Bully Beds Review 2024: The Best Bed For Large Dogs & Heavy Chewers?

bully beds review

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This is the most comprehensive Bully Beds review.

We tested Bully Beds on two of our pups a few months ago. At the time, we couldn’t find a bed that would endure our dogs’ excessive chewing habits and large-size needs, but we came across Bully Beds on social media, and it seemed worth trying.

Whether you have a large dog that needs an orthopedic place to rest, a dog that is not too fond of his bed to the point where he chews it open, or you need a high-quality large dog bed, our Bully Beds review can help you decide if this bed is right for your pet. Let’s get started!

Bully Beds Reviews — At A Glance

Our favorite products from Bully Beds at a glance

Bully Beds Review — At A Glance

Bully Beds

Bully Beds is a company that specializes in providing high-quality, durable dog beds designed specifically for large dog breeds.

Canine Bible

Bully bed chew resistant
Customer support
Brand Trustworthiness

Our Verdict & Summary

After extensively testing Bully Beds with two of our pups for over a year, we are delighted with their performance. We have a large Pitbull and a Miniature Schnauzer who both have a penchant for chewing, including their beds. The durability and comfort provided by Bully Beds are truly praiseworthy. These beds are specifically designed to endure the persistent efforts of even the most determined chewers and accommodate the needs of larger dog breeds.

Downsides & Improvements: Bully Beds is at a relatively higher price than other dog bed options. While the quality justifies the price to some extent, it may deter budget-conscious consumers.

What Makes It Unique: Focuses on producing beds specifically tailored to the needs of larger dog breeds.

Best For: Bully Beds is best suited for owners of large dog breeds, particularly those with joint and orthopedic issues.

Bottom Line: The brand’s focus on tailored design, high-density memory foam, and hypoallergenic materials make them a unique choice for owners seeking top-notch beds for their furry companions.

Bully beds review chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Full Review

All About Bully Beds

Ch 2 | Ch 3

Bully Beds Company Overview & History

Bully Beds was born in 2015 in honor of Bull, the company’s founder, 150-pound Cane Corso Mastiff, who suffered from hip discomfort. After Bull’s owner, Joe Chanda tried dozens of beds that didn’t provide adequate support or relief for Bull’s hip problem; he started Bully Beds out of desperation to help his pup. After years of research, Joe developed the right combination and configuration of foam, and the Bully Bed was born.

Their mission statement reads, “We set out to develop an affordable, high-quality dog bed that provides the comfort and support a big dog requires, enabling luxurious relaxation and therapeutic relief.

Since its foundation, the company has expanded its product categories to offer more than beds.

What Are Bully Beds?

Bully Beds are Orthopedic Dog Beds designed with large dogs in mind. Their beds are constructed with premium materials to handle any bully’s abuse. The company makes affordable, luxury big dog beds for big dogs.

Why Use Bully Beds? Benefits

Here are some main reasons and benefits of getting a Bully Bed.

  • Excellent dog bed for large dogs with joint, bone, or mobility issues.
  • Superior comfort and support:
  • Accident rehabilitation bed.
  • Surgery recovery bed.
  • Agining large dogs.
  • Heavy chewer dogs.

According to WebMD, large dogs are prone to developing hip and joint problems such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, osteoarthritis, and cervical Spondylomyelopathy.[1]

A high-quality bed is vital to help soothe your dog’s aching joints. A recent clinical study by the University of Pennsylvania found that dog beds can reduce joint pain, improve mobility, reduce joint stiffness, and decrease limping in big dogs with arthritis.[2]

Beds like the Bully Bed are crafted to help take some of the pressure off your dog’s hips, which can help her feel better and potentially regain a bit of mobility. All this while providing a comfortable place to nap.

Even if your dog has no issues, a bed like Bully Bed may lessen the probability of developing these skeletal complications.

Bully Beds Key Features

A look at the most notable features of Bully Beds.

