5Strands Allergy Test For Dogs Review 2022: Is This Pet Allergy Test Worth It?

5Strands pet allergy test review

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This is the most comprehensive 5 Strands Pet Allergy Test review.

Are you interested in figuring out which allergies might be affecting your dog? 5Strands is among the leading dog allergy testing companies that offer at-home allergy test kits for dogs, cats, and horses.

You can test for literally hundreds of allergens, including ingredients in traditional pet food, raw pet food, metals and minerals, nutrition, and environment. But can 5Strands really identify your pet’s allergies? Should you invest in one? 

Let’s dig deeper into the details and determine if the 5Strands allergy test for dogs can help your pet.

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All about 5Strands Food Allergy Testing

5Strands Affordable Testing: Company Overview

The team behind 5Strands launched the company in 2018 with the goal to change healthcare. Its mission is to empower families with a voice about their health care and that of their pets.

The company provides affordable at-home collection kit tests to determine the food and environmental substances that may cause non-IgE mediated reactions, known as intolerances, to humans and pets.

Their tests use innovative and holistic bio-resonance technology based on biophysics and quantum mechanics principles.

What Is A 5Strands Pet Intolerance Test? 

5Strands pet intolerance test analyzes your pet’s hair follicles using bio-resonance technology to test for hundreds of allergens, including common household products, foods, and environmental allergens. 

Each test only requires 10-15 strands of hair to provide accurate results. Compared to other tests (blood and prick), it’s a painless experience.

It’s easy to test to perform at home, and you get your results in 7 to 10 days. The test provides you with an easy-to-understand report. The results are color-coded. Red represents foods that should be avoided, while yellow represents allergens to be used with caution. A recommended elimination diet will also be given to you based on your dog’s results and dietary and lifestyle guidelines.

This is a non-invasive method that provides helpful insights you can use to make impactful changes to your dog’s diet or lifestyle. 

5Strands offers several tests for different purposes, not only food allergies. 5Strands tests for hundreds of allergens. We cover all of this later in this article.

What Comes In The Box?

You will find the following items when you receive your 5Strands test pet kit in the mail.

  • A polybag
  • A leave-behind card entitled “Important Information to Keep.”
  • Inside the polybag, there will be an anti-static bag
  • There is a unique identifier label on the anti-static bag and a matching unique identifier label on your leave behind card. 
  • A white parchment paper bag
  • Return shipping label
  • Instructions about registering your kit and collecting the hair sample will be indicated directly on the box.

How Does 5Strands Pet Allergy Test Work? 

5Strands uses Bioresonance technology to test your dog’s hair sample to determine whether they’ve got imbalances or intolerances to food, environmental agents, nutritional items, raw food, metals, mineral, and other items.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how this test works.

  1. Upon the arrival of your collection kit, register it online. You will need your unique identifier number for this.
  2. You will be prompted to download the app.
  3. Collect your hair sample from anywhere on your pet’s body. The root is not required. If the hair is longer than 1 inch, provide 10-15 strands. If the hair is shorter than 1 inch, provide 20-25 strands.
  4. Mail to 5Strands
  5. Wait ten days for the testing results to be delivered (after receiving the sample).
  6. You will get your results via email or view them on the app.

Any ingredients that register as a moderate to severe intolerance should be eliminated from the diet for weeks. Ingredients can be reintroduced one by one to determine which ones trigger symptoms.

Why Use It 5Strands Pet Food Intolerance? Benefits

After testing your pet, the results can help you zero in on the key sensitivities your dog or cat may be having to 255 of the most common pet food ingredients used within the market today.

Testing your pooch for allergies allows you to develop a specific prevention plan, whether it is dietary or seasonal (change your environment to eliminate harmful allergens), and to seek specific treatment.

5Strands pet intolerance test is not intended to diagnose, but it serves as a screening tool to guide you through the food elimination diet process. It can save you time and money you could have wasted trying multiple prescription diets.

You should share the results with your veterinarian and get approval before making any dietary manipulations in your pet’s diet.

What Kind of Allergies Does 5Strands Test: Food Intolerances vs Allergies?

