20 Best Large & Extra-Large Dog Beds For Big Dogs 2023 [Reviews & Picks]

best dog beds for large dogs

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Shopping for a new big dog bed for your giant dog? This is the most comprehensive guide to finding the best large dog beds and extra-large dog beds.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dog beds for large dog breeds. Great Danes and chihuahuas have different bed needs, as do large senior dogs who may need help with joint pain.

Read on to learn why beds are particularly important for large dog breeds, including the benefits and influence on health and well-being.

We also show you how to pick the right one, and our top picks for the best big dog beds that support large dog breeds and provide the perfect sleep and comfort. Let’s dive right in!

Top Large Dog Beds

Here is a glance at our top picks for the best large dog beds.

You can click this link to go straight to the reviews, but we encourage you to keep reading to make a more informed decision about picking the best large dog bed.

Big Barker
Best Overall

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Bully Beds
Best Orthopedic

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The Dog’s Bed
Best Value

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Big Barker
Best Extra Large

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Large dog beds 101

What Is A Large Dog Bed?

Large dog beds are made to accommodate large and extra-large dog breeds like Mastiffs, Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Saint Bernards. These beds can also be used by two medium-size dogs or three to four small dogs because of their size.

Big dog beds are designed with memory foam, orthopedic foam, durable fabrics (i.e., polyester), and high-quality materials. These beds are big and comfy, offering generous sleeping space for giant dog breeds. These beds are usually thicker than standard dog beds and won’t sink even with the heaviest dogs.

The Importance Of Dog Beds In Large Dogs

Why is having a bed that meets all the needs of large dog breeds important?

Dog beds do more than provide a good resting place for your big dog. There are vital reasons you should invest in a high-quality dog bed for your furry giant.

Did you know big breeds often suffer from hip and joint problems, like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and osteoarthritis? In fact, a study at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine found that 50% of big dog breeds develop hip dysplasia. Dogs suffering from joint/mobility issues suffer from chronic pain, stiffness, and swelling. This is the single most important reason you should provide large dog breeds with a good bed (preferably a mattress with a memory foam core) to help alleviate the pain associated with these conditions.1

Getting a dog bed made especially for large breeds can have significant health benefits. A recent clinical study by the University of Pennsylvania that focused on Big Barker (a popular manufacturer of large dog beds) dog bed’s ability to reduce joint pain and improve mobility in big dogs with arthritis found that:2

  • 17.6% enjoyed improved joint function
  • 21.6% experienced a reduction in pain severity
  • 12.5% exhibited reduced joint stiffness
  • 9.6% displayed an improved gait
  • 15.1% enjoyed an overall improvement in their quality of life
  • 50% of the dogs exhibited a 13% decrease in nighttime activity
  • 25% of the dogs exhibited at least a 33% decrease in nighttime activity

Additionally, owners saw improvements in their dog’s ability to walk, run, climb, jump, and decrease limping.

Impressive huh! Now you know how big a role beds play in the life of our large canine friends.

Even if your big dog doesn’t have any joint issues, getting a good bed may prevent these issues from developing in the future. Also, keep in mind that large dog breeds become overweight with age, placing additional stress on their joints and back. A good bed and a healthy diet can help your pup cope with these concerns.

Other Reasons

You want a big comfy dog bed that makes a difference because most dogs spend more than half of their day (and life) snoozing. According to Dr. Lisa Lippman, a house call veterinarian and founder of Vets in the City, an adult dog sleeps anywhere between 12 to 14 hours a day, or as much as 80% of the day.3

Benefits of Large Dog Beds

Getting a dog bed contributes to your dog’s health and quality of life, especially for big dogs. But the benefits don’t stop there.

  • Helps with joint and mobility problems
  • Provides comfort and security
  • Made to support the weight of large dogs
  • Keeps them warm and toasty
  • Helps preserve furniture
  • Own space
  • Keeps your dog off the ground (hard surfaces that could pressure joints and bones)

Which Dogs Are Considered Large Breed?

How do you know if your dog needs a big bed?

According to the AKC, dogs that weigh 45 pounds or more (or are 24 inches tall or more) can be considered large dogs.

If your dog falls under these three large dog categories, your pup will benefit from a large bed.

