Raised Right Dog Food Reviews: From Taste Test to Ingredient Analysis

Raised right dog food review

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This is the most comprehensive Raised Right dog food review.

If you are in the market for fresh dog food, you’ve probably come across Raised Right (RR), an actual brand promising to be the ‘filet mignon’ of dog chow. In this review, we’ll unbag the truth behind Raised Right, analyzing everything from ingredients to customer reviews and our experience. Will it pass the canine cuisine test, or will it end up in the dog house of disappointment? Let’s get started!

Raised Right Dog Food Review — At A Glance

A glance at our favorite products from Raised Right dog food.

Raised Right Dog Food Review  — At A Glance

Raised Right

Raised Right dog food is human-grade dog nutrition that is slow-cooked and uses only limited ingredients.

Canine Bible

Ingredient quality
Customer support
Brand Trustworthiness

Our Verdict & Summary

After rigorous testing, we can confidently recommend this brand. We love that Raised Right has taken the family’s experience and values from the pasture to your pet’s bowl. The brand adheres to human food production standards and ingredient quality. They are a family-owned company making them more customer-oriented and more committed to the communities it serves. Their recipes are formulated under the guidance of world-renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, which is a plus.

Unlike other brands in the same category, we like that Raised Right does not use cheap fillers. We praise this brand’s commitment to ingredient safety and transparency, given that every batch of food is tested before shipping. This is reassuring for dog owners.

This brand also gets high marks because all recipes include limited, human-grade ingredients making them especially beneficial for dogs with specific dietary requirements or allergies. We like this personalized approach to a dog’s nutrition this brand offers—a game-changer for those seeking to elevate their pets’ well-being through nutrition.

Downsides & Improvements: The cost may be a barrier for some pet owners, as it tends to be more expensive than traditional dog food. Offering more budget-friendly options or bulk discounts could make the product more accessible.

What Makes It Unique: Most recipes have less than 2% carbs because they don’t use unnecessary high-carb fillers like potato, rice, oats, yam, squash, pasta, barley, parsnips, corn, or wheat. Their recipes also have roughly double the amount of protein as most other fresh pet food brands. 

Best For: While Raised Right adult recipe is great for any dog, due to its low-carbohydrate profile and high protein content, it’s best suited for active dogs, high-energy dogs, working dogs, and canine athletes who need the calories to maintain an active lifestyle while staying lean.

Bottom Line: A top-notch choice for pet parents looking for a healthier alternative to kibble.

The Full Review

All About Raised Right Dog Food

Ch 2 | Ch 3

What Is Raised Right Pet Food? Overview & History

Raised Right is a family-owned dog food manufacturing company that makes “home-cooked style” recipes. They are dedicated to providing high-quality, human-grade recipes. It was founded in 2016. The company headquarters is in Rye, New York. The Ruud family started the company (Braeden, Larry, and Mary Ann). The Ruuds noticed a lack of transparency, recalls, contaminations, and many commercial dog foods containing low-quality ingredients and fillers. Concerned about the impact of such products on dogs’ health and well-being, the Ruuds started Raised Right as a better alternative.

Raised Right’s mission is to revolutionize the pet food industry by offering wholesome, nutritious meals for dogs that meet the same standards as human food.

How Does Raised Right Work?

Raised Right recipes are currently available as a subscription or one-time purchase. You need to pick what suits you best. One-time purchases are straightforward, pick your preferred recipe, and you are done. On the other hand, Raised Right’s custom subscription meal plan offers a more personalized option for your dog.

To get a custom meal plan, you need to place your order by answering a brief questionnaire that will ask for general information, such as your dog’s life stage, activity level, and if it requires weight management. Once you provide this information, Raised Right will generate a tailored food plan, and you can select the types of recipes you want to feed your dog.

Here is a step-by-step on of the whole subscription meal plan process.

Key Things to Know About Signing Up

Other key items to understand

  • You can choose your Raised Right meal plan to bet 100%, 50%, or 25% of your dog’s diet
  • You can choose your desired shipping frequency (opt for their recommendation)
  • You can choose 16 bags—mix and match recipes or get all the same

Raised Right Dog Food Key Features

A look at the most notable features from Raised Right.