5Strands only tests for food intolerances, not allergies.

food intolerance (or sensitivity) response occurs in the digestive system. It happens when the body has difficulty digesting or breaking down certain foods. An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system produces immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in response to specific foods or ingredients.

If you want to learn more details about dog food allergy testing and why testing for intolerances is key in combating dog food allergies, read our article on dog food allergy testing.

5Strands Affordable Testing For Dogs & Cats Reviews (Products & Price)

The company offers six different kinds of testing.

5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test

At $88, this particular kit only tests for 275+ commercial pet food ingredients. From proteins, grains, additives, preservatives, fruits, seafood, and meat to vegetables and other foods.

Once you identify the cause of your pet’s discomfort, the results will guide you toward helping eliminate any intolerance or sensitivities. These imbalances, when removed, allow the gut time to rebalance, saving you time and money.

5Strands Pet Treat Intolerance Test

5Strands Pet Treat Intolerance Test covers 104 common ingredients used in dog and cat treats. Kibble is not the only potential culprit behind your dog’s intolerances and allergies. Ingredients in treats also play a role. Leverage this test to help you pick the safest dog treat formula for your pet. It’s priced at $55.

5Strands Pet Nutrition Test

5Strands Pet Nutrition kit tests for 40 food-derived nutrition imbalances due to overexposure or lack of absorption of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, fatty acids & omegas. Imbalances can result in dog allergy-related symptoms. It costs $66.

This test is great if you want to know if your dog’s current food provides the needed amount of nutrients for a balanced diet. Many factors can cause your dog to develop imbalances for certain nutrients. This kit can help you pinpoint those nutrient inefficiencies.

Nutrient imbalance can result in joint pain, hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin, inflammation, poor muscle recovery, and more. Inflammation due to allergies or intolerances can cause the cells not to absorb nutrients properly. Imbalances will inhibit your pet’s body from effectively performing specific functions.  

5Strands Raw Food Intolerance Test

Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test is for pet owners who feed their pets a RAW food diet (BARF, Ancestral, or Whole Prey Diet). It tests for over 300+ meats, seafood, bones, fruits, veggies, oils, and grains. You can buy it for $98.

5Strands Pet Metals & Minerals Test

Results indicate your pet’s ability to process and eliminate each of the 40 metals and minerals tested.

The inability to process and eliminate certain minerals and metals can create imbalances within your pet’s life. And as stated before, imbalances can lead to a series of problems such as vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, bloody stools, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

You can also get the Pet Deluxe Package which includes four different types of dog allergy testing: food allergies, environmental, nutrition, and metal and mineral. You save more money than if you buy them separately.

5Strands Pet Environmental Intolerance Test

If your pup suffers from allergies caused by environmental allergens, a pet environmental intolerance like 5Strands Pet Environment Intolerance Test will help you learn how your dog’s body responds to current lifestyle surroundings.

This test offers intolerance testing to 105 items: plants, grass, flowers, essential oils, fabrics, cleaning solutions, etc. It costs $78.

If you want to test for dog food allergies and environmental allergies, they offer the Pet Standard Package pet allergy test kit, which tests for 275 food ingredients and 105 environmental allergens.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable pricing
  • Bio-resonance technology
  • Tests for for over 255 of the most common pet food ingredients
  • Environmental test available
  • Metal and mineral tests
  • Pain-free hair sampling
  • Results come back in about 5 to 10 days
  • Available for dogs, cats and horses
  • Good customer reviews
  • Case studies
  • Easy-to-understand results with recommendation
  • Easy to use
  • Non-invasive test
  • Not backed by science

Key Features

We like that 5Strands is associated with highly accredited organizations, including APPA – American Pet Products Association, AHHA – American Holistic Health Association, Women in the Pet Industry Network, NASH – North American Society of Homeopaths, and U.S. Equestrian.

  • Using the hair sample, a bioresonance device reads your pet’s natural energy field.
  • The company has a strong consultation team, from doctors to pet nutritionists.
  • Provide a list of all of the ingredients they test on their website
  • Affordable for the number of items tested
  • Tests for more allergens than other companies
  • It offers a complete set of kits for testing all things dog nutrition and intolerances.
  • Pre-paid shipping
  • Easy sample collection
  • Intolerances or sensitivities are categorized into four groups: no sensitivity; and mild, moderate, or severe intolerance.
  • The company measures the severity of the response to each imbalance or intolerance using a three-tier grading system: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.
  • Real success case studies for hundreds of pets
  • 5Strands generally provides a 60-90 day elimination guideline.

