Best Dog Beds For Bulldogs 2023: Optimal Sleep & Wellness (By Category)

best bulldog beds

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This is the most comprehensive guide to finding the best Bulldog beds and learning about the importance of picking the right bed for your canine friend.

Bulldogs, just like people, have different needs when it comes to a comfortable place to sleep. While the most obvious factor when choosing a bed for bulldogs is size, you should consider their health issues, personality, agility, weather, and other needs.

We’ve narrowed down the options into different categories according to the most common Bulldog needs to make it easier for you to find the best beds for English Bulldogs based on our dog bed reviews research.

Our Top Picks For Best Bulldog Beds

Here is a quick overview of just three of our top picks (by category) for the best dog beds for bulldogs.

You can click here to go straight to our bulldog bed reviews, but we encourage you to read the first few sections of this article to make a more educated decision when buying your Bulldog’s bed.

Casper Dog Bed

Best Overall

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PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Best For Puppy

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Coolaroo Dog Bed

Best Raised

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Understand the importance of Bulldogs

The Importance of The Right Bed In Bulldogs

If your Bulldog sleeps with you in your bed or is allowed to crash on the couch, he still needs his bed.

Dog and human sleep cycles differ, which can affect the quality of sleep for both.

Picking the right bed for your Bulldog friend is vital, especially if they suffer from hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other joint issues. Providing your pup with a supportive bed will help them get a better night’s sleep.

Dr. Joan C. Hendricks, the Gilbert S. Khan Dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, says Bulldogs are more prone to sleep apnea, a condition where they temporarily stop breathing, causing their bodies to jolt them awake to take a breath. Sleep apnea is common in short-nosed breeds like Bulldogs due to an ailment known as Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome, which makes breathing difficult.1

If that’s the case for your Bulldog, it is best to get a hypoallergenic bed, dust mite resistant, with no toxic allergenic or cedar filling. A bed with these qualities will provide a sleeping environment that will not worsen your Bulldog’s breathing condition.

If you have a Bulldog snoring loudly and frequently and sleepier during the day, there’s a good chance he is suffering from sleep apnea.

Also, consider where you live and your dog’s physical condition. A Bulldog who lives in a warm climate may not want to sleep in one of those cozy cave beds, and an older Bulldog with hip dysplasia or arthritis will not be fond of raised dog beds.

Young bulldog puppies benefit from a waterproof bed as potty accidents are bound to happen.

A good bed will promote good sleep. And this important why? According to a study published in a 2017 edition of Scientific Reports found that good rest, sleep helps with a dog’s brain development, memory, and learning capacity, as well as his immune system.2,3

Hendricks adds that “sleep-deprived animals and people are more prone to infections.”

Now you know why choosing the right dog bed for your English Bulldog is vital!

How to Choose The Right Dog Bed For Bulldogs

Here are the top things to consider when buying a dog bed for your Bulldog.

The Size

Typically, Bulldogs have an average height of 14 to 15 inches and can weigh 40 to 50 pounds. A good measure of scale is to get a dog bed that is 2 and 2.5 times the size of your Bulldog. A perfect size bed will allow your dog to roll over while dreaming without falling off.

For instance, let’s say your Bulldog stands 13 inches tall. Multiplying by 2 gives you 26 inches. Multiplying by 2.5 gives you 32.5 inches. Look for a dog bed that falls within the 26” -32.5” size bracket. This bed size should provide ample space for your dog. 

Be sure to take an individual measurement of your pet’s size and weight before choosing a dog bed.

Health & Needs

The best dog bed for your Bulldog would accommodate the dog’s health conditions and needs.

Unfortunately, Bulldogs have a list of ailments. First, their thick, low-slung bodies, broad shoulders, and narrow hips make bulldogs prone to hip dysplasia, an inherited disease that causes the joints to develop improperly and results in arthritis and makes it difficult for them to get around. As puppies, they may also develop a problem known as osteochondritis dissecans or OCD.4,5

You need to consider these potential health risks when getting a bed. Consider a bed made of materials that provide extra support, like human-grade/orthopedic foam. This type of foam can keep your pet’s joints comfortable.


