Best Vegan Dog Food Reviews: Top Brands 2022 (Wild Earth vs V-Dog vs Halo vs Natural Balance vs Others)

best vegan dog food

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This is the ultimate guide to finding the best vegan dog food and learning all about vegan dogs.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), pet diets tend to reflect their owners, which is why more dogs than ever are being fed plant-based dog food.

But can dogs really thrive on a meat-free diet? Are there any risks involved in feeding dogs vegan food? What are the benefits?

We answer these and all surrounding questions about vegan dogs and give you our top picks for the best dog vegan food brands to keep your vegan dog happy and healthy. Let’s dive right in!

Top Vegan Dog Foods

Here is a glance at Canine Bible’s top 4 picks for the best dog vegan brands by category.

You can click this link to go straight to the reviews, but we encourage you to keep reading so you can make a more informed decision about picking the best veggie-based dog foods.

Wild Earth

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Best Organic

Natural Balance

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All about vegan dog food

What Is Vegan Dog Food?

A vegan dog food diet is typically made from fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts, vegetable oils, soya, and other non-animal-based foods.

Vegetarians and vegan dogs don’t eat meat and fish. However, a vegan dog diet is a stricter form of a vegetarian dog diet because veganism in dogs prohibits consuming or using animal products, including dairy, eggs, honey, leather goods, wool, and silk.

Can Dogs Eat Vegan Foods?

Yes, research and anecdotal evidence show that dogs can thrive on a meat-free diet.

Dogs’ diet adaptation research shows our pups have evolved to eat diets with less meat and more plant starch (carbs).1 Thanks to a mutation that happened over thousands of years in the gene coding for pancreatic amylase (AMY2B), dogs can digest plant starch. This happened over thousands of years due to domestication and the start of agriculture.2

Yes, dogs can thrive on a vegan or vegetarian regimen, says Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University. However, it has to be a carefully designed vegan diet that meets all of their nutritional needs.3  

Dogs have several omnivorous characteristics, according to Hill’s Pet research.4 Dogs became omnivores about 8,000 years ago, according to an analysis of prehistoric dog droppings. An analysis of the anatomy, behavior and feeding preferences of dogs shows they are omnivorous and can eat and survive on both plant and animal matter.5,6 

Is Vegan Dog Food Safe?

Yes, commercial vegan and vegetarian dog foods are manufactured to meet all the dogs’ nutritional requirements and are AAFCO approved.

It’s important to seek a veterinary-trained nutritionist’s supervision if you plan to cook vegan dog food at home. You can also use this book on plant-based recipes for dogs as guidance.

The University of Vienna studied the consequences of a vegan diet on 20 dogs for over six months and found the diet change did not negatively impact the dog’s health.7

Is Vegan Dog Food Good For Dogs?

Is a vegan diet good for a dog? Let’s take a look at the evidence and what the experts say!

A recent study of 233 pet owners (174 dog and 59 cat owners) where the pets had eaten an exclusively vegan diet for at least six months to almost seven years reported that 38% of the pets had healthier and shinier coats after transitioning to vegan diets. Some animals, previously prone to scaly or oily coats, no longer showed signs of dermatological problems. And sixteen owners described improved odors of their pets. Some also noted increased stool volumes and improvement of stool consistency.8

It is known that the most common food allergens in dogs are proteins, especially those derived from dairy products, beef, lamb, chicken, chicken eggs, soy, or gluten (wheat), all of which are typically found in meat-based dogs kibble. So, why is dog vegan food better? Experts at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University reported plant-based diets are less common to produce an allergic reaction than animal protein which is a big advantage over traditional dog food.9

Furthermore, Lindsay Rubin, vice president of V-Dog (a popular vegan dog food company), told USA Today, “we’ve seen dogs live into their 20’s on our formula,” Rubin also goes on to list the benefits of vegan pet food as being “increased mobility, decreased allergies, better bowel movements, and excellent weight maintenance.” 10

So, is a plant-based diet good for dogs?

Dr. Knight is, Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics, and Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare, at the University of Winchester, says dogs can thrive on vegetarian diets as long as they are nutritionally complete and reasonably balanced.11 

Vegan Dog Food Benefits

Plant-based diets, or meatless dog food, offer many health benefits, especially in the allergy department.

Most dogs are allergic to animal proteins from beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, and other animals. Food allergies can cause various symptoms in dogs, including rashes, dry and itchy skin, vomiting, and fur loss, among other issues. Plant-based diets are naturally allergy-friendly, meaning that dogs can get their proteins from plants without worrying about allergies.

