Best Pet Insurance For Yorkshire Terriers [2023 Review]

yorkshire terrier pet insurance

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This is the most comprehensive guide to finding the best pet insurance for Yorkshire Terriers.

Many Yorkie owners wonder if pet insurance is worth it. They may have heard horror stories about people who have had to euthanize their pets because they could not afford the expensive vet bills. But is pet insurance as bad as all that? Or is it an excellent way to protect your furry friend in an emergency? This blog post will look at both sides of the argument and help you decide if pet insurance is right for you and your Yorkie.

We also help you pick the right pet insurance for Yorkies and provide insights into accidents and veterinary expenses you may incur as a Yorkie owner to help you understand if you need coverage. Let’s take a look.

The Best Pet Insurance For Yorkshire Terriers

Here are Canine Bible’s top picks for the best pet insurance for Yorkshire Terriers

You can click this link to go to the reviews, but we encourage you to keep reading to make a more educated decision about getting pet insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier.

What Is Pet Yorkshire Terrier Insurance?

Getting pet insurance for your Yorkie dog is equivalent to getting health insurance for yourself. Pet Insurance is designed to reimburse dog owners for unexpected veterinary expenses and related fees, giving them peace of mind and protecting their savings.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost For Yorkshire Terriers?

Yorkshire Terrier’s dog insurance prices will be based on your pet’s pre-existing health conditions, gender, age, location, and other factors.

Keep in mind rising vet costs due to technological advances and an increasing number of claims in your location, which can increase your monthly payment. For instance, if your Yorkshire Terrier is quoted at $45 per month today, that price is subject to change.

We compared quotes for plans for Yorkshire Terriers with three popular pet insurance providers to help you find the best fit for you in terms of monthly premiums and coverage. We chose three Yorkshire Terriers at different stages in their life.

  • An adult Yorkshire Terrier (5 years old)
  • A young Yorkshire Terrier (1-year-old)
  • A puppy Yorkshire Terrier (3 months old).

Check out our Pet Insurance Comparison table for Yorkshire Terriers below.

Pet Insurance Quotes For Yorkshire Terriers

CompanyDeductibleReimbursementAnnual Reimbursement LimitMonthly PriceLocationGenderBreedAge
Healthy Paws$50070%Unlimited$41.28California
(zip Code: 90011)
MaleYorkshire Terrier5 years
(zip Code: 90011)
MaleYorkshire Terrier5 years
Spot Pet Insurance$50070%Unlimited$73.30California
(zip Code: 90011)
MaleYorkshire Terrier5 years
Healthy Paws$50080%Unlimited$24.12Iowa
(zip code:50613)
FemaleYorkshire Terrier1 year
(zip code:50613)
FemaleYorkshire Terrier1 year
Spot Pet Insurance$50080%Unlimited$39.89Iowa
(zip code:50613)
FemaleYorkshire Terrier1 year
Healthy Paws$50070%Unlimited$21.02New Jersey
(Zip Code: 07303)
FemaleYorkshire Terrier3 months
Lemonade$50070%$100,000$20.86New Jersey
(Zip Code: 07303)
FemaleYorkshire Terrier3 months
Spot Pet Insurance$50070%Unlimited$47.37New Jersey
(Zip Code: 07303)
FemaleYorkshire Terrier3 months

How Much Can You Expect to Pay For Yorkshire Terrier Canine Insurance?

If you get Pet Insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier, you can expect to pay between $20 to $73 per month. Depending on where you live, what deductible, and the reimbursement percentage you choose, you may spend more or less.

NOTE: The quotes we ran were for dogs with no pre-existing conditions. All quotes are from December 2022

Is Pet insurance For Yorkshire Terriers Worth it?

The Yorkshire Terrier is a popular pet breed with a high price tag for vet bills. With the right pet insurance in place, you can breathe easy knowing your furry friend is covered in an emergency. Yorkie insurance is a good idea if you want to protect your dog and your finances in case of an accident. The insurer will reimburse you 70% to 90% of the vet bill (depending on your plan).

Here are three main reasons you should consider getting pet insurance for your Yorkie.

1. Avoid Deciding Between Your Wallet And Your Yorkshire Terrier

USA Today reports that many dog owners have made the terrible decision to euthanize their pups because they didn’t have the money to pay for surgery or treatment.[1] Pet insurance allows you to seek medical care for your sick or injured Yorkshire Terrier without worrying about hurting your finances.

