Easy DNA Dog Allergy Test Reviews 2024  — Discover Dog Allergies [My Dog’s Results]

EasyDNA dog allergy test review

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This is the most complete EasyDNA dog allergy test review.

Would you like to learn what causes dog allergies? EasyDNA is one of the leading dog allergy testing companies available today that can assist. But can they aid you in identifying the specific substances responsible for your dog’s allergies? Is it a worthwhile investment?

Let’s find out if this at-home dog allergy test will give you enough information to help fight your dog’s allergy problems. Let’s dive in!

Easy DNA Dog Allergy Test Review  — At A Glance

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test

The EasyDNA dog allergy test is an at-home test that helps dog owners determine a dog’s allergies.

Canine Bible

EasyDNA dog allergy test
Allergen Quantity Tested
Comprehensive Report
Customer Support
Brand Trustworthiness
Result Turnaround Time

Our Verdict & Summary

Our overall impression of the EasyDNA dog allergy test kit is positive, citing its thoroughness in detecting a wide range of common allergens and the detailed results report provided. The results are presented in a clear format making it easier for pet owners to make informed decisions about their dog’s diet and lifestyle.

Downsides & Improvements: The kit would benefit from faster processing times and more allergens tested

What Makes It Unique: The range of allergens EasyDNA can detect—more than 120, including food, environment, and synthetic materials is what sets it apart from other tests in the market.

Best For: This test is best suited for dog owners who suspect their pet may suffer from allergies and want to examine potential allergens thoroughly. It’s also a great tool for those who wish to preemptively test their dogs, especially breeds known for allergy problems.

Bottom Line: A comprehensive, user-friendly option for pet owners who want to get to the bottom of their dog’s allergies.

Easydna dog allergy test review chapter 1
The Full Review

All About EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Kit

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Company Overview & History

EasyDNA is a reputable global company that offers at-home DNA tests for people, such as paternity, ancestry, and wellness testing. They also offer a dog allergy test kit that is easy to do at home and promises results in just a few weeks. They have more than 18 years of experience in the industry and operate in more than 30 countries worldwide.

*This review exclusively examines their dog allergy test (EasyDNA dog allergy test).

What Is EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test?

The Easy DNA Dog Allergy Test kit measures your dog’s saliva antibodies against more than 119 allergens, including everyday household products, foods, and environmental allergens. High antibody levels indicate sensitivity and intolerance to the item.

After your dog undergoes testing, you will receive a comprehensive list of the allergens for which your dog has tested positive and negative. Allergens have the potential to cause discomfort or trigger allergic reactions in dogs.

What Types of Allergies Does EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test?

This test is designed detecting for sensitivities and intolerances in your pet, not true allergies.

True allergies involve the immune system, are immediate, and can have severe consequences. When an allergen enters the body, the immune system mistakenly recognizes it as harmful and releases antibodies, such as immunoglobulin E (IgE), to fight against it.

On the other hand, intolerances and sensitivities happen when the body has a chemical reaction to eating or being exposed to food, drink, chemicals, or item in its environment. These reactions are typically not immune-mediated and don’t involve the immune system. However, they can cause discomfort or digestive issues.

Testing for dog sensitivities and intolerances is essential because they may become true allergies over time.

Allergens Tested By EasyDNA Dog Allergy
Almond OilAntsApple
BananaBarleyBean Curd
BlackberryBlueberryBok Choy
Brewer’s RiceBroccoliBrown Rice
Brussels SproutBuckwheatBuffalo/Bison
CabbageCanola OilCarrot
Chick PeaChickenChicken Egg
Cod Liver OilCollard GreensCorn
Corn SyrupCottonseed OilCranberry
Duck EggDust Mites or DustFeathers
Fish MealFish StockFlaxseed Oil
Goat’s MilkGrains (Bread)Grass
Grean BeansGreen Lipped MusselGreen Peas
HalibutHouse FlyKale
Flatspine Bur RagweedKidney BeansLamb
LecithinLemonLima Beans
Mold (Plant)Navy BeansOat
Oat MealOlive OilOrange
PeachPeanut ButterPear
PineapplePinto BeansPollen
PorkPotatoPropylene Glycol n-Butyl Ether
Rice BranRosemarySalmon
StrawberrySunflower OilSweet Potato
Vegetable OilWatermelonWheat
WheyWhite RiceYam
SageHoneyWestern Ragweed
Fungus (Household)Fungus (Plant)Trout
Yellow PeasQuinoaMillet

Why Use EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test? Benefits

Here are the main reasons to try the EasyDNA dog allergy test.

  • Confirm symptoms
  • At-home convenience
  • It helps determine which foods to avoid and which ones are safe
  • Easy at-home saliva sample
  • Ranks allergens as strong intolerance, mild intolerance, or no reaction
  • It gives details about each substance and associated symptoms to look for
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows for early intervention and proactive measures
  • Great for dogs who experience allergy symptoms, including itching, upset stomach, and other concerns.

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Key Features

A look at the most notable features of EasyDNA dog allergy test.

