Dog Treat Jars: Best Containers & Canisters 2024 [Reviews & Picks]

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While keeping your dog’s favorite treats in their original packaging is fine, it’s not a viable option for long-term storage, storing treats in bulk, or ensuring dog treats remain fresh, delicious, crisp and safe to consume. But with so many dog-treat container options out there, how do you know where to start in your search? Right here!

This is the ultimate guide to finding the best dog treat jars (also known as dog treat containers or dog treat canisters). We have curated a list of the best pet treat storage containers and provided reviews to help you find the best product for your needs. We also cover the different types of containers and factors to consider before picking one. Let’s dive right in!

Best Dog Treat Jars — At A Glance

The Research
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Canine Bible has tested and rated thousands of dog products, including dog treat jars, to help you make better buying decisions. Read our editorial mission. This specific review article was written by the research team at Canine Bible, passionate and experienced dog experts and enthusiasts. All content has been fact-checked and reviewed by our veterinary review board. For a deeper understanding of dog treats jars, our writers and editorial team have referenced and cited peer-reviewed studies and insights from industry thought leaders.

To generate a list of our top 14 dog treat jars, several of our testers and their dogs evaluated various dog treat jar brands in The Canine Bible Lab and at home to see how they performed in key areas, including design, functionality, material quality, seal effectiveness, and overall value (read our product research review methodology for more details on how we test items). We also consulted with specialists for their insights on features to look for.

Here’s how we tested within five performance categories.

Design: The first attribute we tested for was design. Testers examined the aesthetics and attractiveness of each dog treat jar, noting unique features, colors, and shapes. Jars that had appealing designs and complemented various home decors received a high rating for this attribute.

Functionality: Functionality is essential when choosing the right dog treat jar. Testers evaluated how easy it was to open, close, and access treats from each jar. Jars that allowed for smooth operation and were user-friendly received high scores for this category.

Material quality: To determine the quality of materials used in each jar, we inspected for durability, sturdiness, and the type of material (e.g., glass, ceramic, plastic). Jars made of high-quality, long-lasting materials without any harmful substances received a high rating for this attribute.

Seal effectiveness: Testers checked the effectiveness of the jar’s seal to ensure that it kept the treats fresh and prevented any pests or contaminants from entering. Jars with tight-sealing lids that maintained treat freshness received a high score for this attribute.

Overall value: After rating the above attributes, testers considered the price of each dog treat jar and determined if the product offered good value for money. Jars that provided excellent functionality and design at a reasonable price received a high score for value.

How We Rated The Best Human-Grade Dog Foods

4.8 to 5 stars: These are the best dog treat jars we tested. We recommend them without reservation. They excel in design, functionality, material quality, seal effectiveness, price value, customer feedback, and our personal experience.

4.5 to 4.7 stars: These dog treat jars are excellent—they might have minor flaws, such as slightly higher prices or less availability, but we still highly recommend them for storing your pet’s treats.

4.0 to 4.4 stars: We think these are great dog treat jars, but others are better. They meet most of the criteria for a high-quality jar, but they might lack in certain areas like design uniqueness or seal effectiveness.

3.5 to 3.9 stars: These dog treat jars are just average. They fulfill the basic requirements but may have issues like less appealing design, less sturdy materials, or seals that aren’t as effective.

3.4 and below: We don’t recommend dog treat jars with this rating; you won’t find any on our list. They have multiple areas of concern, such as poor design, inferior material quality, ineffective seals, or negative customer feedback and experiences.

We crafted this article on the best dog treat jars to offer dog owners in-depth, meticulously researched, and reliable information. Our aim is to guide you in making knowledgeable choices about dog treat jar selections and assist you in identifying the top dog treat jar brands.

What Is A Dog Treat Jar?

A dog treat jar is a specialized container designed specifically for storing dog treats. Its primary function is to keep treats fresh, protected, and easily accessible. Dog treat jars come in many materials, shapes, and sizes.

Dog treat jars come in many materials, shapes, and sizes.

A dog treat container will let you store any dog treat, from jerky treats and dog cookies to freeze-dried dog treats and dog biscuits. However, the functionality of your treat jar depends on its type.

Dog Treats Jar Types

There are various dog treat containers available. Here are some common ones

  • Ceramic dog treat jars. These are sturdy containers for your pup’s snacks. Many dog owners prefer them for their unique, often hand-crafted designs. They’re not just functional but also stylish, making them a favorite for those conscious of home decor.
  • Plastic dog treat jars. They are among the most durable types because they are less likely to break when dropped, thanks to their plastic construction. These storage solutions come in various sizes to fit most household cabinets. Ensure you choose jars made of PVA-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic.
  • Airtight dog treat jars. An airtight dog treat container has a lid that seals tightly, preventing any air exchange. Using such containers stops bacteria growth and blocks foreign substances from contaminating the treats, ensuring they stay fresh. These jars can be crafted from various materials.
  • Stainless steel dog treat jars. Stainless steel dog treat canisters are crafted from food-grade stainless steel with a long-lasting silicone seal to protect dog treats.