LargeExtra-Large Giant (XX-Large)
Weight45 - 100 lbs 85 – 180 lbs 180 + lbs
Size24-28 inches 29-34 inches 34+ inches
BreedBoxer, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, HuskyGerman Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Newfoundland, Mastiff Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound

Top Dog Breeds That Need Large Beds

Here is a glance at the biggest dog breeds that will require large or extra large dog beds.

  1. Great Dane
  2. Mastiff
  3. Neapolitan Mastiff
  4. Bullmastiff
  5. Saint Bernard
  6. Newfoundland
  7. Cane Corso
  8. Dogue de Bordeaux
  9. Great Pyrenees
  10. Bernese Mountain Dog
  11. Tibetan Mastiff
  12. Black Russian Terrier
  13. Leonberger
  14. Irish Wolfhound
  15. Scottish Deerhound

If your pup is not on the list but falls within the range of what is considered to be a large dog (see chart above), don’t forget to get him a big comfy bed.

How To Pick The Right Dog Bed

To find the ideal bed for your large canine companion, consider the following:

  • Dog’s health
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Sleeping style
  • Lifestyle
  • Coat
  • Habits (i.e., nervous pee-ers, chewers, get hot easily, etc.)

These elements all play a role in what type of dog bed you should pick for your dog. Just as when you choose a mattress for yourself, you’ll want to consider what makes your pup the most comfortable. 

How To Pick The Right Bed Size For My Dog?

Start by measuring your dog from the bottom of the paw to the top of the hip or shoulder (make sure Fido is standing up straight). This will be the amount of space your dog needs to be in a full 100% stretch position.

For instance, if your dog measures 30″, compare that measurement to the width of your bed of choice. Then, get a size that’s 3 or 4 inches wider. If you feel that’s not enough room, you can go beyond 4 inches to whatever you like.

The width of the bed is what matters the most when picking a bed size.

What To Look For In A Large Dog Bed

 When choosing high-quality large dog beds, this is what we consider to be the most important elements of a best-rated large dog bed.

Size. Measure your dog from head to tail to ensure you don’t get a bed too small for your dog. To be safe, add a couple of inches to that measurement. Opt for a slightly too big bed, so your dog has room to spread out. 

Durability. Large dogs need durable beds to withstand powerful digging and chewing. Big dogs are naturally stronger than small dogs. Make sure the materials can sustain heavy usage from a big animal.

Comfort and support. Big dog breeds are heavier than most dogs. Look for beds made with high-density, NASA-certified memory foam to provide superior support. Your dog’s bed should be firm enough to cushion their joints and pressure points and keep them from sinking into the floor. 

Design. Care about your home décor? Aim for a bed that blends in nicely with your home’s design and surroundings.

Easy clean features. Bigger dogs mean bigger messes. Whether it’s a potty accident, drooling, intense shedding, or a smelly dog, the bed will eventually get dirty; that’s why they need to be easy to clean. Look for machine washable dog beds, beds with a removable, machine-washable cover, or spot clean features.

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The best large dog beds reviewed

Best Large Dog Beds Reviews

Based on scientific research, understanding the impact of dog beds, and the unique needs of large dog breeds, our researchers have put together a list of the best dog beds for large and extra-large dogs.

These beds for big dogs have also been chosen based on price, hand-on testing, customer reviews, durability, materials and other criteria.

Keep your pet safe, comfortable and well-rested with one of our top picks for the best dog beds for large dogs.

Best Overall (Big Barker Bed Review)

Anyone looking for a dog bed for a large dog should consider the Big Barker dog bed.

Big Barker wins our top spot for the best dog bed for large dogs. But what makes this particular stand out among the others?

This company is highly regarded for the quality of its design and materials, but it’s the only dog bed scientifically calibrated and clinically proven to improve the quality of life for a large dog. The research study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania study found Big Barker beds improve the quality of life for big dogs in just 28 days. The findings showed the benefits of Big Barker beds include: (i) improved joint function and gait, (ii) less pain, (iii) more mobility, (iv) reduced stiffness, (v) improved nighttime restfulness, and much more. Read the study here.

The Big Barker is more than just an orthopedic dog bed; it’s a therapeutic mattress uniquely engineered to keep large dogs youthful for longer and bring older dogs back to their best.

