Best Dog CBD Treats & Chews: Top Brands 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

best CBD dog treats

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This is the most comprehensive guide to finding the best CBD dog treats and learning all about them.

CBD dog treats can do wonders for your pup’s health as long as you use top-rated dog CBD chews. Whether your dog is dealing with pain, anxiety, stress, or a more severe condition like seizures, CBD might help obtain relief.

But with so many CBD oil dog treat companies out there, how do you know which is best?

Today we show our top brands for the best canine CBD treats and an in-depth scope of the most important considerations when selecting CBD dog treats, including benefits, risks, dosages, and everything in between, so you can find the best option for Fido. Let’s dive right in!

If you are new to CBD oil treats for dogs or looking to learn more, we highly encourage you to read Chapter 1 before the other Chapters. Already familiar with CBD? Jump straight to Chapters 2 and Chapter 3, where we’ve reviewed the best-rated pet CBD treats for canines by category and different health needs. Read Chapter 4 for recipes, tips and FAQs.

Top CBD Dog Treats

Here is a glance at Canine Bible’s top 5 picks for the best CDB dog treats.

You can click this link to go straight to the reviews (Chapter 2), but we encourage you to keep reading to make a more informed decision about picking the best CBD dog chews.

Best Overall

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honest paws cbd treats
Honest Paws
Best For Health

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paw CBD
Best Potency

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Joy Organics
Best Organic

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Joy Organics
Best Calming

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Best Overall

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Honest Paws
Best For Health

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paw CBD
Best Potency

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Joy Organics
Best Organic

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Joy Organics
Best Calming

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Chapter 1

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CBD treats for dogs 101

What Are CBD Dog Treats?

CBD dog treats (aka CBD dog biscuits, chews, or cookies) are dog treats (snacks) infused with CBD oil that come in different potencies and flavors.

But, what is CBD? CBD or cannabidiol is one of over 100 natural compounds found in cannabis (marijuana or hemp plants).

CBD does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects. In other words, giving CBD dog treats to your dog will not get them high.

Know that marijuana and hemp are simply terms to classify varieties of cannabis depending on their THC content. Legally, the key difference between marijuana-derived CBD and hemp-derived CBD is their tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content. Marijuana is a term used to classify varieties of cannabis that contain more than 0.3% THC and as much as 30% THC. On the other hand, Hemp is a term that classifies varieties of cannabis that have a max of only 0.3% or less THC. Marijuana is still illegal in most states. However, hemp-derived oil is legal in all 50 U.S. states.

CBD treats for dogs are not toxic and can provide several health benefits for your dog without inducing psychotropic or euphoric effects on your pet. Every day, more veterinarians recommend its use due to its therapeutic benefits.

CBD Dog Treats Benefits

How can CBD dog treats help my dog?

CBD dog bites can help your pup with several health conditions and improve their quality of life and well-being.

These are some of the most common dog health concerns CBD oil (or treats) may help find relief.

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Seizures or epilepsy
  • Digestive tract issues
  • Immune system
  • Emotional balance
  • Joints and flexibility
  • Cancer
  • Nervous system
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite

Here is a more in-depth look at the health benefits of CBD and how it can help your dog overcome different health issues. (Chapters I & III)

Are CBD Dog Treats Safe?

CBD has virtually zero side effects on dogs, and they rarely occur.

According to a 2017 World Health Organization report, CBD appears to be safe and well-tolerated by animals.1

However, overdosing may occur if your dog gets too many CBD treats. Side effects may include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Itching
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Thirst

CBD Oils vs CBD Treats: Is There A Difference? Which Is Better?

Is dog CBD oil better than CBD dog treats? The short answer is “No.”

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to picking one over the other, but they provide the same benefits.

What’s The Difference Between CBD Oil And CBD Dog Treats?

The main difference between dog CBD treats and CBD oil is that CBD oil has a faster delivery rate and bioavailability (ability to take effect) than CBD dog treats. This is because the oil is administered right into your dog’s body fluids (under the tongue), making the whole absorption process faster. On the other hand, CBD treats take longer to be digested, so they may take longer to kick in.

In terms of effectiveness and benefits, there is no difference between the two. Your main concern should be to provide the right dog CBD oil (or CBD dog treat) and the correct dosage to your dog.

Why Are CBD Dog Treats A Good Alternative To CBD Oils?

For dogs who aren’t fans of oils, CBD treats can be a great alternative. Here are some of their advantages over oil.

  • Dogs love treats. Some dogs turn their snouts up if you try to apply CBD oil under their tongue or serve it with their food. CBD dog treats work like regular doggy treats; they are delicious and flavored, so your dogs can’t resist them.
  • Dosing. Dosing guidelines can be easier to follow than CBD oils. Each CBD bite comes pre-measured with CBD content eliminating human error if you fiddle with a dropper. CBD-infused treats make dosing a lot simpler.
  • Flavors and taste. While there are some flavored CBD oils, some dogs can still perceive the natural flavor of CBD and can find it unappealing. Treats come in many flavors that all dogs love (i.e., bacon). The natural flavor of CBD oil is successfully masked thanks to all other ingredients in treat recipes.
  • More nutritious. Dog CBD bites may come packed with more nutritional ingredients than CBD oils (i.e., superfoods).

CBD Dog Treat Duration

How Long Do CBD Dog Treats Last?

It depends on your dog’s body, dosage amount, CBD mg per treat, weight, and other factors. But generally, the effects of CBD treats can last from an average of 4-8 hours at a time. If you notice the effects of CBD oil wearing off faster, slowly increase the dosage to maintain the same positive results.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Dog Treats to Work?

It depends on your dog’s condition, how long they’ve been taking CBD and the dosage.

CBD treats or edibles can take anywhere between 30-90 minutes to kick in for conditions like situational anxiety. However, if you’re using it to treat arthritis or immune system issues, it can take as long as 2 weeks to see consistent improvement.

Read this article for a more in-depth understanding of how CBD dog treats are processed in your dog’s system.

CBD Dog Treat Dosage

How many CBD treats should you give your dog?

We recommend underdosing at first. If everything seems to be going well, shift to the manufacturer’s dosing guidelines that come with the CBD dog treats you purchased. Whether oil or treat, each brand has its own CBD dosage guidelines, so they may vary slightly.

Remember that several factors affect the CBD treat dosage amount, including the dog’s weight, CBD concentration per treat, potency, and health condition being treated.

Although there is no hard and fast rule to determine your dog’s exact dosage, a safe rule of thumb is 0.2 mg of CBD per pound (weight).

For instance, let’s say the CBD dog treat brand of your choice contains around 5 mg of CBD per treat, and your dog weighs 50 pounds. Here is what you need to do: 

0.2 mg X 50 lbs = 10mg (This is how much CBD your dog will need)

You can safely give your pup 10mg of CBD, or the equivalent of 2 dog treats in this case.

Milad vs Regular vs Strong Dosage

Keep in mind these three types of dosing procedures to better administer CBD dog treats to your pup.

  • Mild Dosage: This is usually done for health and wellness purposes to boost immune function and prevent potential health issues.
  • Regular Dosage: To treat afflictions such as allergies, appetite loss, mild inflammation, minor aches, pet stress, anxiety, and other ailments.
  • Strong Dosage: Usually administered to treat more severe pet health issues such as cancer-related symptoms, tumors, extreme anxiety, epileptic seizures, chronic pain, and more.

To learn more about CBD treat dosage for dogs, check out this guide.

CBD Oil Dog Treat Types: Isolate vs Broad-Spectrum vs Full-Spectrum

There are three types of CBD oils manufacturers use to make CBD-infused dog treats.

  1. CBD Isolate. 99.99% pure CBD, no THC, no terpenes.
  2. Broad-spectrum CBD. CBD and terpenes, no THC.
  3. Full-spectrum CBD. CBD, terpenes, and less than 0.3% THC. This type contains THC but in zero-like amounts, which won’t affect your dog.

So, which one should you pick? Is one better than the other?

