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cheapest dog subscription box

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This is the most comprehensive guide to finding the cheapest dog subscription box. Are you looking for a monthly subscription box for your dog but don’t want to break the bank? We’ve tested and reviewed the most affordable dog subscription boxes that allow you to spoil your pup with new toys, treats, accessories, and more every month—all without running your finances. Whether your dog is a fan of treats or toys (or both), there is a box for every need. Let’s get started!

Cheapest Dog Subscription Boxes At A Glance

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Why Buy A Cheap Dog Subscription Box?

A dog subscription box is an excellent way to get monthly toys, treats, and health products delivered to your door. However, monthly subscription payments can add up and hurt your budget, especially if you have multiple dogs or would like to spoil your pup with all the toys in the world.

Getting an affordable subscription box is an excellent idea for many reasons:

  • A more cost-effective way to get dog treats and toys regularly
  • Spend less money than buying regular-priced dog boxes
  • Sometimes, you can buy two boxes for the price of one
  • Cheap doesn’t mean bad quality. Items are usually just as good as their more expensive counterparts
  • Get more toys, treats, and accessories for a lower monthly fee
  • Save money with longer subscriptions
  • It saves you money as the total price of a box is usually lower than what you would pay at retail for each item.
  • Get exclusive toys and treats not always available at pet store

How Much Is The Cheapest Dog Subscription Box vs Regular Dog Boxes?

Our researchers analyzed the prices of over 20 dog subscription box companies to find the most affordable dog subscription boxes for you.

We found that the average monthly price of a standard dog subscription box falls between $30 to $45, while the average price of an affordable dog box is $15 to $25.

Prices will vary depending on several factors, including the number of toys and treats, subscription length, add-ons, number of pets, and more. Typically, your box will be cheaper if you subscribe to the company’s 3, 6, or 12 monthly plans. A subscription for one month only usually has a higher price.

Below is a snapshot of the top 5 cheapest monthly dog boxes you can buy.

PlansPupJoyBarkBoxPet Treater Dog BoxBarkBox Super ChewerPupBoxChewy Goody Box
1 Month Subscription$24.99$35$15 -$25$45$39$24.99
3 Month Subscription$23.74$35$15 -$25$45$34$24.99
6 Month Subscription$22.49$26$15 -$25$35$32$24.99
12 Month Subscription$21.24$23$15 -$25$30$29$24.99

Most boxes selected here fall within the “cheapest” dog box range. To get the lowest price per box, we recommend subscribing to the 6 or 12-month plans to maximize your savings. Buying one of these cheap subscription boxes can cost you 80% to 100% less money than buying more expensive ones.

How Did We Pick The Cheapest Dog Box Subscription?

The main ranking factor was the price. It is essential to note that we selected the most affordable brands without neglecting the quality of the products. However, there were instances where companies priced their boxes the same or with a slightly similar price, and so we considered other criteria to determine which brands to rank for the most affordable dog boxes, including

  • Themed boxes
  • Free shipping
  • Quantity of items per box
  • Customization options
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • One-time option (dog gift box)
  • Caters to allergies
  • Toy replacement
  • Customer reviews and experience
  • Hands-on testing

Cheapest Dog Subscription Boxes

Meet the best cheap monthly dog subscription boxes that your dog will love every month.

Best Overall Cheap Subscription Box



Who It’s For: For those who want premium quality items at the cheapest price.

Items/box: 2 toys, 2 treat bags & 1 chew

Price: 1-mo $35/box, 6-mo $25/box or 12-mo $20/box

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we picked and recommended it: BarkBox wins the medal for the most affordable monthly dog box brand. This company pioneered dog subscription boxes and has always offered competitive prices. It provides the most well-rounded box for your back, from its high-quality and premium toys to organic treats and stylish accessories.

What sets it apart from competitors: If the above pricing is too much for your budget, they have an ever cheaper box called “BarkBox Lite”. You can order the BarkBox Lite for $15 per month. Each box is in their monthly theme and contains 1 amazing toy, 1 bag of yummy treats, and 1 tasty chew. BarkBox gets even cheaper services when you sign up for multiple months.

Key Features

  • You can add a premium toy to your dog’s BarkBox for just $9 monthly.
  • 10% of proceeds donated to over 3000 rescue organizations
  • If your puppy doesn’t love an item, they’ll send a free replacement


  • Themed boxes
  • Free shipping for all boxes
  • Allergy-friendly options
  • Additional surprise gift each birthday
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Treats never contain corn, wheat, or soy
  • They have shipped their boxes to over two million happy subscribers, so you can’t go wrong with this brand


  • This might feel like a lot of toys for a monthly subscription for some dog owners.

Best Customizable Cheap Subscription Box



Who It’s For: Ideal for those who want to pick their own toys and treats for a more personalized box.