How often do you return home to find that your Bulldog has chewed up your couch or pillows? Bulldogs can be serious chewers. If this is your dog, it’s essential to buy a bed made from sturdy materials which feature high-quality seams. It might be ideal for you to check our guide on the best indestructible dog beds if you have a power chewer at home. 


Pick a material that makes sense for your dog’s needs. Waterproof beds are ideal if puppies or senior dogs with incontinence.

If your Bulldog is a smelly one, cedar-filled beds are great for repelling foul odors. Make sure the foam provides proper support to their body from the hard floor. Look for memory foam, composite foam, and textile-based materials stuffing. Cotton or polyfill materials do not survive for long under the weight of dogs and do not provide the necessary support to their body.

Remember, Bulldogs are brachycephalic. On hot days, it’s advised they sleep on a cool, comfortable surface. This breed has trouble breathing, so they have a low tolerance for vigorous exercise, making them prone to heat exhaustion and heatstroke.6 Because Bulldogs tend to overheat, it’s ideal to find a bed that keeps them cool.

Thickness & Non-Skid Bottom

Look for beds that are at least four inches to support a Bulldog’s weight and body shape. It must have a sturdy filling and decent thickness inside to withstand the English Bulldog weight. To avoid your Bulldog slipping off the bed when jumping in and out of bed, a no-skid bottom (i.e., rubber mat) dog bed is recommended.

Ease of Cleaning

There are several reasons you want to pick a bed for Bulldogs with easy cleaning features.

For starters, Bulldogs shed moderately. Consequently, you will need to clean up a lot of dog hair from his bed. 

Bulldogs also tend to sleep with their tongues out. These behaviors are associated with an overbite or underbite, a common issue in this breed. The tongue can also hang out while Bulldogs sleep because they snore and have trouble breathing. Regardless, this causes drooling as they doze, which can get your Bulldog’s bed dirty.

Easy-to-wipe surfaces will also cut down on the number of wash cycles needed. Aim for machine-washable beds.

Sleeping Patterns (Shape)

Bulldogs might sleep on their backs, sides, or on their stomachs. Choose a bed shape that supports your pet’s preferred sleeping position. For example, if your Bully likes to curl up, he might prefer a donut bed, while those who sprawl may choose a flatbed. 

Reason & Beefits Of Getting The Right Bulldog Bed

So, why get a bulldog bed?

  • Support Bulldog’s current health condition
  • Improve sleep
  • Provide his personal space to unwind and sleep
  • Comfortable sleep
  • Support joints amd maximize comfort
  • Avoid couch or bed sleeping
  • Avoid bed-related injuries
  • Keep home furniture in good condition
  • Helps with breathing diffuclties

It’s your responsibility as a pet owner to provide your pet with a supportive and safe bed.

English Bulldog Bed Size

The correct bed dimensions for a Bulldog bed are based on your dog’s size. English Bulldogs tend to measure between 14-15 inches. If we multiply the Bulldog’s height (15”) times 2 and 2.5, we get 30” & 37.5” respectively. A dog bed within these measurements or higher will be an excellent fit for your Bulldog pet.

You now have an idea of the type of bed your Bulldog needs. So, what are the best bulldog beds? Let’s find out!

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Our review of the best beds for Bulldogs

Best Dog Beds For Bulldogs Reviews

Here we review the best dog bed types for your Bulldog based on various factors: health, sensitivity, special needs, and more!

Best Overall Dog Bed For Bulldogs

When buying a comfortable bed for your English Bulldog, look no further than the Casper Plush Memory Foam Dog Bed.

It’s designed by the same engineering team behind all of Casper’s sleep products, so it’s basically a human-grade mattress for Bulldog. It has a machine washable cover, and the zippers are hidden so your pup won’t be able to chew on them.

Made with one of the strongest bonded microfibers similar to those are used in performance footwear, no matter how rough your Bulldog plays, he won’t be able to rip through Casper’s cover.

Casper created this dog bed based on extensive dog-centered research to create a sleep environment that caters to canines’ natural behaviors. You probably didn’t know, but dogs instinctively scratch or dig before laying down. This is why this bed has excess material on top that mimics the sensation of pawing at loose earth. So dig in, doggies.

It won’t sink, slump, or sag over time. This is one comfortable dog bed your Bulldog will love to sleep in and take their toys to enjoy them!