All of them are great options. However, most vets recommend full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD treats because these types of CBD oil contain (aside from CBD) other cannabinoids and terpenoids, which produce something known as “the entourage effect. In very simple terms, the entourage effect helps maximize the health benefits of CBD oil. It occurs when all the compounds within the cannabis plant interact with our dog’s bodies, producing stronger effects than they would if a person took them in isolation (CBD Isolate).

What To Look For When Buying CBD Dog Treats

When it comes to buying the best CBD treat for your dog, there are some important things you should keep in mind.

1. THC levels. Look for CBD chews for dogs that don’t contain THC or at least less than 0.3% THC. Higher levels of THC can be harmful to your dog.

2. Potency. Choosing the right potency is important because the more serious conditions usually require a more potent dose. For instance, a lower potency CBD treat would be sufficient if you treat mild dog anxiety. In contrast, treating cancer or arthritis would require a more potent CBD dog treat.

3. Test Certification. Canine CBD treats from trustworthy companies come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This is an independent 3rd party lab test that ensures that the CBD treats are safe and effective. Testing can include CBD percentage, THC %, pesticide usage, residual solvent, and more.

4. Ingredients and purity. Avoid CBD dog treats with toxic substances such as pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. Instead, opt for organic brands that only use natural ingredients and organically grown and sourced hemp from the U.S.

5. Extraction method. Ensure your CBD dog cookie or treat is infused with CBD oil processed naturally using carbon dioxide and cold press extraction. CBD brands using solvents such as butane, propane, hexane, and others are usually a warning sign of bad quality.

Chapter 2

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Best dog CBD treat brands reviewed

Best CBD Dog Treats Reviews

What is the best CBD dog treat?

Whether you are looking for the best overall CBD bites for dogs, the best flavored CBD dog chews, or the best CBD dog biscuit to treat a particular dog health condition, our CBD dog treats reviews show you the best options by category and specific needs.

Canine Bible’s research team has reviewed these brands based on customer reviews, our own experience, extractions methods, quality and safety standards, price, ingredient sources, veterinarian-formulated, and more.

Meet our top picks for the best CBD-infused dog treats!

*Always ask your veterinarian before giving your dog any medication or supplement.

Best Overall CBD Dog Treat (HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats)

Our pick for the best overall CBD dog treats goes to HolistaPet!

Why is HolistaPet treats our top choice? HolistaPet’s all-natural CBD dog treats are crafted with premium full-spectrum Colorado hemp and come in three different unique formulas and delicious flavors. They further enhanced CBD’s benefits by adding a combination of superfood ingredients like flax seeds, turmeric root, Boswellia, L-theanine, and chamomile for boosted health benefits. 

Whatever you are looking to help your dog with, they offer formulas for specific health needs, including: 

  • Joint & Mobility Care (Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon): Perfect CBD doggy biscuits if you want to increase joint strength and reduce the pain and inflammation caused by arthritis or surgery. Helps maintain good joint cell structure and mobility.
  • Heart & Immune Care (Blueberry & Sweet Potato): The CBD treat formula is perfect for your pup’s overall wellness and general health. It helps prevent infection, sickness, and disease and maintains a strong heart and healthy immune system. It works amazingly for dogs that suffer from skin allergies, chronic itching, weakened immune systems, cardiovascular issues, cancer, seizures and epilepsy, and digestive issues.
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief (Green Apple & Peanut Butter): If Fido suffers from anxiety, phobias, hyperactivity or excessive stress, these dog CBD claiming treats help your dog maintain calm energy and a peaceful, relaxed state in any stressful or nerve-racking situation. 

Each bag comes with 30 treats which is ideal if you look to make them last for a month. HolistaPet offers bundle deals to get more for your buck and a subscription program to get your treats delivered every 30 days with free shipping. Their products are backed by excellent customer reviews and third-party testing for safety and quality. Transparency and the stellar quality of their products also set them apart from other companies.

  • Colorado-grown industrial hemp
  • Non-GMO, no Gluten or dairy
  • Third-party test results available on their website
  • Vegan + superfoods
  • 100% natural
  • Tasty flavors
  • Reliable company
  • External lab results available on the website
  • Bundle deals
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Loyalty programs (subscription)

Looking for a HolistaPet coupon code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer available. You can save 25% – 30% if you sign up for auto shipping with HolistaPet. You can cancel anytime.

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Best CBD Dog Treats For Health-Specific Issues (Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats)

honest paws cbd treats

Honest Paws CBD dog treats are your perfect options to treat specific health issues.

They have developed a unique product line to help with pain, anxiety, seasonal allergies and support overall health.

Honest Paw’s collection of CBD dog bites includes:

  • Calm bites (Peanut Butter flavored): Great to help calm nervous pets, behavioral problem management, healthy brain function, cognitive health, and great comfort in life. It promotes relaxation.
  • Relief bites (Tasty Turmeric flavored): Promotes healthy bones and joints, keeps dogs in peak condition and relieves aches, strains, and discomfort associated with daily exercise or normal aging, supports joint mobility and flexibility, improves connective tissue

This brand has done an extensive research to create an exceptionally pure and potent hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD, which is why it’s one of the best CBD companies in the industry. Their full-spectrum CBF dog treats combine naturally occurring CBD with other ingredients such as organic oats, coconut, and barley for a more beneficial bite.

They also make dosing easy thanks to an integrated scoreline that makes breaking treats in portions simper. Honest Paws also offers two types of soft chews, intended for older dogs, puppies, or dogs who have trouble chewing or have sensitive teeth.

If you are not satisfied with the results, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. A monthly subscription plan is also available that saves you 15%.

  • Wellness and relief options
  • Colorado-grown full-spectrum hemp
  • THC-free
  • Treats help with pain relief, anxiety and support overall health
  • Independent lab tested
  • Reputable company
  • Soft chews available for older or smaller pets
  • Tasty and effective
  • Made in the USA
  • COA is available on the website
  • All-natural, no GMO, corn, or soy
  • Free shipping on orders over $49.95 in the continental U.S.
  • Only available in 5mg strength

Looking for an Honest Paws coupon code? Our readers have access to 15% off at Honest Paws with coupon code CANINEBIBLE. Just use this link to get started. You can also save an extra 15% if you sign up for monthly auto shipments on all products. You can cancel anytime.

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Most Potent CBD Dog Treat (PawCBD Dog Treats by cbdMD)

PawCBD Dog Treats by cbdMD offers one of the highest concentrations of CBD per treat (20mg) out of all the brands.

This is ideal if you own a large dog breed or need to up your dog’s CBD dosage per treat to combat a more severe dog health problem. They are available in three potencies 150mg (5mg), 300mg (10mg), and 600mg (20mg).  PawCBD dog treats are infused with a broad-spectrum hemp extract of the finest quality. (They also offer soft chews, but we will cover that later in this article.)

cbdMD hard chews for dogs are sold in three flavors (sweet potato, peanut butter, and baked cheese) and go through a unique hybrid manufacturing process that ensures THC-free, non-GMO, and are labeled human-grade.

Paw CBD is a trusted brand. Their CBD comes from all-American hemp grown with organic farming methods, researched and veterinarian formulated. They also have a CBD-infused super treat that will delight any pup, Pet CBD Peanut Butter for Dogs.

Whether you give your pup the hard chew or CBD peanut butter, your furry dude is sure to beg for more!

  • Great potency (20mg per chew option)
  • Hard and soft chews available
  • 30 pieces per package
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • US-grown and sourced hemp
  • Third-party lab results available upon request
  • Orders over $79.99 free 2-3 day shipping
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Bundle deals + rewards points
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Baked with real, wholesome ingredients
  • Hard chews help clean teeth
  • Best CBD dog treats for large dogs

Do you want a paw CBD by cbdMD discount code? Just use this link to take advantage of the best offer available.

Best CBD Calming Dog Treat (The Anxious Pet CBD Chews Review)

The Anxious Pet works directly with veterinary professionals from top institutions across America.

