Green Roads Dog CBD Oil Reviews [2022] – Large Drops Tested

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This the most comprehensive review on Green Roads pet CBD oil for dogs.

We tested Green Roads’ pet CBD on one of our dogs to help you make more thought-out and informed purchasing decisions for this CBD company.

Here is a detailed account of our dog’s experience with the product as well as insights, ingredient quality, beneficial results, taste, effectiveness, and other determinants you should know before getting Green Roads CBD for your pet. Let’s dive right in!

Top Green Roads Pet CBD Oils

Green Roads CBD drops

Small Dogs

Green Roads CBD drops

Medium Dogs

Green Roads CBD drops

Large Dogs


Get to know Green Roads

What Is Green Roads CBD?

Based out of Florida, Green Roads has 8 years in the CBD industry. The company is ranked as the largest privately-owned CBD company in the U.S., according to the Brightfield Research Group. Today, Green Roads CBD products are sold in over 10,000 retail locations.

Laura Fuentes, the CEO, and co-founder, is a medical professional who spent more than two decades as a licensed compounding pharmacist before starting Green Roads. “We look at our end-user as patients, not as customers,” Fuentes says. “Which translates into a different level of commitment when it comes to product quality and customer care.”

Green Road’s goal is to formulate CBD products for therapeutic purposes to help every person find the healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.

Ingredient Sourcing And Manufacturing

Green Roads sources hemp plants grown within the U.S., primarily from Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. The company only partners with American farms that exceed the definition of industrial hemp via the U.S. 2018 Farm Bill, maintain high standards and implement the best practices in hemp cultivation.

The manufacturing arm of Green Roads is Clarity Labs LLC, based in Florida. They recently received the permit to be an official Over the Counter (OTC) products manufacturer by the Florida Department of Business and Regulation. This means Clarity Labs’ equipment, safety standards, staff certifications, and testing methods must all meet the FDA’s rigorous requirements to keep this permit.

Green Road Pet CBD Ingredients

Here is a list of the ingredients that make up all of Green Roads CBD products for pets.

  • Hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD extract
  • Hemp seed oil
  • MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil)
  • Terpenes

Green Roads Certificate Of Analysis (Lab Sheet Pet CBD)

We like that Green Roads third-party tests every batch to ensure purity, potency, and safety.

They make it really simple for customers to validate that what’s actually on the label of the product (i.e CBD content, THC, etc) is accurate.

We only had to scan the QR code on the packaging with our phone to view the lab results for our specific product. We verified the lab results for accuracy, and here is what we found.

*Analysis report performed by Kaycha Labs on July 27, 2020 & Oct 14, 2020 (Terpenes only)

  • The product has the expected amount of CBD
  • Non-detectable levels of THC
  • Tested for unwanted or harmful substances like pesticides, metals, solvents, or microbial. None detected!
  • According to its analysis report, it does not contain any other cannabinoids, so it technically isn’t a “broad spectrum” CBD oil.

For a more detailed lab result analysis, below you will find Green Roads’ Lab Sheets for the Medium Dog Drops product.

Green Road Dog CBD Drops Formulas & Pricing

Here are the different Green Roads CBD pet formulas that this company offers.

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil For Small Dogs Review

Product overview.

  • Ideal for small dogs under 15lbs
  • Broad Spectrum
  • 60mg CBD in 30ml bottle (2mg CBD per 1ml)
  • Price: $19.99

Green Roads CBD drops for small dogs is a great source of support if your small pal gets jittery over trips to the vet, new house guests, or scary thunderstorms. These drops are ideal if your small dog struggles with tired joints and limbs and other challenges related to aging.

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil For Medium Dogs Review

Product overview.

  • Ideal for medium-sized dogs 15-50lbs
  • 210mg CBD in 30ml bottle (7mg CBD per 1ml)
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Price: $39.99

Green Roads CBD drops for medium dogs is perfect for supporting your medium-sized dog through stressful moments like long car rides, thunderstorms, or trips to the vet. These drops are also a great way to add additional support to the troubles that creep up on dogs in their later years.

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil Large Dogs Review

Product overview.

