EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Review 2023: Discover Dog Allergies (Results)

easydna dog allergy test review

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This is the most complete EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test review.

Do you want to find out what gives your furry friend allergy issues? EasyDNA is probably the best dog allergy testing company currently on the market that can help. But, can it really help you discover which substances are causing your dog’s allergy? Is it worth it?

Let’s find out if this at-home dog allergy test will give you enough information for you to help fight your dog’s allergy problems actively.

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All about EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Kit

EasyDNA Company Overview

EasyDNA is a reputable global company that offers at-home DNA tests for people, such as paternity, ancestry, and wellness testing. They also offer a dog allergy test kit that is easy to do at home and promises results in just a few weeks. They have more than 18 years of experience in the industry and operate in more than 30 countries worldwide.

*For this review, we’ll be exclusively looking at their animal testing (EasyDNA dog allergy test).

What Is EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test?

The Easy DNA Dog Allergy Test kit measures your dog’s saliva antibodies against more than 119 allergens, including common household products, foods, and environmental allergens. High antibody levels indicate sensitivity and intolerance to the item. It is easy, painless, and takes about two minutes to administer. The results typically arrive in two weeks or less.

You will get a list of the allergens your dog tested positive for potentially making your dog unhappy or triggering reactions. They’ll also disclose the allergens that didn’t trigger any reaction.

What Types of Allergies Does EasyDNA Test?

This test is designed to test for sensitivities and intolerances in your pet, not true allergies.

Allergies involve the immune system, are immediate, and can have severe consequences. On the other hand, intolerances and sensitivities happen when the body has a chemical reaction to eating or being exposed to a particular food, drink, or items in its environment.

Finding out the sensitivities and intolerances that may be impacting your dog’s quality of life is key. Why? Well, sensitivities and intolerance can turn into true allergies over time.

What Comes In The Box?

You will find the following items in the box.

  • Instructions on how to use the kit
  • Easy-to-use collection syringe tub
  • Questionnaire
  • Pre-paid return mailing envelope

How Does EasyDNA Dog Allergy Work?

How to use EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test kit, step-by-step

  1. Grab the easy-to-use collection syringe
  2. Use it to gently rub the inside of your dog’s cheek pouch under his tongue to collect saliva.
  3. Fill the collection tube with your dog’s saliva
  4. Fill out some forms
  5. Mail back your dog’s saliva sample and filled out forms to EasyDNA
  6. You should receive a report in 2 weeks by email.

NOTE: Aside from collecting your dog’s saliva, you will need to complete a few basic forms with basic information about your dog. They also ask you to disclose any current suspicions about allergies or intolerances that your dog may have.

Pros & Cons

  • Results usually generated in 2 weeks
  • Tests for 114 food and environmental allergens
  • Provide guidelines for optimal nutrition based on results
  • Simple at-home saliva collection
  • Insightful and affordable
  • $10 discount on each additional test kit
  • Helps improve the well-being of your dog
  • Live chat support
  • Positive feedback and reviews by customers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Good website resources about dog allergens
  • No direct phone support

Key Features & Benefits

  • It helps determine which foods to avoid and which ones are safe
  • Takes but 2 minutes to administer
  • Internationally-accredited laboratories process their tests
  • The team has a highly-skilled group of scientists complemented
  • International company with 30+ offices around the world
  • The company makes charitable contributions
  • Easy at-home saliva sample
  • Great for dogs who experience allergy symptoms, including itching, upset stomach, and other concerns
  • Ranks each substance your dog tests for as strong intolerance, mild intolerance, or no reaction
  • It gives you details about each substance and associated symptoms to look for

Another cool feature is that, based on your dog’s results, they include extensive dietary and lifestyle guidelines such as elimination diets, topical treatments, supplements like dog probiotics, and the use of corticosteroids (steroid hormones)

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Price

EasyDNA dog allergy test is one of the most affordable options at around $99, but it also offers other packages.

  • $99 Dog Allergy Test
  • $164 Dog Allergy Test & Dog Breed Test
  • $195 Dog Allergy Test, Dog Breed Test & Dog Genetic Age Test
  • View all options

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Discount Code

Are we looking for an Easy DNA promo code? Click here for the best deal we could find.

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Our experience & results

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Review

Here’s our unbiased review of this at-home pet allergy test.

Dog Reviewer

We picked one pup from the Canine Bible family to conduct this test and tell you all about his (and his parents’) experience.