Though Big Barker beds are on the pricey side, the proven benefits it offers are worth every penny. Furthermore, this bed won’t flatten. Big dogs don’t sink through the bed. This bed is built to retain 90% of its shape and support for 10 years. If they do flatten, the company will replace it for free per their 10-year “can’t flatten, won’t flatten” warranty. This dog bed consists of 3 layers of thick, 7″ American-made therapeutic foam designed to provide perfectly distributed weight support for extreme comfort & durability. Meets CertiPUR-US standards for safe content, emissions, and durability

Its design looks like a beautiful piece of furniture, so it blends nicely with your home decor. Once in contact with your dog’s skin, it feels like a high-end velvety couch on the skin. The Big Barker offers water-resistant benefits and its cover provides great protection against liquid accidents. If you want your bed to be a hundred percent waterproof get the Waterproof Liner from Big Barker, which will keep your bed completely safe from spills, water damage, and accidents.

In addition to positive customer reviews, this same bed got top marks from Dr. Kim Mayers, DVM, a certified veterinarian and medical director at Animal Therapy Center, and Dr. Kim Bowers, DVM of All Pets Veterinary Hospital, among dozens of pet professionals.

The Big Barker is definitely the best dog bed for big dogs. It’s the best investment for your dogs’ orthopedic health.

  • Calibrated for big dogs
  • Machine-washable cover
  • Easy to remove cover
  • Clinically proven benefits
  • Open-cell foam technology releases heat for comfort and joint support
  • Pillow top for head and neck support
  • Foam promises to retain 90% of original shape & loft
  • Specially designed for big dogs (50lbs+)
  • 10-year money-back warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Handmade
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Recommended by vets
  • Analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories
  • 100% Micro-suede cover (soft to the touch)
  • American made therapeutic foam
  • Expensive
  • Lacks waterproofing

Best Cheap Large Dog Bed (The Dog’s Bed)

Our pick for the best cheap large dog beds goes to The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed.

While there are more affordable beds for large dogs, the majority don’t meet the quality standards or lack the features bed for big dogs are required to have. There is nothing cheap about this bed but the price, the quality, and materials are just as good as our top picks.

The premium quality waterproof orthopedic mattress in this bed is designed to provide relief and comfort to dogs with joint conditions, mobility issues, and other conditions such as torn cruciate ligaments to get the rest they need. Prevents elbow calluses and pressure sores due to immobility during illness or post-surgery.

It’s made of 2” high density, orthopedic memory foam over a solid 4” base of high stability premium support foam with covers designed so that your bed fits your home decor seamlessly and your dog can stay close to the family. Its heat-sensitive mattress supports a dog’s skeletal system in its correct alignment and protects the dog’s delicate joints.

One neat thing about this bed is the easy-clean cover made for dogs who shed/drool or are recovering from surgery and is easy to vacuum and wipe clean. The cover is waterproof for potty accidents. We love the cover has a plush soft blanket feel.

The Dog’s Bed has the best price on large dog beds compared to only high-quality, specialized large dog beds. They also offer cheap extra large dog beds for giant dog breeds. We are sure that this bed will help give your big dog a big, refreshing sleep while not breaking the bank!

  • Best price when compared with our top picks
  • Therapeutic bed
  • Quality verified by 2 international third-party companies
  • Easy-clean
  • Helps with joint and mobility issues
  • Keeps joints youthful for longer
  • Removable covers
  • Easy to wash, quick-drying
  • Waterproof mattress protector to catch accidents associated with incontinence
  • 1-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects
  • Heat-sensitive mattress

Best Extra Large Dog Bed (The Biggest Dog Bed)

If you own a giant dog breed, sometimes a large dog bed won’t cut it.

For dogs like Great Danes, Mastiffs, or Irish Wolfhounds, you will need an extra-large dog bed or an extra-extra-large dog bed, depending on your dog’s height and weight.

The Big Barker Extra Large (& Giant) Dog Bed wins the trophy for the biggest dog bed for extra large dogs. It features all the therapeutic benefits of Big Barker beds (our best overall bed), including pain relief, improved mobility, arthritis support, and much more. Refer to the research study above for more on this bed’s scientifically proven benefits.

