Teacup Dog Price: How Much Teacup Puppies Costs?

teacup dog price

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If you want to buy a teacup puppy, you probably wonder about the costs involved: ‘How much do teacup puppies cost?’ ‘How much does a teacup dog cost to raise?’ and ‘Why are teacup dogs so expensive?'”

Teacup dog prices can be steep, and several factors contribute to this. From the rarity of the breed and the color of their coat to the breeder’s reputation and the geographical location where they are purchased — Our team put together this guide to give you insights into why teacup dogs command such high prices. Whether you’re a serious buyer or a curious enthusiast, we will provide comprehensive information on teacup puppy costs to help you understand the financial commitment before getting a teacup dog. Let’s go!

How Much Are Teacup Puppies?

The price for teacup puppies generally ranges from $750 to $10,000, with some particularly sought-after breeds or those from award-winning lineages possibly commanding prices even higher than this range. However, It’s not uncommon for rare colors or unique breed mixes to increase the cost further.

Not all teacup breeds are priced equally. Some, like the teacup Yorkshire Terrier or the teacup Chihuahua, might be more affordable due to their popularity and availability. Others, such as the teacup Maltese or the teacup Pomeranian, can command higher prices because of their perceived rarity and the high demand among enthusiasts.

It’s possible to find teacup puppies priced as low as $300 these days. However, a lower price might be a red flag as the cost of raising healthy teacups is much larger for breeds. Conversely, a high price tag does not guarantee a healthy teacup dog. In both cases, you should question the breeder’s methodology and how the teacups are bred and raised.

A reputable teacup breeder should provide health records for the puppy and its parents, a pedigree certificate, vaccination records, and registration details, and allow for a full veterinary examination. The absence of these could be a red flag.

Teacup Puppy Price By Breed

The Canine Bible team researched the pricing of the most popular teacup dog breeds to provide an accurate range of what to expect in terms of costs. Below, we outline the anticipated price by breed when purchasing from a reputable breeder.

  • Teacup Chihuahua ($3000 – $7000)
  • Teacup Maltese ($3000 – $6000)
  • Teacup Pomeranian ($5000 – $8500)
  • Teacup Poodle ($5000 – $6800)
  • Teacup Pug ($1,900 – $6,000)
  • Teacup Shih-Tzu ($3500 – $9000)
  • Teacup Silky Terrier ($1,800 – $5,600)
  • Teacup Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) ($4500 – $10000)
  • Teacup Beagle ($1,500 – $2,500)
  • Teacup Dachshund ($6000)
  • Teacup Cavalier ($1200 – $3800)
  • Teacup Pekingese ($750 – $3000)
  • Teacup Maltipoo ($2500 – $5000)
  • Teacup Pomsky ($1000 – $3000)
  • Teacup French Bulldog ($5000 – $10000)
  • Teacup Morkie ($2800 – $4500)
  • Teacup Russian Toy ($1200)
  • Teacup Brussels Griffon ($2500 – $4000)
  • Teacup Japanese Chin ($1,500 – $2,500)

Cheapest Teacup Dog Breeds

Based on our research, teacup beagles, teacup chihuahuas, teacup silky terriers, and teacup Pomskies are among the more affordable teacup dogs. While it’s possible to find teacup puppies for under $500, we urge potential buyers to exercise caution when dealing with breeders offering these dogs at such low prices.

Factors Affecting Teacup Puppy Price

BloodlineTeacup dog prices can increase significantly if the teacup puppy descends from a distinguished purebred line.
Unethical breedingSome breeders may engage in unethical practices, such as inbreeding or selecting unhealthy dogs for breeding, which can lead to a shorter and compromised life for the puppies. As a result, teacup puppies from these breeders may be sold at lower prices. This is often true with cross-bred ‘designer’ dogs or teacup varieties.
Health care and veterinary billsTeacup puppies that have received vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchipping, and other initial veterinary care may be more expensive. Breeders who offer extensive health guarantees may price their puppies higher.
Breed-specific traitsUnique or sought-after coat colors and types can increase a puppy’s price.
Breeder practicesReputable breeders who invest in proper care, including appropriate nutrition. Comprehensive health checks and ethical breeding will typically charge more for their teacup puppies.
Breed rarity and popularityPopular breeds or rare color patterns in high demand can drive up prices. Some breeds are less common or have rare teacup varieties, making them more expensive.
Size and expected adult weightThe smaller the dog, especially those that are expected to be on the lower end of the teacup scale, the higher the price can be due to the specialized breeding required.
Pedigree and certificationPuppies that come with official registrations or pedigrees can be pricier.
Teacup agePrices may be higher for very young puppies due to increased demand.

Teacup Puppy Ownership Cost

When considering the purchase of a teacup puppy, it’s essential to understand that the initial purchase price is just one part of the overall cost of ownership.

Additional costs can include veterinary care, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, microchipping, supplies such as beds, harnesses, and food, and ongoing expenses like grooming, health check-ups, and potential breed-specific health issues.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, the average cost for the first year of raising small dogs amounts to $2,674. In contrast, the lifetime cost is estimated to be $23,410.[1] However, the costs associated with raising a teacup dog may be higher than those for standard-sized dogs, largely due to the unique health issues these miniature breeds face.