They developed a proprietary blend of active ingredients such as acetyl-L carnitine, chamomile, melatonin, and CBD to reduce anxiety and stress and promote relaxation and restful sleep without drowsiness. Their CBD soft chews are cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and suitable for dogs 1 year and older.

Backed by science and great customer reviews, The Anxious Pet can bring relief to a pup who shows signs of anxiety, fear, stress, depression, grooming, or chewing furniture. Each soft chew contains 15 mg of CBD and 1600mg of active ginger root, chamomile, and melatonin to promote calm, relaxation, and restful sleep. You can get The Anxious pet calming soft chews with CBD in either flavor: peanut butter or bacon.

To further boost the benefits of this treat, antioxidant-rich compounds are added for pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties. The company also offers Relax & Roll Supplement Bars with CBD for more CBD calming dog treat options. These bars are ideal for dogs who need relief during stressful situations such as car rides, vet visits, crowded gatherings, or weathering out storms or fireworks.

This company focuses on creating peaceful moments for you and your dog by supporting all aspects of your dog’s health and well-being through delicious CBD treats.

  • 90 chews
  • cGMP certified
  • Vet-formulated
  • Proprietary blend
  • 450mg total CBD
  • Corn, wheat, soy, and grain-free
  • Vegan and grain-free
  • Non-allergenic peanut butter flavor
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • For dogs 1 year and older
  • Vegan, organic, non-GMO
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Among the best CBD calming chews for dogs

Looking for a coupon code for The Anxious Pet? Click here to take advantage of the best offer available.

Best Organic CBD Dog Treat (Joy Organics CBD Dog Treats)

Joy Organics CBD dog treats are made with love in Colorado using water-soluble CBD powder and premium ingredients, providing superior results in a tasty, dog-approved chew.

They use the brand’s human-range proprietary formula to make these tasty CBD snacks for dogs so that you can be confident these dog treats are safe and effective. These treats include other helpful terpenes and cannabinoids. They are of the utmost quality to boost your dog’s immune system in addition to what CBD normally does, reduce inflammation, stress, anxiety, and pain, and other issues.

It only comes in one flavor, beef, but it is full of flavor and texture that your dog is sure to love.

They are easy to digest thanks to their phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract. Joy Organic’s fast-absorbing treat formula makes CBD work in your dog just as quickly as CBD oil would work in your dog’s body. We like its quicker effects.

Joy Organics is a family-owned company that’s constantly improving its products.

  • US-grown hemp
  • Third-party test results available
  • Water-soluble hemp powder + all-natural ingredients
  • Free shipping
  • Family-founded, reputable company
  • Tested by independent labs
  • 0.0% THC
  • 30-day return policy + 15-day grace period
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Premium grade
  • A bit more expensive than other options

Looking for a Joy Organics discount code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer available.

Best CBD Soft Chews For Dogs (CBD Gummies For Dogs)

Are you looking for the best CBD soft chews for dogs?

Paw CBD dog chews by cbdMD is your best bet! Soft CBD chews (aka CBD gummies for dogs because of their soft and tender texture) are great for those dogs who have sensitive teeth, chewing problems, and even small dogs who have a weak bite. CBD soft chews are easy on canine teeth while providing CBD’s beneficial properties in a delicious treat.

Got a nervous pup? A pup suffering from joint problems? Don’t worry. This brand offers different formulas for every need:

  • CBD Soft Chews for Dogs (chicken-and-bacon flavor). Perfect choice for smaller and older pups as chewing hard chews might present difficulty. This formula supports a sense of calm, is great for managing signs of common daily stress, and complements the everyday wellness routine.
  • CBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs (turkey-flavored). a bite of this formula helps your dog relax and stabilize emotional imbalances from phobias, stress, seizures, and more. Paw CBD calming chews is among their most popular products.

Paw CBD soft chews have great positive reviews, and the company’s reputation is among the best.

  • Superior Broad Spectrum
  • High-quality manufacturing process
  • THC-free
  • USA-sourced hemp
  • Third-party, ISO-certified lab-tested to ensure safety and effectiveness
  • Hard chews also available
  • 30 pieces per package
  • Orders over $79.99 free 2-3 day shipping
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Bundle deals + rewards points
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Baked with real, wholesome ingredients

Do you want a paw CBD by cbdMD discount code? Just use this link to take advantage of the best offer available.

Best For Quantity (Canna-Pet Biscuits For Dogs Review)

Canna-Pet holds its CBD dog biscuits to the same quality standards as the food you serve to your human family.

They offer the best quantity for your money. One box of CBD biscuits from the Advanced formula (2.3 mg) contains between 37 to 40 treats is $16.99. What’s more impressive is that you can get three 3 of these boxes for only $39.99, getting close to 120 CBD oil dog biscuits.

Their all-natural products are sourced from sustainable and versatile hemp plant farms in the U.S. These products are free from animal products, preservatives, gelatin, wheat, sugar, SLS, and dairy, which can negatively affect your furry friend. They state their CBD dog biscuits are ideal CBD treats for dogs of all sizes.

Canna Pet’s Advanced Formula is available in Peanut Butter, Banana, & Apple, Turkey, and Maple Bacon. Canna’s Advanced MaxCBD formula contains 8.4 mg of CBD per treat and only comes in Maple Bacon flavor.

They employ a proprietary process to deliver as many terpenes and flavonoids as possible, ensuring your pup receives all the benefits of CBD phytochemicals.

  • Hemp-based ingredients
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Zero psychoactive properties (THC-free)
  • Baked in the USA
  • Organic, non-GMO, quality food ingredients
  • Made with a proprietary mixture of CBD oils and terpenes
  • Include a wide range of CBD phytochemicals
  • US-grown hemp
  • 28 calories per biscuit
  • Package deals and subscription program discounts
  • 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Products covered by major pet insurers
  • Bundle deals, multiple discounts
  • Human grade quality standards
  • A bit more expensive than other options

Looking for a Canna-Pet promo code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer for Canna dog treats we could find.

Best Premium CBD Dog Treats (Austin & Kat CBD Dog Treats Review)

Austin and Kat dog CBD biscuits are among our favorite ones because of the high quality and premium ingredients they use. And they have a fantastic line of CBD cookies for dogs!

All their products are made with wholesome and delicious human-grade ingredients you can eat yourself. They combine their premium hemp CBD oil extract into a round and crunchy treat optimized for complete absorption and whole-body metabolism. This brand goes beyond CBD and adds ingredients like turmeric, apples, salmon oil, natural binders, nutritional yeast, and more.

Austin and Kat’s dog treats come in 5 different varieties, including:

  • Austin’s Active Recovery – Intended for younger dogs to manage muscle recovery and relieve discomfort after physical activity to better prepare them for their golden years. Support stamina and endurance.
  • Bailey’s No More Wiggles – Helps dogs find peace and tranquility when dealing with everyday stressors such as noise and separation. Soothing botanicals help dogs further extend the calming properties of this treat.
  • Bakko’s Hip and Joint –  Designed to promote hip and joint health, joint mobility, flexibility, and proper back function thanks to CBD AND a range of effective natural antioxidants known to fight free-radical damage. These bites are recommended as the perfect CBD dog treats for arthritis.
  • Brady’s Senior Blend – Great for dogs 6 years and older. It supports long-term health with botanicals selected to aid cognition, eye health, immunity, and circulation. Tumeric and flaxseed are also added for the promotion of long-term health. 

Austin and Kat never use ultra-processed hemp oils as it uses harmful chemicals to remove all antioxidants such as CBG, CBN, and terpenes, except CBD. Antioxidants, terpenes, and cannabinoids (CBD) work alongside removing free radicals and enhancing CBD dog treats’ effects.

They have pledged to use only the cleanest ingredients in the most effective formats. Their innovation team constantly optimizes each recipe for bioactivity, safety, and the overall complementary effect on the endocannabinoid system. With close to 2,500 reviews, Austin and Kat CBD biscuits are some of the best quality CBD dog treats.