  • Designed and assembled in the USA.
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam
  • Supportive foam bolsters
  • Durable and rip-resistant
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Fur slobber-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine washable
  • A little expensive

Best Dog Beds For English Bulldog Puppy

Are you looking for the best Bulldog puppy bed?

PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed features a solid four-inch memory foam base with supportive bolsters to give your English Bulldog puppy a safe, cozy spot to rest.

It’s durable yet simple to clean with an anti-tear cover that can be easily spot cleaned or thrown into the washing machine. It’s waterproof, so potty accidents won’t ruin this puppy bed. Its soft and cozy microplush resting area provides extra warmth and comfort Bulldog puppies need.

They use premium materials, including Certi-PUR-US memory foam with no mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and ozone depleters. These toxin-free materials create the safest environment for puppies to sleep in.

Furthermore, the cover fabric is certified as ‘skin contact safe,’ which is excellent for protecting a puppy’s soft skin and delicate coat.

It comes in three colors and four sizes.

  • Memory foam base
  • Waterproof liner
  • Polyfill bolsters for extra support and comfort
  • Durable cotton and polyester twill cover
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-tear outer covering
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Passes European REACH safety standards
  • Removable and machine washable cover

    Best Raised Dog Bed For Bulldogs

    Elevated or raised dog beds provide great advantages such as protection from the hot or cold dirty floor.

    The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo is our favorite choice for raised Bulldog beds.

    Its off-the-ground design promotes and increases air flow on all sides of the bed as your dog sleeps. This is perfect if your Bulldog tends to overheat or you live in a super warm or cold weathered area. This bed elevates your dog more than 7 in. off the ground keeping your best friend cool or toasty depending on the season.

    The suspended platform provides added comfort by creating low-impact areas to pressure points and joints. It uses 100% GREENGAURD certified recyclable lead- and phthalate-free fabric for a healthier environment but flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant for optimal health.

    If your Bulldog loves the outdoors, a raised dog bed is a great way to keep him elevated off the dirty ground, mud, or wet grass.

    These are easy to clean, and it has excellent durability thanks to a strong powder-coated steel frame. It has great customer reviews.

    • Breathable fabric
    • No hot spots thanks to a polyethylene (HDPE) fabric
    • Flea, mite, mold, and mildew resistant
    • Easy to wash and maintain
    • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
    • Great value
    • Eco-friendly
    • Assembles in minutes

      Best Orthopedic Bulldog Bed (For Elderly, Arthritis Or Joint Pain)

      This dog bed is designed with hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint pain, muscle stiffness, old age, and other mobility concerns in mind.

      Many Bulldogs face the same health problems as humans as they age, especially when it comes to sore, arthritic bones. Barkbox Memory Foam Orthopedic Joint Relief Dog Bed is perfect for Bulldogs with any of the conditions mentioned above.

      It features 3 inches, and it features a high-quality, high-density gel memory foam to create the perfect pressure point relief for your aging pup, especially those with arthritis, recovering from surgery, or suffering from other mobility issues. This pet bed will not flatten over time.

      If your Bulldog is elderly and more prone to bladder leakage, this dog bed has two layers of protective covering. The inner layer protects the mattress with a waterproof cover. The outer layer is made of faux suede, which is easily removable for cleaning.

      It comes in seven different colors. It has great customer reviews, and some users report excellent durability. Every bed comes with a free toy because your Bulldog likes to play just as hard as he sleeps.

      • Waterproof orthopedic bed
      • Non-slip bottoms
      • Pressure-relief gel memory foam
      • Ultra-plush
      • Helps with hip dysplasia, arthritis, and muscle stiffness
      • More restful sleep for your dog
      • Non-allergenic materials
      • FREE toy included in the box
      • Machine washable

        Best Dog Bed For Bulldogs With Anxiety

        Furhaven Pet Calming Donut Dog Bed is an excellent option for anxious Bulldogs.

        This dog bed nesting design provides breathable warmth and creates a sense of security for better sleep, promoting better health and behavior.

        Its sunken interior provides the ultimate comfort, nesting your Bulldog in delightfully cozy snuggles while creating a calm space that soothes anxiety and promotes a deeper and more restorative sleep for your English Bulldog.