Let’s look at some health benefits that you can expect when switching your pup to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

  • Plant-based diets are naturally allergen-friendly
  • Dog’s stool and breath will smell
  • Helps with digestive issues, from loose stool to constipation to gas.
  • Naturally, anti-inflammatory properties help relieve joint pain and arthritis.
  • Boost energy levels and vitality
  • Helps prevent diseases such as cancer or hypothyroidism
  • Protects the environment
  • Healthy heart
  • Support a healthy weight
  • Help fight animal cruelty (It’s cruelty-free dog food)
  • Weight management
  • Potentially can increase lifespan*

Veterinarian and former President of the U.S. Humane Society Dr. Michael Fox says dogs can benefit from a vegan meal at least once a week to detox.12

Dr. Richard Pitcain, DVM, notes that we may be putting our dogs at higher risk of cancer due to the bioaccumulation of toxins and chemicals found in the animal-derived diet that we most often feed them. Dr. Pitcain noticed an improvement in many of his cancer patients after switching to a nutritionally complete plant-based diet. Because veganism lacks the chemicals present in bone and meat, it lowers cancer risk.13

In fact, research suggests that consumption of certain vegetables may prevent or slow the development of Urothelial carcinoma, also known as transitional cell carcinoma (TCC) in Scottish Terriers.20

Additionally, vegan or vegetarian dog food also has positive ethical (animal cruelty-free) and environmental benefits (reduces greenhouse emissions), which are contributing factors for most owners to switch to a vegan or vegetarian dog food. 

Do Vegan Dogs Live Longer?

While research is still minimal, anecdotal evidence suggests dogs seem to live longer than their counterparts on meat-based diets.

Bramble, a vegan Collie from the United Kingdom, lived to 25 and is listed among the world’s longest-living dogs in the Guinness Book Of World Records. How did she live so long?

Bramble’s owner, Anne Heritage, attributes her health to her vegan diet. For 25 years, Bramble dined on brown rice, lentils, textured vegetable protein, herbs, and yeast extract. Anne also notes she has raised seven other vegan dogs. Three of them lived to 19-years-old, one lived to 20-years-old.14,15

Dog Vegan Diet Risks & Concerns

While vegan dog food is safe, you need to be aware of some aspects of veg dog food before putting your pup on a vegan diet.

According to WebMD, an improperly-balanced vegan diet can lead to a few serious deficiencies due to the following reasons.

1. Vitamins such as B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are typically obtained through meat or other animal products. Therefore, if your dog is vegetarian or vegan, it is common for them to lack these nutrients.

2. Plant-based diets can be deficient in fatty acids and amino acids, particularly taurine and L-carnitine—protein intake deficiency.

3. Inadequate protein intake. According to the National Research Council, a growing puppy requires a diet of about 29% protein (by weight). This protein should provide about 20-25% of his dietary calories. Adults need about 18% of dietary protein.16

A recent study on the labeling adequacy and nutritional nutrient concentration of 24 commercial vegetarian dog food formulas found that six of the 24 diets (25%) did not meet the minimum amino acid requirements. However, the study only measured two samples of each, so the margin of error is wide. Also, to be fair, generally, 15% of traditional dog kibble (non-vegan) don’t meet these nutritional requirements, according to The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).17,18

Do you have to worry about this?

No. This only means that 75% of vegan dog foods are nutritionally complete. 

Commercially available vegan dog food brands are formulated to address any potential nutritional deficiency in their recipes, including those mentioned above. Always read the label to ensure the formula meets the corresponding AAFCO nutrient profile.

(The brands in this review have been vetted by our researchers for nutritional adequacy, so you don’t have to worry about any deficiencies. We only recommend trusted brands.)

However, if you make vegan dog food at home or don’t see any of these ingredients included in your dog’s vegan kibble recipe, you’ll need to include supplements in his diet to provide a balanced diet.

Dog Vegan Diet Misconceptions

There is a wide misconception about vegan dog food you’ve probably come across. Here are the facts

  • Myth #1: Dogs are carnivores and need meat to thrive. This is not accurate. According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, research by Hill’s Pet and other large dog food companies, dogs are biologically classified as omnivores and can eat and remain healthy with both animals and plants.
  • Myth #2: Dogs need meat for protein. Not true. Protein is also found in plants. Plants can provide dogs with plenty of nutrient-dense proteins. Certain plants, like peas, are naturally high in protein.
  • Myth #3: Dog vegan diet is not healthy. False. As long as a dog’s diet is balanced, nutrition can come from 100% plant-based sources. In fact, a research study published by Cambridge University Press reported health checks on 12 sprint-racing Siberian Huskies (where 6 were fed a commercial diet recommended for active dogs and the other 6 a meat-free diet) for 16 weeks, which included 10 weeks of competitive racing. All dogs were assessed as being in excellent physical condition, and none developed anemia or other detectable health problems.19
  • Myth #4: Veterinarians don’t think a vegan diet is appropriate for dogs. Not accurate. The are many veterinarians who recommend and promote a vegan or vegetarian diet in dogs as long as it’s a balanced formula.
  • Myth #5: Comercial vegan dog kibble is not balanced. False. Vegan dog food brands are regulated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) guidelines to ensure their formulas meet all dog’s nutritional needs. AAFCO is the same regulatory body that regulates traditional dog food brands.

What to Look For In Vegan Dog Food

If you want to feed the best vegan dog food to your canine friend, here are some things to look for.