In addition, the foam inside this bed is a 3-layer blend of foam, including a high-density core to keep your dog’s joints and pressure points comfortable and off the floor. The American-made memory foam is guaranteed to retain 90% of its shape over 10 years. It comes in four colors: burgundy, khaki, chocolate, and charcoal gray.

By far, this oversized dog bed is your best option to provide comfort and support to every curve of a big dog’s body while providing therapeutic benefits at the same time. Unlike other dog beds for giant breeds, Big Barker is worth the investment. You can get it with a headrest bolster on one end or a sleek bed without the bolster. Both are equally great.

While this bed is not waterproof, you can remove the cover and wash it if your pup ever pees on it or suffers any liquid disaster. You also can get the Waterproof Liner from Big Barker, which will keep your bed completely safe from spills, water damage, and accidents. We highly recommend it for puppies and senior dogs with bladder issues. The Giant is also recommended for two large dogs that share a bed.

Another great alternative is Bully Bed’s Orthopedic, Washable & Waterproof Big Dog Beds for extra and xx-large large canines.

  • Great for extra large & giant dog breeds
  • Easy to remove the cover
  • Clinically proven benefits
  • Open-cell foam technology releases heat for comfort and joint support
  • Pillow top for head and neck support
  • Foam promises to retain 90% of its original shape & loft
  • Specially designed for big dogs (50lbs+)
  • 10-year money-back warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Handmade
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Recommended by vets
  • Analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories
  • 100% Micro-suede cover (soft to the touch)
  • American made therapeutic foam
  • Lack waterproofing

Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For Large Dog Breeds (Great For Hip, Joint & Arthritis Problems)

Is your large dog suffering from arthritis, hip problems, joint pain, or mobility-related issues? Do you have a senior dog that needs extra comfort due to old age?

Whatever your reason, you can relieve the aches, and pains, improve mobility and provide the most comfortable sleep experience with Bully Bed’s Orthopedic Big Dog Bed, our pick for best orthopedic dog beds for large dogs.

But what makes this bed the best in this category? Bully Beds was created in honor of Bull, the company’s founder, 150-pound Cane Corso Mastiff, who suffered from hip discomfort. After Bull’s owner tried dozens of beds that didn’t provide adequate support for Bull’s 150-pound frame nor relief to the hip problem, he started Bully Beds out of desperation to help his pup.

After years of researching and developing the right combination and configuration of foam, the Bully Bed was born. This bed was built for orthopedic joint and hip support to reduce discomfort and pain and support big dogs’ needs. A Bully bed enables both luxurious relaxation and therapeutic relief thanks to its Certipur-US certified-safe orthopedic memory foam (the same foam used in high-end mattresses made for people).

It’s waterproof, expertly made, attractive, and long-lasting. The company is so confident in their beds that they offer a 20-Year Warranty. If your bed goes flat and doesn’t support your dog over the next 20 years, they will replace it free of charge, no questions asked. They even offer a 30-day trial period with every purchase to ensure your dogs feel comfortable and at ease on their new bed. 

We also love that the foam is free of PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, and CFCs. This bed is hypoallergenic and certified non-hazardous.

You also get one free internal waterproof cover with each purchased bed. This provides an additional layer of protection for water damage such as urine, vomit, or other liquid.

Bully Beds Orthopedic Bed is the best dog bed for large dogs with arthritis, hip problems, surgery recovery, or any mobility issue caused by age, accident, or genetics.

There is an extra-large orthopedic dog bed option for giant available.

  • Medical-grade orthopedic memory foam
  • Removable, washable microfiber cover
  • Heavy-duty chew-resistant zipper
  • Non-slip base
  • Waterproof liner
  • 20-year no-flat warranty
  • Certi-PUR-US certified safe for dogs
  • No toxins or harmful chemicals
  • Improve your dog’s overall quality of life
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • Includes waterproof liner
  • Family-owned business
  • 7-inches of certified-safe foam

Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs That Chew

If you have a large furry dude that’s also a big-time chewer who destroys beds and toys left and right, you should consider a chew-proof dog bed for heavy chewers.

Bully Beds’ Chew-Resistant Dog Bed is the best durable large dog bed for dogs that like to chew.

This bed is designed with an orthopedic foam mattress that is water-resistant and has a tear-proof cover for chewing and digging protection. We love the kevlar reinforced seams for added durability, and the foam is free of toxins and chemicals.