        The sleeping area is luxuriously plush with a thick vegan faux hair fabric that makes it soft to the touch and perfect for snuggling.

        It also features a raised fluffy cushion for orthopedic support, high-loft comfort, and vegan wool that is soft on snouts and paws. It’s fully washable.

        • Calming long faux fur
        • Machine washable
        • 90-day limited coverage against material defects
        • 60-Day Worry-Free Program
        • Able to add more stuffing as needed
        • Non-skid surface
        • Not suitable for dogs with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior

        Best Dog Bed For Bulldogs With Allergies

        Dealing with an allergic Bulldog can be tricky, and before getting a bed, it’s essential to determine the source of your dog’s allergies.

        You want a Bulldog bed made with a fabric that does not harbor allergens like pollen, mold, and/or dust mites that may have come from the dog’s fur coat or paws. 

        For a Bulldog with allergies, we recommend a hypoallergenic dog bed cover, like Teton Dog’s DIY Cover.

        This cover lets you stuff it with non-toxic, hypoallergenic fillings such as pillows, towels, or whatever works best for your Bulldog for a bed as fluffy and full as your dog likes. The cover protects whatever you put inside, and the contents never need washing, never get dirty, smelly, or wet.

        It’s also a great hypoallergenic replacement cover or waterproof liner for your current dog bed.

        Made of 100% waterproof Nanopore fabric, it acts as an impenetrable barrier against dirt, dust, mites, and fleas.

        • Waterproof cover
        • Lets you create your own dog bed
        • Made in the USA
        • NanoPore fabrics
        • Removable zippered cover and machine washable
        • Dries at any temperature
        • Fast shipping 2-day priority mail at no additional cost
        • Not for chronic chewers

        Best For Bad Dog Odor

        If you have a smelly Bulldog or can’t stand dog odor in your dog’s bed and house, the Camouflage & Khaki Dog Bed could be just what you need.

        The foam core of this dog contains fragrant cedar shavings for odor control, making the bed naturally resistant to odors and mildew to keep your pet and family healthy.

        It’s odorous and can cut down the dog odor in your house and your dog’s body odor. This dog bed features a durable, water-resistant cover. Fiber-filled for supreme comfort.

        Dogs with allergies don’t go well with cedar-filled beds. Otherwise, they’re a great way to keep your home odor-free.

        • 100% recycled polyester fiber fill
        • Contains fragrant cedar shavings for odor control
        • Easy to clean
        • Water-resistant indoor outdoor dog bed

          Best Bulldog Bed For Small Spaces

          If you live in an apartment or a small condo, chances are you striving for space in your home and need a compact bed for your Bulldog friend.

          A corner tent bed like Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dog is a fantastic option to save space because it fits where most furniture items don’t, using unused space.

          It’s made with faux suede, corduroy, and soft poly-foam lining that molds to your Bulldog’s favorite position every time, providing a comfy but strong bed.

          It comes with a cuddle-inducing pillow, and it’s easy to assemble and disassemble for travel.

          • Plush tent
          • Great for space-saving
          • Stylish and blends great with décor
          • Cozy doggy house
          • Creates a sense of privacy and security
          • Machine washable
          • Durable

            Best Bulldog Dog Bed Ramp

            As you may have noticed, Bulldogs are not the most agile dogs, and they can’t jump on and off your bed as other dogs would.

            A dog bed ramp-like PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp will help your Bulldog get up on the bed or sofa all by themselves to improve quality time together.

            These bulldog stairs for bed are strong and independently tested, and rated to support pets up to 120 lb. The surface is made of a ribbed heavy-duty carpet that provides a sure footing and prevents sliding for added safety.

            Whether you like to have your Bulldog sleeping on your bed or provide easy access to your bed for cuddling time, this bed ramp can help dogs and their owners live happily together.

            It comes with a cuddle-inducing pillow, and it’s easy to assemble and disassemble for travel.

            • Cherry, wood finish adds a decorative element to any home
            • Provide a gentle climbing angle
            • Compact to fit alongside a bed
            • Easy to assemble
            • Clean with wood polish and carpet cleaner
            • For dogs up to 120 pounds

              Best Winter Bulldog Bed

              The Snoozer Luxury Cozy Cave Pet Bed is the perfect winter dog bed for your Bulldog.