  • American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) approved.
  • Made from rich plant protein sources such as peas
  • Wholesome and natural ingredients to aid with digestibility
  • Amino acids and/or omega fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) to support healthy skin and coat
  • Brands that support humane and sustainable farming practices
  • If you are making it at home, use ingredients from trusted sources and organic or home-grown veggies

Just as you might consult a dietician or a personal trainer before switching to a vegan diet yourself, you should do the same for your dog and talk to your vet.

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Best vegan dog food brands reviews

Best Vegan Dog Food Reviews

We’ve reviewed the best vegan dog food brands based on different factors, including animal-free ingredients and practices, customer reviews, prices, preferences, and more, so you can be confident that you are providing the best nutrition possible to your dog when it comes to choosing veg food for dogs.

Wild Earth Dog Food Review (Best Overall)

You probably recognize the name Wild Earth – this vegan dog food company that appeared on Shark Tank.

Wild Earth wins our top pick for best vegan dog food, not only because it has developed the cleanest vegan dog protein, but its vet-approved recipe is plant-based and made from cruelty-free, sustainably sourced ingredients for healthier pets.

They also conducted a research survey on 3,000 customers whose dogs were on a Wild Earth diet for at least three months. The results further proved the benefits of vegan dog food. 86% of customers reported a positive health benefit for their dog after switching to Wild Earth; these included increased energy, less itching, improved coat, improved poop, improved joint health, and much more.21

The secret behind their high-protein, meat-free dog food is their number one ingredient on the nutrition label: YEAST. Wild Earth says the protein generated by their yeast is of the highest quality and contains all 10 essential amino acids dogs need, so it’s every bit as nutritious as meat-based protein, with none of the downsides. Another main ingredient is a cultured protein made with human-grade Koji. 

Wild Earth dog food is was created by scientists, nutritionists and vetted by their chief veterinary officer Dr. Ernie Ward and other industry experts. It comes with 31% complete meat-less protein high in fiber and a blend of superfood ingredients like oats, chickpeas, and sweet potato for strong muscles and a healthy gut. It is boosted with Taurine, L-carnitine, sunflower oil for omega fatty acids, among other valuable vitamins and minerals.

They take both AAFCO and European guidelines into account in developing their formulas to ensure exceptional product quality and safety.

Wild Earth achieves a much lower carbon footprint by making their protein than meat-based protein sources, and there is no animal cruelty. What’s even more amazing about this company is that they refuse to do animal testing on their products.

Wild Earth cares about customer and dog satisfaction, which is why they offer a full refund if your dog doesn’t love it. The quality of this dry vegan dog food brand is top-notch. They even offer a 30-day challenge at 50% off for dog parents who are uncertain about vegan dog kibble. If your dog doesn’t show any health improvements after trying Wild Earth, they will refund your money.

  • Nutritionally complete high-protein
  • Clean ingredients (such as whole foods like chickpeas, oats, peas, and sweet potato)
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • No corn, no soy, no rice
  • Never any fillers, “mystery” meat, additives, or preservatives
  • 90% fewer resources required than meat-based dog food
  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Algae DHA for healthy skin and coat
  • Prebiotic
  • Dietary fibers for digestion support
  • Natural umami flavor for an irresistible taste that dogs love
  • No animal ingredients
  • Their yeast protein is approved by the Association of American Feed Control Officials U.S. (AAFCO) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
  • 30-day money back-guarantee, full refund
  • Only vegan dog food brand as seen on Shark Tank
  • Subscribers get extra savings
  • Offers vegan treats (3 flavors)

    Wild Earth Dog Food Coupon Code

    Are you looking for a Wild Earth dog foo coupon? Our readers have access to 50% off their first order with the 30-day challenge or 20% off the first order when you subscribe. Additionally, any repeat delivery after your first order will be marked down 10%. Just use this link to get this offer. You can cancel anytime.

    Read Our Full Wild Earth Dog Food Review

    V-Dog Vegan kibble Review (Editor’s Pick)

    Did you know V-dog is the first vegan dog food company in the USA?

    V-Dog Vegan Kibble is a popular top pick for the best vegan dog food. This brand’s complete and balanced vegan formula packs 24% protein with superfood ingredients like peas, oats, lentils, flax, and quinoa.

    V-dog is an entirely vegan, family-owned, and -operated company. V-dog kind kibble contains the perfect balance of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs to thrive. In fact, the entire animal-free ingredient list is easy to read on the bag and its website.

    If you are a health-conscious dog owner but don’t have the time to prepare vegan-based dog food, you can trust V-Dog. Plus, it contains Taurine, L-carnitine, and Vitamin B12, ingredients known to support heart health.

    Plus, vegan dog food leaves a much smaller paw print on our planet, just like vegan human food. It’s recommended to store in a cool, dry place.

    Their customer review ratings also speak volumes about the quality and effectiveness of V-dog food. Customers report that their dogs became healthier, have better skin, and are more active, among other benefits.