  • Human-grade ingredients. Recipes are made with human-grade ingredients. This means that the ingredients used are fit for human consumption and are of a quality typically found in human food products.
  • Limited ingredient recipes. All recipes include fewer than 10 ingredients—all whole, recognizable foods. This reduces the risk of exposure to allergens and unnecessary fillers.
  • High protein content. Raised Right recipes contain large amounts of muscle meat, liver, and heart to create high-protein meals. Each adult dog meal contains between 16% and 23% of real animal protein. This amount is significantly higher than some other fresh food options. A Pup Above is the only other fresh food brand with an above-average protein content.
  • Low carb. Most Raised Right adult dog recipes contain less than 2% carbohydrate content, significantly lower than other fresh food competitors. No high-carb fillers, such as potato, oats, rice, yam, barley, squash, corn, parsnips, or wheat, are used.
  • Gently cooked. All meals are lightly cooked to retain maximum nutrition, then frozen to ensure freshness.
  • Balanced nutrition. All Raised Right meals meet AAFCO nutrition requirements to meet the dietary needs of every dog.
  • Veterinarian formulated. Their recipes are formulated by renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker and pet-food formulation expert Steve Brown.
  • Stage-of-life specific recipes. Raised Right provides food specific to different stages of a dog’s life, such as adult dogs and puppies.
  • Single-source animal protein. Each Raised Right dog food recipe primarily uses a single animal protein source, such as turkey, beef, pork, or chicken.
  • Sustainability. Raised Right uses sustainable dog food practices to offset carbon emissions with reforestation and forest preservation, is plastic-neutral certified, and uses recyclable shipping boxes and compostable liners to package the food in transit. CarbonFree Shipping Partners with Carbonfund.org to offset their carbon emissions through reforestation and forest preservation
  • Variety of meals. Choose from 8 adult dog meals and multiple treat options. Choose all of one kind or mix them all for a well-rounded diet. Puppy and cat food are available as well.
  • Lab-tested for safety. Raised Right tests every batch of their dog food before it’s shipped and posts lab-safety test results for each.
  • Guaranteed analytics testing. Raised Right voluntarily submitted recipes for testing by Check Your Pet Food, which confirmed the food’s guaranteed analysis matches the label and that the nutritional analysis meets AAFCO’s minimum standards for a complete and balanced diet.
  • No synthetic vitamins or minerals. Raised Right diets use only whole foods without adding synthetic vitamins or minerals.
  • Transparency. The company provides a complete breakdown of ingredients, sourcing, and nutritional values on its website.

Why Feed Raised Right Dog Food? Benefits

There are several benefits of feeding Raised Right to your pet.

It’s worth noting that these are the same benefits we typically see in dogs eating a fresh diet, so we deem their claims appropriate.

  • Healthier digestions
  • Better skin and coat
  • Helps with food allergies
  • No additives or harmful chemicals
  • Weight management
  • Better stools
  • Great for picky eaters
  • And much more!

Third-Party Research-Backed Benefits

Here’s what the research on feeding fresh food like Raised Right to canines reveals.

  • Longer lifespan. Research shows that dogs eating fresh food diets are linked to a 20% longer lifespan than those who don’t. A year-long study of 522 dogs by Lippert and Sapy found that dogs fed high-quality, freshly made, real food had an average life expectancy of 13.1 years versus just 10.4 years for dogs fed commercially processed pet food.[1] That’s an extra two and a half years added to your dog’s lifespan.
  • Increases macronutrient digestibilities. Human-grade dog food improves protein digestibility, increases amino acid availability values (indicators of protein quality), and reduces fecal output compared to dogs consuming extruded diets (kibble). Digestibility of dry matter, fat, nitrogen-free extract, and calories was significantly higher in all four fresh foods.[2]
  • Higher protein absorption. Protein digestibility values for fresh dog food were between 92% and 94% (versus 82% for kibble).
  • Less and better stools. Dogs fed the fresh-cooked foods had significantly lower fecal (poop) frequency and volume than when fed the kibble.[3]
  • Improved microbiome diversity, coat, and immunity. A study revealed that when dogs are fed fresh food compared to dogs fed dry pet foods, their digestion improves, their immune systems are strengthened, their skin and coats are healthier, and their vitality increases.[4]