Items/box: 1 toy, 2 bully sticks & 2 treats

Price: $34.99

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we picked and recommended it: PupJoy is another affordable subscription dog box that offers you three different ways to get your hands on their boxes and save some cash. These include BYOD (Build your delivery), Pre-Built Boxes (Variety Boxes) and gift boxes.

What sets it apart from competitors: The option to become a PupJoy VIP member to save more money

Key Features

  • BYOD (Build your own delivery): The monthly price for this option varies greatly depending on how many items you want in your box and delivery frequency. 3 items are usually priced at $17, 4 items are generally at $22 and 5 items for $25 and above.
  • Pre-Built Boxes (Variety Box): Choose a single box or subscribe and save. You pay in advance, and there is no monthly recurring feed. This box comes with 1 fun unique toy, 2 premium treats, and 2 grass-fed bully sticks. The boxes you received are themed. We love the best BYOD option, as you can customize your box with healthy, natural treats, chews, and premium quality toys that last longer. The Pre-Built Boxes are also an excellent option if you don’t want recurrent payments and save a few dollars.


  • You can add extras, like chews and other favorites, tailored to your dog. If your dog has allergies, you can specify and choose only natural, organic, grain-free, or protein-free options.
  • For small, medium, & large-sized dogs
  • Durable toys
  • Specify diet restrictions
  • Packaged with eco-friendly shipping materials
  • Supports animal shelters
  • $2 of your purchase donated to charity


  • Must create an account to get custom pricing

Best Cheapest Heavy Chewer Box


Super Chewer

Who It’s For: A cheap monthly dog box for power chewers who love to chew.

Items/box: 2 toys, 2 treat bags & 2 meaty chews

Price: 1-mo $45/box, 3-mo $34/box or 12-mo $29/box

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we picked and recommended it: Is your dog a toy destroyer? Buying toys over and over can take a toll on your finances. BarkBox also offers an option called Super Chewer Box, which guarantees that the toys contained in the box will withstand your dog’s chewing challenges. While this box is slightly above average price, having tough toys that don’t break will save you a lot of money in the long run, so we considered them a cheap, cost-effective dog monthly box.

What sets it apart from competitors: The company designs and tests each toy to stand up to the toughest chewers. They use strong rubber and nylon materials to withstand any chomping.

Key Features

  • Super durable toys. Always fluff-free toys.
  • They offer a Super Chewer Lite for just 19.99 a month if you want something cheaper.


  • Human-grade treats made in the USA and Canada
  • Themed boxes
  • Caters to beef, chicken and turkey allergies
  • Toys are unique and designed in-house.
  • Toy-only option available
  • No wheat, corn, or soy


  • Can’t change the frequency of boxes delivered
  • Can’t choose toy materials
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. You need to cancel it manually
  • No discount for multiple dogs

My Personal Experience

My heavy chewer dogs were particularly thrilled with the spaceship toy we received! The outer layer of this toy was meant to be destroyed because inside was the real surprise, a heavy chewer toy. It instantly became a favorite. Although our pups took a few days to chew through the outer cover, they continues to have a blast chasing the bouncy green spaceship toy around our home, showing its lasting appeal even after several months.

– Anthony, Head of Product Testing

My Video Review Experience

Best Affordable One-Time Purchase Gift Dog Box


Goody Chewy Box

Who It’s For: Perfect cheap dog box for those who want to buy a dog box without subscribing.

Items/box: 6 products

Price: $24.99

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we picked and recommended it: Chewy, the popular online pet retailer, offers top-rated goodies in a box at a tremendous value for your wallet. The items in your Goody Chewy Box are all hand-packed into one amazing gift box by pet parents who are crazy about their dogs. Unlike a subscription box, you can get one, gift one—or as many as you please.

What sets it apart from competitors: Each box contains 6 hand-selected products of Chewy’s top-selling products, including a leash, poop bag dispenser, shampoo, two toys, tasty treats, and other cool accessories.

Key Features

  • If you want to receive this box as a subscription, you can subscribe through Chewy’s Autoship option at checkout and save 30% on your first order. You can cancel at any time.
  • The boxes are available in many different themes.


  • One of the cheapest and highest-quality dog boxes
  • Their boxes are available for small, medium, and large dogs.
  • No subscriptions needed
  • Great for gifts
  • You know exactly what’s coming in each box


  • At this time, Goody Boxes cannot be customized.
  • Free shipping on orders over $49

Best Cheap Subscription Box For Puppies



Who It’s For: Great for puppies who are growing up as this box comes with educational to raise a well-bahved puppy.

Items/box: 2 toys, 2 treats, 2 accessories & 1 training guide

Price: 1-mo $39/box, 3-mo $34/box, 6-mo $32/box or 12-mo $29/box

Manufactured: USA

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we picked and recommended it: PupBox is our most affordable dog box monthly subscription for growing puppies. As seen on Shark Tank, PupBox is a pet subscription service developed for puppies by celebrity dog trainer Andrea Arden. We love that your box changes based on your pup’s life stage and development needs each month.