    You don’t need to add extra supplementation. V-dog food is fully supplemented with everything your dog needs to thrive. Their kibble is formulated by a team of veterinary nutritionists and canine nutrition experts.

    They also make USDA organic Wiggle Biscuits with nine delicious ingredients and yummy, chewy Breathbones. 

    • Vegan & cruelty-free
    • Veterinarian approved
    • Highly digestible protein and nutrients
    • Great for sensitive and itchy dogs
    • Allergen-friendly
    • Made in California
    • 100% plant-based
    • Meets all AAFCO guidelines
    • Free of animal products
    • No wheat, corn, soy, dairy, factory farming, by-products, fake stuff, and fillers
    • Contains all essential amino acids with 24% protein
    • Picky eater approved
    • Planet approved for a smaller environmental pawprint
    • Free shipping

      Halo Vegan Dog Food Review (Best Organic)

      Looking for an organic vegan dog food option?

      Halo Vegan Dog Food is the best organic vegan dog food medal because their holistic vegan formula uses plant-based proteins from lower glycemic peas and chickpeas. They are highly committed to using high-quality ingredients that all of Halo’s fruits and vegetables are sourced from farmlands that prohibit genetically modified seeds.

      This formula is a blend of protein-rich, non-GMO fruits and veggies, naturally balanced so that your dog gets all the essential vitamins and minerals they would meat-based dog food. Ingredients like Taurine and L-carnitine are also added for heart health and metabolism.

      Halo vegan dog food is also an excellent alternative for dogs with food sensitivity problems. It is easily digested and has an appealing smell and crunchy texture your dog will love.

      Halo claims they offer the finest quality ingredients for a happy pet, inside and out, and they offer a “love it, or it’s free!” money-back guarantee to back up this claim. If your pup doesn’t enjoy Halo for up to 14 days, you can get a refund.

      Halo’s organic vegan dog food is made with sustainable practices to help reduce your carbon “paw-print,” as avoiding meat even one day a week can positively impact the environment.

      The company also offers grain-free vegan crunchy dog treats. This concludes our Halo vegan dog food reviews, a great meatless option for dogs.

      • Made with non-GMO fruits and vegetables
      • Vitamins from sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots, and cranberries
      • Carbohydrates and fiber from pearled barley, oat, groats, and potatoes
      • AAFCO approved for adult dogs.
      • Dry and wet kibble
      • Same essential nutrients as meat-based diets
      • No meat, dairy, corn, or wheat for dogs with ingredient sensitivity
      • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
      • No factory farming
      • Ideal for environmentally-minded pet-owners.

        Natural Balance Vegetarian Dry Dog Review (Best Value)

        If you are looking for a more affordable vegan dog food option that doesn’t sacrifice quality, Natural Balance vegan dog food is your best bet.

        This brand offers the most pounds of veggie dog food per dollar, making it a cheap vegan food compared to other competitors. However, the quality of the ingredients it’s just great.

        Even though it’s called vegetarian, this product is completely vegan and has no animal or dairy products (double-check the ingredient list if still in doubt, we already did that for you, though).

        It has been formulated to meet AAFCO standards, and it contains premium energy and fiber sources such as peas, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, and potatoes. It comes packed with complex carbohydrates and proteins that support a completely balanced diet for your best friend.

        Customer satisfaction and testimonials note that this food has dog wonders for their pet dogs. Here is what one owner said about this food:

        “This dog food literally extended my dog’s life. She was in the late stages of heart and kidney failure. We switched her to a fully vegan diet, and she became a new dog!”

        Natural Balance vegetarian dry dog food is a great alternative to a meat-based diet. They do 9 safety tests on every batch of food to ensure what you’re feeding your pet is safe. Highly qualified microbiologists and chemists perform each test. Then they go a step further and share the results with you on their website to always be confident that what you’re feeding your pet is safe.

        • DHA and EPA aid in an active and healthy brain function
        • High natural fiber sources to support healthy digestion
        • Same essential nutrients as meat-based formulas
        • No artificial flavor or colors
        • Tested by highly qualified microbiologists and chemists
        • Vegan formula, no animal or dairy products
        • Balanced omega fatty acids help support healthy skin and a shiny coat.
        • Contains plenty of zinc and manganese to support bone and joint health
        • Contains antioxidant nutrients from dried cranberries, blueberries, and spinach
        • Makes the perfect vegetarian and vegan formula for pups with meat protein sensitivities

          Best Vegan Puppy Food (Benevo Dog Food)

          Benevo Puppy is the best vegan dog food for puppies.

          This formula is the first complete vegan puppy food made. The Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society approve its formula.

          It has added calcium, vitamins, and minerals to meet your pup’s growing needs. Benevo Puppy is nutritionally balanced meat-free and wheat-free puppy food formulated by professional animal nutritionists.

          The added calcium to phosphorus ratio in their unique recipe is ideal for puppies. It contains a probiotic digestive aid and Yucca extract to help reduce odors. This vegan food is a hypoallergenic alternative for puppies and is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

          It’s made of protein 28%, 12% fat content, 4.0% crude fibre, 5.5% ash and 8% moisture. It includes ingredients like soya, white rice, maize, sunflower oil, peas, brewers yeast, beet pulp, vitamins, and minerals.

