Medterra Pet CBD Reviews: My Dog Tried Their CBD Oil & Treats

Medterra pet CBD review

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This content was reviewed and fact-checked by veterinarian Dr. Aukse Caraite, DVM.

This is my definitive Medterra Pets review, covering everything about Medterra Pets CBD oil tinctures and Medterra pet CBD treats. We tested Medterra Pets CBD oil for dogs on our pup, who struggles with anxiety, separation, and other health and behavioral issues. He was constantly barking at every noise he could hear outside the house and would be anxious whenever we left him alone. So, did Medterra help our dog?

Here is a detailed account of our dog’s experience with Medterra’s pet CBD products, insights, ingredient quality, beneficial results, taste, effectiveness, and other factors you should know before getting this for your dog. Let’s find out more!

Medterra Pet CBD Product Reviews — At A Glance

Medterra Pet CBD Review  — At A Glance


Product Description: CBD products for dogs and cats crafted with organic ingredients.

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Ingredient quality
Customer support
Brand Trustworthiness

Our Verdict & Summary

We believe Medterra Pet CBD shines as a top-tier choice for pet lovers like us who want to delve into the advantages of CBD for our four-legged companions. We tested all their CBD products on four different dogs. While the products did not completely eliminate anxiety or pain, they did show noticeable calming effects and potential joint-soothing properties. It is worth noting that one of our dogs had diarrhea from the treats. Our other three pups loved the treats and always wanted more.

We genuinely appreciate the company’s commitment to excellence, transparency, organic ingredients and formulations tailored for pets. With a few adjustments and a broader pet product range, we feel it could establish itself as the go-to brand in the pet CBD arena.


Medterra Pet CBD oil is suitable for most pets experiencing anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, or other common ailments where CBD has been shown to offer relief. Their treats are ideal for calming and hip and joint support.

Medterra is one of the few pet CBD companies that is medically tested and backed by research studies on its benefits. It also offers an unflavored option for pets prone to allergies. The unflavor oil is perfect for making CBD-based goodies for your dog.

The chews can be hard to split for smaller pets, making precise dosing challenging. They get a bit sticky if not stored properly.

Medterra’s pet CBD products offer a potential solution for pet owners looking to calm their pets or provide joint support.

Why you should trust us: Our writers, editors, and in-house veterinarians spend hours analyzing and reviewing products and services to help find what’s best for you. Read our product review methodology and editorial mission to find out how we test, analyze, and rate products.

The Full Review
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What Is Medterra?

Founded in 2017 in Kentucky, Medterra initially began as a CBD company for humans. Later, they expanded their offerings with the Medterra Pets collection, including all-natural CBD chews and tinctures for cats and dogs.

Today, Medterra CBD stands as one of the global leaders in the CBD industry. Their extensive product range is available in over 23,000 retail outlets in the U.S. and more than 120,000 distribution points worldwide. This includes major businesses such as leading national grocery and drugstore chains, also available online.

In collaboration with the Hemp Pilot Research Program, Medterra ensures the distribution of top-notch CBD products across all 50 states and numerous international countries.

Guided by three core principles—Caring for others, continual innovation, and CBD for all—Medterra’s mission is to provide high-quality CBD products to all those in need.

Why Use Medterra? Benefits & Research

Medterra has undertaken studies to validate the efficacy and advantages of its CBD products.

In a joint effort with scientists from Baylor College of Medicine, located within the Texas Medical Center, Medterra has showcased the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD for dogs with arthritis.[1],[2] Dr. Mathew Halpert, a research faculty member in the Department of Pathology and Immunology at Baylor College of Medicine, remarked, “Out of the ten dogs treated with CBD, nine exhibited noticeable benefits that persisted for two weeks even after discontinuing the treatment. Importantly, based on the blood markers we analyzed, the treatment appeared to be safe under the conditions of our study.”

Dr. Klein, a veterinarian affiliated with the AKC, notes that CBD is sought for its potential health benefits. These include its anti-inflammatory properties, heart health advantages, anti-nausea effects, appetite stimulation, anxiety relief, and potential anti-cancer properties.[3] 

For a deeper dive into the benefits of CBD for pets and the research supporting these claims, explore our guide on CBD oil for dogs.