All those fillers, preservatives, and highly processed ingredients in commercial dog food can affect your dog’s health over time, whereas a fresh, human-grade diet produces increased energy and improved long-term health. Sadly, studies have shown that feeding your dog processed foods like kibble throughout their life may increase their cancer risk due to toxic chemicals, mycotoxins, free radicals, and carcinogenic chemicals. [5],[6],[7]

Raised Right Sourcing & Manufacturing

Here is what you need to know about Raised Right ingredient sourcing and food production.


The ingredients used in Raised Right’s recipes are responsibly sourced, free of antibiotics, hormones, and preservatives from farms that uphold high animal welfare standards and sustainable farming practices all over the United States. They also list the states and countries from which their ingredients are sourced. All sourced ingredients meet human-grade consumption standards.

Every batch of Raised Right’s dog food undergoes testing for pathogens, further attesting to their commitment to quality control and food safety. To date, the company maintains a clean dog food recall history.


Raised Right’s food production occurs in a human-grade facility in the United States. Each batch is tested for pathogens. This company has a clean recall history thanks to its strict safety procedures. The company works with veterinarian Karen Becker, DVM, and pet-food formulation expert Steve Brown to create cat and dog food made of real, whole, human-grade ingredients that are nutritionally balanced and complete.

They use a small-batch highly cooking process to preserve the nutritional integrity of the ingredients, and their products are gently cooked at low temperatures to retain the natural flavors and nutrients. Their delivery service uses environmentally friendly packaging materials, and their boxes and refrigerated liners are recyclable and compostable, respectively.

Raised Right Dog Food Ingredients

Raised Right has a simple ingredient list because they include fewer than 10 ingredients—all whole, recognizable foods.

All Raised Right dog food recipes use one type of animal meat, organ meat and heart meat in their recipes (i.e., beef, beef liver, chicken liver, etc). This combination of meats makes Raised Right recipes nutrient-dense and high in protein. All the recipes consist of at least 60% or more protein on a dry matter basis, except for the Original Pork Adult Recipe, which consists of 57% protein on a dry matter basis. Their beef and pumpkin paté recipe clocks in at an astonishing 66% protein on a dry-matter basis.

Raised Right Recipe Ingredient Composition

You can find a mix of these ingredients in every Raised Right recipe.

  • Carrots
  • Blueberries
  • Organic spearmint
  • Eggshell powder
  • Cod liver oil
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Organic dried kelp
We love that the ingredients are visible to the naked eye.

Key Aspects of Raised Right Ingredients

Other key aspects to know about Raised Right dog food ingredients.

  • Spearmint. Spearmint is present in all Raised Right recipes. Spearmint contains antioxidants and can help freshen up your dog’s breath and improve digestion. However, it may be unappetizing for some dogs. Nonetheless, the country might also be true. You can smell hints of mint, and it’s a dominant smell in some recipes.
  • Organs meat. These are rich in nutrients, such as folate, iron, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin A.
  • Full nutrient profile. You can find the complete nutrition profile for each recipe on their website.
  • No harmful ingredients. No additives, fillers, colors, or preservatives.
  • Two percent fat. Raised Right has an average fat content when compared to other fresh brands.
  • Variety of flavors. Chicken, beef, turkey, and pork. Pate flavor recipes of the same proteins listed are available.
  • Other non-useful ingredients. No corn, wheat, gluten, dairy, or soy

Due to the limited-ingredient composition, Raised Right recipes are great for dogs with food allergies and sensitive stomachs. Dogs with protein allergies will appreciate that Raised Right’s recipes have just one animal protein, making avoiding triggers easy. If you are unsure about your dog’s food allergies, perform an at-home dog allergy test pint point out potentially harmful ingredients.

We recommend checking with your vet before switching your dog to high-protein food.

Raised Right Dog Food Reviews

Let’s dive deeply into all the Raised Right recipes and why you should pick them.