          Whether you are looking for vegetarian dog food for puppies or vegan puppy food, this is certainly a top choice.

          • Meat-free and wheat-free
          • Formulated by professional animal nutritionists
          • Launched in 2012
          • No GM ingredients
          • 1st dedicated vegan puppy food
          • Contains prebiotic FOS
          • Added calcium and vitamins
          • Foil fresh packaging

            Dehydrated Vegan Dog Food (Dr Harvey’s Veg To Bowl)

            Not feeling like cooking a vegan homemade dog meal for your pooch, Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl Dog Food, Human Grade dog food, is your best alternative to a quick vegan homemade dog food meal.

            Veg-to-Bowl is a grain-free pre-mix of 9 different vegetables and herbs that makes a complete meal for companion dogs when mixed with protein and oil.

            This all-natural vegan dog formula has been shown to treat and eliminate allergies, including itching, skin redness, and rashes. It can also eliminate digestive issues such as chronic diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, loose stools, and gas.

            If your dog suffers from kidney problems, this recipe offers the best vegetarian dog food kidney disease formula. Veg-to-Bowl allows you to control the quantity and quality of protein completely.

            It is high in calcium and other necessary minerals. This vegan homemade dog food recipe is easy to make, healthy, absolutely delicious, AFFCO approved, and backed by outstanding customer reviews.

            The taste and smell are superb that your dog will never want to go back to traditional dog food again.

            • 100% human-grade ingredients
            • Made in the USA
            • Grain-free formula
            • Makes Homemade food prep easy
            • Holistic formula
            • No synthetic ingredients
            • No chemicals, preservatives, or dyes
            • No additives and coloring agents
            • Sugar and salt-free
            • Contains no fillers, corn, wheat, and soy
            • Vitamins and minerals.
            • Contains organic herbs
            • Helps alleviate allergies

              Bramble Vegan Dog Food (Best Fresh Recipe)

              Bramble is the first and only 100% vegan fresh dog food. It’s similar to dog food produced by the big “fresh dog food home-delivery” companies like The Farmer’s Dog, Ollie, Nom Nom, and Spot & Tango.

              Fresh, preservative-free and less processed dog food offers a higher nutritional value than traditional kibble.

              Their drool-worthy formulas are developed by board-certified veterinary nutritionists and provide all the protein and nutrition dogs need.

              No chemicals or preservatives are used. The food is cooked fresh, just like if you were to cook at home for your dog. It only needs to be frozen to stay fresh.

              Bramble has three drool-worthy vegan pet food recipes packed with high protein and superfoods.

              You can choose whether you would like a topper or a full meal plan. They ship your dog’s food in individual vacuum-seal packaging, which is easy to store in the freezer. You just defrost, heat, serve and watch them devour.

              *Unfortunately, Bramble is only currently available in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Delaware, Maryland, and Maine.

              • Complete & balanced
              • Fomulated to meet (and exceed!) AAFCO standards
              • Human-grade ingredients
              • Ingredients sourced in the USA
              • Gently cooked
              • Formulated by nutrionist
              • Lab tested
              • Donates to animal welfare
              • Free of pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, carcinogens and other harmful contaminants
              • Only avialble in a few states

              Petaluma Dog Food (Best Sustainable)

              Petaluma wins our top picks for the best sustainable vegan dog food.

              In all parts of their business, their sustainability practices include offsetting 100% of their greenhouse gas emissions and donating 1% of all revenue to non-profits fighting climate change and food insecurity.

              They even tell you how much switching to Petaluma could reduce your dog’s annual environmental impact.

              To design diets that provide optimal nutrition, they rely on scientific evidence and expert consensus. Their dog food is crafted from sustainable, organic, and tasty ingredients.

              Each cup of Petaluma has as much plant protein (~33 grams) as a serving of steak or 4 glasses of milk. It also comes with a complete and balanced amino acid profile. Its recipe features omega-3 fats from algae (DHA) and flaxseed (ALA) are abundant and balanced by omega-6 fats, linoleic acid from peanuts and sunflower seeds, and saturated fats are rare. Petaluma contains all essential vitamins and minerals digestible plant forms, mainly those commonly found in animal sources.

              They sell only one flavor, Pet Roasted Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato.

              • Source organic ingredients
              • Formulated by veterinarians
              • Complete amino acids profile
              • Protein packed
              • Small farm sourcing to avoid industrial monocultures (limited crop rotation and biodiversity)
              • Renewable packaging
              • Oven baked
              • Extensively tested (for digestabiity, ecological impact, palatability, ethical, etc)
              • Test results available on website
              • Transparent company about ingredients and practices
              • No GMOs
              • Diet is formulated by Dr. Blake Hawley (25+ yearsof experience)
              • Not for puppies

              Best Grain Free Vegan Dog Food

              Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Grain-Free Fruit & Veggie Base Mix

              The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Fruit and Veggie base mix dog food is the right mix of an antioxidant-rich selection of fruits, veggies and nuts.