Medterra Pet CBD Key Features

For dogs and catsAll their CBD pet products are safe and easy for cats and dogs.
Clinically testedTheir products are clinically tested, veterinarian-formulated, and compliant with NASC (National Animal Supplement Council).
US-grown CBDCBD is extracted and grown in the USA.
Hemp CBD oilThe product is made from hemp, not marijuana.
Pet-specific formulationsMedterra offers tinctures and treats specifically designed for pets, with dosages adjusted for their unique needs.
Third-party lab testedEvery batch undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing to ensure quality, consistency, and purity.
Non-GMONever use genetically modified ingredients.
Pure CBD isolate (no THC) This high purity level ensures that customers get a concentrated CBD dose without other compounds. It also guarantees the safety of pets because it guarantees 0% THC, ensuring no psychoactive effects.
MCT oil carrier The use of MCT oil not only ensures a longer shelf life but also promotes better absorption of CBD in pets.
Certified CBD companyMedterra Pets CBD is a US Hemp Authority Certified Company. This initiative by the industry sets high standards, propagates best practices, and promotes self-regulation, thereby instilling trust in hemp and CBD products among consumers and retailers.

Medterra’s products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, or using other medications.

Medterra Ingredients

Here is a list of the ingredients that make up Medterra’s CBD oil tinctures.

  • 99%+ hemp-derived isolate CBD (Cannabidiol) extract
  • Contain 0% THC
  • Infused with Organic MCT Oil (coconut-derived)
  • Natural flavors (beef, chicken & unflavored)
  • Other organic ingredients

Verdict 4.8/5: The ingredients get an excellent score. In our testing, we did not find any harmful ingredients. On the contrary, I love that they use organic ingredients. We also like that MCT oil adds health benefits, including promoting cognitive function and aiding in the absorption of CBD, enhancing its effects.

Medterra Sourcing & Manufacturing

Medterra has a team of seasoned professionals and partners deeply committed to advancing industrial farming techniques, food-grade compound extraction, vegetable genetics, and rigorous quality control.


The company produces CBD products using industrial hemp, cultivated and extracted in line with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s stringent guidelines. To guarantee product reliability and excellence, every item undergoes third-party testing. Furthermore, Medterra fully complies with the U.S. 2018 Farm Bill, emphasizing its commitment to the highest standards of hemp cultivation.


Medterra’s primary manufacturing facility is in Irvine, California, at 9801 Research Dr, Irvine, CA 92618, USA. They develop products in consultation with Medterra’s in-house Medical Advisory Board.[4],[5] Notable members of this advisory board include:

  • Dr. Jacknin is a board-certified dermatologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Alabama.
  • Dr. Halpert serves as the Director of Research and Development at Medterra.
  • Dr. Mayank Amin is a distinguished healthcare and business professional.
  • Dr. Lisa Lippmann is recognized as one of NYC’s top veterinarians.
  • Dr. Catena is a registered veterinarian with profound expertise in holistic and integrative treatments.

In their quest for transparency and quality assurance, Medterra employs a seed-to-sale process, meticulously tracking their CBD products at every stage. This method ensures that all parties involved in the CBD product’s supply chain uphold transparency, compliance, and the highest quality standards.

Verdict 5/5: Their manufacturing and sourcing practices get an excellent score. They have a team of experts supervising and formulating their products.

Third-Party Tested (Lab Results)

When purchasing a product from Medterra, it comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Accessible via their website, the COA details each product batch, including ingredient profiles and quality control methods.

Medterra goes the extra mile by making its third-party test results accessible to customers. This transparency enables customers to easily verify that the information provided on the product label, such as CBD content and THC levels, is accurate.

We reviewed the lab results for their most popular pet products to confirm label accuracy, and we were able to confirm that:

  • Their CBD pet product has the expected amount of CBD
  • Non-detectable levels of THC
  • CBD isolate
  • Tested for unwanted or harmful substances like pesticides, metals, solvents, or microbes. None detected!
  • According to its analysis report, it contains no other cannabinoids like CBC or CBG, so it is 100% CBD isolate.