What sets it apart from competitors: They introduce you to new products, training tips, and other info relevant to your pup’s age. For instance, if your puppy is teething, you will get chew toys that encourage positive chewing habits, or if your dog is potty training, you may get pee spray.

Key Features

  • Comes with a training and development guide that will walk you through housetraining teething, adolescence, and adulthood.
  • Ability to specify additional requirements dog in the notes section


  • The company also offers adult and senior dog boxes
  • Boxes include a training guide by Andrea Arden
  • Caters to allergies
  • Each box has $40+ value


  • Subscriptions automatically renew, making canceling necessary
  • Customer service is only accessible via email

My PupBox Video Review

Best Toy-Only & Treat-Only Cheap Dog Box


Pet Treater

Who It’s For: Good for those who only want a toy or treat-specific box.

Items/box: Pack-dependent

Price: $15 to $25

Manufactured: USA or Canada

Gift box option: Yes

Subscription: Yes

Why we picked and recommended it: If you are looking for a toy-only or treat-only dog subscription box with the most affordable price, look no further than Pet Treater. Pet Treater offers ridiculously low prices. It has four different monthly subscription plans.

  • Treats-Only Pack ($18/box) –  2 to 5 mostly USA/Canada Made treats (never China)
  • Toys-Only Pack ($18/box) – 2 to 5 hand-selected really fun toys
  • Dog Pack (15/box) – Each pack is filled with 3-4 hand-selected toys and treats
  • Deluxe Dog Pack ($25/box) – Box filled with 5-8 hand-selected items, including toys, treats and extra goodies

What sets it apart from competitors: Compared to the competitors, you can count on the value of each box is much greater than the monthly cost. Just think about it, “2 to 5 toys” for 18 dollars is truly a bargain. Most dog toys cost between $8 and $19. The same applies to treats.

Key Features

  • Pet Treat boxes include toys, leashes, poop bags, grooming supplies, outfits, and other accessories. You can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied.


  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Supports animal shelters
  • Free shipping
  • Caters to allergies
  • Cat box available
  • Multiple pets option


  • No discounts for multi-month plans

$10 Dog Subscription Box

Meet the following dog monthly boxes priced within the ten-dollar mark.

  • BarkBox Lite for $15 per month (view here)
  • Super Chewer Lite for 19.99 per month (view here)
  • PupJoy 3-item box for $17 per month (view here)
  • Pet Treater toy or treat only for $18 per month. (view here)

Unboxing The Most Affordable Dog Subscription Boxes

Here are some unboxing videos for our top dog box picks in this category.

Cheap Dog Boxes Compared

Here is how the best cheap subscription box companies stack up against each other.

CharacteristicsPupJoyBarkBoxPet Treater Dog BoxBarkBox Super ChewerPupBoxChewy Goody Box
What's In The Box2 Treats, 1 Toys, & 2 Chews2 Treats, 2 Toys, & 1 ChewDog Pack (3-4 items); Deluxe Dog Pack (5-8 items)2 Toys, 2 Treats, 2 Meaty Chews2 Toys, 2 Treats, 2 Accessories, 1 Training1 Leash, 1 Poop Bag, 1 Shampoo, 2 Toys & 1 Treat
Delivery Time48 Hours or SoonerShips Immediately10th of Each MonthShips ImmediatelyShips Within a Week or Less1 to 3 Days
Free ShippingYesYesYesYesYesFree Shipping on Orders of $49 or More
1 Month Subscription$25.99$35$15 -$25$45$39$24.99
3 Month Subscription$28.50$15 -$25-$34
6 Month Subscription$22.49$26$15 -$25$35$32
12 Month Subscription$21.24$23$15 -$25$30$29
Satisfaction GuaranteeReplaces Toys If Pup Doesn't Like ThemAny timeReplaces Items Your Dog Doesn't Love
Extra Toy Cost$10$7$7
Customization OptionsYesYesYesYes
Caters to AllergiesYesYesYesYesYes
Themed BoxesYesYesYes
Change Delivery FrequencyYesYesYesYes
One-Time Option (Puppy Gift Box)YesYesYes ($29)YesYesYes

Cheap Dog Subscription Box — Conclusion & Alternatives

Finding the best cheap subscription dog box isn’t easy with the abundance of companies offering this service. We hope our reviews have helped you find the most economical option for Fido. This way, you can continue enjoying the monthly surprises together without sacrificing quality for cost, ensuring more savings. If you have a puppy that quickly destroys toys, we encourage you to check out our article on boxes for heavy chewers. Additionally, if there’s a new furry family member in the house, consider reading our monthly puppy boxes review. For those with multiple dogs, we also cover the best subscription boxes for multiple pets. Our goal is to help you find the perfect fit for your canine companions.

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