On average, the most common dog treatments cost $252.75, while a more severe and common condition in Yorkshire Terrier, like Portosystemic Shunts, can cost between $2,000 – $6,000 to diagnose and treat.[2]

2. Pet Insurance For Yorkshire Terrier Accidents

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, nearly 70% of households in the U.S. own a pet, and it’s estimated that 1 in 3 will need emergency veterinary treatment every year. So, how does that translate to Yorkshire Terrier numbers?

A recent survey found that roughly 90 million dogs live in the United States.[3] So, unfortunately, 33% (1 in 3) of Yorkshire Terriers may need emergency care this year. This could lead to massive vet bills. In fact, the average cost of unexpected veterinary care for dogs is between $250 to $8,000, says Healthy Paws in a recent report.[4] Sadly, only 61 percent of Americans cannot cover a $1,000 emergency.[5]

A good pet insurance plan will cover most of the vet costs as most pet insurance policies reimburse up to 80% (some go up to 90%) of total vet expenses after deductibles.

3. Common Health Issues For Yorkshire Terriers

The following table shows the most common health conditions Yorkshire Terriers are likely to develop.

We also include the level of risk (susceptibility to each health condition) and how much you are expected to pay.

ConditionRiskCost to Diagnose and Treat
Patellar LuxationHigh$1500-$3000
Portosystemic ShuntsHigh$2000-$6000
Legg-Calve-Perthes DiseaseHigh$1000-$3000
HypoglycemiaMediumSurgery or medication $100-$8000
Progressive Retinal AtrophyHighVarious
Collapsed TracheaLowDiagnostics or medication $30-$2000
Surgery $2000-$5000 (Addional)
Dental DiseaseMedium$300-$700
DiabetesLow$30-$150 per month

Data Source: Embrace, Walwalking & PetMD.

Other Reasons To Get Dog Insurance For Your

  • Delivers peace of mind
  • Can cover your pet’s hereditary condition
  • Avoid veterinary rising cost
  • Can help you find your missing/stolen pet
  • Can cover third-party liabilities
  • Helps you save money

Pro Tip: If you know your dog breed is prone to develop certain health issues, we highly recommend getting a pet insurance policy when your dog is still healthy. If your dog does develop chronic conditions down the road, you’re guaranteed reimbursement for these issues throughout your dog’s life.

Pet Insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier can spare you financial trouble. Chronic health conditions, emergencies, and vet visits can rack up costs throughout your Yorkshire Terrier’s life.

Best Pet Insurance For Yorkshire Terriers

Here are Canine Bible’s top picks for the best pet insurance for Yorkshire Terriers.

We’ve reviewed each company based on specific breed needs, customer reviews, affordability, and other factors to help you choose the right company and coverage for your Yorkshire Terrier.

Best Overall — Healthy Paws

Our rating: 4.8

We named Healthy Paws our best overall pet insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier for its comprehensive coverage, pricing, availability, and customer service. There are no caps on payouts when you file a claim under a Healthy Paws insurance plan. A Healthy Paws insurance plan may cover accidents, illnesses, cancer, emergency care, genetic conditions, and alternative care.

They have competitive premium prices. We ran a quote for a healthy Yorkshire Terrier at a $500 deductible, with 70% coverage. Depending on your location, pet’s age, and other factors, you can expect to pay between $21 and $41.

With Healthy Paws, you can start protecting your Yorkshire Terrier at eight weeks old. You can protect them from anything like a pesky bee sting to parvo.

Once you pay your deductible, there is no limit on the amount your policy can reimburse you. It also has fewer coverage exclusions compared to many competitors. Healthy Paws states that they pay 99% of claims in two days.


  • You can submit your claim online or via their app
  • Pet are eligible for coverage when they travel with you in the U.S. or Canada (up to 3 months)
  • BBB Rating: A+
  • Great email response time
  • Direct deposit or check reimbursement
  • No limit to how many claims you can make


  • 15-day waiting period for accident and illness
  • Doesn’t cover veterinary exam fees and behavioral therapies
  • No wellness plan
  • There is a one-time enrollment fee of $25
  • Can’t enroll pets over 4 years old in N.Y.