The report below certifies that Medterra products avoid harmful contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, microbial life, mycotoxins, and pesticides.

Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs – Report for Medterra’s pet CBD oil chicken flavor.

Medterra products are not tested for herbicides such as glyphosate. This is because, in line with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s organic farming practices, they avoid using chemicals throughout the cultivation and extraction phases.

Verdict 5/5: They get a top score for their transparency and the safety procedures they follow.

Medterra Pet CBD Product Reviews

Medterra offers CBD products like oils, treats and bundle packages.

Here is a detailed analysis of Medterra products to help you determine which CBD product might be best for your dog.

$24.99 to $54.99

Medterra CBD Pet Tincture Review

About: Medterra offers two flavored CBD oil tinctures.

Why & When Should You Consider It?

Medterra’s beef CBD oil tincture is perfect for all dog sizes; you just need to pick the right potency depending on the size or what you want to treat. It’s a great way to calm their anxiety, ease joint, and body pain, or other conditions CBD is known to help with.

Key Features

  • Potency: 300, 750 and 1200 mg.
  • Flavor: Beef & chicken
  • CBD type: Human-grade isolate

$24.99 to $54.99

Medterra CBD Pet Tincture Review

About: Medterra’s unflavored tincture for pets.

Why & When Should You Consider It?

Medterra Pets CBD tincture unflavored drops are ideal if you want a neutral flavor that mixes well with your recipes or if your dog doesn’t like any flavors at all.

Key Features

  • Potency: 300, 750 and 1200 mg.
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • CBD type: Human-grade isolate


Medterra CBD Pet Bacon Calming Soft Chews Review

About: Medterra’s calming chews.

Why & When Should You Consider It?

Medterra Pets CBD Calming Chews are bacon-flavored and were developed with supporting, calming ingredients, including Valerian Root and L-Tryptophan, to help your pet relax and calm during road trips, meeting new people, or if they suffer from anxiety.

Key Features

  • Size: 30 soft chews (each chew contains 10mg of CBD)
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • CBD type: Human-grade isolate


Medterra CBD Pet Peanut Butter Joint Support Chews Review

About: Medterra’s joint support chews.

Why & When Should You Consider It?

Medterra CBD Dog Chews for Pet Joint Support comes in a peanut butter flavor. These CBD chews are designed to help your pet regain strength in weakened joints and ease pain in those affected areas. They’ve added glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin to support joint health further.

Key Features

  • Size: 30 soft chews (each chew contains 10mg of CBD)
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • CBD type: Human-grade isolate

Medterra Pet CBD Dosage

Dosing CBD oil for pets can often be a nuanced task, primarily because there isn’t a universally established dosing standard. Each manufacturer may have its dosing guidelines, which can lead to variability.

Here are the suggested dosages from Medterra for your reference.

Dog Weight150mg Tincture300mg Tincture750mg TinctureCBD Pet Chews
0 to 25 pounds(15 servings) – Dropper: 0.5(30 servings) – Dropper: 0.5(30 servings) – Dropper: 0.25Chews: 0.5
25 to 50 pounds(15 servings) – Dropper: 1(30 servings) – Dropper: 1(30 servings) – Dropper: 0.5Chews: 1
51 to 75 pounds(15 servings) – Dropper: 1.5(30 servings) – Dropper: 1.5(30 servings) – Dropper: 0.75Chews: 1.5
Over 75 pounds(15 servings) – Dropper: 2(30 servings) – Dropper: 2(30 servings) – Dropper: 1Chews: 2
If your pet is new to CBD, we recommend starting with half (50%) of the manufacturer’s suggested dosage and gradually increasing as needed. Always talk to your vet first. While some pets might require a higher CBD dosage, increasing the amount incrementally and cautiously over time is essential.

Medterra Coupon Code

Our readers can access 25% off at Medterra with coupon code CANINEBIBLE.

Our Experience
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The Judges

We picked one Canine Bible dog to give us their paw-honest opinion and verdict.