  • Premium quality
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Premium US-grown hemp
  • Great product selection
  • Third-party tested for potency and pesticides
  • Traceable ingredients
  • Grain- and gluten-free
  • Subscription discounts
  • 30-day return policy
  • Member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)
  • Partnered with Treehouse Biotech (the first NASC-Certified and preferred hemp extraction company)
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Subscription discounts and coupon deals
  • Transparent
  • A bit more expensive than other options

Looking for an Austin and Kat coupon code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer we could find.

Best THC-Free (King Kalm Crunch CBD Treats)

King Kanine is among the top manufacturer of CBD dog products. If you are looking for a full spectrum 0% THC option, King Kalm is your best choice.

This brand makes some of the best CBD dog treats formulated by their Licensed Holistic Physician and Nutritionist. King Kalm’s line of CBD hard chews for dogs is the perfect way to spoil your dog with naturally-derived CBD and other organic ingredients like honey, apples, and turmeric. These delicious dog goodies have been baked slowly at a low temperature and then dehydrated to maintain their nutritional value. Each bite contains 0% THC and 3-4mg of King Kalm CBD.

They’re gluten-free and rich in vitamins and Omega-3s. Available in three delicious flavors:

  1. Blueberry Apple – Flax Blaze, blueberries, sweet potatoes, eggs, diced apples, honey, oat flour, flax seeds
  2. Organic Cinnamon Summer – Organic apples, cinnamon, oat flour, turmeric, black peppercorn
  3. Honey Roasted Almond Flax – Almond, eggs, honey, rolled oats, oat flour, turmeric, black peppercorn.

King Kanine’s dosage chart recommends a dog eats 1 treat per day for health and immunity support and mild anxiety, nausea or vomiting, and pain from an injury, surgery, hip dysplasia, etc. However, if you are looking to treat more severe conditions such as extreme pain, cancer, or epilepsy, dogs can have up to King Kalm crunch 2 treats.

  • Formulated by a licensed holistic physician and nutritionist
  • Organic ingredients
  • Cooked at a low heat to maintain quality
  • Micro and macronutrients and antioxidant benefits
  • Tested by a Certified ISO-17025 Lab
  • Made in the USA
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (full refund or exchange)
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • 30-day return policy
  • Seasonal sales and discounts
  • 3 delicious flavors
  • Excellent customer reviews on the site
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Great zero THC CBD dog treat

Looking for a King Kalm discount code? King Kanine has ongoing sales and discounts. Use this link to take advantage of the best possible pricing.

Best Flavor Variety (MediPets CBD Dog Treats Review)

MediPets carry the largest assortment of CBD treat flavors. These treats satisfy the pickiest dog eaters, from meaty steaks and bacon to kabobs and cheese bites.

They have many flavors for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Whichever flavor you choose, your furry friend will receive the same high-quality and benefits of CBD. MediPets CBD treats provide your dog with an infusion of all-natural full-spectrum hemp CBD treats, which are pharmacist-formulated, THC-free, 100% natural CBD

Their treats support canine health and wellness and can easily be part of your dog’s healthy daily routine. CBD (cannabidiol) strength per treat ranges from 3mg to 5.5mg. CBD isn’t the only beneficial ingredient in them. There is organic coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, and turmeric, to name a few, all of which have many beneficial properties.

Medipets is a transparent CBD company in the industry. They make all certificates of analysis and third-party lab results available on their website, so you know they provide a safe and quality product.

  • CBD derived from organic hemp
  • Third party-tested (COA results available on site)
  • Free shipping
  • Great price
  • Bundle discounts + 15-day return policy
  • Treats dogs and cats
  • Made in the USA
  • Contribute to Saving Sage animal foundation

MediPets has ongoing sales and discounts. Use this link to take advantage of the best possible pricing. You can get up to 55% off your MediPetsCBD

Best CBD Treat For Senior Dogs (Charlotte’s Web CBD Chews)

Are you looking for the best CBD dog treat for senior dogs?

Charlotte’s Web chews for senior dogs (cognition formula) are designed to enhance your aging pup’s brain function, cognitive function, and more so they stay sharp to live their best lives. What’s more, their chews for Senior dogs are formulated with a proprietary full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and a blend of botanicals (including elderberry, vitamin E, and DHA) to provide added assistance to aging dogs by helping them manage normal stress, support the central nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and mental alertness.

They are available two other formulas:

  • Calming Chews: Perfect to support stress from traveling, hospitalization, moving, or other situations that may cause anxiousness.
  • Hip & Joint Chews: Supports the structural integrity of joints and connective tissue and other related issues such as pain.

All their formulas only come in chicken flavor. Charlotte’s Web dog chews are NASC Certified. The NASC Quality Seal enables consumers to make safe and empowered purchasing decisions when shopping for their pets. 

  • USA Grown Hemp
  • Full-Spectrum
  • US-grown hemp
  • Third-party test results available
  • Free shipping on orders over $74
  • 30-day customer satisfaction policy
  • Subscription program and veteran discounts
  • NASC Certified

Looking for a Charlotte’s Web CBD discount code? Click here for the best deal.

Best CBD Dog Treats For Small Dogs (Hempure CBD Pet)

Hempure CBD Pet Chews have the perfect size and texture for introducing CBD to your pets or if you have a small dog.

These chews are veterinarian formulated using Hempure’s proprietary high cannabidiol CBD cultivar. You can add this balanced, natural, beef-flavored chew to your dog’s food bowl or give it as a treat. They come in two options, 24 counts and 48 count packs.

Hempure’s CBD hemp extract edibles nourish your pet’s bodily systems, providing many levels of relief. They can help your dog during stressful situations like thunderstorms, moving houses, or travel. Great for bolstering your pet’s immune system keeping them healthy and active, or easing pain in your furry pal.

Hempure’s CBD chews are boosted with flaxseed oil and vitamin E for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Plus, all their ingredients are organically farmed and not genetically modified.

  • Great for small dog breeds
  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Non-GMO, organically grown & toxin-free
  • CO2 extracted
  • 0.0% THC
  • CBD is derived from organic hemp grown in Colorado
  • Third-party tested
  • Non-GMO, US-grown hemp
  • Wholesome, natural ingredients
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 20% Bulk discount
  • Good quantity of chews per bag
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Certified ISO/IEC 17025:2005 lab (results available on site)
  • Only one flavor and one strength

Our readers can save on Hempure CBD products. Use this link to take advantage of the best possible pricing and offers we could find.

Best Flavored CBD Dog Treats (Just Pets CBD Dog Treats)

Want to buy a CBD dog treat your dog goes crazy for? JustCBD Pets offers probably the tastes flavors no dog can resist.

Just Pets CBD infused dog treats come in four different flavors:

  1. Steak bite
  2. Chicken biscuits
  3. Liver meatballs
  4. Chicken meatballs

The yummy CBD treats for dogs are made with pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD), offering a bounty of benefits to supplement your pup.

Try these food-tasting CBD treats if you have a picky dog and can’t settle for your traditional flavors. They are delicious and help deal with stress, anxiety, whining, or barking. Also, if your dog is getting older, dog CBD oil treats will help turn back the clock.

Other ingredients like chickpeas, tapioca flour, sweet potato, blueberries, dried kale, and rosemary extract will convince you that these are among the best CBD dog treats to relieve your dog’s health-related issues.

  • US-manufactured
  • Free shipping on orders over $20
  • Coupon deals + 30-day refund policy
  • Great positive reviews
  • Affordable
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Lab results available only upon request

Use this link to take advantage of the best offers from Just CBD Pets.

Cheapest Pet CBD Treats (HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits Review)

If you are looking for the most affordable yet high-quality CBD oil dog treats, look no further than HempMy Pet organic dog biscuits.

These delicious and healthy CBD treats are handmade exclusively at HempMy Pet’s Biscuit Barkery in Northern Colorado. They don’t comprise quality over quantity. All their CBD products are human-grade, and they contribute to pet rescue and advocacy.