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5Strands Dog Allergy Test Review: Our Dog’s Experience

5Strands Dog Allergy Test Reviews

Dog Reviewing 5Strands

Dog Profile #1

  • Name: Bandit
  • Age: 2 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Health conditions: Sensitive stomach
  • Personality: Playful, loves fetching.

Ordering & Delivery

Ordering 5Strands for our doggo was fast and straightforward.

After placing our order, 5Strands sent us a same-day, follow-up email order confirmation. Once we collected the hair samples and sent them to 5Strands labs for analysis, we received a confirmation ‘Sample Received’ email from [email protected] upon arrival at the processing center. It took about six days to get our dog’s results via email. There is the option to view the status of your order via your portal account.  

For a faster and more convenient option, they offer a ‘downloadable kit’ option that you can be requested via email by registering and sending in your sample.

Results & How To Use Results

The results came as three email attachments:

  1. A document on how to interpret your pet’s results (PDF)
  2. A list of your pet’s intolerances (PDF)
  3. A master list of everything your pet was tested for (PDF)
  4. A video regarding their testing process

The video will guide you on how to use your results.

As a first step, we compared our pet’s intolerance list to the list of all items tested. Then we cross off the moderate or severe intolerances from the master list. After this process, we were left with the ingredients our dog should eat (or the foods that do not trigger an intolerance reaction in our pet).

To test the accuracy of your results and as part of the elimination diet process, you should reintroduce one food at a time from your list of items categorized as “moderate and severe” intolerances.

This will help you further validate your results. If you notice symptoms after reintroducing the item into your pet’s diet or environment, you should remove it from your pet’s diet. If your dog is fine, continue to include it in moderate amounts.


Testimonial Experience

When we first adopted Bandit, I was afraid to give our dog food as he seemed to react poorly any time he ate anything.

He would either vomit or have diarrhea. I tried giving him different foods and brands with mixed results. The vet told me that it could be his food or something in his environment. We were at our wits end when we came across 5 Strands while researching dog intolerances tests. I decided to give it a go, “why not,” right?. We ordered the kit. The process was seamless and easy to understand. I sent the hair samples to 5Strands,’ and the results came back rather quickly.

Before we get into the results, I should say that we were adamant about doing this test as some of the veterinarians don’t recommend them. I also read that there is no real research that can guarantee the accuracy of any dog allergy test.

I was really surprised when I opened the email and saw the results. The test showed that he had an intolerance for various ingredients we had been feeding Bandit, which could potentially cause his intolerances and allergies. We were also surprised to see moderate intolerance to a couple of synthetic vitamins and minerals.

Now, we can make a more educated guess as to what to include or exclude from our pup’s diet. For instance, our results showed intolerance symptoms level 3 for various grains. Thanks to this information, we carried out an elimination diet to validate the results and ensure Bandit no longer eats these ingredients.

5Strands is so far in helping us figure out what’s wrong with little Bandy Wandy (as she calls him). It’s helped figure out what pet food Bandit can eat, but finding an alternative food took time, but we have seen great results. We also researched the environmental factors that may be triggering his symptoms, but we are still waiting on those.

I think 5Strands is a great place to start before trying an elimination diet with your pet. I definitely recommend it.” – Bandit’s Mom.

Customer Service

The customer service at 5Strands is excellent, and it’s the one thing that ensures you’ll get the answer you need to your questions or concerns about their products. The fastest way to communicate is through their web chat and even email responses. You can also contact them via email or phone. Their support is customer-friendly, and they are active on social media.

We also tested 5Strands’ customer service by having a few of our dog owner friends inquire about their tests through email, phone, and chat to gauge their responsiveness and attentiveness. Most parents got a fast and helpful response in less than a few hours.

We like that the 5Strands website is informative, and their FAQs section contains a lot of information that will help us understand their products and results better.

They operate from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EST, Monday – Friday.