Raised Right Original Recipe Review

Raised Right original recipes are purposeful, nutritious, and palatable for dogs. The food is cooked fresh, then frozen and delivered. These recipes use the best human-grade ingredients and limit hard-to-digest fillers by removing grains, potatoes, rice, oats, squash, yam, or added ingredients. It must defrost to serve.

Why & When Should You Consider This Recipe?

These recipes offer the most optimal nutrition without the risks associated with highly processed kibble. The primary reason to consider fresh food is its health benefits. As we stated above, research shows feeding fresh food can significantly impact your dog’s health and even increase its lifespan.

  • Recipe flavors: Turkey, beef, pork, chicken, turkey
  • Weight: 1-pound bag

Raised Right Pate Recipe Review

These pate recipes are just as great as the original recipe in terms of nutrition and ingredient quality. However, two of the main differentiators between the original and Pate recipe is that Pate recipes have smoother textures, and the pumpkin ingredient is included in all Pate recipes.

Why & When Should You Consider This Recipe?

Pate recipes typically have a smooth, consistent texture, which might be ideal, especially for dogs with dental, older, or digestive issues. Additionally, all pate recipes contain pumpkin. Pumpkin contains essential micronutrients and fiber, making it a very nutritious treat. Pumpkin is also a natural stomach soother and can help to remove excess water in a dog’s digestive tract. Pumpkin is used to reduce instances of diarrhea and constipation in their dogs.

  • Recipe flavors: Turkey, beef, pork and chicken (+ pumpkin Pate)
  • Weight: 1-pound bag

Raised Right Puppy Growth Recipe Reviews

Raised Right formulates puppy-specific recipes suitable for puppies of all breeds, including those 70 pounds or more. These recipes have added ingredients to provide puppies with nutrients for proper development.

Why & When Should You Consider This Recipe?

These recipes are great to start weaning your puppy into adult food. They have balanced calcium and phosphorus levels, perfect for healthy bone growth in puppies. It’s filled with healthy fats and carbs higher than all other recipes to support the energy requirements of growing puppies. Once your puppy reaches one year of age, you can start feeding them the original or Pate recipes.

  • Recipe flavors: Turkey, beef and chicken
  • Weight: 1-pound bag

Raised Right Treat Reviews

Raised Right offers two kinds of treats. The first one is called Meat Bites. These are crunchy, “chip style,” single-ingredient treats in four flavors. They are medium-sized, so you may need to break the treat into smaller pieces for smaller dogs with a lower daily caloric intake. The second treat is Shake A Flakes, a single-ingredient meal topper. These are like little flakes of meat the size of a dime you can sprinkle over your dog’s food to keep your dog’s meal interesting.

Either treat is suitable for both dogs and cats. Like Raised Right food, these treats are traceable, lab-tested, and free of preservatives and grains.

  • Treat flavors: Beef liver, lamb liver, turkey liver and pork liver (pork is only available with Meant Bites)
  • Weight: 4.5 (flakes) or 5 oz (bites)

How Much Does Raised Right Dog Food Cost?

There are two pricing options with Raised Right, subscription and one-time purchase.

Subscription Price

On average, Raised Right subscription plan customers spend $11.79 daily. You can expect to pay a similar. However, the price depends mainly on your dog’s weight and activity level.

Here is a table to give you some perspective on how much you would pay depending on your dog’s weight.

Dog size100% full meal50% partial meal25% partial meal
5 lb Dog$2.74/day$1.37/day$0.69/day
25 lb Dog$9.17/day$4.58/day$2.29/day
50 lb Dog$15.42/day$7.71/day$3.86/day
70 lb Dog$19.85/day$9.92/day$4.96/day
*Calculations are based on normal activity and maintaining weight. Your price may vary depending on your dog’s weight, activity level, and weight goal.

One-Time Purchase Price

There are two options for one-time purchases: Sample Box (4 bags) or Full Box (16 bags).

A full box of 16 1-lb bags costs $175.84, no matter the size of your dog, the recipes you choose, or how often you have it shipped to you. 