They are available in 2 potencies: 2mg of CBD for smaller pups or dogs new to CBD and 5mg of CBD per treat for larger breeds. These CBD biscuits are third-party-tested to ensure freshness and tasty treats that your canine companion will love. We love that HempMyPet uses full-spectrum USA-grown hemp for their CBD treats and their treats are rin in CBD, CBG, CBC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids for the full entourage effect. 

You can subscribe for monthly deliveries and save 10%. With free shipping, multiple discounts, and a 60-day return policy, your dog will love these pumpkin-flavored treats, but your wallet is also sure to do.

  • Full-Spectrum
  • Handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and great taste
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free and cruelty-free
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • 100% organic and human-grade ingredients
  • Bundle and coupon deals
  • Third-party tested
  • Hemp extract derived from their own Colorado hemp farms
  • Third-party test results
  • 15 & 25 biscuits per pack
  • Free shipping
  • 60-day return policy
  • 2 potencies
  • Great flavor and quality
  • Only one flavor

Looking for a HempMy Pet coupon code? Click here to take advantage of the best offer available.

Best Hard Chews Selection (Treatibles CBD Dog Treats Review)

Treatibles offers an awesome selection of dog CBD hard chews.

Their proprietary blend of turmeric and organic full Spectrum CBD oil supports cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that create a unique dog CBD hard chew. This brand is a stand-out because they don’t extract CBD oil from the plants but rather uses the solventless infusion method to ensure the highest purity. Compared to traditional CBD extraction methods, this infusion method has proven to retain nearly 100% of the profile of all 300+ compounds present in the hemp plant.

All treats are third-party lab tested to ensure consistent cannabinoid potency and rule out heavy metals and contaminants such as mold, pesticides, microbial, herbicides, solvents, and bio-contaminants.

These bone-shaped CBD bites come in three kinds and flavors:

  • Calm (Turkey flavor) – Helps maintain normal emotional balance and promotes relaxation.
  • Balance (Pumpkin flavor) – Supports digestive tract health and assists the immune system.
  • Ease (Blueberry flavor) – Enhances the function of joints and connective tissue.

Treatibles can help dogs exhibiting anxiety, discomfort, loss of appetite, digestive tract issues, inflammation, nausea, aging, and many other doggy health issues. Treatibles chews are regularly tested to ensure potency and quality. What’s more, their hemp is cultivated with 100% organic practices that exceed USDA organic regulations.

We grow indoors, outdoors, and greenhouses and completely control the environment and soil.

  • BBB A+ rating
  • Full-spectrum
  • CBD comes from their organic hemp farm in South Carolina
  • Medicinal grade hemp (MMJ purposes)
  • Non-psychoactive and non-toxic
  • Chews stay fresh for up to 2 years
  • Gluten-free, GMO-free and cruelty-free
  • Great hard chews options
  • Soft chews also available
  • Third-party lab Certificate of Analysis (COA) results on the website
  • Gluten-free, natural ingredients
  • Free shipping for orders over $75
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Easily accessible third-party test results
  • Bundle deals
  • Sample packs available
  • A bit more expensive than other options

Looking for a Treatibles promo code? Click here for the best deal and pricing we could find.

Best CBD Dog Treats At Stores

CBD Dog Treats Amazon

Don’t waste your time if you are looking for the best dog treats with CBD on Amazon. The e-commerce giant’s policy expressly bars the sale of CBD in any product: “Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited.1

You can find cannabis treats for dogs like Strella Lab Hemp Chews Advanced Hip & Joint Supplement, Zuke’s Mini Hemp Naturals Training Dog & Calming Dog Treats, or Veterinary Naturals Hemp & Hips for senior dogs. Keep in mind that these hemp-derived treats do not contain CBD nor offer the same medicinal benefits as CBD. Nonetheless, hemp oil products have a rich profile of nutrients, fatty acids, and useful bioactive compounds that can benefit your pups.

We noticed a lot of people search for CBD dog treats for anxiety on Amazon. There are none. We recommend Holista Pet Stress & Anxiety Relief or Honest Paws Calm Bites for the best CBD bites for anxiety.

CBD Dog Treats Walmart: Medterra Pets CBD Chews

Does Walmart sell CBD dog treats? According to MjObserver, offers a limited selection of CBD products from only two brands. Medterra is one of them.

Medterra CBD treats for dogs come in two flavors: (i) Peanut butter for joint support and (ii) Bacon for calming and relaxation.

Their treats are veterinarian recommended and clinically tested. Each chew contains 10mg of CBD, making it easy to track and monitor your pet’s serving size.

Medterra Pet CBD chews are made from CBD extracted and grown in the USA. They source their ingredients from farms that conform to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Moreover, all Medterra products are certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority, third-party labs, are legal, and can be shipped to all 50 states. 

If you feel that Medterra didn’t work for your pup, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

They have high customer satisfaction and mostly positive reviews. One user says, “My dog is sick and won’t survive much longer. I swear by the pet products from Medterra. They have kept her going and from getting worse. You would never know she’s sick! I use all their products.”

CBD Dog Treats Petsmart

Does Petsmart sell CBD dog treats? Yes. The only CBD brand currently available at Petsmart is Mary’s Tails.

Mary’s Tails offers three types of CBD dog treat solutions.

  • Mary’s Tails Calm & Quiet CBD Chews (2mg CBD per treat): Helps calm your dog during stressful situations.
  • Mary’s Tails Up & Moving Mobility Chews (3 mg CBD per treat): For healthy hips and joints.
  • Mary’s Tails Skin & Coat Every Day (3 mg CBD per treat): Promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat for dogs.

These chews contain hemp powder, hemp oil, CBD, and other healthy ingredients that are highly effective in supporting overall health.

There is zero information about these treats on the manufacturer’s website. We also didn’t find any positive or negative testimonials/reviews. Our top picks are a much better alternative.

CBD Dog Treats Petco: Pet Releaf Edibites Reviews

Petco does carry CBD dog treats. Currently, two CBD pet brands are available at Petco: Charlotte’s Web and Pet Releaf.

According to our team of researchers, Pet Releaf is the most popular at this store.

Pet Releaf offers 3 types of CBD treats.

  • Edibites Original (Hard Chews): Comes in two flavors, peanut butter & banana, and blueberry & cranberry
  • Edibites Soft Chews: Flavors include sweet potato pie, peanut butter & carob, and peppered bacon
  • Edibites The Barking Dog Collection (Keith Haring): Pizza and sushi flavors

Their CBD-Infused Edibites are made from CBD extracted from hemp plants grown on farms in Eastern Colorado (USDA Certified Organic Hemp Farms). And they are handmade and baked in their Colorado kitchen.

They use the whole hemp plant–stalk and seed in the extraction process, allowing them to retrieve all the beneficial cannabinoids, creating the full spectrum hemp extract. They include functional ingredients such as ginger, marshmallow root, beet powder, barley flour, and other powerful ingredients as an added benefit.

None of their formulas use fillers, corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chemical preservatives. With a supercritical CO2 extraction, this CBD brand provides great quality dog treats.

So if you are looking for CBD treats for dogs at Petco, Add Pet Releaf’s CBD-Infused CBD Oil Edibites to your cart today and give your dog the delicious therapeutic gift of CBD.

CBD Dog Treats Chewy

Stop looking for CBD dog treats at Chewy. At the moment, the company does not sell any CBD dog products. Chewy’s CEO said in a CNBC interview, “CBD is not something that I’m thinking about immediately.” They do carry some of the best hemp-derived dog products for dogs.

CBD Dog Treats Colorado

Here is a list of the best CBD dog treats made in Colorado or treats made with CBD sourced from Colorado farms.

  1. HolistaPet
  2. Honest Paws
  3. HempMy Pet
  4. Joy Organics
  5. Fab CBD
  6. Holistic Hound
  7. Pet Releaf

CBD Cookies For Dogs

Dog CBD cookies (CBD hard treats or chews) are hard, dry, dog food biscuits, typically composed of CBD, wholesome carbohydrates, flour, other organic ingredients, and superfoods.