Best Value — Lemonade Pet Insurance

Our rating: 4.7

Lemonade offers excellent pet insurance coverage for your Yorkshire Terrier at the most affordable price. While your monthly premium cost will vary by location, pet’s age, gender, and other factors, Lemonade premiums usually start at just $10 a month, the lowest in the industry.

To estimate your monthly premium, we ran a few quotes for a healthy Yorkshire Terrier at a $500 deductible and 70%, 80%, and 90% coverage. Based on our research, you can expect to pay between $20 and $29.

We love that Lemonade is tech-forward, making it easy to manage your policy and file claims through an app. Their plans cover accidents and illnesses, including injuries, poisonings, broken bones, sprains, infections, general sicknesses, cancer, heart disease, hip dysplasia, hernias, skin conditions and more.

They also offer several add-ons to help pet owners pay for exam fees, physical therapy, and preventive care costs.


  • Coverage starts at $5 per month
  • Provides a mobile app and website chat function
  • Giveback program donates unused policy money to charities
  • Waiting period of 2 days for accidents, which is shorter than many competitors
  • Preventive care treatments for puppies and kittens under 2 years old
  • 10% discount for bundling your policy with Lemonade home insurance or renters insurance


  • Doesn’t offer coverage for pets over 14 years old

Most Customizable Plans — Spot Insurance

Our rating: 4.7

Spot Pet Insurance is ideal for Yorkshire Terrier dog owners who want a variety of ways to customize their policy. Spot offers seven annual limit options, three reimbursement levels, and five annual deductibles. They offer the lowest deductible in the industry ($100), meaning that when your Yorkshire Terrier gets sick, you pay less upfront before your plan starts paying. With so many customization options, this company it’s our top pick for finding a plan for meeting your specific financial needs and those of your pet.

Spot’s policies also cover some items, such as exam fees and microchipping, that many other pet insurance providers don’t offer. They also have one of the cheapest plans for accident-only coverage, making it perfect for pet owners who only need minimal coverage.

If you sign up with Spot Pet Insurance, based on our research, you can expect to pay between $39 and $73, but prices may vary depending on your location, Yorkshire Terrier’s age, and other factors.

Spot covers you when your Yorkshire Terrier gets hurt unexpectedly from tooth extractions to torn ligaments. They can also cover Portosystemic Shunts treatment, which Yorkshire Terriers are prone to, as long as they were diagnosed after coverage.


  • Low $100 deductible is available
  • Has seven options for coverage limits
  • Multipet discount of 10%
  • Two optional wellness plans are available
  • Has a 24/7 pet telehealth line


  • The waiting period for accident coverage is 14 days
  • Does not cover prescription pet food
  • Limited knee and ligament coverage (bilateral condition policies)

Great For Pre-Existing Conditions

If your Yorkshire Terrier suffers from a curable pre-existing condition Embrace Pet Insurance is your best choice! Most pet insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions, but Embrace distinguishes between curable and incurable pre-existing conditions. They can cover curable conditions after 12 months of symptoms and are treatment-free.

Yorkshire Terrier Average Vet Bill Cost (Healthy Vet Visits vs Emergencies)

Are you wondering how much you would have to pay out of pocket for regular vet visits and emergencies? Here is a breakdown of the average price for both.

If you don’t have insurance, you will likely pay similar amounts for either visit.

Healthy Vet Visits

  • Puppy vaccinations: $75-100
  • Flea & tick prevention: $40-200
  • Heartworm prevention: $24-120
  • Spay or neuter surgery: $200-800
  • Annual exam: $240-600
  • Teeth cleaning: $200-500
  • Microchip: $40

Emergency Vet Visits

  • General consultation/exam: $100-$150
  • General bloodwork: $80-200
  • X-rays: $150-$250
  • Ultrasound: $300-$600
  • 1-2 day hospitalization: $600-$1,700
  • 3-5 day hospitalization: $1,500-$3,500
  • Wound treatment & repair: $800-$1,500
  • Emergency surgery: $800-$2,500
  • Oxygen therapy: $500

Pet Insurance For Yorkshire Terriers Puppy

Should you get pet insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

Here are the top reasons you should consider Yorkshire Terrier puppy insurance.