Box sizeSample boxFull box
# of food bags4 bags16 bags
Cost total$43.96$175.84
Cost per bag$13.48$10.99
Shipping cost$9.99Free
Discount on first orderNoneNone
Total Cost$53.95$175.84

Treats Price

Treats can be added and cost $14.99 per bottle of Shake a Flakes and $17.99 a bag for Meat Bites.

Whether you want to try Raised Right one time, use it as a topper, or a full meal, we recommend subscribing to the 100% plan. It’s the most cost-effective way to buy it. You can request fewer shipments to lower your cost, cancel anytime, or return it for a refund within 14 days of the first box purchase if you are not satisfied.

Raised Right Coupon Code

Our readers have access to the best deal the company offers. Just use this link to get started.

Chapter 2: Our Experience

My Dog’s Experience With Raised Right Dog Food

Ch 1 | Ch 3

The Judges

We picked 1 Canine Bible dog to give us their paw-honest opinion and verdict.


Age: 1.5 ┊ Gender: Female ┊ Breed: American Bulldog ┊Weight: 55 lbs ┊ Health Concerns: None ┊ Personality: Loving and affectionate

“Ever since Xena started on Raised Right’s fresh recipes, her tail wags brighter, and her energy knows no bounds. Truly, the right food makes all the difference!” — her person, Victoria Windsor


Age: 3 ┊ Gender: Male ┊ Breed: Silver Labrador ┊Weight: 80 lbs ┊ Health Concerns: Skin/coat ┊ Personality: Playful and Fearful

“Once we switched to Raised Right’s fresh recipes, Ice didn’t just eat; he celebrated each meal. It’s like watching him discover his love for food all over again!” — her person, Victoria Windsor

Raised Right Unboxing

Our box arrived in perfect condition, and the food was kept frozen. Unlike other competitors, the box was not branded.

Here is everything that came in our Raised Right box during our unboxing.

  • 4 bags of original turkey adult dog recipe
  • 4 bags of original beef adult dog recipe
  • 4 bags of original pork adult dog recipe
  • 4 bags of original chicken adult dog recipe

The food was fresh, cold, labeled, and well-organized when we opened our box. The food looked tasty, and we could see actual real ingredients through the pouch. Our food was delivered in a cardboard box sealed with dry ice and biodegradable insulation, ensuring meals are 100% frozen upon delivery.

My Raised Right Dog Food Video Review

Watch our canine judges, Xena and Ice, test Raised Right dog food recipes.

My Personal Raised Right Dog Food Testimonial

Our Pitty Loves Raised Right Dog Recipe!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Xena is a healthy dog fed on a raw diet. I was skeptical when we transitioned Xena to Raised Right’s fresh dog food. Xena, who used to nibble at her meals half-heartedly, began to anticipate feeding times eagerly. Her already shiny coat began to gleam even brighter, and she displayed a newfound zest for her daily walks and playtime. Don’t get me wrong; Xena is thriving on her current raw diet, but we wanted to mix it up to see if we’d notice any difference—and we certainly did.

Even though we saw minimal significant changes, we were delighted that she enjoyed the flavor and didn’t cause any digestive issues. It was Xena’s reaction at her first meal that truly sold us. She devoured her food with an enthusiasm we hadn’t seen in years.

Surprisingly, Xena even finished her meal before Ice, who usually finishes first. You can see this in our video review.
It wasn’t just about feeding her anymore; it was about nourishing her in the best possible way. Thanks to Raised Right, I’ve found an excellent alternative to spice things up while maintaining her optimal health.

Victoria Windsor
Xena’s owner

Ice Was Salivating So Badly!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The transition to Raised Right was seamless. Ice, who generally loves everything, took to the new food instantly. He began drooling profusely as soon as we served him his first bowl. And to be honest, he hasn’t stopped drooling since then, lol. Every mealtime now feels like a gourmet experience for him. It always brings a smile to my face seeing Ice sniffing around the kitchen, eagerly anticipating his Raised Right meal.