Name: Bandit (aka Kira)
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Breed: Minature Schnauzer
Weight: 15 lbs (his ideal weight)
Health Concerns: Healthy, no known medical conditions
Personality: Sweetie pie


The ordering process is quite simple. You will need to fill out your personal information, dog profile, and test options. After placing our order, EasyDNA sent us a same-day, follow-up email order confirmation. Once the kit had shipped out, we received another email with the tracking information and delivery date. Delivery times vary depending on the delivery option you choose at check out.


Once your dog’s saliva has been analyzed in the lab, the test results report will provide you with a list of the allergens broken down into three categories: strong intolerance (positive for the allergen tested), mild intolerance, and no intolerance (negative for the allergen tested). For each food or item your dog tested strong or mild intolerance, the report will include an insightful description of the substance and the potential associated symptoms. 

You will be notified via email when your results are available. You will need to log in online to see your dog’s results/report.

Our dog’s test yielded the following results:

  • 2 a strong intolerance
  • 21 mild intolerance
  • 103 no intolerance (no reaction)

For instance, Bandit tested positive for Rosemary and Western Ragweed. You can see the report below.

After going over your results, you should discuss results with your vet so you can come up with a plan to eliminate any allergens from your dog’s diet or other recommendations they may have.

Unboxing, Swab Test & Results Video

Customer Service

EasyDNA customer service is handled by a professional and friendly customer service staff. Every time we contacted them regarding their service, we received a timely response. We also tested EasyDNA’s customer service by having a few of our dog owner friends inquire about EasyDNA’s service through email, phone, and chat to gauge their responsiveness and attentiveness. Overall, our pet parents were more than satisfied with the attention.

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Tips, FAQs & more

What Do Customers Think?

Positive Reviews

My experience was pretty good, to be honest! I ordered my home kit online, and it arrived promptly in plain packaging. Took my samples, sent them back and received back an easy-to-understand set of results. I had one administrative question for support and they responded quickly.” – Isabelle N., Trustpilot 4/29/2020

Very easy process with progress updates and quick responses. Didn’t get the result I had been lead to expect, but then again, that is why I did the test for my dog. The information provided with the certificate was very interesting and helpful. Highly recommended!– Betina D., Trustpilot

Negative Reviews

Sent off for a dog breed test, the kit came out fast but took almost 6 weeks to get results, after emailing and questioning. Turns out our staffy cross is a St. Bernard crossed with an Irish wolfhound……what a load of nonsense, don’t waste your money!– Sam S., Trustpilot 3/27/2018

“I got there biggest package they had, with three tests included in this pack. all results are vague.” – Antony R., Trustpilot 2/12/2020

EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Reviews Reddit

We analyzed the commentary and most popular threads about EasyDNA dog allergy test kit on Reddit. He is what people were saying:

One user notes that EasyDNA has one with good reviews, but that he is from New York and they apparently have strict rules about DNA testing, even for dogs, so they won’t ship it to me. One user responded stating that ‘these allergy tests I’ve looked at have been pretty clear in the disclaimers that they are detecting “sensitivities and intolerances” rather than true allergies. Another user said, “in order to successfully diagnose a food allergy you need to do a strict elimination diet under the supervision of your vet.” These are accurate statements are accurate according to our research.

How to Know If Your Dog Has Food Allergies

Dog allergies can come from various sources and sometimes, it’s hard to pinpoint the allergen causing your pet to feel miserable.

This article can help you identify if your dog is suffering from an intolerance or certain types of allergies.

And if your pup is currently experiencing allergies, here is a breakdown of the best dog allergy medicines.

Where To Buy EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test?

At the moment, you can only purchase Easy DNA’s Dog Allergy Test via their official website. It’s not available on Amazon or other online marketplaces.

Other EasyDNA Products

EasyDNA offers a wide variety of other products, including:

  • DNA tests for dogs (breed, health risks, etc.)
  • DNA test for people (health, ancestry, paternity, etc.)
  • DNA tests for cats, horses, and birds

Easy DNA Allergy Test For Dog Alternatives

We recommend using the EasyDNA dog allergy test for all dog parents who want to find pesky allergens causing their dogs’ allergies. If you are looking to test only food allergies, our top pick is 5Strands.

However, this test should not be used as a substitute for professional advice from a qualified veterinarian. If you suspect your dog has allergies, take him to the vet.

While EasyDNA’s dog allergy kit tests for the most common allergens, other options can test for more uncommon and specific allergens in dogs. Read our reviews of the best dog allergy test kits for more alternatives.

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