              It’s a great choice for dog owners whose dogs can’t tolerate grains and certain types of proteins, such as meat-based proteins.

              This gluten-free, grain-free, and meat-free vegan meal is a winner for adult and senior dogs dealing with food sensitivities. The ingredients in this grain-free vegan dog food have been verified as not containing GMOs by the Non-GMO Project.

              It’s the perfect balanced meal for adult and senior dogs of all breeds and sizes.

              Evolution Diet Vegan Dog Food or Walk About Canine Exotics Vegan

              • 100% human-grade dog food
              • No corn, soy, rice, beet pulp, or wheat
              • Gluten-free, grain-free, and meat-free
              • Perfect for adult and senior dogs dealing with multiple meat sensitivities
              • Easy home cooking or raw feeding
              • Meets FDA safety standards to use the label ‘human grade’
              • All-natural
              • No by-products, preservatives, or GMO ingredients
              • Made in the USA
              • No by-products

                Best Vegan Canned Dog Food

                PetGuard’s Organic Vegan Entree is one of our favorite vegan canned dog foods.

                PetGuard has been making pet foods with natural ingredients for over 40 years. This wholesome, meat-free recipe is crafted with USDA-certified organic fruits and vegetables for a perfectly balanced vegan meal.

                It contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners, sugars, and by-products.

                But, it does come with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and healthy omegas in every bite to help support your dog’s heart, kidneys, liver, skin, coat, and overall health.

                canned vegan dog food

                • USDA certified organic vegan formula
                • Antioxidants and vitamins
                • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
                • Contains zero corn, wheat, soy, or dairy
                • 100% free of carrageenan
                • No artificial preservatives, flavors, colors
                • No added sweeteners and sugars
                • No by-products.
                • Made in the USA
                • Recommended by veterinarians

                  Best Wet Vegan Dog Food

                  Natural Balance Vegetarian Wet Dog Food

                  What’s the best wet vegan dog food?

                  Natural Balance Ultra Premium Wet Dog Food offers a true vegan formula that is, frankly, one of the best wet dog foods. Even though the label says “vegetarian dog food,” There are zero animal products (meat) in this formula. We checked.

                  This veg wet dog food includes high-quality brown rice, oatmeal, and highly digestible potatoes. It is made with no animal or dairy products. Natural Balance vegetable-based dog food also contains complex carbohydrates and protein from peas.

                  It is boosted with balanced Omega-6 and Omega-3 ratios to support healthy skin and a luxurious coat.

                  • Complete, balanced nutrition for all breeds of adult dogs
                  • Premium energy sources
                  • Natural health support from green peas
                  • DHA and EPA
                  • Fiber sources to support digestion
                  • Same essential nutrients as meat-based formulas
                  • No artificial flavor or colors
                  • Tested by microbiologists and chemists
                  • Vegan formula
                  • No animal or dairy products
                  • Balanced omega fatty acids
                  • Contains plenty of zinc and manganese
                  • Contains antioxidant nutrients

                    Halo Vegan Wet Dog Food Review

                    Halo Vegan wet dog food formula provides a more digestible alternative to a meat-based diet that delivers the same essential nutrients and is complete and balanced for adult dogs.

                    It’s a perfect alternative for a protein-sensitive dog because it does not contain meat, dairy, corn, or wheat.

                    If you are looking for vegan dog food or vegetarian dog food, Halo’s wet vegan recipe is a great choice for all breeds.

                    It’s made with plant-based protein from whole grains, green peas, and chickpeas. The carbohydrates and fiber come from pearled barley, oat groats, potatoes, and antioxidants. Your fiber and vitamins are from sweet potatoes, blueberries, carrots, and cranberries.

                    This vegan wet dog formula gives your dog a hydration boost while providing a nutritionally balanced with the finest quality ingredients for a happy pet—inside and out.

                    • No meat or vegetable meals
                    • Made in the USA
                    • Ingredients sourced from US farms
                    • No meat, dairy, corn, or wheat
                    • Vitamin D2 supplement
                    • Non-GMO vegetables and fruit
                    • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
                    • BPA free cans

                      Other Vegan Dog Food Mentions

                      Wysong Vegan Dog Food Review

                      Wysong Vegan is a natural meatless vegan dog food. Dr. Wysong created it.

                      Wysong Vegan recipe contains higher protein and fat levels, a comprehensive spectrum, and higher levels of micronutrients/nutraceuticals, including prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, omega-3s, antioxidants, and more.

                      It contains flaxseeds to contribute with important omega-3 fatty acids. This top vegan pet food brand has been around since 1979 and has been fed to tens of thousands of canines for over 30 years with remarkable results.

                      Its formula is designed to preserve natural value and nutritional advances in epigenetics and nutrigenomics.

