BarkBox Super Chewer Review 2022: Price, Unboxing, Pros, Cons & FAQs

BarkBox Super Chewer Review

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If your dog is a tough chewer (aka toy-destroyer), you have probably grown tired of spending money on new toys. Enters BarkBox Super Chewer dog subscription box!

BarkBox offers a heavy chewer box for pups who need tougher and more durable toys. But are they really durable? Can Super Chewer help extend your dog’s playtime last longer and save you money on toys? What happens if they break?

We answer these and more questions in our Barkbox Super Chewer review. Let’s dive right in!

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Barbox Super Chewer 101

What Is BarkBox Super Chewer Box?

BarBox’s Super Chewer is a monthly subscription box created specifically for heavy chewers.

When you subscribe, a themed collection of super-tough toys, treats, and chews specially designed for aggressive chewers is shipped to your doorstep every month. Your box is personalized to your dog’s size, allergies, diet and more.

Super Chewer dog toys are designed by BarkBox using innovative technology to create the next generation of super durable dog toys to stand up to the toughest chewers.

The first box ships immediately; the following boxes ship on the 15th of every month.

Barkbox vs Super Chewer?

How does BarkBox Super Chewer differ from the classic BarkBox?

Super Chewer toys are designed to withstand the most aggressive dog chewers. The materials are fluff-free and super durable, while regular Barkbox toys are more on the fluffy side and won’t last as much.

Why Get A Super Chewer Box? Benefits

Here are some of the main reasons and benefits of getting a Super Chewer box.

  • Kiss goodbye to broken toys
  • No mess as its toys are fluff-free and extra-durable
  • Save money on toys
  • No more trips to the store to buy new toys
  • No stuffing inside toys for dogs to pull out
  • Toys have a texture that dogs love and help to clean their teeth
  • Toys are interactive and versatile in use
  • Some toys come with a scent like a peanut butter that will encourage chewing or lavender to help a dog relax
  • A great way to make sure your pet always has a new toy to play with and plenty of treats

Super Chewer boxes are never the same. Each month comes with a new theme that inspires new kinds of toys that encourage new ways to play. Toys and treats are different each month, so your pet never gets tired of the same thing.

For instance, super chewer’s past boxes have had themes, including Backyard BBQ box, The Knights of the Hound Table, Paradise Unleashed, and Age of the Furaoh.

What Comes In a Barbox Super Chewer Box?

Every BarkBox for chewers box comes with

  • 2 tough toys (always fluff-free)
  • 2 full-size bags of treats (customizable for allergy and diet preferences)
  • 2 meaty all-natural chews.

Super Chewer dog boxes are also highly customizable. While you can’t pick the exact toys and treats you want, you can specify your dog’s ingredient preferences or allergies and request more toys and fewer treats or vice versa.

But what makes Super Chewer “so durable”?

BarkBox Super Chewer Dog Toys

The company uses the following materials to engineer these crazy-durable dog toys.

  • Rubber
  • Solid nylon
  • Fabric covered rubber
  • Woven nylon strap
  • Rope

These materials make Super Chewer dog toys able to withstand any kind of chomping. BarkBox toy engineers also build these toys for entertainment purposes, so your dog never gets bored of playing with them. Treat-dispensing, floating, and fetchable toys are among the few types of extra tough toys you can expect.

BarBox Super Chewer Toys Durability

Barkbox Super Chewer toys are incredibly durable and lasted our dogs for over a month. Barkbox also guarantees that the toys will last at least 14 days and will send you a replacement if it fails before then.

Super Chewer Treats & Chews

Every chew and treat in your pup’s Super Chewer box is all-natural and made in the USA or Canada, with domestic and imported ingredients. All edibles are always corn, soy, and wheat-free, and we have allergy options if your pup needs them.

 When ordering, you can tell Barkbox if your dog has an allergy to a type of protein, such as turkey, and they won’t send any treats or chews that contain that ingredient.

Barkbox Super Chewer Toys Only

There is a toy-only option you can pick during the checkout process. You only get 3 toys per box. However, you can add an extra toy for $9. The monthly price may vary for this option.

How Much Does Barkbox Super Chewer Cost?

The more boxes you sign up for, the lower your monthly cost!

Super Chewer offers 3 different monthly subscription plans. Here is how much they cost:

  • 1 month $45/box
  • 3 month $35/box
  • 12 month $30/box
  • You can get an additional toy in every box for $9/month 

They also offer gift boxes so you can start spoiling someone else’s tough pup. They cost: 

  • 12 months: $360
  • 6 months: $210
  • 3 months: $109
  • 1 month: $45

Super Chewer Pros & Cons

  • Free shipping inside the United States (except for Alaska & Hawaii)
  • Treats made in the USA and Canada
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • User-friendly website and seamless checkout process
  • Great customer reviews
  • Caters to beef, chicken, and turkey allergies
  • No wheat, corn, or soy
  • Attentive customer service features
  • 6 products per every box
  • Themed boxes
  • Toy-only option available but need to contact customer service
  • Discounts for veterans and military
  • Every box has more than $50 worth of toys, chews, and treats
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. You need to cancel it manually
  • No discount for multiple dogs

Barkbox Super Chewer Themes

What makes Super Chewer even more exciting and fun for your pup is that each box you receive is never the same. Every month has a unique themed collection of toys, treats, and chews! See below for a few examples!

BarkBox Super Chewer Coupon Code

Looking for a BarkBox Super Chewer promo code? Use this link to take advantage of the best offers from Super Chewer.