  • Add-on food suggestion report. Provides a personalized list of specific food brands and recipes you can incorporate into your dog’s diet based on his food insensitivities
  • Dietary and lifestyle guidelines. Based on your dog’s results, they include detailed nutritional and lifestyle guidelines such as elimination diets, topical treatments, supplements like dog probiotics, and corticosteroids for dogs (steroid hormones).
  • Simple DIY Testing. Clear instructions outline for easy at-home testing.
  • Highly accredited laboratory testing. Internationally-accredited laboratories process their tests.
  • In-house scientists. The team has a highly-skilled group of scientists.
  • International company. 30-plus offices around the world.
  • Gives back. The company makes charitable contributions.
  • Over 120 allergens tested. The test measures the antibodies in your dog’s saliva against more than 120 allergens (high antibody levels indicate sensitivity and intolerance to the item)
  • Other tests. EasyDNA offers various DNA tests for dogs (breed, health risks, etc.), people (health, ancestry, paternity, etc.), and DNA tests for cats, horses, and birds.

How Much Does EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Cost?

EasyDNA dog allergy test is one of the most affordable options.

  • $104 Dog Allergy Test (view here)
  • $195 Dog Allergy Test, Dog Breed Test & Dog Genetic Age Test (view here)

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Discount Code

Are we looking for an Easy DNA promo code? Click here for the best deal we could find.

Easydna dog allergy test review chapter 2
Chapter 2: Our Experience

My Dog’s EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Experience

Ch 1 | Ch 3

The Judges

We picked one Canine Bible dog to give us their paw-honest opinion and verdict.


Age: 3 ┊ Gender: Male ┊ Breed: Minature Schnauzer ┊Weight: 15 lbs ┊ Health: Concerns: Food sensitivities┊ Personality: Sweetie pie

“When we noticed him constantly scratching and showing signs of discomfort, we decided to try the EasyDNA dog allergy test. It was a game-changer! Finally, we could identify the specific allergens causing his distress and take steps to alleviate his symptoms.” — his person, Anna.

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Unboxing

Everything arrived as described. The EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test was well-packaged and labeled, and organized.

Here is everything that came in the box:

  • Instructions on how to use the kit
  • Easy-to-use collection syringe tub
  • Questionnaire
  • Pre-paid return mailing envelope
EasyDNA dog allergy test box contents.

My EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Video Review

Watch our canine judge Bandit get tested with the EasyDNA dog allergy test kit.

My Personal EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Testimonial

Bandit’s Experience

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

My dog, Bandit, had been suffering from persistent skin issues, excessive itching, and constant discomfort for quite some time. I tried various remedies and diets, but nothing seemed to relieve him.

That’s when I stumbled upon EasyDNA’s dog allergy test. Intrigued and hopeful, I decided to give it a shot.
The process was straightforward and user-friendly. I collected a small sample of Bandit’s saliva using the provided kit, and within less than two weeks, I received the results. We discovered that Bandit was highly sensitive to rosemary and ragweed and mildly intolerant to other twenty-one ingredients such as beef, corn, fungus, and flaxseed oil. Armed with this knowledge, I changed his environment and diet to see if that could help alleviate some of his sensitivities.

The impact was noticeable. Within weeks, Bandi’ts sensitive problems were not as significant as before. However, we kept feeding some items listed as mild intolerances without any issues. It’s worth noting that the results will be used as part of an elimination diet to help you find the culprit of your pup’s discomfort. Although the results were not one-hundred parent accurate, the
test guided us with valuable information to make an informed decision to improve our dog’s diet and environment surroundings.

If you face similar challenges with your beloved dog, I recommend the EasyDNA dog allergy test. And also, get your vet’s advice before making any changes in your dog’s lifestyle.
Bandit’s owner

My Dog’s Experience With EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test

How Does EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Work?

Step-by-step guide on how to use EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test kit,

  • Grab the easy-to-use collection syringe
  • Use it to gently rub the inside of your dog’s cheek pouch under his tongue to collect saliva.
  • Fill the collection tube with your dog’s saliva
  • Fill out some forms
  • Mail back your dog’s saliva sample and filled-out forms to EasyDNA
  • You should receive a report in 2 weeks by email.

NOTE: Aside from collecting your dog’s saliva, you must complete a few basic forms with basic information about your dog. They also ask you to disclose suspicions about your dog’s allergies or intolerances.

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Results

Once your dog’s saliva has been analyzed in the lab, the test results report will provide you with a list of the allergens broken down into three categories: strong intolerance (positive for the allergen tested), mild intolerance, and no intolerance (negative for the allergen tested). The report includes an insightful description of the substance and the potential associated symptoms for each food or item.

You will be notified via email when your results are available. You will need to log in online to see your dog’s report.

Our dog’s test yielded the following results:

  • 2 a strong intolerance (red)
  • 21 mild intolerance (yellow)
  • 103 no intolerance (no reaction)

Bandit tested positive for two strong intolerance (Rosemary and Western Ragweed) and positive for twenty-one mild intolerances. You can see a small excerpt of our report below.