Like Xena, Ice has been on a raw diet. However, we decided to introduce him to a fresh diet to see if it would alleviate his alopecia issues. We understand that a varied diet can offer dogs a wider spectrum of nutrients. Different recipes can provide varied vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all crucial for a dog’s overall well-being, so we gave it a shot.

While Ice’s coat has shown considerable improvement since switching to raw feeding, we’re thrilled that a month on Raised Right hasn’t reversed any of that progress. In fact, I believe it’s improving even more rapidly. His coat is shinier. Witnessing Ice not just eating but genuinely savoring and benefiting from each bite is heartwarming. Opting for Raised Right feels like I’ve granted Ice a culinary treat and, more significantly, a boost in health and vitality.
Victoria Windsor
Ice’s owner

My Dog’s Experience With Right Adult Dog Recipe

Day 1

  • Xena and Ice approach their bowls with curiosity. Ice dives right in, clearly enjoying the new flavors. Xena sniffs around a bit more cautiously before taking the first bite. Xena surprisingly finished first. Both Xena and Ice seem content and relaxed, licking their bowls clean.

Week 1

  • Xena consistently enjoys her meals, eating steadily and thoroughly. Ice begins to match her enthusiasm, finishing meals faster as the week progresses. Xena and Ice seem energized post-meal, often engaging in playful behavior afterward.

Week 2

  • Both dogs’ have maintained the coat’s luster and appear a bit shinier, and there are no noticeable digestive issues during the transition.

Week 3

  • The dogs have remained hydrated due to their recipes’ fresh ingredients and moisture. Their energy levels remain high, and they’re eager during playtime.

One Month

  • Xena’s and Ice’s stools are well-formed and regular. Both their eyes seem brighter, and their overall health appears optimal.

Ordering, Shipping & Delivery

The ordering process was fast and simple. We visited the company’s website, selected the product(s) we wanted to purchase, added them to our cart, and checked out.

After placing our order, we got a follow-up email with an order confirmation and another email when our food shipped out, including the tracking information and estimated delivery date. The box reached us in 3 days once our order was processed. However, delivery times can depend on various factors, such as location.

It’s okay if you aren’t home. The meals arrive frozen at your door in an insulated cardboard box with dry ice. Our food was frozen solid with no signs of thawing, even after sitting outside in the heat for a little while. 

Our Raised Right Customer Service Experience

Overall, Raised Right offers great customer service. We had a few fellow dog parents test Raised Right customer service by having them inquire about it through email, phone, and chat. Overall, we received quick responses that were helpful and professional.

Sometimes it took them a while to respond, but we usually got an answer. They have an email and phone number on their website for quick customer service. They also leverage social media to help current customers and people inquiring about their services.

What We Like & What We’d Change


  • Our pup reviewers devoured all of the Raised Right dog food recipes.
  • The ingredient simplicity and human-grade standards are visibly noticeable when opening the packaging and serving the food
  • Great for high-energy dogs, working dogs, or dogs who love meat due to its high protein levels
  • The package is easy to open, and you can roll/fold the plastic up with a clip to store leftovers or put the whole portion in a dedicated container in the fridge
  • We love that the price is fixed for all recipes, no matter the flavor. Some other brands require you to pay extra for novel protein flavors
  • Shipping frequency can be changed and you can opt for partial portions to extend the food
  • Fresh dog food puppy formulas available
  • The percentage of protein in Raised Right’s fresh dog food recipes is roughly double that of several other fresh pet food brands. A Pup Above dog food is the only other brand with similarly high protein content
  • All essential vitamins and nutrients come from whole foods
  • Recipes formulated by well-known veterinarian Karen Becker, DVM, and pet food formulation expert Steve Brown
  • Recognized by the Innovative Veterinary Care Journal for the impact their recipes are making in the lives of dogs and cats by being awarded the 2019 Innovation Award for Nutrition
  • All food passes the same safety standards required of food for humans
  • Shipping is free to all 48 continental states with full box orders. Orders can be shipped to Alaska and Hawaii for an additional fee 
  • Recipes can be used as a fresh topper to improve your dog’s nutrition without spending as much
  • Family-owned company
  • No recalls