  • Industry-leading 20-year warranty. The company is so confident in their bed that they offer a 20-Year Warranty. If your bed goes flat and doesn’t support your dog over the next 20 years, they will replace it free of charge, no questions asked.
  • Giant sizes. Extra-large options for large and giant dog breeds like Great Danes.
  • Also great for medium and small breeds. While Bully Beds are designed with large dogs in mind, they are suitable for small or medium-sized dogs.
  • Waterproof liner included. You get a free internal waterproof cover with each purchased bed (the cover repels all urine, water, spit, vomit & any other liquid damage).
  • Family-owned small business based in Florida. Bully Beds is a family-owned and operated business based in Florida. This personal touch translates into a commitment to customer satisfaction and personalized service.
  • Supportive. It can hold 300 pounds easily without sinking or condensing.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. Return the product if it doesn’t meet your expectations. They offer a 30-day trial period with every purchase to ensure your dogs feel comfortable and at ease on their new bed. 
  • Non-slip base. Great for stability, especially energetic pups who tend to jump on and off his bed frequently. It also enhances safety.
  • Chew-resistant materials and zippers. These features make it especially important for pet owners with dogs that tend to chew on their beds. Bully Beds can withstand the wear and tear caused by chewing.
  • Certipur-US memory foam (certified non-hazardous). Certipur-US is an independent certification program that ensures that the memory foam used in Bully Beds is free from harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and other hazardous substances. 100% pets and people are safe.
  • Removable, washable microfiber cover. Covers can be spot-cleaned or washed in the laundry with like colors.
  • Clear instructions. Care and laundering instructions come with every bed.
  • Free shipping and returns. A great added benefit for customers.

Bully Beds Are Also Great For Multiple Dogs

Some dog parents like to buy a large or extra large Bully Bed to fit multiple dogs in one bed.

Bully Beds Sourcing & Manufacturing

Bully Beds sources its materials from various trusted suppliers. While specific supplier information is unavailable, they carefully select materials that meet their stringent quality standards for comfort, durability, and performance.

As for the manufacturing location, Bully Beds manufactures its beds in the United States. The exact city or facility where the manufacturing occurs is not explicitly disclosed, but the company is based in sunny Florida. By manufacturing their beds in the United States, Bully Beds ensures that their products meet the high-quality standards expected by their customers.

Bully Beds Materials

Bully Beds uses a variety of premium materials to craft their beds.

Bully Beds use the same quality materials on all their beds. These include:

  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials
  • Waterproof-cover
  • Breathable materials
  • Washable microfiber cover
  • Comfort foam
  • Orthopedic memory foam (the same you find in high-end mattresses)
  • Support foam
  • Soft microfiber cover with beautiful accent piping
  • Heavy-duty zipper to prevent chewing
  • Non-slip base

Their innovative material technology provides a soft and strong surface – two significant orthopedic benefits that large dogs enjoy. Any dog will appreciate how this bed gently cradles his joints while providing solid support to stay comfortable, happy, and healthy.

*Depending on the Bully Beds product you pick, the thickness of materials may vary.

Bully Beds Reviews

While all the beds below share the key attributes, features, and benefits described above, each bed has been built with a unique specific purpose. So you need to pick according to your needs and preferences.

Let’s look at the different Bully Bed types.

Bully Bed Product Reviewed

Bully bed original

Original Bully Bed

Price: $139.99 to $339.99

Medium: 34″x22″x4″
Large: 48″x30″x7″
XL: 52″x34″x7″
XXL: 60″x48″x7″

Chocolate, tan & gray.

Why & When Should You Consider This Bed?

The perfect dog bed for Great Danes, Mastiffs, and other large breed dogs. The Orignal Bully Bed is made to accommodate giant dogs or multiple dogs at once. It helps reduce discomfort for joints and hip support.

Bully bed chew resistant

Chew Resistant Bed

Price: $139.99 to $339.99

Medium: 34″x22″x4″
Large: 48″x30″x5″
XL: 52″x34″x5″
XXL: 60″x48″x5″

Gray & tan.

Why & When Should You Consider This Bed?

Bully Beds Chew Resistant Bed is categorized as “chew-proof” but not as comfortable as the Original Bully Bed. This is an ideal bed for big or small dogs that love to chew and destroy stuff. They are still made with Certipur US-Certified foam.