  • Broad Spectrum
  • Ideal for large dogs dogs over 50lbs
  • 600mg CBD in 30ml bottle (20mg CBD per 1ml)
  • Price: $59.99

Green Roads CBD drops for large dogs are among the best CBD oils for dogs and a great way to support your large dog through stressful moments like airplane rides, thunderstorms, vet visits, or age-related challenges. 

Green Roads Pet CBD Oil For Cats Review

Product overview.

  • Ideal for cats
  • Broad-spectrum
  • 60mg CBD in 30ml bottle – 2mg CBD per 1ml
  • Price: $19.99

Great Roads CBD drops for cats offers cats a way to get relief from stressful moments like long car rides, thunderstorms, or trips to the vet. Their CBD oil for cats can also serve as added support to aging-related challenges for your pet. 

Green Roads CBD Dog Dosage

CBD dosing can be hard to get right at first as there is no official dosing standard, and every manufacturer is unique in its dosing guidelines. To learn all about CBD dosing, check out our guide.

Here’s the lowdown on Green Roads’ dosing suggestions for their pet CBD products.

Getting Started

This is what Green Roads says on the box about getting started with CBD and your pet.

  • For dogs under 15lbs, give 1ml of the small dog formula
  • For dogs, 15 to 50 lbs give 1ml. of the medium dog formula
  • For dogs over 50 lbs, give 1ml. of the large formula

Administer orally using supplied measuring tool.

Pro Tip: If your pet is new to CBD, we recommend starting with half (50%) the recommended amount and increasing from there. Always talk to your vet first. However, some pets may require more CBD. Increasing the amount of CBD is acceptable but do so slowly over time.

Green Road Pet CBD Pros & Cons

  • Independent lab-tested
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Easy to digest
  • COA results available for every package
  • Colorado-grown hemp (100% organic)
  • Great customer reviews
  • Available for dogs and cats
  • Discounts available
  • Variety of potencies
  • Solvent-free CO2 extraction
  • Pesticide-free and non-GMO
  • Vegan, gluten, and soy-free
  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • Thousands of great customer reviews
  • You can only get a 30-day money-back return if your product is unopened

Key Features

  • Full spectrum CBD (contains CBD)
  • Formulated by a pharmaceutical team (under the guidance of a licensed compounding pharmacist)
  • Tests all of the raw materials to make sure they are safe, top-quality ingredients in our formulations (See lab results above)
  • Offers several different oils geared toward specific dog sizes (and for cats)

Green Roads CBD is an award winning hemp product company.

Green Roads Dog CBD Coupon

Use this link to take advantage of the best offers from Green Roads.


Our personal experience with Green Roads dog CBD oil drops

Green Roads Dog CBD Oil Reviews

Green Roads sent us a free bottle of their CBD oil for medium dogs to test out on our pooch.

Here’s our unbiased Green Road CBD oil for dogs review.

Dog Reviewer

Meet Emmie, our canine reviewer friend.

Dog Profile

Name: Emmie
Age: 4.5
Gender: Female
Breed: Brittany
Weight: 30 lbs
Health Concerns: Anxiety
Personality: She is an angel

Ordering & Delivery

The ordering process is pretty straight forward. Simply select the product of your choice, enter your shipping and payment information and you are good to go.

After placing your order, you will receive a follow-up email order confirmation followed by another email with the tracking information and delivery date once your package had been shipped out. Our order took about 4 days to arrive.

Green Roads works with all major shipping carriers. They pick the shipping company that’s best suited to ship to your location so you so can receive your purchases as soon as possible. Shipping is free for orders over $50.


Green Roads packing was really nice overall. You can tell all the items (starting from the box to the bottle) are made from high-quality materials. Everything was labeled and well organized.

Here is what we found in the box:

  • 1 30ml bottle of CBD oil (210mg)
  • Instructions and direction manual
  • Syringe
  • Scratch off coupon
  • Shipping label
  • A nice message

Emmie was super happy and excited to receive her package of CBD products from Green Roads.

Feeding Time & Experience (Video)

We tested out Green Roads CBD drops on our furry friend Emmie to see if she would find it beneficial.

We kept an eye out for any signs of health improvements, adverse effect, and overall wellbeing. Here are the results.