After going over your results, you should discuss them with your vet to devise a plan to eliminate any allergens from your dog’s diet or other recommendations they may have.

Ordering, Shipping & Delivery

The ordering process is quite simple. You must fill out your personal information, dog profile, and test options. After placing our order, EasyDNA sent us a same-day, follow-up email order confirmation. Once the kit had shipped out, we received another email with the tracking information and delivery date. Delivery times vary depending on the delivery option you choose at checkout.

Our EasyDNA Customer Service Experience

A professional and friendly customer service staff handles EasyDNA customer service. We received a timely response every time we contacted them regarding their service. We also tested EasyDNA’s customer service by having a few of our dog owner friends inquire about EasyDNA’s service through email, phone, and chat to gauge their responsiveness and attentiveness. Overall, our pet parents were more than satisfied with the attention.

What We Like & What We’d Change


  • Results are usually generated in 2 weeks
  • Tests for 120 food and environmental allergens
  • Provide guidelines for optimal nutrition based on results
  • Simple at-home saliva collection
  • Insightful and affordable
  • $10 discount on each additional test kit
  • Helps improve the well-being of your dog
  • Live chat support
  • Positive feedback and reviews by customers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good website resources about dog allergens
  • It is easy, painless, and takes about two minutes to administer


  • No direct phone support
  • Dogs cannot be actively taking dog allergy medications for two weeks before or when you are conducting this (or any) allergy test.
Chapter 3: Tips, FAQs & More

Additional Key Information to Know

Ch 1 | Ch 2

What Customers Think About EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test

Here is what real-verified customers had to say about this EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test.

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Positive Review

My experience was pretty good, to be honest! I ordered my home kit online, and it arrived promptly in plain packaging. Took my samples, sent them back and received back an easy-to-understand set of results. I had one administrative question for support and they responded quickly.

Isabelle N., Trustpilot 4/29/2020

Very easy process with progress updates and quick responses. Didn’t get the result I had been lead to expect, but then again, that is why I did the test for my dog. The information provided with the certificate was very interesting and helpful. Highly recommended!

Betina D., Trustpilot

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Negative Reviews

Sent off for a dog breed test, the kit came out fast but took almost 6 weeks to get results, after emailing and questioning. Turns out our staffy cross is a St. Bernard crossed with an Irish wolfhound……what a load of nonsense, don’t waste your money!

Sam S., Trustpilot 3/27/2018

I got there biggest package they had, with three tests included in this pack. all results are vague.

Antony R., Trustpilot 2/12/2020

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Reddit Reviews

We analyzed the commentary and most popular threads about the EasyDNA dog allergy test kit on Reddit. He is what people were saying:

One user notes that EasyDNA has one with good reviews but that he is from New York, and they have strict rules about DNA testing, even for dogs, so that they won’t ship it to me. One user responded that ‘these allergy tests I’ve looked at have been pretty clear in the disclaimers that they detect “sensitivities and intolerances” rather than true allergies. Another user said, “In order to successfully diagnose a food allergy, you need to do a strict elimination diet under the supervision of your vet.” These accurate statements are accurate according to our research.

Other EasyDNA Dog Test Products

EasyDNA also offers other dog tests. Here is the complete list.

  • DNA My Dog Breed Test.
  • 350 My Dog Breed Test.
  • PetGen Canine DNA Test.
  • Dog Parentage Test.
  • Motherless Dog Parentage Test.
  • Dog Inherited Disease and Traits Testing Panels.
  • DogCheck (Canine) Genetic Disease Test.
  • Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test.
  • Canine Genetic Age Test.
  • Food Suggestion Report.
  • Premium Dog Testing Package.
  • Dog Multidrug Resistance 1 (MDR1) Test.
  • Dog Exercise Induced Collapse Test.
  • Dog Degenerative Myelopathy Test.
  • Dog Hyperuricosuria for Uric Acid Test.
  • Dog Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-prcd) Test.
  • Dog von Willebrand Disease Test.

Other EasyDNA Products

EasyDNA offers a wide variety of other products for people and other animals.

  • DNA test for people (health, ancestry, paternity, etc.)
  • DNA tests for cats, horses, and birds

How to Know If Your Dog Has Food Allergies

Dog allergies can come from various sources, and sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint the allergen causing your pet to feel miserable. Our article on dog food allergies article can help you identify if your dog is suffering from an intolerance or certain types of allergies. And if your pup is currently experiencing allergies, here is a breakdown of the best dog allergy medicines.

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about EasyDNA and dogs.

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Reviews — Conclusion & Alternatives

We recommend using the EasyDNA dog allergy test for all dog parents who want to find pesky allergens causing their dogs’ allergies. If you want to test only food allergies, our top pick is 5Strands.

However, this test should not be used as a substitute for professional advice from a qualified veterinarian. If you suspect your dog has allergies, take him to the vet.

While EasyDNA’s dog allergy kit tests for the most common allergens, other options can test for more uncommon and specific allergens in dogs. Read our reviews of the best dog allergy test kits review for more alternatives.

best at home dog allergy test

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