Bully bed Infrared FDA Determined

Infrared Dog Bed

Price: $399.99 to $499.99

Large: 48″x30″x7″
XL: 52″x34″x7″
XXL: 60″x48″x7″

Gray & chocolate.

Why & When Should You Consider This Bed?

The Bully Bed Infrared Dog Bed is the first and only dog bed with FDA medical device certification. This dog bed uses its ion-advanced ceramic-coated fibers to naturally reflect your dog’s body heat to his skin, helping dilate blood vessels, temporarily increasing blood circulation and enhancing tissue oxygen levels. These infrared emissions are then absorbed deep into your dog’s body tissues helping to soothe muscle pain and stiffness, discomfort, joint pain, and inflammation while speeding up recovery.

Bully bed 3 sided bolster

3 Sided Bolster Bed

Price: $139.99 to $339.99

Medium: 34″x22″x4″
Large: 48″x30″x5″
XL: 52″x34″x7″
XXL: 60″x48″x7″

Chocolate & gray.

Why & When Should You Consider This Recipe?

The Bully Bed Orthopedic 3-Sided Bolster bed offers the same orthopedic benefits as the Original Bully Bed but with bolsters on three sides for pups that like to lean against an edge or have something secure against their back or sides. The edges provide an enclosed feel for additional comfort and safety. Ideal for large to giant do breeds or multiple dogs.

Bully Bed Round Sherpa Top Bolster

Round Sherpa Top Bolster Bed

Price: $229.99 to $349.99

Large: 34″x34″x6″
XL: 44″x44″x6″
XXL: 54″x54″x6″

Gray, chocolate & blue.

Why & When Should You Consider This Recipe?

Bully Beds’ Round Sherpa Top Bolster bed is deemed their “snuggliest” bed yet. It’s designed with a soft, sherpa top and heavy-duty fabric. This bed is super durable yet ultra-comfy. It’s the perfect choice for dogs who like to curl up or share their bed with a second furry buddy. The bolster runs half the width of the bed.

Bully Beds Replacement Covers

Bully Beds sells replacement covers for each bed style.

You can find the following covers on their website.

  • Standard Covers
  • Heavy-duty covers
  • Waterproof covers
  • Orthopedic 3-sided bolster bed covers
  • 3 Sided Bolster Bed
  • Sherpa Top Cover
  • Round Sherpa Bed Cover
  • Infrared Cover

Bully Beds replacement covers are super soft but made from durable microfiber. They are washable and removable, quickly zip on and off, and are available in multiple colors.

*They do not offer a chew-proof guarantee on their heavy-duty covers. These covers are not marketed as indestructible but are made from heavier-duty material, but not indestructible.

How Much Do Bully Beds Cost?

Here is how much you can expect to pay for Bully Beds.

Bully BedSizePrice
Original Bully BedM, L, XL & XXL$139.99 - $339.99
Chew Resistant BedM, L, XL & XXL$139.99 - $339.99
Infrared Dog BedL, XL & XXL$399.99 - $499.99
3 Sided Bolster BedM, L, XL & XXL$139.99 - $339.99
Round Sherpa Top Bolster BedL, XL & XXL$229.99 - $349.99

Bully Beds Coupon

Looking for a Bully Beds discount code? Just use this link to get the best possible pricing available.

Bully beds review chapter 2
Chapter 2: Our Experience

My Dog’s Experience With Bully Beds

Ch 1 | Ch 3

The Judges

We picked two Canine Bible dogs for their paw-honest opinion and verdict.


Age: 3 ┊ Gender: Male ┊ Breed: Pitbull ┊Weight: 60 lbs ┊ Health Concerns: None ┊ Personality: Energy

“Watson absolutely adores his new Bully Bed! It’s like a luxurious cloud for him to curl up on. The chew-resistant materials have saved us from countless bed replacements” — his person, Carly Sprinkles.