                      Other vegan options include:

                      • Suitable for cats and dogs
                      • Coated with probiotic and enzyme
                      • All-natural vegan formula
                      • Made in the USA
                      • Natural Vegan Formula For Dogs And Cats
                      • No “Fillers” or artificial additives or non-nutritional ingredients

                        Best Vegetarian Dog Food

                        Royal Canin Vegetarian Dog Food Review (Best Overall)

                        Royal Canin Vegetarian is veterinary-exclusive dry dog food for dogs with food sensitivities.

                        If food sensitivities make your dog miserable, this veggie-based diet may provide some relief. 

                        Although the label says vegetarian, it could be considered almost 100% vegan as it does not contain meat. It has vitamin D3, an ingredient that often comes from lanolin or fish oil, which is the only reason it’s not considered vegan.

                        Royal Canin Vegetarian minimizes the risk of food allergy reactions with a formula containing proteins entirely from vegetable origins. It’s also ideal for skin and a shiny coat thanks to added linoleic acid, zinc, and biotin.

                        Royal Canin Vegetarian Dry Dog Food Formula is designed to help pups who suffer from tummy troubles, hair loss, and itching.

                        You will need a prescription from your vet to be able to buy this dog food.

                        • Palatable vegan dry dog food
                        • Proteins entirely from vegetables
                        • Linoleic acid, zinc, & biotin for healthy skin & coat
                        • Nutrient blend supports digestive healthy
                        • Helps to reduce urinary purines
                        • This item needs authorization from your veterinarian

                        Nature’s Recipe Recipe Vegan Dog Food (Best For Skin & Coat)

                        This formula from Nature’s Recipe is great for dogs with dermatological problems like itchy skin and a dull coat.

                        Nature’s vegan recipe contains omega fatty acids, linoleic acid, and zinc to support a shiny coat and healthy skin for your pet. This delicious dog food is made without corn or wheat and uses a healthy soybean meal as a primary source of high-quality protein.

                        We found this dog food might contain vitamin D3, which often comes from lanolin or fish oil, so it may not be 100% a vegan product, but it sure is vegetarian.

                        Nature’s Recipe vegetarian recipe meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO. However, this blend is a nutritious formula perfect for canines with meat protein allergies. The addition of vegetables such as carrots (a source of vitamin a) helps support overall health.

                        Nature’s recipe vegetarian dog food is full of the flavor and nutrition your dog needs to live his life to the fullest.

                        • Formulated to promote healthy skin and coat
                        • Protein from soybean meal for sustained energy
                        • Added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
                        • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help support a shiny coat
                        • Linoleic acid and zinc to help support healthy skin
                        • Contains fresh fruits and vegetables
                        • Soybean protein for your pet
                        • Whole grain recipe
                        • No added corn or wheat
                        • No poultry by-product meal
                        • No artificial flavors or preservatives

                          Best Vegetarian Wet Dog Food (AvoDerm Natural Wet Dog Food)

                          Dogs with dietary intolerances to meat protein sources, such as poultry, fish, or beef, will benefit from AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian Recipe dog food. Dogs consuming AvoDerm are guaranteed to receive high-quality ingredients, such as omega-rich avocados, to provide them with balanced levels of proteins, fats, and nutrients.

                          Another great alternative is Health Extension Vegetarian Entree Canned Dog Food. Great for dogs with food sensitivities. Your dog will love the taste and texture of this smooth pate loaded with nutritious ingredients like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, peas, blueberries, cranberries, and kale. 

                          Other vegetarian options include:

                          Chapter 3

                          Ch 1 | Ch 2

                          Dog vegan tips, recipes, and FAQs

                          Best Vegan Dog Food Topper

                          No matter what type of food your dog eats—from raw to frozen, kibble to canned— a vegan dog food topper allows for an easy, nutritious way to add flavor and supplementation to your dog’s meals.

                          Chippin’s food topper contains four natural ingredients: human-grade cricket protein, sweet potato, apple cider vinegar, and pumpkin. You can enjoy this delicious topping in three different ways. Sprinkle on daily food as a meal topper, mix with water to create a broth, or mix to make a chew toy filling.

                          Vegan Dog Food For Allergies

                          Dog food allergies almost always result from specific meat protein, but not all proteins are food allergens. Any ingredient can cause allergies, but proteins are the most common culprit.

                          Since vegan dog foods contain no animal ingredients, they are ideal for resolving food allergies. By removing meat from the diet, the most likely allergens are removed. For this reason, most vegan dog food brands are considered to be hypoallergenic. Our best overall pick Wild Earth is a great option.

                          But remember, your dog can be allergic to any ingredient. Meat proteins are just the most common allergen in dog food. We recommend doing an at-home dog food allergy test to determine the foods that are likely to trigger food sensitivities and allergies in your dog. Knowing this will help you pick the best formula with the right ingredients.

                          If switching to a vegan dog food diet, eliminate all other animal sources from your dog’s diet, including treats, table scraps, and all other consumables. You can substitute regular treats with vegan dog treats or other plant-based alternatives.

                          Vegan Dog Treats

                          Want healthier treats? Read this article on the best plant-based treats for dogs.

