Dog Allergy Testing Cost: How Much Will You Pay? [Update 2024]

how much does dog allergy testing cost

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How much is allergy testing for dogs? There are several different ways to test for dog allergies. The cost of a dog allergy test can vary depending on the type of test used, vet’s examination, administrative fees and other factors.

If you want to learn how much allergy testing is for dogs, here’s a quick rundown of dog allergy testing prices, plus any extra fees you may incur when performing these tests. Let’s face it, not knowing what to expect can make the experience stressful, prevent it from happening, or result in an unexpected vet bill.

Knowing the cost before testing your dog for allergies can help you plan your budget and pick a test that fits your finances. Let’s dive right in! 

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How Much Does Dog Allergy Testing Cost?

The average dog allergy test cost ranges from $60 to $350, regardless of the test type*. Keep in mind that added to this would be the cost of the office visits, veterinary exams, and any additional tests or procedures that would be recommended prior to or along with allergy testing. These costs will be discussed with you at the time of your visit.

*We’ve considered at-home dog allergy tests within this range.

How Much Is A Dog Allergy Test At A Vet’s Office?

The cost of dog allergy testing varies from vet clinic to vet clinic and may depend on the number of allergens tested. A pet dermatologist generally performs dog allergy skin testing and involves pricking the skin and checking for reactions to possible allergens. They can also perform a blood test. On average, you can expect to pay about $200 to $350*. That being said, your vet will be able to give you an estimate of the cost for the type of test your dog needs.

*We’ve considered only blood and skin test for this price range as most veterinarians only performed those two test types.

Factors Affecting Dog Allergy Test Cost

Here is a list of items that can cause the price of your test to go up or down

  • Test type (skin prick, blood, saliva, hair, or elimination diet)
  • Depending on where in the country you live, testing can be a bit more or less expensive
  • Testing multiple dogs for allergies
  • Inconclusive test results will require follow-ups which can ring up the cost
  • Testing for specific allergens
  • Number of allergens tested
  • Consultation and administrative fees
  • Pre or post-test procedures such as sedation for skin allergy testing and exam fees

Additional Cost To Consider If Your Dog Tests Positive

You also need to factor in the cost of treating allergies if your pet is diagnosed with an allergy.

If this is the case, your veterinarian may recommend allergy treatments such as dog allergy medicine. The price of these medicines can vary widely, depending on the brand, medication, and dosage needed. Since allergy medications are generally given for your dog’s lifetime, the cost over time should be considered. Allergy medications typically require a prescription.

Dogs allergic to certain foods will require specialized hypoallergenic diets, which are pricier than the average dog food. Depending on the food your dog is allergic to, you might need to buy or prepare custom meals designed for allergies and sensitive stomachs to avoid triggering your dog’s allergies. 

Occasionally, it’s something environmental, such as a carpet, dust in the house, or something like that. Testing for environmental factors can get expensive and is a trial-and-error process.

In other cases, your vet may recommend you use allergy shots (aka also called immunotherapy) to manage the allergy. Depending on your pet and their needs, your dog’s first visit for allergy shots can cost over $1,200. You can generally expect to pay approximately $150 for four months’ worth of medication. Each shot can cost differently depending on its dosage.[1]  

If your dog is predisposed to severe allergies, your vet will recommend using an EpiPen as an emergency treatment for an acute allergic reaction. EpiPens generally cost $669 for a two-pack of EpiPen.[2]

Dog Allergy Testing Cost Breakdown By Test Type

There are many types of allergies, each requiring a different diagnostic test. Pricing depends mainly on the test type.

Here is what you can expect to pay by test type.

At-Home Dog Allergy Test Cost

At-home dog allergy tests for dogs are generally cheaper than other test types. You find these tests for as low as $69 and as high as $298. At-home dog allergy test requires you to get a hair or saliva sample from your dog.

You will collect these samples and return them to the lab for analysis. Results are sent to you via email within a week or two.

best at home dog allergy test
At My Pet $101
Glacier Peak Holistics Scan$129.95

Dog Allergy Skin Test (Dog Skin Prick Test) Cost

A skin test involves pricking the skin and introducing a possible allergen to determine if the skin reacts. Compared to blood tests, skin tests are more accurate and sometimes cheaper. Prices range from $200 to $250. Some general veterinarians can perform the skin test but generally are conducted by a pet dermatologist. The results are almost immediate, usually within 15-30 minutes.

Dog Allergy Blood Test Cost

Blood testing is more convenient than skin testing, but costs tend to be higher, $200 to $350. Most general veterinarians can take blood and send it to a lab for diagnostic work. However, the results are typically available in about one to two weeks.

Elimination Diet Cost

To confirm or find the allergen-causing allergies in your pup, your vet may recommend the elimination diet, which is the gold standard for food allergy diagnosis in dogs. This is an effort to find what a dog is allergic to by isolating ingredients in their diet and reintroducing them until you find the one ingredient causing the adverse reaction. Along with being time-consuming, this can be costly as it consists of a prescribed home-cooked or prescription therapeutic diet such as hypoallergenic foods.

If you are visiting a vet, don’t forget that you still need to add an examination and other additional fees, which are not always included in the skin test or blood costs. This increases the price for both tests. With at-home tests, you pay the cost of the kit. There are no other fees.

Dog Allergy Test Cost Comparison Table

Here is a price breakdown of the two most common kinds of testing used to detect allergies in dogs.

Price / Test TypeAt-HomeBloodSkin Prick
Lowest Price$69$200$200
Highest Price$298$350$250

When Should I Get My Dog Tested for Allergies?

Before you spend money on testing your dog for allergies, you should determine whether your dog is suffering from an allergic reaction or exhibiting symptoms of another health problem. Getting a professional opinion is always recommended, but here are some symptoms of dog allergies to watch for.

  • Fur loss 
  • Red, irritated, and swollen skin 
  • Excessive licking or itching 
  • Watery eyes 
  • Recurring ear and paw infections 
  • Vomiting and diarrhea  
  • Sneezing and wheezing
  • Periodic chewing on body parts 
  • Repeatedly rubbing body parts on walls, furniture, or the ground 

What People Are Saying About Dog Allergy Test Cost

We found real stories from people and their experiences paying for dog allergy testing. From our findings, we saw that people end up paying between $275 to $1100. Your cost will vary by case, as you will see below.

Does Insurance Cover Allergy Testing?

The answer depends on when you signed up for pet insurance. The allergies in your pet are considered pre-existing if they appeared before you purchased a pet insurance policy. Nonetheless, if your dog begins showing symptoms of allergies after the policy’s effective date and after all waiting periods have passed, allergies may be covered.

If your prescribes allergy testing and your dog’s allergies aren’t a pre-existing condition, your dog will be eligible for coverage by your pet insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conclusion – How Much Does Dog Allergy Testing Cost?

The price of allergy testing your dog depends on a multitude of factors.

Various allergy testing options are available in the market, making them more affordable. However, we recommend speaking to your vet about the options. They will recommend what is best for your dog based on your pup’s health and symptoms.

Even though allergy testing might seem costly for some people, it can be the best way to diagnose and treat your pet’s condition. Having pet insurance that covers allergies can be of great help in such situations.

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[2] Medical News Today: Does Medicare cover EpiPen?

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