Age: 2 ┊ Gender: Male ┊ Breed: Miniature Schnauzer ┊Weight: 13 lbs ┊ Health Concerns: Anxiety, hyperactivity, and itchy skin┊ Personality: As friendly and loving as it gets.

Meet Bandit, our sweet boy who tried and tested Medterra CBD dog products, Kassie Reid

Medterra Unboxing

Our products came in a medium box. The box was insulated with Styrofoam blocks to protect the chews and tincture bottles. Everything was labeled and well-organized, and the high quality of the products seemed pretty premium.

Here is everything that came in the box:

  • 1 package of Medterra CBD Calming chews
  • 1 package of Medterra CBD Pet Joint Support chews
  • 1 bottle of Chicken-flavored Medterra CBD drops
  • 1 bottle of Beef-flavored Medterra CBD drops
  • 1 bottle of Unflavored Medterra CBD drops
  • Shipping label

Unboxing was fun for Bandit and ourselves. Bandit was super happy and excited to receive his package of CBD oils and treats from Medterra!

Verdict 4.7/5: The unboxing experience gets above average score. There were no missing or incorrect products, and it was well-packaged.

My Medterra CBD Oil Dog Video Review

Watch our canine judge, Bandit, test Medterra CBD products.

It was the most delicious experience our dogs had!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Recently, our dog Bandit was struggling with stress from relocating and exacerbating allergies from park outings. Although vets advised rest, my wife proposed trying CBD oil for him. Initially skeptical, I reflected on Bandit’s past enjoyment of walks before these issues arose and thought CBD might be worth a shot.

Surprisingly, it worked wonders. Bandit’s morning walks improved, his anxiety diminished, and his allergy symptoms lessened, possibly due to better sleep from the CBD. He did rub his snout on the carpet after the initial chews, but this ceased after a week.

When we introduced Bandit to Medterra CBD Pet Bacon Calming Soft Chews, he loved them instantly. We started with half a chew, which made a noticeable difference in his calmness, especially during our extended absences and car rides. We consulted our vet before introducing the CBD oil drops and now give him half a dropper daily. We’ve opted not to combine the oil and chews on the same day but alternate them instead.”
Anna Shore
Bandit’s owner

My Medterra CBD Treat Dog Video Review

My Dog’s Experience — Testing Timeline

A breakdown of our dog’s experience with Medterra.

Our dog Bandit is ready to enjoy his first Medterra chews.

Medterra Pet CBD Pros & Cons

Key aspect we liked and didn’t like about our experience with Medterra.

What We Like

  • Medterra’s products offer good value, with prices that are competitive in the market
  • The calming chews contain natural ingredients like L-Tryptophan, chamomile, and valerian root, known for their calming properties.
  • Kentucky-grown hemp (100% organic). Kentucky is known for its rich soil and optimal hemp-growing conditions. Organic cultivation ensures that the hemp is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, producing a purer and safer product.
  • Offering a product line for humans indicates versatility and a broader market reach. It also means the company has expertise in formulating CBD products for different needs.
  • THC-free and non-GMO. THC-free products ensure users won’t experience psychoactive effects, making them safe for a broader audience.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification ensures that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.
  • Typically ships orders same-day
  • 30-day money-back guarantee minus shipping costs
  • Top company in the industry
  • Vet recommended and formulated
  • Shipped to the U.S. and internationally
  • 100% natural ingredients

What We’d Change

  • Because Medterra uses CBD isolates, consumers miss out on the potential benefits of other cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD products. This lack might mean users won’t experience the full “entourage effect,” where various cannabinoids work synergistically
  • Medterra specializes in human CBD, and their pet product range covers only the essentials; there might be a desire for more diverse product offerings for pets
  • While some pets might show immediate calming effects, others might not, and the results can vary based on the pet’s characteristics and the situation

Ordering, Shipping & Delivery

My ordering experience from Medterra Pets proved to be a seamless and efficient process. Once we familiarized ourselves with their pet products, we added our selections to the cart, entered our shipping and payment details, and proceeded to checkout.