                          Vegan Dog Supplements

                          If your dog’s vegan diet needs supplementation, here are some of our favorite vegan dog food supplements options.

                          • Omega 3-rich Marine Phytoplankton Powder for every nutrient your dog needs (Essential fatty acids, trace minerals, chlorophyll, antioxidants, essential amino acids, carotenoids, and vitamins).
                          • The Missing Link Original Vegetarian/Vegan Superfood Supplement Powder for Dogs – Supports hip & joint health, digestive and immune systems, and reduces inflammation and supports overall health with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, glucosamine, and probiotics.

                          Vegan Puppy Food

                          There are limited vegan puppy food options. If you plan to feed your 5-month-old puppy vegan dog food, consult with your vet first. Puppies require different nutrition than adult dogs. Depending on the vegan formula you feed him, it may require supplementation because of the high nutritional requirements of puppies in their development stage.

                          Vegan Homemade Dog Food

                          We are always encouraging people to cook for their dogs. Not only can you save money, but the food is fresher and more nutritious. However, your meals need to provide the proper nutrients your dog needs to thrive. If you want to learn how to cook homemade vegan meals at home, check this article.

                          How To Make Vegan Dog Food

                          Watch this video to learn how to make vegan homemade dog food at home.

                          Where To Buy Vegan Dog Food?

                          You can buy vegan dog food in different places. Here are just a few of our favorite places to find quality and adequately balanced vegan dog kibble that will be delivered to your doorstep.

                          • Vegan dog food Chewy
                          • Vegan dog food Petco
                          • Vegan dog food Petsmart
                          • Vegan dog food Walmart

                          Why Is My Dog Not Doing Well on Vegan Food?

                          Here are the main four reasons dogs don’t do well on vegan diets.

                          1. You switched too fast. Transitioning to a new diet is a slow process.

                          2. Your dog gas food sensitivities to certain plants. (conduct an at-home allergy test to find out)

                          3. Your vegan formula lacks one or many essential nutrients.

                          Vegan Dog Food India

                          Historically, dogs in India have mostly been vegetarian for thousands of years. And they have never seen systemic health problems as a result. The majority of Modern-day canines health problems such as canine obesity, food allergies, and diabetes today can be prevented and sometimes cured with vegan diets, says Dr. Lorelei Wakefield, VMD.13

                          Vegan Dog Food Reddit

                          Vegan Dog Food Frequently Asked Questions

                          How Can You Tell If Your Dog Has Vegan Food Allergies?

                          The elimination diet is your first step. You can also conduct a dog allergy test to determine which ingredients are triggering the allergies.

                          How Much Should I Feed My Vegan Dog?

                          Like the commercial meat-based dog diets, the amount of food to give your dog will vary based on its weight, breed, and specific needs. Follow the instructions on your dog food package. Check-in with a veterinarian if you still have concerns.

                          Where to Find Cheap Vegan Dog Food?

                          Veggie Pets sells “damaged” vegan dog food such as V-Dog (one of the best vegan dog foods). The packaging sometimes may be damaged and the kibble will be broken, but the price is low.

                          Can Dogs Survive On A Vegan Diet?

                          Yes, dogs can survive and thrive on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Nevertheless, there are a few things you should be aware of to ensure your dog gets the proper nutrition for his age, size, and general health. The main thing is that your pet’s food needs to be nutritionally balanced.

                          Where Is The Protein in Vegan Dog Food Diet?

                          Protein is abundant in the plant kingdom. Protein sources in vegan dog food include potato protein, pea protein, Koji, grains such as rice or oatmeal, lentils, quinoa, barley, and flaxseed.

                          Vegan Dogs Live Longer?

                          While there’s no official study to support longer lifespans for vegan dogs, anecdotal evidence suggests dogs switching to vegan diets improve their health. There is one recorded event where a vegan border collie named Bromeo lived up to 25 years. 

                          Can dogs eat plant-based meat?

                          Is Vegan Food For Dogs Worth It?

                          The answer to that question depends on your individual dog and their specific dietary needs. If you’re looking for a healthier diet alternative for your pup, or if they have a history of allergies or other health problems, then vegan food may be the way to go.

                          As more and more pet owners discover the benefits of plant-based diets for their dogs, the switch from traditional food to vegan will accelerate. Major pet food companies such as Pedigree, Purina, and Natural Balance have already entered the vegan pet market by offering plant-based dog food.

                          However, always consult with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s diet to ensure they get all the nutrients they need.

                          Sources & References: [1] Heredity [2] NPR [3] Tuffs, [4] Hill’s Pet, [5] Research Gate, [6] Daily Mail, [7] University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, [8] NCBI, [9] Cummings Veterinary Medical Center, [10] USA Today, [11] V-Dog, [12] CNN, [13] Vegan Dog Lifespan [14] Bramble the Collie, [15] Wired [16] WebMD [17] PubMed [18] DATCP [19] British Journal of Nutrition [20] Evaluation Dietary Vegetable: TTC [21] Wild Earth

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