The following CBD brands have the best CBD cookies for dogs

Other CBD Dog Treat Brands

Pet Hemp Company CBD Dog Treat Review

Pet Hemp Company is at the top regarding quality and natural ingredients used in its formulas.

Pet Hemp Company was born when the founder’s dog, Woody, developed a large benign tumor in his hips and liver dysfunction but found relief in CBD. Woody’s experience inspired his family to launch Pet Hemp Company.

Their treats are all top-notch and tasty. Their treats are unique because they combine superfoods like hemp seed powder, pure CBD oil, and other cannabinoids for the full entourage effect.

This brand offers three varieties of treats that come in unique flavors and calming herbs and other key superfoods:

  1. Treats For Anxiety & Stress Relief (Green Apple & Peanut Butter) – This formula is perfect for dogs who suffer from anxiety, stress & phobias—enhanced with L-Theanine and Chamomile to increase alpha wave generation and lower your pet’s anxiety. It helps your dog maintain calm energy and a peaceful, relaxed state in any stressful or nerve-racking situation, including fear of loud noises like thunder or pets with severe separation and traveling anxiety. It also helps animals with nervous stomachs.

2. Treats For Joint Pain & Mobility Care (Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon) – Pharmacist-formulated with Boswellia and turmeric root to improve joint strength and relieve pain and inflammation from arthritis or surgery. Supports good mobility and joint cell structure. This treat is your choice for pups suffering from joint inflammation, arthritis pain, joint or muscle injuries, hip dysplasia, pain from surgery, epilepsy, or cancer.

3. Treats + Heart & Immune Care (Blueberry & Sweet Potato) – Formulated with blueberries, flax seeds, and sweet potatoes to improve immunity, provide cardiovascular strength, and promotes healthy skin and coat. Provides the best defense against sickness, infection, and disease. Aids with weekend immune systems, digestive issues, skin allergies, chronic itching, cardiovascular issues, cancer, seizures, and epilepsy.

Treats don’t contain any wheat, preservatives, dairy, or refined sugars, so if your dog has a sensitive stomach, you can feel good about giving them these treats, knowing that it won’t upset their stomach or cause allergy reactions.

  • 100% pure extract hemp oil grown in the U.S.
  • Regular testing for potency, residual solvents, and pesticides
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and non-dairy
  • 10% discount bundle
  • Organic Full Spectrum CBD + other Cannabinoids
  • Vegan, Superfoods
  • Formulated for pets
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No additives or preservatives
  • 0% THC = Non Psychoactive
  • Made in the USA
  • A bit more expensive than other options

Use this link to take advantage of the best offers from Pet Hemp Company.

FAB CBD Dog Treats Review

FAB CBD treats are sourced from only the finest organically grown U.S. hemp.

They are THC-Free and come in 3 glorious formulas & flavors

  • Calm & Cool (Peanut Butter Apple) – Great for anxiety, phobias, stress, and behavioral problems.

FAB differs from the pack by using a proprietary formula, wheat-free, made with an oat base, and includes a broad spectrum CBD hemp extract.

To make their CBD more refined, they use a process called Chromatography to create our premium blend. This process removes the chance of any intoxicating amounts of THC without losing any of the great plant cannabinoids and terpenes through the extraction process.

The company spent one year developing the right treat formula to hit the spot with your pup’s taste buds and digestive system, so you know your canine friend will love it and beg for more.

They publish their 3rd party lab tests on their website, and their customer reviews speak volumes about the effectiveness and quality of their treats.

These high-performing hemp dog treats were created with your dog’s overall wellness and active lifestyle.

  • Organically grown
  • Broad-spectrum CBD blend
  • Non-GMO
  • Cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Zero pesticides
  • Farmed in colorado
  • Ship to all 50 states.
  • Rewards program
  • Third-party tested (Results on the website)
  • No corn, soy, wheat, or dairy
  • TH-free

If you are searching for a FAB CBD promo code, use this link to get the best possible pricing.

HempWorx CBD Dog Treats Review

HempWorx is a top manufacturer of CBD products and a well-known brand in the industry.

They have crafted a mouthwatering beef-flavored CBD dog treat that will have your dog begging for more. Each bite has been oven-baked to perfection and filled with premium ingredients, and naturally occurring cannabinoids provides essential nutrients that your dogs crave.

Their full-spectrum hemp oil is extracted from the female flower, which is better in terms of cannabinoid collection and CBD contents. This allows for consistency and quality in their CBD cookies for dogs. They test batch for purity to validate the amount of CBD.

They approach CBD with care, consciousness, and cutting-edge science. HempWorx dog treats do not contain wheat, corn, soy, added sugars, salt, artificial preservatives, glycerin, waxes, or hydrogenated oils. When you buy HempWork dog treats, you can be sure you are getting pure all-natural CBD dog treats for dogs, completely free of THC and potential allergens. Even though they have one flavor and one potency, the treats are tasty and effective!

  • Dog treats infused with CBD
  • Beef flavored
  • Does not contain wheat, soy, or corn
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • American-farmed hemp
  • Rigorous lab testing at multiple stages
  • No GMOs, synthetics, or fillers
  • Only one product
  • More expensive than others

HempWorx has ongoing sales and discounts. Use this link to take advantage of the best possible pricing.

Holistic Hound CBD Dog Treats Review

Holistic Hound CBD dog treats offer the beneficial powers of CBD + the benefits of USDA certified organic mushrooms.

We know what CBD can do for our dogs, but what about this blend of five mushrooms (Reishi, Shiitake, Mesima, Poria & Turkey Tail) in these CBD dog treats.

Reported benefits include:

  • Help maintain a normal inflammatory response
  • Antioxidant protection
  • Help support liver and kidney function
  • Help support blood sugar and blood pressure within normal ranges.
  • Help maintain normal histamine levels and supports seasonal skin allergies

It is formulated by Heidi Hill, homeopath and owner of Holistic Hound in Berkeley, CA, who has 16 years of knowledge and experience in animal nutrition & health.

Furthermore, to ensure these treats’ safety and quality, Holistic Hound uses USDA-certified organic oils extracted using a new patent-pending, a solvent-free method called “Vapor Distilled,” which preserves more beneficial components CBD than traditional extractions methods. This method allows its products to have a stronger effect.

Third-party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, toxins, consistency, and potency to ensure you give your pets the best CBD dog treat in every bite.

  • Trial bag ($4.99)
  • USDA Certified Organic hemp oil
  • CBD grown in Colorado.
  • Made with organic pasture-raised chicken or grass-fed lamb liver
  • Soft chew is infused with 6 mg of broad-spectrum water-soluble CBD
  • Ashwagandha extract (Chews)
  • Most ingredients are organic and GMO-free
  • Member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)
  • Third-party results available on their website
  • 100% transparency
  • Organic mushroom benefits
  • A bit more expensive than other options

Looking for a Holistic Hound promo code? Click here for the best deal we could find.

Chapter 3

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Best CBD dog treats for specific health conditions

Best CBD Dog Treats For Joint Pain (Or Pain In General)

Whether your dog is in pain from physical injuries, joint pain, arthritis, or a different health condition that causes pain, CBD has been shown to have the ability to regulate (damp) pain.2

A 2017 study published in the Journal of Pain found that local administration of CBD blocked osteoarthritis pain in rats.3 A more recent study demonstrated that CBD administered orally could considerably reduce pain and discomfort in dogs.4 CBD dog treats might be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to pain management in your dog.

CBD Dog Treats For Pain

Our favorite treats to treat any kind of pain in dogs are Holista Pet’s Joint & Mobility Care, Honest Paws Relief bites, and Pet Hemp Company Joint Pain & Mobility Care. Their formulas have been specially designed to target your dog’s body pain.

Best CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

If you are looking for the best CBD dog treats for separation anxiety or any anxiety-related behavior in dogs due to several external or inherited reasons, CBD bites can help.