  • Raised Right recipes contain a lot of protein. For some dogs, especially active ones, that can be beneficial. However, if your dog has specific health issues, particularly with the kidney or liver, they may not be safe for your dog
  • Requires freezer space and for thawing overnight for serving
  • No formulas for specific health needs or senior dogs
  • Personalization is not as detailed as other brands
  • Not pre-portioned
  • Raised Right does not offer any prescription or therapeutic diets
  • Prices can get expensive for large and giant dog breeds
Chapter 3: Tips, FAQs & More

Additional Key Information to Know

Ch 1 | Ch 2

What Customers Think About Raised Right Dog Food

Here is what real-verified customers had to say about this Raised Right dog food

Raised Right Positive Review

Thank you for your wonderful products. My three year old is eating 100% Raised Right pork, beef, and turkey! He had a rough couple of years trying to find the right food and now we are satisfied that we found the answer. He now runs to his food bowl instead of turning his snout up at meal times. No more trying to find toppers to entice him because Raised Right is perfect the way it is. We are very happy to hav found this very special formulation of dog food. PS. The packaging is the bomb. All the way to California and the meat is delivered frozen hard, even if it sits at the front door till we get home.

– Marcia Y. Verified Buyer

I love being able to give my corgis human grade food that has all the nutrients they need without having to make it myself. We started using this food because our rescue developed stuvite stones and her new diet helped them disappear. I’m glad I can give my dogs healthy dinners which they love.

Denise K. Verified Buyer

Raised Right Negative Reviews

Raised Right arrived and upon thawing I found it to have a good smell. But sadly, my pup smelled it, took one bite and then refused it. I tried the other flavors and still she isn’t a fan. I really wish she would have taken to because I think this family owned business is great and while my pup wouldn’t eat it it seems like quality food.

– Shannon P. Verified Buyer

I know it’s the very best food you can buy. I would love to right an amazing review. Unfortunately We cannot get our puppy to eat it….no matter what we do.

– Paige M. Verified Buyer

Other Raised Right Products Reviewed

Other products Raised Right offers.

Raised Right Cat Food Review

Raised Right offers cat food and treats, so it’s perfect for pet parents with dogs and cats. Currently, four meals and four treats are available for our feline friends. You can learn more about cat food on their website. 

  • Recipe flavors: Turkey, chicken, turkey & pumpkin Pate and chicken & pumpkin Pate
  • Weight: 1-pound bag

Raised Right Vs Other Dog Food Companies

Learn how Raised Right stacks to other brands.

  • Raised Right vs The Farmer’s Dog:  Learn how Raised Right stacks up to The Farmer’s Dog by reading our full The Farmer’s Dog review.
  • Raised Right vs Open Farm: Learn how Raised Right stacks up to Open Farm by reading our Open Farm review.
  • Raised Right vs Spot & Tango: Learn how Raised Right stacks up to Spot & Tango by reading our full Spot & Tango review.
  • Raised Right vs A Pup Above: Learn how Raised Right stacks up to A Pup Above by reading our full A Pup Above review.

Raised Right Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Raised Right and dogs.

Raised Right Dog Food Review — Conclusion & Alternatives

In conclusion, Raised Right Dog Food has successfully made its mark in the highly competitive pet food industry of human-grade dog food and fresh dog food manufacturers. The brand distinguishes itself through its commitment to high-quality, human-grade ingredients, offering pet owners an exceptional solution to their dog’s nutritional needs. With transparency in sourcing and production and the flexibility of customizable meal plans, Raised Right offers unmatched trust and peace of mind. Based on our testing and hands-on review, we can confidently recommend their recipe to those parents seeking to optimize their dog’s nutrition.

Remember that RR may have a higher price than some commercial dog food brands and other fresh dog food companies. Our assessment suggests that the cost is a fair trade-off for the improved health and longevity it can potentially provide for your canine companion. Nonetheless, there are slightly less expensive alternatives with the same quality. If you are a cat owner, RR also offers cat food and treats, a bonus for owners with both pets.

Remember that their recipes are high in protein content and may not be suitable for some dogs. Remember, every dog is unique; what works best for one may not work for another. Always consult your vet before making major changes to your pet’s diet.

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