              This hooded bed envelopes your dog in Sherpa fabric to keep them feeling warm during those winter months.

              It’s filled with a cedar/poly mixture for extreme overstuffed coziness, while the Sherpa-covered hood wraps your dog in warmth and comfort. This bed features an orthopedic foam insert for extra support and the sturdy stability of orthopedic foam, allowing older or injured pets to climb in and out of their cave easily.

              It’s also great for dogs who love to dig and burrow under the blankets. Its interior fabric will keep your Bulldog warm throughout the year.

              • Microsuede exterior
              • Sherpa interior
              • Machine-washable cover
              • Cedar/poly fill for added comfort
              • Rust proof brass zipper
              • Available in a variety of fabric options

                Best Eco Friendly Bulldog Bed (Recycled Materials)

                If you are an eco-friendly Bulldog owner, purchasing only earth-friendly products is a priority.

                P.L.A.Y. Eco-Friendly Dog Bed is your best choice for dog beds available that are made from recyclable materials. It offers an optimum amount of high-loft fiber for softness and support.

                It’s manufactured from recycled plastic bottles and built to last and contribute towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.

                Chapter 3

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                Bulldog beds in-depth information & FAQs

                Bed Set For Bulldog Owner

                We’ve discussed the best bed for English Bulldogs, but what about the bulldog owner?

                If you love Bulldogs as much as we do, your bed would not be complete without a bulldog bedding set from Ambesonne English Bulldog Duvet Cover Set and bulldog bed sheets like the ones from Deep Pocket Sheets Bulldog Multi 😉

                Video: Bulldog Puppy Loves His New Bed

                This happens when you get your Bulldog the right bed, LOL!

                Watch how the adorable little furry dude reacts after stepping into it for the first time.

                Bulldog Beds & Sleep Frequently Asked Questions

                These are some of the most common questions. Bulldog owners have about their pet’s beds and sleep.

                Why Do Bulldogs Sleep so Much?

                If you noticed your Bulldog sleeping in bed a lot, that is partly because of their nature and health. These dogs are not built to be in constant motion or do extraneous activities due to their body structure. They need to lounge regularly to recover their energy.

                Another factor that plays into their sleeping habits is the common breathing health issues associated with brachycephalic dog breeds, which may cause sleep apnea in Bulldogs.

                Apnea causes them to stop breathing and prevents them from entering deep. This means Bulldogs with sleep apnea are even harder to wake up, and they’re also generally sleepier during the day.

                What Is The Best Bed For An English Bulldog?

                You need to consider your pet’s needs when selecting a bed. Choosing the right bed type depends on many factors, such as your Bulldog’s age, health, and behavior. However, generally, Bulldogs should use an orthopedic dog bed that features memory foam, raised bolsters to help with sleep, and hypoallergenic removable covers to avoid allergy issues.

                How Much Do English Bulldogs Sleep?

                Compared to other breeds, English Bulldogs are more sedentary. The average English Bulldog sleeps 12-14 hours a day. A senior or adult dog may sleep more than this, particularly if they are older.

                What Size Bed Does An English Bulldog Need?

                Bulldogs do well with large or extra-large pet beds. Bulldog puppies may need a smaller bed.

                Raised Or No Raised Bolster?

                Bolster dog beds can elevate your dog’s head while sleeping, helping him breathe more easily and snore less. Your dog’s nasal passages and throat can be more open when he sleeps with his head propped up. 

                Keep Your Bulldog’s Bed Comfort & Health In Mind

                We hope this guide helped you find the right bed for your Bulldog!

                When shopping for dog beds, there is no one-size-fits-all. Bulldogs and compared to different dog breeds have different needs, as do Bulldog puppies and senior bulldogs.

                Be sure to keep in mind your Bulldog’s sleeping style, health, climate, age, and other variables that will affect the type of bed you buy.

                Remember, just like when you choose a mattress for yourself, you’ll want to consider what makes your Bulldog most comfortable, mainly because this breed tends to sleep more than the average dog and has health issues.

                Sources & References: [1] PetMD, [2] Scientific American, [3] Scientific Report, [4] Smithsonian Magazine, [5] Carson Vet, [6] Hill’s Pet

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