Why Get A Dog Treat Container?

Here are the main reasons you may consider buying a dog treat canister.

  • Lengthens dog treat shelf life
  • Keeps dog treats fresh
  • Great for long-term storage
  • Locks in odors
  • Prevents pests like rodents and ants from getting inside your dog’s treats
  • A more convenient way to store treats
  • Keeps treats safe from your dog
  • Space-saving move (avoid bulky original packaging)
  • Great if you buy treats in bulk
  • Perfect if you have multiple dogs with different treat needs
  • Better looking than treat plastic bags

How to Pick The Best Dog Treat Containers

Size and capacityThe size of a dog treat container should reflect the amount of treats you typically purchase for your dog and their consumption rate. Generally, larger dogs consume more treats, so if you have a big dog or multiple dogs or buy a month’s supply of treats at once, opt for a canister with a larger storage capacity.
MaterialsDog treat storage containers are commonly made from plastic, glass, ceramic and stainless steel.
Design and aestheticsChoose a design that complements your kitchen or wherever you keep the container. If you care about home decor, look for dog treat containers that look more aesthetically pleasing than keeping treats in their original plastic bag packaging.
Cleaning & maintenanceOpt for containers that are easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher, to ensure treats remain in a hygienic environment.
PortabilityIf you travel with your dog or need to move treats between locations, consider containers with sturdy handles or those designed for portability.
SealYou want as tight a seal as possible. This prevents moisture and bugs from getting in and spoiling your dog’s treats. The best options are airtight options like screwtops or gasket seals.
DurabilityGet a dog treat jar made from sturdy materials and durable. Among the most durable options include plastic or stainless steel treat jars. These do not break when dropped. On the other hand, ceramic and glass dog treat containers are more fragile materials that need to be handled with care. 
BudgetConsider your budget. High-quality dog treat jars might be costly. While the quality often corresponds with the price, several budget-friendly options are durable and of good quality.
SafetyEnsure the container material is free from harmful chemicals. If you choose a plastic treat jar, ensure it’s food-grade and BPA-free. BPA, short for “bisphenol A,” is a manufacturing chemical in some plastics. It’s an endocrine disrupter and can harm your dog’s health.

The Reviews
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Best Dog Treat Containers Review

Meet the best dog treat containers available in the market today.

We have a lot of dog treat jar ideas you can choose from below. Our top picks are ranked by category to help you find the one that best fits your needs.

1. Best Overall Dog Treat Container


Bone Dry

Who It’s For: Ieal for most pet owners seeking a blend of style, functionality and value.

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 6.5 inches

Capacity: 4.5 cups

Weight: 1.83 pounds

Seal: Airtight bamboo lid & silicone rim

Why we picked and recommended it: Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister is our top pick due to its stylish, functional design and excellent value for money. Crafted from ceramic, this lightweight dog treat container is efficient and easy to store. The bamboo lid allows treats to breathe, while the silicone rim effectively removes moisture, humidity, and pests.

What sets it apart from competitors: Its trendy lattice design, adorned with a paw print, seamlessly complements any home décor. To cater to diverse pet needs and blend effortlessly into various home styles, the collection offers a range of colors and timeless designs.

2. Best Plastic Dog Treat Container


Van Ness

Who It’s For: Perfect for pet owners who prioritize freshness and durability.

Material: BPA-free plastic

Dimensions: 6.13 x 5.5 x 8.25 inches

Capacity: 2 pounds

Weight: 6.2 oz

Seal: Fresh-tite

Why we picked and recommended it: Our top choice for the best plastic dog treat container is the Van Ness Pets Airtight Dog Treat Container. It’s manufactured in the USA and crafted from USDA-approved, BPA-free plastic, ensuring food safety. Its plastic composition offers durability and resistance to scratches. The flip-up bone lever makes it user-friendly, especially for those with limited manual dexterity. An added feature we appreciate is the Fresh-Tite Seal, which ensures treats remain fresh and moisture-free.

What sets it apart from competitors: Van Ness has been a trusted name in the industry for over 70 years, renowned for its high-quality products. The container’s transparent design is stylish and practical, allowing owners to gauge when a refill is due easily.

3. Best Ceramic Dog Treat Jar


Bone Dry

Who It’s For: Great for pet owners who value aesthetics alongside functionality and those who appreciate artisanal touches in their home decor.

Material: Stoneware, silicone & ceramic

Dimensions: 6.2 x 6.2 x 8 inches

Capacity: 1200 Milliliters

Weight: 3.24 pounds

Seal: Airtight silicone molded lid

Why we picked and recommended it: Rae Dunn Ceramic Cookie Jar earns our top recommendation as the best ceramic container for dog treats. This treat jar’s hand-crafted ceramic design is complemented by a molded lid featuring a silicone seal to ensure the freshness of dog treats. Cleaning is a breeze, as both the jar and lid are dishwasher-safe. Available in four distinct sizes and designs, its functional design and playful touch integrate into any kitchen ensemble.