A study revealed that CBD helped reduce anxiety by over 75% of participants.5 What’s more, anxiety was one area in which veterinarians reported observing (either first-hand or via client reports) the most positive effects of CBD. One particular study noted that CBD has an anti-anxiety-like and an antidepressant-like compound.6

Further preclinical evidence suggests that CBD reduces anxiety behaviors in animals and people.7 The study also showed CBD works as an acute treatment for GAD, SAD, P.D., OCD, and PTSD, without causing anxiogenic effects. 

CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

These treats contain CBD and are specially formulated with ingredients to help relieve anxiety in your dog. The best CBD dog treats for anxiety include HolistaPet Stress & Anxiety, Honest Paws Calm bites, and The Anxious Pet CBD chews. These recipes offer the best mix of calming ingredients plus CBD that can bring your dog to a state of tranquility, alleviate stress, and improve emotional stability.

Best CBD Treats For Dogs With Arthritis

There have been quite a few studies that support CBD’s benefits in helping dogs with arthritis. A Cornell University study concluded that CBD oil helped increase comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.8 Another study published in The European Journal of Pain indicated that CBD could relieve arthritis pain-related behaviors and inflammation in animals without side effects.9

Additionally, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, in collaboration with the CBD brand Medterra, found that dogs that took high doses of CBD saw significant improvement in mobility and quality of life.10

“I openly admit that I was surprised at how quickly we saw such large results. I would not have expected to see too much of anything in just one month,” says Matthew Halpert, Ph.D., Faculty with the Department of Pathology and Immunology at Baylor College of Medicine and Senior Scientific Advisor for Medterra.

Investing in CBD dog treats for arthritis is definitely worth the try.

CBD Dog Treats For Arthritis

Our top picks for the best CBD treats for dogs with arthritis include HolistaPet Joint & Mobility Care (600mg), Paw CBD Dog (600 mg), or Canna-Biscuits MaxCBD biscuits. These formulas have the highest CBD concentrations per treat, which is important in treating mild to severe pain caused by arthritis.

Best CBD Dog Treats For Cancer

CBD has tumor-shrinking properties and has proven to boost cancer treatment effectiveness.11 It can also reduce the adverse effects of cancer treatment, such as nausea and loss of appetite.

More recent research published in Veterinary and Comparative Oncology exposed cell cultures from different canine cancers (osteosarcoma, mammary carcinoma, and lymphoma) to various concentrations of CBD alone and in combination with the common chemotherapy drugs doxorubicin and vincristine.12 The findings report that CBD oil caused a significant decrease in cancer cell reproduction and proliferation in all canine cancer types studied.

Researchers also found that CBD-rich whole hemp extract (full-spectrum CBD) was able to reduce cancer cell reproduction at lower concentrations than CBD oil alone. The greater effect is likely due to the ‘entourage effect.13

Another study discovered that mice treated with CBD and gemcitabine (a type of chemotherapy) had three times the survival rate compared to treatments with gemcitabine alone.14 Lastly, cannabinoids (CBD) may also be beneficial in certain cancers triggered by chronic inflammation.15

CBD Dog Treats For Cancer

Our favorite CBD dog treats for cancer treatment include HolistaPet Organic Dog Treats (600 mg), PawCBD Dog Treats by cbdMD (600 mg), and Austin and Kat CBD Biscuits (10mg). Conditions like cancer are recommended to be treated with requiring the highest CBD potency and full-spectrum CBD.

Best CBD Dog Treats For Seizures

Research shows CBD can significantly reduce seizures (epilepsy) frequency in canines, especially if taken in regular dosages. The study at Colorado State University found that 89% of dogs who received CBD in the clinical trial reduced the frequency of seizures.16

Additional research by the National Institutes of Health indicates that CBD reduces epileptic seizures in mice and is a useful anti-convulsant as well.17

CBD dog treats for seizures can be an awesome way to prevent or lower the number of seizures in epilepsy-affected dogs. But, what CBD treat is best for dog seizures?

CBD Dog treats For Seizures

The best treats to battle seizures include FAB CBD Calm & Cool, HempMy Pet Organic Dog Biscuits, and Joy Organics CBD. These recipes provide all the anti-convulsant benefits of CBD but other ingredients that help regulate body functions and maintain homeostasis. Make sure you buy the highest CBD potency per treat available if your dog suffers from severe, recurrent epileptic episodes.  

Best CBD Dog Treats For Fireworks, Thunder or Noise Phobias

Is your dog experiencing anxiety or erratic behaviors due to fireworks, thunderstorms, loud construction noises, slamming doors, or simply loud noises? Noise phobia can affect your dog’s state of mind and well-being.

Thankfully, CBD research found that CBD has a calming effect on the central nervous system and is better tolerated than other psychiatric medications.18 Another study suggests that cannabidiol may hold benefits for anxiety-related disorders such as anxious behaviors from phobias.19

Plus, tons of anecdotal evidence supports CBD’s effectiveness in helping dogs be afraid of fireworks and other loud noises.

CBD Dog Treats For Noise Related Problems

Our picks for best CBD dog treats for fireworks and other fear-causing noises in dogs include The Anxious Pet CBD Chews, Honest Paws Calm bites, and King Kalm Crunch CBD treats.

Best CBD Dog Treats Hip Dysplasia

Like arthritis, hip dysplasia is a condition characterized by increased pain and inflammation in the joint. CBD dog treats for hip dysplasia act as analgesic and anti-inflammatory, helping manage the pain and inflammation caused by this condition. This condition also results in loss of mobility, trouble getting up, and weakness.20

Full-spectrum CBD treats are a safe, side-effect-free solution for dogs with hip dysplasia. We picked Treatibles Ease, Just CBD Pets, and MediPets CBD as our favorite CBD-infused snacks to aid with canine hip dysplasia.

Best CBD Treats For Aggressive Dogs

Does CBD help aggressive dogs? Yes. A study published in the Scientific Reports concluded that administration of CBD every 24 hours seemed to reduce aggressive behavior in dogs. Researchers also found that aggressive behavior towards humans decreased significantly over time in the CBD treatment group.21

CBD increases anandamide levels. Anandamide is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in pain, depression, appetite, memory, and fertility. Because CBD can boost anandamide levels in the brain, CBD can have mood-boosting and calming effects that can also drive down aggression in dogs with behavioral problems.22

CBD can also boost serotonin levels, improve mood, and decrease stress, leading to decreased aggressive behavior.23

CBD Treats For Aggressive Dogs

Our favorite CBD treats for aggressive dogs are HolistaPet, The Anxious Pet, and Medterra. These CBD brands make CBD-rich treats specially designed for dogs with the ideal CBD concentration and ingredients to fight aggression.

Best CBD Treats For Hyper Dogs

Canines suffering from hyperactivity are frenetic in their behavior, show impulsive behavior, and have short attention spans. Because hyperactivity and anxiety are often linked, treating anxiety can help prevent hyperactivity in dogs.

CBD is shown to have anxiolytic effects similar to herbal therapy, bringing relief from anxiety in dogs.24 In fact, researchers found that administering 300 mg of purified human-grade CBD isolate is capable of treating anxiety and that its effects were comparable to the anxiety relief medication benzodiazepine (common benzodiazepines include Valium and Xanax).25

CBD Dog Treats For Hyper Dogs

The best CBD treats for hyper dogs recommended include Honest Paws calm bites, CBD Calming Soft Chews for Dogs, and The Anxious Pet.

Best CBD Dogs Treats For Inflammation

According to a Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies, CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.26

Researchers have examined the therapeutic potential of CBD in cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, cancer, and metabolic diseases, which are usually accompanied by oxidative stress and inflammation.27

Further studies explain that “Cannabinoids (CBD) have been tested in several experimental models of autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and hepatitis and have been shown to protect the host from the pathogenesis through induction of multiple anti-inflammatory pathways.”15

CBD Dogs Treats For Inflammation

The recommended treats that help with inflammation and swelling include Joy Organics, HempMy Pet, and Medterra. Formulated for dogs with pain and inflammation, these CBD Dog Treats do precisely what their name suggests, prevent and reduce the effects of inflammatory conditions.