Our pick for the best large dog bed for chewers offers an ideal combination of excellent orthopedic support for joint relief and outstanding durability that can resist the worst canine teeth chomps.

The company is confident that your dog won’t be able to chew through this bed. They even offer a 200-Day Chew Warranty and replacement if your dog manages to destroy the bed.

Made of a thick 5″ Certipur US Certified foam designed for optimal weight distribution and comfort. It promises to protect joints and the most painful pressure points.

  • Made for heavy and aggressive chewers
  • Great for all dog sizes and ages
  • 200-day whew warranty and replacement
  • Orthopedic foam
  • Made from Certipur US Certified foam
  • Foam is free of toxins
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Removable and washable covers
  • Non-clinging, hair-resistant covers
  • No stink construction
  • Ease to wash

Best Large Dog Beds With Bolsters (Large Dog Bed With Sides)

Bolster dog beds, large dog beds with sides, are great for dogs who like to have a sense of enclosure when sleeping for added safety. They are an excellent option for pups who curl up, nest, enjoy cuddling or just like to put their head on a pillow or armrest.

The PetFusion Lounge Bed is the best large dog bed with bolsters. It features a sturdy built, removable cover and very thick, high-end memory foam that doesn’t flatten.

The best part is its thick bolsters for your dog to lean on and snooze on. We like the stylish look and water-resistant removable and washable cover. It’s made with durable/breathable polyester, cotton blended fabric, and generously filled support pillars. These features make this bed ideal for dogs of all ages and especially helpful for mature and older dogs who begin to have sore joints and arthritis.

Available in three colors: slate gray, chocolate brown, and sandstone. You can also purchase additional replacement covers if you have a chewer or digger for extra protection. We found the original cover does an awesome job protecting the bed’s contents.

We consider this bed one of the best deals on large dog beds with sides. The sidewalls of this bed are cushy, comfortable, and provide a sense of security for the soundest sleep yet.

  • Premium components
  • Solid memory foam
  • Reduces joint pain and improved health, mobility, & energy
  • Poly-fill support bolsters
  • Durable and comfortable polyester
  • Smart design
  • Water-resistant
  • Tear-resistant cover
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Blends in seamlessly with décor
  • Easy to clean (Simple to spot clean & remove hair)
  • Easy assembly
  • 12-month warranty

Best Elevated Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Elevated dog beds for large dogs are great for thick-haired or long-haired canines (i.e., Bernese Mountain Dogs) who unfortunately tend to overheat. A cot-style bed is also ideal for diggers. They tend to be more comfortable and easier to get out of, making them especially good for older dogs or those dogs suffering from arthritis.

If you are in the market for raised dog beds for large dogs that are highly durable and can support the weight and size of a large canine, The K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed is your best option.

Don’t think this bed is tough enough for large breeds? K9 Ballistics is considered one of the best indestructible dog beds on the market.

Unlike other cheap elevated dog beds, this bed is engineered tough with a high-performance K9 Ballistic Rip-Stop Fabric & Chew Proof Armored Frame. The Ballistic rip-stop material is incredibly durable and designed to be stronger than Kevlar.

Another excellent benefit of K9 Ballistics’ elevated dog bed for large breeds is that it is waterproof. You can clean it with warm soapy water or rinse them with a hose as there is no foam core to worry about.

You can add extra cushioning to your dog’s coat with a soft washable blanket, but it’s unnecessary. The platform provides plenty of comforts and orthopedic support. Since it’s elevated from the ground, it allows plenty of air circulation during hot weather and prevents your dog from getting cold during winter.

  • For persistent chewers
  • Aluminum metal frame
  • Raised off the ground
  • Waterproof Rip-Stop ballistic fabric
  • Shielded fabric edges
  • Hammock sling style
  • No stuffing inside
  • Comes assembled
  • 120-day chew-proof armored warranty
  • Crate dog bed
  • Great for indoor and outdoor

Best Outdoor Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Are you and your dog regularly going on mini trekking trips, picnics, road trips, vacations, or hikes? Does your dog love spending time in your garden or backyard?