Chapter 3

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Tips, FAQs, and more.

How Accurate Is 5Strands Pet Food Allergy Test?

Based on research and the literature, no dog allergy test is a hundred percent accurate, not even the ones you get at the vet. Even in a human allergy test, 50 to 60% of all skin prick tests yield “false positive” results, meaning that the test shows positive even though you are not allergic to the food being tested.2

When it comes to kits for pets, you can expect test results to be 65% to 75% accurate.1

5Strands states that a strict elimination diet is the only way to test for food intolerances accurately. This is true. The elimination diet is the golden standard vet-approved way to rule out food allergies in pets.

However, the time required to conduct such a regimented diet can be very lengthy and costly. This is where 5Strands comes in. Their kits take out the guesswork and make an elimination diet easier by providing the exact list of items that should take priority in an elimination diet. “The accuracy of the results is directly related to the amount of interaction and diligence given to implementing the results,” says the company.

However, the company is confident their tests will yield great results for your pets that they have conducted case studies on hundreds of customers. These case studies outline a record of a pet and their experiences based on the implementation of their testing results.

You can check out the case studies here.

What Do Customers Think?

Overall, 5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test has excellent customer reviews averaging 4.3 out 5 when looking at their website and Amazon rating reviews.

5 Strands Reddit Reviews

There were only a few threads where people were talking about 5Strands. The conversation about the elimination diet surfaced as the best alternative.

5 Strands Positive Reviews

We have to highlight that Amazon customer reviews are positive. We found that a “top contributor” for Amazon Pets left a review stating how she had tried multiple foods, and nothing seemed to work. She even discovered that peanut butter was causing her dog’s allergies, and ironically enough, all her pup’s treats had peanut butter in them. She also notes that it’s also worth trying and not jump to conclusions even when your vet says so.

“This is an expensive and fast way to see what might be causing your dog’s itchy skin and paw licking. I thought I was feeding my dog a clean and neutral diet of beef, only to learn that the organs were a major irritant for him. I’ve switched his protein, and after just a few days, I could tell the difference in how much he licks and scratches.” – Tiffany Fraley 4/29/2021

5 Strands Negative Reviews

As far as negative reviews, we have pet parents who report their test did not work for their pets. Comments like bio-resonance testing for allergies are not reliable, it only tests for intolerances, and that instructions are vague are some of the not-so-positive comments.

Other 5Strands Pet Products

Horse Allergy Testing Kit

This Equine Intolerance Test for Horses tests 300 items, including 158 food items, 98 environmental factors, 29 nutritional imbalances, and 15 metal/mineral imbalances.

Blue-Green Algae Testing

Did you know dog blue algae is poisonous to dogs, cats, livestock, wildlife, birds, fish, and even humans? They don’t even have to drink algae-infested water to get sick, but swimming in it can cause damage. If blue-green algae are ingested, it can cause severe neurologic or liver damage. 5Strands also offers a separate Blue-Green Algae test for your water. This is invaluable if you want a fast way to test water quality and ensure it is safe for your pets.

5Strands Adult & Child At-Home Intolerance Tests

5Strands affordable at-home intolerance tests for adults and children allow you to take control of your overall health and wellness. Uncover common food and environmental intolerances and make impactful changes to your diet or lifestyle.

5Strands Pet Allergy Test Alternatives

If you’re looking for a way to improve your dog’s quality of life, an allergy test may be the answer.

Dog allergy tests like 5Strands are available online and through your veterinarian (blood and skin). They can help identify which substances in your pet’s diet or environment they might have developed sensitivities to.

Remember, these tests should guide eliminating these offending foods from their meals or other external allergens so that they don’t experience symptoms. This test should never be used as a substitute for professional advice from a qualified veterinarian. If you suspect your dog has allergies or intolerances, take him to the vet.

To learn more about how food allergies affect dogs and get answers to your questions before taking the plunge with a pet food allergy test, read our food allergy testing for dogs article.

While 5Strands is our best pick for food and environmental allergies, other options can test for other specific allergens in dogs. Read our reviews of the best dog allergy test kits for more.

Sources & References: [1] Dog Food Allergy Testing Accuracy [2] Allergy.org

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