Emmie’s Experience

“My dog Emmie’s started using Green Road CBD drop for dogs a little over a month ago. Emmie was about 3.5 years old ago when she was battling anxiety, digestive issues, and food allergies. Emmie had tried every ‘calming’ treat on Amazon that I could and even melatonin. Nothing worked. But, within minutes, about 10-15 minutes, of receiving her first dose, Emmie was laying on my bed calmer than ever, she even took a nap, lol. It was amazing. I only use CBD when we have a big storm, fireworks or when I leave her alone at home. She is calmer and a happier pup for sure.

Emmie has also experienced tummy troubles and allergic reactions which made her nauseous and sometimes vomit. We are grateful that we haven’t seen any form of gastrointestinal distress since we started on CBD.

I started out on a very low dose to make sure Emmie didn’t have any side effects and gradually built up to the recommended dosage. We could tell that it was helping relieve Emmie’s problems.

It gives me peace of mind that we can help her with anxiety with an all-natural product. I have it ready to go and would recommend it to anyone!

Check out the unboxing and Emmie’s first experience trying Green Roads CBD oil.

Customer Service

From our personal experience, Green Roads has great customer service. Every time we contacted them regarding their products, we received a timely response.

We also tested Green Road’s customer service by having a few of our dog owner friends inquire about Green Road’s CBD dog oil through email, phone, and chat to gauge their responsiveness and attentiveness. Overall, our pet parents were more than satisfied with the attention.

Furthermore, their website provides an array of options for disabled customers. We found that pretty outstanding!


Green Roads, tips, FAQs & more.

Customer Reviews

Positive Reviews

“I’ve tried multiple types of CBD for my dog. This is the only one that has had a substantial effect on him. I had to use a higher dose, which I did so in very small increments and very carefully, to see a difference. Which does make us a pretty expensive option. However, it has really helped him to be calmer and able to handle stressful situations.” – Hallie F. Verified Buyer

My Aussie is very high strung and perpetually anxious. One thing she does all night long is chase lights and shadows. I was about to take her to a very pricey canine behaviorist when a friend suggested CBD oil. I bought some from Green Roads and instantly noticed a change. She’s still silly and a little anxious, but much calmer. She no longer runs around the house jumping on the furniture or walls trying to get lights 😂 so that’s a major improvement. But what I love the most is that she’s still the same Zoe. I’m glad I didn’t have to go with something that would alter her mood more. I’ve recommended it to several others. It tastes good, and she seems to like it. I give my 40 lb Aussie about 1 mL and not every day. My Husky doesn’t need any but wants what the other has so I give her a teeny tiny drop for a dose. I’ve never been super brand loyal but I just ordered more, 4 more bottles in fact!” – Amanda M. Verified Buyer

Negative Reviews

“Been using this for about a month now. Our 11-year-old Pembroke Corgi was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy last year in August ‘18. He’s always had mild anxiety issues with driving or fireworks. Now with a progressive disease that’s slowly leaving him lame in the hindquarters, I am searching for something to help ease those issues and the new ones that come with a loss of mobility. So far, there has been no obvious change with a 1ml two times a day dosage. We are very active in his care and are hopeful we will find something that helps.” – Meghan F.Verified Buyer

“I’ve tried CBD dog treats and oils. They all seem to have the same effect on him, terrible dog farts. He also doesn’t like the taste.” – Doralee M.Verified Buyer

Overall, upon a visual survey of customer satisfaction for Green Roads, the positive reviews by far outweigh the negative. Out of the thousands of reviews submitted by real Green Road customers (on Green Roads, Trustpilot & review platforms combined), more than 90% are positive reviews. 

Other Products

Green Roads not only offers CBD products for pets but also for award winning CBD product for people including:

  • CBD oils
  • CBD edibles gummies
  • CBD topicals creams
  • CBD capsules and softgels
  • See all products

Alternatives To Green Roads CBD Oil For Dogs

Overall, Green Roads gets excellent reviews from pet parents for the high quality and effectiveness of their CBD products.

They offer by far the best value for your money without sacrificing quality. We love that they third-party lab test for everything. That’s a huge plus for transparency and safety. If you are looking for Green Roads CBD dog treats, unfortunately, they don’t carry CBD treats but you can find the CBD chews in our reviews of best dog CBD treats.

We feel confident recommending Green Roads’ dog CBD products to anyone looking for a high-quality CBD brand. If you want to compare other high-quality options, read our best CBD oils for dogs article.

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