Immediately after placing our order, we received an email confirmation. Once our package was dispatched, a subsequent email gave us tracking information and an expected delivery date. We chose ground shipping, which had an estimated 2-5 business days delivery window. Impressively, our order arrived in just three days.

It’s worth noting that orders placed before 11 a.m. PST typically ship the same business day. Orders made later in the day or during weekends are expected to be shipped the next business day.

Verdict 4.6/5: The whole logistics from ordering to delivery was seamless. No delays or lack of package delivery updates. They get a great score in this department.

My Medterra Customer Service Experience

Medterra Pets boasts above-average customer service based on our experience.

Their website features an online chat bar, enabling quick inquiries directly with their customer service experts. Additionally, they list their phone number for direct calls. Their operational hours are prominently displayed on the website: Monday – Friday from 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT and Saturday from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM PT. While their social media interactions are generally positive, we did observe some unanswered customer posts and questions that the company has yet to address.

To test Medterra’s customer service, we had some dog owner friends and members of the Canine Bible team anonymously inquire about Medterra Pets CBD oil and chews through email, phone, and chat. This helped gauge their responsiveness and care. Overall, the feedback was positive, with pet parents expressing satisfaction with the prompt and helpful responses from the customer support team.

Verdict 4.5/5: They get a great score in customer service support. It’s evident that the company prioritizes supporting its customers.

Additional Information
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What Customers Think About Medterra

Here is what real-verified customers had to say about this Medterra pet CBD product.

Medterra Positive Review

“There’s nothing safe that I won’t try for my beloved pitbull, Bluebell. She had a rough life before I adopted her, as well as fighting cancer now. She gets only the best food, treats, and meds to help her comfort levels. I noticed a big difference in her mobility and overall mood shortly after starting her on the CBD tincture. It relieves me to know that she feels better on the CBD even though she’s an older dog, fighting a major health situation”

Tina, 03/27/2021, Medterra Verified Buyer

“Works great! Dogs love it. I have the 750 mg. My 10-year-old hound dog has bad hips. He can barely stand up without it. He trots around the yard and is much more active since I started him on this product. He’s happier, and I can tell he feels better. My 12-year-old blue tick hound was really slowing down. I could tell she was in pain. After I started her on the oil, she started moving a lot more and sleeping less. She seems so much happier too.”

Joy W., 12/06/2020, Medterra Verified Buyer

“100000 stars if I could! My 9yo Maltese had some pretty significant mobility issues and was suffering. I had tried other products but no luck. I can’t say enough good about this product and this oil. I barely recognize this dog, not even one, and he’s running around the house and yard like a puppy. I swear it looks like he’s skipping! The funny part? I can yell “Meeeeeeedicine,” and he runs at full speed to get his drops, morning and night. He absolutely loves the taste! If you’re having issues, be it mobility, Skin, etc., I urge you to give this phenomenal oil and company a try. You will not be disappointed, I promise!”

Stephanie C., 10/04/2020, Medterra Verified Buyer

“My cat has seizures and had been put on Phenobarbital and Valium to control his epilepsy. All he did was sleep and had zero quality of life.
I decided to take him off of his meds and watch him carefully. The seizures returned in full force. One day it dawned on me that if we take CBD oil to improve our health, what about trying it on Boo (Read more about review stating My cat has seizures and my cat)? Oh My Goodness!! He’s only had one seizure since I started giving it to him, and it was very mild compared to previous events!! I will continue giving him the CBD oil!! I’m so thankful that he can now enjoy his life!!! Thank you, MedTerra!!!”

Christine O. 11/17/2020, Medterra Verified Buyer

Negative Reviews

“Terrible experience with my order. I placed an order with 2-day shipping, for which I paid an extra $18.73 for. The bottle arrived in 3 days with the top completely severed from the rest of the bottle, and part of the bottle shattered into small glass pieces. I promptly contacted customer service. At first, they told me that I would have to pay for 2-day shipping again but then offered to send the product with 2-day shipping again for free when I protested. Then they told me that they had to talk to their supervisor first and that they wouldn’t be in until later in the day – which would further delay the shipping time. The only compensation they offered was a 15% discount on another order that I placed. This amount of discount can easily be obtained online by anyone by finding a coupon code. So I paid an additional $18 dollars for 2-day shipping and will be receiving my order at a minimum of 5 days from the date that I placed my original order. They refused to compensate me for this additional cost and blamed the condition of the product on the delivery company. I informed them that if the product had been packaged well and securely (it wasn’t), this whole incident could have been avoided. It’s a real disappointment when a company will not own up to its mistakes and blame another company. The amount in dispute is a small one, but it came down to principle – which I feel that this company lacks. But fortunately, I was able to find the exact same type of product with another reputable company, and it was almost half the price of what they offer.”

