gear


  • Same price for big dogs or tough chewers
  • You can select add-ons
  • Shipping is always free in the continental U.S
  • You can also find BoxDog on Amazon but not their tough dog toys box.
  • Unique items (i.e., vegan skincare items, customer)
  • Ships within approximately two business days


  • Doesn’t offer a large selection of toys and treats to choose from
  • Ships to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico for $15 and in Canada and the U.K. for $20.

Indestructible Dog Toy Subscription – Honorable Mention



Who It’s For: Perfect for those who only want tough chew dog toys.

Items/box: 4 toys

Price: $24.99

Manufactured: China

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we recommended it: We chose the OSORD hard dog chew toys box because they are made from durable food-grade nylon construction, which is harder than real bones, making it virtually indestructible. The toys come in four unique shapes that make it easier for dogs to pick up and enjoy chewing while also helping to clean their teeth and promote dental health. The surface features a groove design perfect for spreading peanut butter or cream cheese, providing dogs with an enjoyable and long-lasting chewing experience.

What sets it apart from competitors: Flavored with 100% genuine bacon, enticing your dog to chew, keeping them occupied longer than traditional toys effectively preventing destructive habits.


  • Comes with a drawstring bag
  • Perfect for households with multiple dogs
  • Cost-effective toys
  • Toys have been tested by Siberian, Huskies, German Shepherds and other powerful aggressive chewers


  • The range of toys might not cater to all small dog breed

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Tough Dog Toy Subscription Unboxing

Watch these power chewer dogs unbox their heavy chewer subscription boxes to get a sneak peek of your dog’s expectations.

Comparison Table: Bullymake vs Barkbox Super Chewer vs Kong Club Box

Are you wondering how Barkbox Super Chewers vs. Bullymake stack up to each other and the other heavy chewer boxes? This comparison table breaks down the differences.

Barkbox Super Chewer KONG BoxBullymake
Dapper Dog boxPupJoy
What's In The Box2 Toys, 2 Bags Of Treats, 2 Meaty Chews 1 KONG Classic (First Box only) 2 Toys, 3 Treats, 1 Recipe & Tip Cards 2-3 Toys & 3-4 Treats/Chews
(4 Toys In Toy Only Box)
2 Treats, 2 Toys, & 1 Stylish Bandana 2 Treats, 2 Toys, & 2 Chews
Delivery TimeShips ImmediatelyUnsure, Box Takes 10 Days to ArriveShipped Next Business Day Ships Within a Couple of Days48 Hours or Sooner
Free ShippingYesYesYesYesNo
1 Month Subscription $45$39.95 (for 1 box)$39$35.99$34.99
3 Month Subscription $34N/A$36$35.99$34.99
6 Month Subscription N/A$34.9 (for 6 boxes)$34$35.99$34.99
12 Month Subscription $29$29.95 (for 12 boxes)$31$35.99$34.99
Satisfaction Guarantee Any Time60 DaysWithin 14 Days
Any Time
Extra Toy Cost$9$9
Customization OptionsYesYesYesYes
Caters To Allergies YesYesYesYesYes
Themed Boxes YesYesYes
Change Delivery Frequency YesYesYes

Dog Toy Subscription For Heavy Chewers Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about indestructible dog toy subscription boxes.

Both companies offer their boxes at a fairly equal price. Regarding durability, they use the same materials to build their toys (Nylon, Strong Rubber & Ballistic Materials), so you can expect them to last the same. Even though they are equally tough, Super Chewer takes the edge on toy design and theme boxes. They have a winning formula for designing irresistible dog toys that make playtime more exciting and fun. Another area where Super Chewer excels is its replace-it-anytime guarantee versus Bullymake’s 14-day guarantee.

Two significant differences exist between the Kong Box and Barkbox’s Super Chewer. Kong Box lets you customize your box based on seven behavioral issues your dog may need help such as anxiety. KONG toys. While BarkBox’s aggressive chewer box comes with nearly indestructible toys, KONG slightly comes on top in toy toughness mainly because Kong has been in the market for over 40 years, and thanks to its trademark Rubber, it produces toys that last for years as we’ve come to know. BarkBox, on the other hand, is more affordable, has a more fun monthly theme, and design-wise, toys look more attractive. While we love Kong treats, Super Chewer excels in the treat department with a more premium selection.

So how does the KONG super chewer box stack up to the Bullymake super chewer box? It’s a close race, with Bullymake leading in the theme department and has a broader toy arsenal with over 100 indestructible toys, according to their online shop. While BULLYMAKE Rubber is super strong, we give KONG Rubber the edge for the above reasons. Kong toys come with recipes you can use on their toys, and they are a bit more versatile and interactive. However, Bullymakes stands out with a more natural line of doggie edibles. Pricing is almost the same.

A Pitbull subscription box is a monthly subscription service that delivers a curated selection of products for Pitbull owners and their furry companions. These boxes typically include tough dog toys, as Pitbulls tend to be heavy chewers. Some popular Pitbull subscription boxes include Super Chewer, Kong Club and Bullymake.

Dog Toy Subscription For Heavy Chewers Conclusion

Stop wasting money on toys that are easily destroyed. Tough chewers need a challenge that matches their powerful bite, and that’s where these indestructible dog toy subscriptions come in, offering your pup an exciting monthly surprise. We hope you’ve found the perfect monthly dog box for your robust chewer that meets your specific needs.

Got a puppy? Consider starting with a puppy box. Have multiple dogs, or working with a tight budget? Look into our reviews for subscription boxes for multiple dogs and the cheapest monthly dog subscription boxes. Additionally, if your heavy chewer tends to destroy beds as well, be sure to check out our article on indestructible dog beds.

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  1. Pukas, A. (2014, December 15). Play with your pooch: The secret to your dog’s happiness. Express.co.uk.
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