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Our experience with Super Chewer

Barkbox Super Chewer Review

Here is our experience with this Super Chewer dog subscription box.

We analyzed the toys’ durability, treat quality and taste, customer service, convenience, ordering process and more.

Ordering & Delivery

The ordering process is fun and straightforward. You can personalize your dog’s box based on breed, size, allergies and other preferences.

Super Chewer lets you add an extra super premium toy for just $9/month. You can choose your box’s theme to be:

  • The month’s theme
  • A top-rated theme
  • Surprise-me theme

Shipping is FREE for customers in the contiguous 48 states, but if you live in Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii, you will see an $8/month shipping charge. It usually takes 2 to 4 days for your boxes to arrive.

Super Chewer Unboxing (Videos)

Watch these though chewers unbox their Super Chewer BarkBox boxes!

Customer Service

From our personal experience, Super Chewer has excellent customer support.

If you have a question about your Super Chewer, you can reach them through text, live chat, or email – whatever you prefer. Every time we contacted them regarding their products, we received a timely response.

We also tested Super Chewer’s customer service by having a few dog owner friends inquire about the service to gauge their responsiveness and helpfulness. Overall, our pet parents were satisfied with their answers.

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Tips, FAQs and more.

What Do Customers Think About Super Chewer?

Positive Reviews

“We LOVE Super Chewer! Karma destroyed any and every toy we ever purchased anywhere else, but Super Chewer toys have been durable, easy to clean, and consistently stimulating. She gets so excited every month when her box comes! The treats are great quality and always a favorite, I’m so glad they send small ones that can be used easily in the dispensing toys.” Audrey of Largo, Consumer Affairs 9/8/2020

“Tippy first started with regular Bark box, but being a Pitt bull, she grew stronger quickly and had to upgrade to Super Chewer. She loves to toys that have 2 different types of rubber. She chews through the softer one fast but then takes her time with harder pieces. She hasn’t received a treat she hasn’t liked. She really likes the ones with Duck in it. She has to have ones that work with her allergies. The only difference I would make is for Super Chewer box to have a rope toy every couple of months. She loved it when she got those with the regular Bark box. Overall our experience has been great and when I had questions or concerns, I got quick responses. Well worth the money for monthly treats & toys. Since the COVID-19 outbreak and work hours cut, it has made our budget tight, but thankful we can still buy her food. We are thankful that people are still able to work making Super chewer boxes and Bark boxes for our fur babies. – Jessica of Dothan, Consumer Affairs 4/13/2020

Negative Reviews

“We have been very happy with the boxes except for this last one. I paid extra for the super chewer, but the toy was destroyed in 10 minutes. It was the black and yellow toy that was in the shape of a target.” – Jodie of San Antonio, Consumer Affairs 7/31/2020

“My dog doesn’t like the treats and she constantly destroys the toys in minutes. I have contacted you several times and requested my money be refunded and my subscription be cancelled and I just get the runaround. There is no way to contact anyone by phone, so I contacted through FB but still have no resolution.” – Leigh of Campbell, Consumer Affairs 7/30/2020

Barkbox Super Chewer Review Reddit

Here are some Reddit threads from real customers who have tried BarkBox

Super Chewer vs Bullymake

Both companies offer similar pricing. When it comes to durability, they use the same materials to build their toys (Nylon, Strong Rubber & Ballistic Materials), so you can expect them last the same. Even though they are equally tough, Super Chewer takes the edge on toy design and theme boxes. They have a winning formula for designing irresistible dog toy that makes playtime more exciting and fun. Another area where Super Chewer excels is its replace it anytime guarantee versus Bullymake’s 14-Day Guarantee. You can read the full review here.

How BarkBox Makes Their Toys?

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at how BarkBox makes fun toys that last!

BarkBox Super Chewer Vs. Heavy Chewer Dog

Watch heavy chewer dog take big bites at a Super Chewer toy. Will the toy survive?

Super Chewer FAQs

Can I Switch From Barkbox to Super Chewer?

Yes. You can update your box choice by logging into BarBox on your dashboard.

BarkBox Super Chewer Replacement

If you’re a subscriber and find yourself with a busted Super Chewer toy and a disappointed pup, they will send a new one, 100% FREE of charge. You need to reach out to the BarkBox team, and they will find the perfect replacement item for your Super Chewer’s unique needs. 

BarkBox Super Chewer Warranty

BarkBox offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed for your Super Chewer through their Scout’s Honor Guarantee. If your dog quickly destroys the toys or doesn’t care for one, reach out, and they will replace it for free.

Can You Cancel Super Chewer Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your Super Chewer subscription on your account dashboard. Log in to your account and go to “manage subscriptions” find the option to stop auto-renewal, select it, and hit save. This will let BarkBox know to stop renewing once the duration of your commitment has ended.

NOTE: You will still receive the boxes you initially signed up to receive. The renewal can be disabled anytime.

Is Barkbox Super Chewer Worth It? Verdict & Alternatives

Is BarkBox Super Chewer worth it?

Absolutely, not only are you paying less for premium extra- though dog toys, treats and chews, but you are saving more money by not having to buy toys all the time because your dog breaks them every five seconds.

Super Chewer is a dog subscription box to consider if your dogs are “super chewers” or tend to chew a lot.

Bullymake and Kong Box also offer a similar box for heavy chewers, but do the toys hold up like they say they do? If you’re curious about other power chewer boxes, read our dog subscription boxes for heavy chewers comparison. 

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