Whatever outdoor activity your pup may be enjoying, an outdoor dog bed for large dogs like Kurgo Loft Wander Outdoor Dog Bed is the greatest way for your pet to chill and relax after his playtime and keep him off the ground to protect him from dirt, dust, and the climate.

Whether you’re going to the lake or camping for the weekend, Kurgo’s waterproof top and the bottom have you (and your pooch) covered. A polyfill cushion makes this bed comfortable and cozy enough for everyday use and rolls up for easy transportation. It easily rolls up for storage in a car or luggage bag and includes a handle for easy transport.

It can be used in the car, RV, camping, the back deck at your lake house, and most outdoor places. Made of quilted, microtomic rip-stop fabric is tough enough to handle any dog, no matter how wet, and in any environment, from hotel floor to RV to campsite. It’s machine washable, making it easy to keep clean. Kurgo’s hassle-free lifetime warranty covers this item against manufacturing defects.

Unfortunately, the biggest size they offer is large. If you need an extra-large outdoor dog bed, consider CheerhuntingPortable Outdoor Camping Dog Bed.

If you intend to use your outdoor dog bed on your deck or backyard, a raised dog bed like K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed might be better.

  • Portable
  • Great for travel and adventures
  • Outdoor
  • Waterproof top and bottom
  • Uses a microtomic rip-stop material
  • Polytech fill inside
  • Convenient handle for easy toting
  • Rolls up in seconds
  • Hidden zipper pocket for small items
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Built-in handle for toting
  • Hand wash or machine wash

Best Stylish Dog Beds For Large Dogs

Do you want a luxurious, stylish dog bed that matches your home decor and meets the high standards of a quality large dog bed?

Meet the PupRug Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed, our pick for the best stylish dog bed for large dogs. Kiss goodbye to lumpy cushion dog beds and get a bed that will fit your home’s decor.

The PupRug has an attractive faux fur and area rug style that looks natural as part of your home decor and doesn’t stick out like an eyesore. It’s exclusively designed to provide our best friends with the ultimate place to rest while blending into homes with modern and luxurious designs. This bed doubles as an elegant rug that blends seamlessly into home decor. 

PupRug Fax Faur Dog bed is beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside. It’s filled with pressure-relieving orthopedic memory foam that minimizes joint pain and improves a pet’s health and mobility.

The stylish dog bed comes in two unique styles (Curve White style and Rectangle Gray style) and three sizes that can accommodate most dog breeds. This bed is ideal for the largest size dogs or multiple dogs. Features an ultra-soft, pet-safe, removable, and washable faux fur cover. The memory foam is protected with a water-resistant liner that acts as the first defense line against accidents. It comes equipped with a non-skid bottom that prevents moving and shifting.

All these features combined are sure to offer the most optimal sleep experience. Certainly, one of the best big dog beds we’ve tried. No more hiding the bulky dog bed when guests come over!

  • Attractive rug
  • Guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years
  • Premium, pressure-relieving memory foam base
  • Waterproof memory foam liner
  • Ultra-soft and plush faux fur cover (removable and washable)
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Odor resistant
  • Matches home decor
  • 2 styles and
  • Provides joint support for dogs of all ages
  • Non-skid bottom prevents moving and shifting
  • Easy to clean
  • Made accessible for elderly and disabled pets

Large Round Dog Beds

The best round dog bed for large dogs medal goes to the KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam dog bed.

Your furry friend will feel in dreamland when sleeping on this bed. Its 100% orthopedic-grade hypoallergenic memory foam provides complete support for a more restful sleep. Additionally, it soothes joint and muscle discomfort for pups with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint conditions.

The bolsters of this big round dog bed surround only a portion of the bed resembling sofas or couches, which your dog will love.

Built with an anti-slip rubber bottom and premium memory foam that won’t flatten over time. The snuggle-friendly, soft plush cover will turn sleepy time into cozy time for your pooch. Two water-resistant zippered covers provide double-layer protection against messes and can be easily removed and washed.

KOPEKS offers an extra large round dog bed version as well.

  • Great for dogs with arthritis or joint and muscle issues
  • Double layer protection
  • Sleeping surface with a waterproof inner cover
  • Exterior cover
  • Soft, Plush Suede with an
  • Anti-slip bottom
  • Zippered cover
  • Hypoallergenic memory foam
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Large Dog Beds For 2 Dogs

If you have a pair of snuggle buddies who love to snooze the day away together, you definitely need an extra-large dog bed for 2 dogs.

The Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Chaise Lounge 60″ x 48″ x 11″ is as big as it gets. While this bed is specifically designed for large breed dogs such as Bullmastiffs and Great Danes, it can comfortably support 2 large dogs, 3 medium dogs, or 4 small dogs. It can withstand up to 300 pounds.

Its 7-inch-thick foam mattress is dense and sturdy, providing a comfortable place to rest for a cuddly duo. It features dual bolsters that provide additional high-loft cushion support and a cozy nestling nook for dogs that love to burrow. It’s perfect for sprawlers and cuddlers alike.

We love that the surface features silken faux fur so luxuriously soft to the touch that no pet could ever resist. What’s more, the orthopedic foam helps relieve joint and muscle pain; both aid in easing discomfort and allowing for more restful sleep.

waterproof liner is included, which is ideal for accidents. Comes in espresso, dark blue, and gray. The two raised, rounded bolster ends allow your pets to lay their paws or necks on the contoured polyester fiber edge, helping align the neck and spine.

Whether you need a large dog bed for two dogs or just one, this bed will pamper your pet. It’s significantly cheaper than other large dog beds, making it one of the best deals on large dog beds.

  • For two dogs or more, depending on size, CertiPUR-US® certified foam.
  • Free of toxins or harmful chemicals
  • Foam is manufactured in the USA
  • Analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories
  • Easy on joints
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft sleep surface

Large Dog Beds For Crates

If you want to keep your beloved four-legged pals comfy while in their crates, we recommend Big Barker 4″ Orthopedic Crate Pad.

Did you know the hard metal and plastic at the bottom of any dog crate can seriously harm your dog’s joints? A large dog bed for crates is a critical investment for your pet’s well-being.

They use the same American-Made Orthopedic Foam that’s the unique hallmark of their best-selling dog beds, so you can be confident your pup is getting necessary protection from joint pain, hip and elbow dysplasia, and arthritis.

While this crate dog bed may seem expensive, we recommend it. Cheap crate pads offer no more support to your dog than a wafer-thin bath mat, and most don’t support the heavyweight of large breeds, which causes pets to suffer physical stress.

Before buying, be sure to compare the floor dimensions of your crate to the size of this crate dog bed to make sure it fits.

For an extra large dog crate bed, click here.

Large Dog Sofa Beds (Large Dog Couch Bed)

The Overstuffed Luxury Dog Sofa wins our top spot for the best large dog sofa beds.

When your dog tries this large dog furniture bed, he will feel like he is on a normal human couch, but the only difference is that this couch has been built especially for all his sleeping needs.

Stuffed with seven inches of high-loft polyester fill, this couch bed offers remarkable comfort and coziness for dogs. Plus, it provides dogs with a luxurious place to hang out, not to mention its stylish looks.

Its soft and comfortable microsuede fabric with rust-free copper zippers for easy removal, cleaning and drying. Available in several colors.

We can say this large dog sofa bed is any dog’s dream. Snoozer also offers an extra-large dog sofa bed version for giant dogs.

  • Microsuede fabric cover
  • Stuffed with high loft polyester fill for added comfort
  • Removable, poly-filled bolsters
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Poly-filled pillow
  • 1-year warranty
  • 30-day return policy
  • Removable/washable cushion cover

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Other large dog beds

Cheap Large Dog Beds

Although these large dog beds don’t provide the quality or meet the standards of a high-quality dog bed for big dogs, if you are on a budget these are your best options.

Large Dog Beds Under $50

Don’t have the money to buy a high-quality dog bed?

While the Bedsure Comfy Pet Bed doesn’t provide the most optimal sleeping benefits for large canines, it’s a good choice for dog parents who are under a tight budget.

We recommend our top choices above over the Bedsure, but if you only have 50 dollars to spend on a large dog bed, this dog can let your furry family member rest comfortably at home or on the go.

Large Dog Beds Under $25

Even more affordable than our previous option, the Furhaven Trail Pup Camping Pillow Bed can offer some degree of comfort.