Age: 2 ┊ Gender: Male ┊ Breed: Miniature Schnauzer ┊Weight: 14 lbs ┊ Health Concerns: Extreme chewer, compulsive chewer ┊ Personality: Most affectionate doggo ever

“Bandit loves to eat while listening to her mom sign around the house. Although he is weary about new smells and foods, once he grabs a bit and likes it, he can’t have enough of it.” — his person, Anna.

Bully Beds Unboxing

Our Bully Bed looked great in its packaging – there was no denying there was a giant dog bed! Everything lived up to standard. The pictures and descriptions on the website were accurate representations of the product.

Here is everything that came in the box:

  • Heavy Chewer bed
  • Washing instructions
  • Direction for use
  • Wrapped plastic paper

We had to let the bed sit for 30 minutes to gain its full size since it was air-compressed.

My Bully Beds Video Review

Watch our canine judge, Watson, test Bully Beds

Our Personal Bully Beds Testimonial

Watson’s Experience

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I cannot express enough how grateful I am for Bully Beds Chew-Resistant Bed. I’ve gone through numerous beds as a dog owner due to my furry friend’s persistent chewing habits. But ever since we got the Bully Beds Chew-Resistant Bed, it has been an absolute game-changer.

My dog, Watson, is a determined chewer, and I was skeptical if any bed could withstand his antics. However, the chew-resistant materials used in the Bully Beds bed have proven incredibly durable. It’s been months, and the bed remains intact, showing no wear or tear. This bed has saved me time and money, eliminating the constant need for replacements.

Not only is the bed resilient, but it’s also incredibly comfortable. The memory foam supports my pup’s joints and muscles, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating sleep. Watson wakes up refreshed and ready to take on the day, thanks to the superior comfort offered by Bully Beds. Thank you, Bully Beds, for creating a product that has exceeded my expectations and given my beloved [Dog’s Name] the perfect spot to relax and unwind.
Carly Sprinkles
Watson’s owner

My Dog’s Experience With Bully Beds

Day 1

  • I introduced my dog to the Bully Beds chew-resistant bed. Initially, he was curious and sniffed around it, but he was not interested in chewing it.

Week 1

  • Despite my dog’s chewing tendencies, the bed remains intact and shows no signs of damage. He seems to enjoy the comfortable memory foam and spends much time lounging.

Week 2

  • This bed continues to impress me. Even when my dog gets restless and starts scratching at it, the bed stays strong.

Week 3

  • My dog has stopped attempting to chew it as if he understands it won’t give in to his chewing urges. I’m thrilled with how well this bed is holding up. There are minor visible scratches but nothing too serious.

One Month

  • This bed truly exceeded expectations in terms of durability and quality. However, it’s important to note that we noticed some discoloration on the cover. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent bed.

My Bully Beds Video Review #2

Watch our canine judge Bandit test his Bully Beds.

My Personal Bully Beds Testimonial

Bandit’s Experience

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Bandit was one of those dogs who always seemed to need a new bed. It was as if he had the jaw strength of a large pit bull or something! Every dog bed we bought him would be torn to shreds, and he never seemed to tire of chewing on things. However, this time things are different – for some reason, he’s been sleeping in his Bully Bed Heavy Chewer Bed for months without attempting to chew it!

On the first day (within seconds of introducing him to the bed), he gave it a go. But over time, it seems like he grew bored of tearing it apart since it withstood his chewing—hats off to Bully Bed for constructing a bed with such sturdy materials that don’t easily break.

The spaciousness of the bed has been ideal for Bandit to stretch his legs while sleeping. Overall, we are delighted with the bed’s durability and quality. Even after two months of use, it still looks brand new – there’s nothing to complain about here.
Bandit’s Owner.

My Dog’s Experience With Bully Beds

Day 1

  • Bandit was very curious about his Bully Bed. He loved it at first sight. He has loved lying on it since day one.

Week 1

  • Bandit enjoys taking midday naps and warming up to his Bully Bed and loves to rub himself all over it. 

Week 2

  • Bandit has been acting rough towards the cover and trying to chew it, but he can’t. The zipper is hidden, so he can’t get to it.