Best CBD Dog Treats For Sleep

When you sleep in the same room with your dog, if he can’t sleep, then neither can you. Dogs need about 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day, and if he’s not getting that, he most likely has some underlying issues. 

A study published in 2019 on the effects of CBD on sleep found that individuals consuming CBD products improved their sleep quality 67% more than those who didn’t consume CBD.20

Studies on animals also revealed that CBD significantly increased the total sleep times for subjects who consumed 10 to 40 mg per kilogram of CBD.28

CBD Dog Treats Dog Sleep

CBD dog treats from Calming Chews, Austing & Kat Bailey’s No More Wiggles, and The Anxious Pet are the most beneficial in helping your canine companion get a good night’s sleep. 

Chapter 4

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CBD dog treats recipes, tips and FAQs.

CBD Dog Treat Recipe

Are you wondering how to make CBD dog treats at home? Making cannabidiol-infused doggy snacks at home can be a fun way to give CBD to your dogs.

This homemade CBD oil dog treat recipe is super simple to make, and your pups can enjoy it all year round.

Sweet Potato CBD Dog Treat

Combing the sweet flavor of sweet potatoes with CBD makes for a tasty treat experience.


  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, cooked and cooled
  • 1/2  cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil or bacon grease
  • 1 egg
  • 1 oz of your favorite dog CBD oil
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of water


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix all of the ingredients to achieve a consistent dough (Don’t add CBD just yet)
  3. Shape the dough into balls (one inch in diameter)
  4. Flatten the balls into a cookie-shaped form
  5. Place flattened balls onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  6. Bake for about 20 minutes
  7. Remove and let cool before serving or storing.

Adding CBD to your dog treats

Once your treats have cooled down, add the CBD oil. How much will depend on your dog’s CBD needs. Assuming your dog needs 10mg of CBD per treat, grab your dropper and add that amount to each treat. Allow the oil to soak into the cookies.

CBD Oil Dog Treats Recipe (VIDEO)

Here is another DIY CBD dog treat recipe you can try!

No Bake CBD Dog Treats

These no-bake treats are perfect for any dog.

No-Bake Pumpkin CBD Dog Treats

Need another way to make CBD dog goodies? This no-bake recipe will satisfy any dog’s palate.


  • 2 cups pumpkin puree (avoid kinds with added preservatives or sweeteners like xylitol)
  • 3 tbsp. honey
  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 3 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 1 oz of your favorite CBD oil


  1. Mix the pumpkin, honey, and coconut oil in a bowl until mixed well.
  2. Add the rolled oats until it feels like a cookie dough consistency.
  3. Put parchment paper on a small baking sheet.
  4. Break off equal cookie dough pieces and roll them into balls (one inch in diameter).
  5. Flatten the balls into a cookie-shaped form.
  6. Adding CBD to the treats. The amount of oil you add depends on how much your dogs need. Assuming your dog needs 10mg of CBD per treat, grab your dropper and add that amount to each treat. Not sure about what dosage to use, check our CBD oil for dogs dosage guide.
  7. Place the treats in the fridge for about 15 minutes to harden.
  8. Feed your dog one a day, every day.

No-Bake CBD Dog Treats (Video)

Watch and learn how to make no-bake CBD treats for your pup (+ 2 more recipes)!

Dog Cannabis Treats

There are three types of cannabis-derived treats for dogs.

  • Marijuana (weed) dog treats
  • Hemp dog treats
  • CBD dog treats

Marijuana vs Hemp vs CBD Dog Treats: What’s The Difference?

Are you confused about the different cannabis dog treats out there?

How is CBD dog treats different from hemp dog treats or weed dog treats? Let’s find out.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD can treat many common dog health problems, including anxiety, cancer pain, arthritis, and seizures. The main difference between CBD dog treats and marijuana or hemp dog treat is that CBD dog treats contain absolutely zero amount of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid, so you don’t have to worry about your pup getting ‘high.’ Dogs can reap health benefits from the Cannabidiol thanks to CBD dog treats.

Marijuana (Weed) Dog Treats

The main difference between marijuana dog treats and CBD or hemp dog treats is that THC levels in marijuana are substantially higher. THC levels can go from 0.4 to 30%, depending on the weed strain you use. If your dog eats marijuana (weed dog treats), it will get high. And, if a dog ingests too much, it can be life-threatening. Therefore, giving marijuana to dogs is not advised.

Hemp Treats For Dogs

Dog hemp chews and treats are safe for dogs to consume and provide certain benefits. However, Hemp dog treats are not the same as CBD dog treats. The main difference is that hemp oil (hemp treats for dogs like this one from HolistaPet ) has no CBD. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC and will not get your dog high.

Where to Buy CBD Dog Treats Near Me?

If you need CBD dog treats and need them ASAP, type “CBD dog treats near me” on Google to find out if CBD dog treats are available at local CBD stores. Depending on where you live, CBD may or may not be available.

Nonetheless, your best option is to purchase CBD Dog treats online. The best CBD product manufacturers for pets are found online, and you can find more variety. They usually ship the same day, so you can get your CBD dog treats right away.

Our best CBD dog treats review guide is a great place to start.

What Stores Carry CBD Dog Treats?

Not all big-box retailers carry CBD products due to cannabis regulations and laws.

For instance, Walmart, Amazon, and Chewy do not have any CBD products available today. They do have hemp products. But remember, hemp-based pet products do not offer the same benefits as CBD.

Stores like Petsmart and Petco carry a limited variety of CBD dog products. For instance, Petco sells Liposomes CBD oil for dogs from a brand called Pet Releaf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do CBD Dog Treats Work?

Yes. Several studies on animals and anecdotal evidence from dog owners suggest CBD dog treats can treat pain, control seizures, anxiety, and other dog health issues.

CBD Dog Treats Las Vegas

While big-box pet stores like PetSmart and Petco may offer CBD dog treats in Las Vegas, you are more likely to find the best CBD dog treat options by shopping online. You can also try smaller stores around the Las Vegas Valley.

CBD Dog Treats Reddit

There is a lot of discussion on Reddit about CBD dog treats effectiveness. We saw many concerned dog owners asking others for validity and testimonials of other dog parents who have used CBD on their pets. We identified that roughly 75% of the testimonials and commentaries on Reddit threads are positive stories, meaning CBD treats are helping dogs.

Best Wholesale CBD Dog Treats

If you want to buy CBD dog treats in bulk, our top pick companies offer wholesale deals for you or your business. You can purchase wholesale dog treats from HolistaPet, Honest Paws, or Joy Organics (Private Label).

Can CBD Dog Treats Cause Diarrhea?

According to the ASPCA, products sold as ‘soft chews’ have an osmotic effect when ingested in large amounts. This can cause diarrhea and dehydration in mild cases.

Can CBD Dog Treats Cause Vomiting?

Vomiting can be a side effect of giving your dog CBD, but it’s rare with treats. While CBD oil is bitter, and your pet may not enjoy its taste and reject it, CBD dog treats successfully mask the taste of this oil thanks to all the other ingredients in the treat.

CBD Treats for Dogs Pros and Cons

If you have a dog prone to high anxiety, seizures, fear, or other more severe problems like joint pain or even cancer, CBD treats significantly improve the wellness and health of your pet. The negative side of CBD is minimal. The worst that can happen is that Fido can get high from eating too many treats accidentally. This is very rare since CBD has 0% THC.

A Delicious Way To A Healthy Pup

CBD dog treats are certainly a convenient and easy way to provide all the benefits of cannabidiol to our dogs.

While CBD appears to have a bright and promising future as the new therapeutic tool to manage several canine conditions, it’s essential to research as much as you can about CBD oil for dogs. In addition, you should consult your veterinarian to discuss if CBD is suitable for your dog.

We are happy to say that we have great results feeding CBD bites to our dog Rambo and wish the same for your dogs.

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