Personally, we wouldn’t use it daily, but if money was an issue, we might consider it. It’s only 2″ thick, so support it’s minimal for big dogs. It’s the best large dog bed under 25 dollars we could find.

We recommend our top choices above over this bed.

Large Dog Beds Under $20

We couldn’t find a large dog bed for under 20 dollars. The Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Bed is the closest to that price we could find.

This cot-style bed has a simple design, but the mesh fabric is not as durable. And it may support your heavy pup for a while, but it may start sinking soon. We advise you to pick one of our top picks above instead.

Large Dog Tent Bed

A large dog tent bed can provide your pet with the touch of privacy they deserve while giving them plenty of room to stretch and sleep. Another good reason to get an extra-large dog tent bed is light. Yes, light can affect a dog’s sleep, and a dog that doesn’t sleep can suffer from health and behavioral issues.

Leedor Bed Tent offers high ventilation and privacy levels, allowing your dog to enjoy a more pure sleep at night or take naps during the day. Even though this tent is made for human use, dogs can use it too. Customer reviews report dogs love this bed,

Note that this is just the tent, not a dog bed is not included. You need to use it with your existing dog mattress. The tent floor is big enough for most large and extra-large dog beds. Be sure to measure your bed first before picking your tent size. Made from high-quality pongee fabric, which is breathable and soft. The tent color reduces most light, while the four doors and two windows provide easy access and airflow.

You don’t need to attach the dog’s bed to the frame. It can be used by itself as a privacy tent anywhere. Plus, it’s super simple to set up, and it folds down into a compact portable carrying bag.

Turning a traditional dog bed your bed into a large dog bed with a roof provides solitude and seclusion because it reduces light and noise. This has a significant positive impact during nap time, bedtime, playtime, and alone time.

Leedor Dog Tent bed for large dogs will give Fido a feeling of peace while they sleep.

  • Enhances sleep
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Privacy
  • Daytime to reduce light
  • Provides a warm, safe space at night
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Privacy curtain is washable clean and easy to store
  • No metal frame and no ripped
  • Pop up flexible ribs frame make it easiest assembly

Dog Pillows For Large Dogs

Provide a place for your big dog to find true relaxation on Dogbed4less Jumbo Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed Pillow.

This fun bed features shredded memory foam mixed stuffing with new premium fiber-fil and shredded polyurethane foam for maximum resiliency and loft that offers dogs a soft and comfortable place to experience optimal rest and deep, satisfying sleep.

Dogbed4less’ dog pillow for large dogs provides great support and will not flat over time. For added safety and durability, this pillow bed is secured with a waterproof internal cover and one external cover preventing any liquids from entering memory foam and the growth of allergens.

Pillow Pet Dog Bed by Majestic Pet is another great pillow bed option for large pups.

Large Heated Dog Beds

Do you live in a super cold area? Perhaps your dog loses body heat easily?

A large heated dog bed like K&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed can help older dogs and puppies stay warm and cozy while alleviating arthritis pain and easing joint discomfort.

This heating pad is also designed to automatically respond to temperature changes to warm your dog’s normal body temperature but never higher. A great safety feature because it prevents your four-legged pal from overheating. This heated dog bed has been tested and certified by MET Labs to exceed USA/CA electrical safety standards. The 5.5-foot cord is steel wrapped to ensure your pet’s safety.

It’s comfy, thanks to its soft orthopedic foam. The exterior is made of super-soft, waterproof and durable PVC material giving owners much more flexibility in placement and transportation, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

A heated dog bed for large dogs may be just what your canine friend needs and deserves.

If your dog is a chewer, this bed is not recommended.

  • Rugged pad
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Ultra-soft fleece cover
  • The cover is easy to remove and clean
  • Ideal for a doghouse, kennel, garage, basement, porch, etc
  • Warms bed to pet’s normal body temperature
  • Low wattage and economical.
  • MET Listed for safety
  • Extra large heated dog bed

What Is The Best Best Large Dog Bed? Summary & Verdict

Picking the best dog bed for your large dog will depend on your dog’s unique needs and preferences.

We hope this article made finding the best dog bed for your big dog that fits their needs easier.

All the large dog bed brands reviewed here are the best and have been praised by owners. We can’t help but award them as our top pick. If we had to choose one single winner, it would be the Big Barker Dog Bed or Bully Beds.

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