Week 3

  • He made this bed a favorite place. He takes toys and other goodies to his bed to play with. He hasn’t landed a single scratch on the cover yet.

One Month

  • Happy to report that it seems that we won’t be using that 200-day chew warranty. We are super pleased with the bed, and our dog seems to love it. I think we made the right decision buying a Bully Bed.

Ordering, Shipping & Delivery

Once you have selected your preferred Bully Beds bed, the ordering process is straightforward. You need to provide your general information and shipping address. The payment options include PayPal, Amazon Pay, G-Pay, Shop Pay, or traditional credit/debit cards.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email and a tracking number once your order has been shipped. We were pleased with the shipping speed as our Bully Bed arrived within three days. It’s worth noting that if you reside in the U.S., both shipping and returns are free of charge.

Our Bully Beds Customer Service Experience

Bully Beds’ customer service is commendable. They prominently display their phone number on every website page, making it easy for visitors to contact them. Additionally, they offer a messaging feature, further facilitating communication.

We conducted several test calls to their provided phone number to assess their customer support. The person who answered the call was friendly and provided helpful information when we inquired about their beds. However, the response time was slower when we attempted to contact them via email. It took a couple of days to receive a reply.

Fortunately, Bully Beds maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. We recommend utilizing their social media channels as an alternative means of reaching out to them. You can likely ask any questions and receive prompt responses through these platforms.

What We Like & What We’d Change


  • Medical-grade orthopedic memory foam
  • Improve your dog’s overall quality of life
  • 7 inches of certified-safe foam.
  • No recalls
  • No PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants
  • No mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates, or CFCs
  • Great for dogs with hip dysplasia and other joint issues
  • They also sell in Europe
  • Large dog bed portfolio
  • Offer other non-bed dog products (i.e., shampoos, supplements, etc.)
  • One of our favorite aspects of Bully Beds is that they hold shape and stability over time.


  • Their chew-resistant beds tend not to be as comfortable for dogs so they are not recommended for dogs with joint issues
Bully beds review chapter 3
Chapter 3: Tips, FAQs & More

Additional Key Information to Know

Ch 1 | Ch 2

What Customers Think About Bully Beds

Here is what real-verified customers had to say about this Bully Beds

Bully Beds Positive Review

“My 4 dogs (110lbs, 95lbs, 85lbs, and 40lbs) can all share this bed with ease and with no squish to the bed! I got it with my two senior dogs in mind, but they all seem very happy with it. My only complaint is that there is a small hole that occurred in it within 12 hours of getting it right at one end of the bolster. Had it even taken a week, I would absolutely blame it on my dogs, but they had barely even had the chance to interact with it. But overall the bed is awesome, and the small hole isn’t enough to make me distrust the quality of this bed.”

Breana E., verified buyer.

“This bed is really top of the line. I lay on this bed. Haha. I have two kinds of larger dogs (Akita and a malamute) and one small (yorkiepoo). I have the XXLarge bed and its plenty of room for all three and me. This bed is tough, easy to clean, and comfortable. My two big dogs are getting older (8 & 9) and they really seem to find it quite comfortable. I do use apiece of fabric over the bed so I don’t have to wash the cover every time.”

Josh, Chewy, 02/24/2021

Bully Beds Negative Reviews

“Welllll … the bed is nice she definitely enjoyed it as soon as I took it out the box. Unfortunately, I have a 7-month STAFFY. This is probably bed number eight since I’ve had her. Destroying beds is what she does and sorry to say this isn’t much different. I had to keep her away from the bed so she wouldn’t rip through it. I may be using the warranty on this one. I have to keep monitoring her. She digs sometimes but that hasn’t bothered the bed much. She damaged it by the first day. If y’all need a dog tester I think she is it. I would not tell anyone not to try it but my dog is tenacious. Size is awesome she is comfortable.”