Teacup Price Breakdown

A breakdown of the average initial teacup expenses

$750 – $10,000
Teacup purchase price
$350 – $550
Initial vet visits (check-up, microchipping, deworming & flea prevention)
$300 – $400
Essential supplies (bedding, food,
toys & other supplies)
$400 – $650
Vaccinations, spaying
& neutering

The Price of Teacup Health

Unfortunately, teacup puppies are prone to several health problems and accidents due to their small organs and delicate structures, which can drive up the cost of ownership.

Teacup puppies, due to their size and breeding, can be prone to sudden or chronic health issues that require immediate veterinary attention, including hypoglycemia, respiratory problems, and heart defects. The likelihood of a teacup dog surviving an accident, such as a fall from furniture or your arms or an encounter with a larger pet, is lower than that of a regular-sized dog due to their fragile frames being more susceptible to injuries leading to emergencies.

Even a minor drop or fall can result in fatal injuries for teacups. They are also at risk of being stepped on or sat upon, which can lead to life-threatening situations.

In most cases, teacups require specialized veterinary and sensitive diagnostic and treatment approaches, which can be more expensive.

Owners of teacup dogs need to be prepared for the possibility of high veterinary bills. They should consider setting aside a budget or obtaining pet insurance that covers these potential health issues.

Where to Buy Teacup Puppies?

You have two main options for acquiring a teacup puppy: adoption or purchase from a breeder.

Rescue Shelters

We recommend starting with local animal shelters or teacup dog rescue organizations. Online communities, such as Facebook groups, can also be a resource. While teacup dogs are rarely available for free, opportunities can occasionally arise.

Teacup Puppy Breeders

Look for specialized local dog shops and breeders in your community.

Online Marketplaces

There are several reputable breeders where you can find teacup puppies for sale online. Some popular online teacup marketplaces include Rolly Teacup Puppies & Teacup Puppies & Boutique. Our top choices for finding teacup puppies for sale are Pawrade and PuppySpot. These platforms offer pre-screened teacup puppies from U.S.-based reputable breeders that prioritize safe, fraud-free transactions and are committed to the puppies’ welfare. They follow a strict breeder code of ethics, rejecting any association with unethical breeders or puppy mills. They are also dedicated to ensuring every teacup puppy is healthy and nurtured with exceptional care and affection. They also offer competitive pricing for their teacup puppies.

Should I Buy A Teacup Puppy?

While teacup puppies are adorable and can be a loving addition to your home, they also come with unique challenges and responsibilities, including the extra care necessary for their overall health and well-being.

Teacup dogs might not suit individuals with busy schedules or numerous commitments. Their fragile nature makes them incompatible with small children, who may inadvertently cause them harm.

Teacup dogs are not fashion accessories or toys. They require substantial amounts of work, love, and care.

Veronica Perry, a rescue and foster coordinator at East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California, highlights their vulnerability: “They have tiny little hearts and tiny little lungs. Their lifespans tend to be shorter.” Additionally, Wendy Higgins, Director of International Media at Humane Society International, reminds us that “Despite their small size, teacup puppies have a huge capacity for suffering.”

While we do not support the teacup puppy industry, we acknowledge its existence and aim to provide you with the necessary information to make an educated decision regarding teacup dog ownership. Should you welcome a teacup dog into your home, you must be fully committed and ready to cater to their needs for a fulfilling life. Remember, no dog thrives when treated as an object.

How to Avoid Teacup Dog Scams

Given that these micro-sized puppies are often sold for high prices, it’s common to encounter scam websites and sellers. If you’re considering purchasing a dog marketed as a “teacup” puppy, it’s crucial to proceed with extreme caution.

To safeguard yourself against scams, consider taking these steps:

  • Vet the vendor. Examine the seller’s website and social media profiles carefully. Look for verifiable contact information and a physical company address. Confirm these by calling or, if possible, visiting in person.
  • Demand authenticity. Request high-quality photos and videos of the teacup puppy to ensure they’re not using generic images.
  • Document verification. Ask for health records, pedigree documentation, and vaccination histories for the puppy and its parents. A refusal or inability to provide these documents is a significant red flag.
  • Size matters. Compare the normal size for the breed as established by the AKC with the size of the teacup puppy’s parents and the puppy itself.
  • Virtual meet-and-greet Insist on a video call to see the puppy live, which can help confirm its condition and existence.
  • Payment precautions. Avoid sending any payment before you have received the puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teacup Yorkies are priced between $4,500 to $10,000

You can find rolly teacups as low as $500 and as high as $10,000 or more.

Prices for a teacup Bichon Frise start at around $3,500.

Prices for a miniature Samoyed are between $600 and $1500.

Prices for a teacup Shih Tzu start at around $3,500 and can go as high as $9,000.

Teacup Puppy Price — Conclusion

Teacup dog prices are typically high. You should also keep in mind the ongoing expenses related to their health and well-being often add a substantial amount over time. Teacup dogs are a significant financial investment, with costs that can represent a financial challenge for most dog owners.

Moreover, it’s not just the financial aspect that should be considered; the ethical implications and the long-term commitment to a pet with potentially numerous health issues are serious factors to weigh. If you’ve decided to purchase a teacup dog, exercise due diligence and consult with a veterinarian for any concerns related to your puppy’s health.

If you’re considering a teacup dog, it’s vital to think beyond the initial teacup puppy price and understand the full scope of what you’re undertaking. Ensure that you are prepared for both the expected and the unforeseen costs. You should not view teacup dogs as toys or accessories for showing off. These dogs require more than monetary investment; they need your time, attention, and care.

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