  • Lower Premiums. Younger pets are cheaper to insure than their older counterparts. Because pet insurance rates are based on age, breed and location, your premium is lower with puppies.
  • Covering Future Conditions. If you know your dog breed is predisposed to certain health issues, it’s best to insure your puppy before he shows any symptoms or is diagnosed with an illness or issue. Most pet insurance providers won’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, if your puppy develops one (i.e., cancer, allergies, diabetes) when insured, your pet insurance company will cover the cost and any future expenses.
  • Puppies Get In Trouble. Yorkshire Terrier puppies eat, chew, and lick almost anything. They are more prone to suffer from accidents and bacteria and virus infections.
  • Puppy Vet Bills. When you get a puppy for the first time, there are a lot of expenses associated with raising a puppy — from toys and food to vet-related costs. In fact, 81% of pet parents spend up to $500 on vet visits in the first year of having a puppy. While the upfront costs for first-year pet ownership typically cost over $1,000, says the ASPCA.

Types of Pet Insurance Coverage

What does pet insurance cover? It depends on your plan. There are two main types of pet insurance plans.

  • Accident Plans: Covers accident-related medical care such as ingestion of foreign objects, poisoning, or if your Yorkshire Terrier was hit by a car.
  • Illness Plans: Coves unexpected sickness, disease, and any changes to your dog’s normal healthy state (i.e., allergies and cancer)

You can sign up for 1 or 2 (or both), but this will mostly depend on your Yorkshire Terrier’s needs and finances. Most pet insurance companies nowadays offer a single plan that includes accidents and illness.

In addition to that, pet insurance providers also offer wellness plans, also known as “routine” or “preventative.” care plans. It covers most routine vet visits, such as vaccinations. A wellness plan is not pet insurance.

The Most Common Items Covered Per Type of Pet Insurance

Accident CoverageIllness CoverageWellness Coverage
Broken bonesObesityFlea, tick and worm treatments
Torn ligamentsUTIsRabies
Bite woundsCancerMicrochip
InjuriesDigestive Issues
teeth cleaning
Routine testing
Eye InjuriesVomiting and diarrheaAnnual exams
Snake BiteArthritisSpay and neuter
Toxin food ingestionParasitesUrinalysis (ERD)

*i. Not all pet insurance companies offer wellness plans. ii. Coverage items will depend and vary depending on the company and plan you choose.

What Does Pet Insurance Not Cover?

Pet insurance doesn’t cover it all!

When buying Pet Insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier, you’ll need to carefully review the different plans to see what isn’t covered.

Most pet insurance policies exclude the following:

  • Grooming
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Unrelated veterinary services
  • Behavioral training, therapy, or treatment 
  • Breeding and pregnancy
  • Dog food or dietary or nutritional supplements
  • Boarding and transportation

This exclusion will vary depending on your pet insurance company and plan.

Tip: Please always read your policy. Request the complete list of exclusions before getting pet insurance. This will ensure your Yorkshire Terrier is fully covered by the plan you pick and help you avoid surprises down the road.

How Do I Pick The Right Dog Insurance For My Yorkshire Terrier?

Here are eight tips to help you choose the best pet insurance policy for your Yorkshire Terrier.

  • Compare the coverage under each plan with your Yorkshire Terrier’s specific health concerns.
  • Research what illnesses are prevalent in your dog’s breed and pick your plan accordingly (Use our table above for the most common Yorkshire Terrier health issues).
  • Speak with your veterinarian about your dog’s aging health concerns.
  • Pick a plan based on the right cost and coverage benefits, not price alone.
  • Obtain at least three quotes based on the information you provide about your Yorkshire Terrier’s age, health, gender, and needs.
  • The earlier you sign your Yorkshire Terrier for pet insurance, typically means lower the monthly premiums.
  •  Evaluate and pick the monthly premium, deductibles, and reimbursement amount that best fits your needs.
  • Narrow down your choices with our recommended top 3 providers.

Pet Insurance For Yorkies —  Conclusion

If you are still unsure if getting Yorkshire Terrier pet insurance is the right decision, consider these points.

First, consider how much money you could save on vet bills by having insurance. Second, weigh the cost of the monthly premiums against your potential out-of-pocket costs should something happen to your dog. Finally, ask yourself how much peace of mind you would get from knowing that your beloved pup was protected no matter what happened.

If, after considering all of this, you decide that getting pet insurance is the best for you and your Yorkie, we encourage you to do so! And don’t forget to always read the fine print for any exclusion, waiting periods, reimbursement details, and everything we discussed above.

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[1] USA Today, [2] Value Penguin, [3] Washington Post, [4] Healthy Paws Report, [5] CNBC

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