Aziza W., verified buyer

My reason for giving a public poor review is a description of the product & return policy. The company beds are good products. I have bought the original bed. So, when I went to return buy I bought the chew proof one. The website never specified the chew-proof bed wasn’t whole foam. I thought it would be the same quality as the original. I mean it was more expensive….. this bed is cut-up foam & poor quality filler. The bed hardly has a cushion. My husband & I tried hard to comply with their return instructions. It is nearly impossible to get the bag not to let air in. It also made our vacuum overheat. It’s like they don’t want people to be able to return. They did say we can do a half-fold & send it back. However, I am not spending more money to purchase a box to fit it in. The company should be more transparent with the description of the product. I would have never bought it if I knew it was cut-up foam. Also, when you call their number no one ever answers. They have lost a repeat customer.”

Lacy S., Better Business Bureau (BBB), 03/24/2021

Bully Beds Reddit Reviews

Here are the most popular Bully Beds Reddit reviews

Other Bully Beds Products

A list of other Bully Beds products.

Bully Beds Crates

Bully Beds chew-resistant crate pads have the same features as your typical Bully Bed, so you know the top-notch quality is there. Should your dog swallow anything, the pads have no zippers to prevent choking or intestinal blockages.

If your dog chews through it, Bully Beds will replace the bed and cover for free with a 10-year guarantee on the foam.

Bully Beds Pet Care

Bully Beds pet care products come in many varieties. These include:

  • Health chews (for anxiety, joints, more)
  • Dog probiotics
  • Medicated pet shampoo
  • Waste bags
  • Ear cleaner

Bully Beds Travel

Bully Beds travel products are for dogs who like to ride in the back seat to prevent a mess on your car’s seats while protecting your seats from scratching, dirt, water, accidents, hair, and more. Bully Beds offer a car seat cover and a cargo liner to give your pet a soft space to travel with. 

Bully Beds Blankets

Bully Beds blankets come in two types. The Sherpa top fuzzy blanket and their faux fur throw blanket. Both blankets are loved by humans and dogs alike but are ideal to use on couches or other surfaces you want your dog to be comfortable on.

Bully Beds Vs Big Barker Company

Big Barker and Bully Beds manufacture beds that offer extra comfort for larger dogs that suffer from joint issues and other body sensitivities.

Upon researching both, Bully Beds offers more dog beds and covers, among other dog products. Bully Beds excel at providing the toughest dog beds for large dogs, that’s for sure. On the other hand, The Big Barker Dog Bed is backed by a clinical study showing how their beds can improve your dog’s health and well-being, especially if they suffer from joint and skeletal issues. However, Bully Beds recently introduced the Infrared Dog Bed with FDA medical device certification. If it weren’t for this, the Big Barket would have won the title of best orthopedic bed, but thanks to Bully Bed’s Infrared Dog Bed, we have to give the edge to Bully Beds just because a government agency has certified this dog bed.

According to our researchers, you can’t go wrong with either. These two brands offer the best beds for large pups in the market today.

Bully Beds Amazon

You can purchase only a few types of Bully Beds through Amazon. Their website offers all their Bully Bed options. There are some knock-offs, so always be sure they are Bully Beds.

Bully Beds Warranty

Bully Beds come with a great 20-year warranty. If your Bully Beds flatten by more than 2 inches anytime within those 20 years, they will replace it once, at no charge. However, the warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable.

Warranty doesn’t cover:

  • Normal wear and tear to the outer cover, waterproof cover, or foam. This includes chewing, ripping, or any damage to the covers or foam.
  • Foam that’s been torn, chewed, shredded, scratched, stained by urine, feces, vomit, or bodily fluids.
  • Outdoor damage of any kind.
  • Foam that’s been flattened after exposure to moisture such as water, urine, saliva, vomit, or other bodily fluids.

Bully Beds Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Bully Beds and dogs.

Bully Beds Review — Conclusion & Alternatives

If you’re a dog owner, your pet’s comfort and health are of the utmost importance. We love Bully Beds and recommend it to anyone with a large dog with joint problems or any other condition requiring extra support.

We had our own experience with these beds when our beloved family pup tried one out for himself (and he loved it)!

A few similar brands to Bully Beds may work out if you feel Bully Beds is not the best fit for your dog. Read our Large Dog Bed Guide for more options.

best dog beds for large dogs

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