Arlene C, 03/13/2019, BBB – Verified Buyer

“Dog didn’t improve and product stunck! My dog has had other brands with much more success”

Gwen K, 08/30/2020, Medterra Verified Buyer

“The cbd oil has not helped my 5 cats at all.”

Sharon T, 04/02/2021, Medterra Verified Buyer

Medterra Reddit Reviews

We didn’t find any specific Reddit thread that talked about Medterra and its usage on dogs, but we saw many people talking about how this CBD has helped them. Some users report

“I really like Medterra so far…helps with sleep, anxiety, & my chronic pain. Also, it is one of the most reasonably priced CBD’s online. They also have a reward program that gives you money off purchases. I have not had as much luck with the other CBD I tried & it is terribly expensive too!” and others say, “MedTerra is incredible quality.” “I have Mediterra Nighttime, and while I don’t know the CBD levels, it knocks me out in 30 minutes.”

Overall, upon a visual survey of customer satisfaction for Medterra, the positive reviews far outweigh the negative. Out of the hundreds of reviews submitted by real Medterra customers (on Medterra, BBB, Reddit & review platforms combined), more than 90% are positive reviews. 

Other Products

A look at other offerings from Medterra.

Medterra CBD Cats

All the products we’ve reviewed above (Medterra Pets CBD oils and Pet Soft Chews, are made for dogs and cats. If you have a feline friend at home, you can confidently buy them. They provide the same benefits to cats as they do to dogs.

Medterra CBD People

Medterra is widely known for its human CBD products. They are among the top in the market for human-only consumption.

  • CBD Full Spectrum (CDB + THC capsules, drops, and gummies)
  • Wellness Capsules
  • Wellness Creams (for pain and inflammation)
  • CBD Gummies for Sleep
  • CBD Gummies for Immune Support
  • CBD Tincture
  • CBD Gum
  • Bundles for sleep, pain, and anxiety

Medterra Wholesale Pet CBD Products

If you’d like to buy Medterra at wholesale prices for your store, they offer a wholesale option for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

While individual experiences vary, many customers report that Medterra Pets CBD products have helped alleviate their pets’ anxiety, chronic pain, and other health-related concerns. It’s always essential to consult with a veterinarian before introducing any new supplements to your pet’s regimen.

Most customers report positive experiences with no adverse side effects. In our experience, our dogs had no issues. However, a friend whose dog tried their CBD oil had stomach issues. Ther treats had no adverse effect on any of of our dog testers. However, as with any supplement, it’s essential to monitor your pet and consult with a veterinarian regarding any concerns.

Medterra CBD For Pets Review — Conclusion & Alternatives

After our hands-on tests and in-depth research on Medterra, we feel confident recommending it to anyone seeking a high-quality CBD brand that might aid their dog with anxiety, chronic pain, or other concerns. It’s essential to remember that CBD isn’t medicine, and you should always consult with your veterinarian before administering it to your pet.

Due to Medterra’s use of CBD isolate, potential users miss out on the benefits of other cannabinoids, many of which bring their health advantages. This limitation is, in our opinion, the sole downside. We hope that Medterra will introduce full-spectrum alternatives for those wanting to benefit from the entourage effect.

To compare Medterra with other top-tier full-spectrum brands, consider reading our article on the best CBD oils for dogs. We’re fond of Medterra’s affordability and its mission to make CBD accessible to all pets. Their commitment to third-party lab testing underscores their dedication to transparency and safety.

Our reviews of the best CBD chews for dogs might be helpful for those seeking a wider selection in the treat category.

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