What sets it apart from competitors: Crafted from food-safe materials, it ensures your dog’s treats are stored safely.

4. Best Airtight Dog Treat Container


Planetary Design

Who It’s For: Excellent for those who prioritize long-lasting freshness in their pet treats and those who appreciate innovative storage solutions.

Material: BPA-free plastic

Dimensions: 3 bin sizes of 4”, 7” & 10” bins

Capacity: 32 – 96 fluid ounces

Weight: 11 – 15 ounces

Seal: Airtight silicone molded lid

Why we picked and recommended it: Airscape Lite Pet takes the crown for the best airtight dog treat container. It’s crafted from durable, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic, ensuring longevity while resisting stains and scratches. While the container is dishwasher-safe, the lid is designed for hand washing to maintain integrity. Its robust sealing technology is perfect for storing pungent pet treats, effectively minimizing odors and deterring pests. The container’s square shape seamlessly fits into pantries, making it great for traveling. It comes in three versatile, stackable sizes available—small, medium and large—so you can choose the one that works for you.

What sets it apart from competitors: Its patented food-preserving technology makes it unique, ensuring treats remain fresh for longer. The container boasts a plunger lid that effectively removes and seals out air and humidity, coupled with a specialized two-way CO2 valve that further protects the treats’ freshness and flavor.

5. Cheapest Dog Treat Container



Who It’s For: This container is ideal for pet owners on a budget.

Material: Powder-coated steel

Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches

Capacity: 6 cups

Weight: 1.52 pounds

Seal: Airtight

Why we picked and recommended it: Quality doesn’t always come with a hefty price tag. The Outshine White Farmhouse Dog Treat Container stands out as a budget-friendly yet high-quality storage solution. Its value is further enhanced by including two dog cookie cutters, allowing you to craft special treats for your furry friend. Its spacious interior accommodates a box of medium-sized treats, 30 large milk bones, or up to 6 cups of goodies. Outshine’s confidence in their product is evident, offering a refund to any unsatisfied customers.

What sets it apart from competitors: Beyond its affordability, this dog treat canister brings a vintage charm to your kitchen counters with its stylish design. Constructed from durable powder-coated galvanized steel, it promises longevity. Its spacious interior accommodates a box of medium-sized treats, 30 large milk bones, or up to 6 cups of goodies.

6. Best Large Dog Treat Container



Who It’s For: This treat container is perfect for pet owners with a significant stock of dog treats.

Material: Food-grade, BPA-free plastic

Dimensions: Varies

Capacity: 15 – 80 pounds

Weight: Varies

Seal: Airtight threaded locking system

Why we picked and recommended it: Need a spacious solution for your abundant dog treats? The Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Pet Food Airtight Container is your answer. Available in a range of capacities, from 15 to 80 pounds, it’s designed to accommodate varying storage needs. Beyond its size, this container boasts a stackable design crafted from food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic, ensuring durability even in outdoor settings like garages and barns. The container originates in the USA and is made from premium, long-lasting materials.

What sets it apart from competitors: Its airtight engineering, complete with a spinning lid, threaded locking system, and double gaskets, guarantees freshness and shields contents from pests and external elements. Additional features include a measuring cup scoop for precise food portions and an efficient, elegantly designed square shape.

7. Best Glass Dog Treat Container


Amici Pet

Who It’s For: Recommended for pet owners who prioritize the elegance and charm of a glass design.

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 4.5 x 4.5 x 8.5 inches

Capacity: 28 & 56 ounces

Weight: 2.15 pounds

Seal: Airtight

Why we picked and recommended it: The Amici home Maxwell Canister stands out with its crystal-clear glass construction, complemented by a high-quality stainless-steel screw lid. This lid, equipped with a silicone ring seal, ensures treats remain fresh by keeping air out. Ideal for those desiring a blend of natural elegance and charm in their treat storage, this jar features adorable paw prints on its exterior. If you want a more stylish design, Arthur Court Dog Treat Jar vintage-inspired treat jars are works of glass, acacia wood and aluminum metal art.

What sets it apart from competitors: It holds a lot of treats without taking up too much space.

8. Modern Dog Treat Container


Barnyard Designs

Who It’s For: If you are looking for a modern dog treat jar container with a streamlined and sleek design, this is for you.

Material: ‎Ceramic

Dimensions: 5.25 x 5.25 x 9 inches

Capacity: 56 ounces

Weight: 2.64 pounds

Seal: Airtight lid with a silicone ring

Why we picked and recommended it: Barnyard Designs Dog Treat Jar stands out with its minimalist yet warm design, seamlessly integrating with various kitchen aesthetics, from countertops to flooring. Its rustic charm paired with a contemporary touch makes it both functional and decorative. Adorned with a vintage print, it’s not just a storage solution but also an attractive kitchen accessory. Whether it’s dog snacks or bones, this pet treat canister is versatile enough to store them all, making it an ideal biscuit holder or cookie jar.

What sets it apart from competitors: It has the perfect size for a doggie biscuit holder and a cookie jar. This dog treat container can be also hold dog food and treats. Other modern dog treat jars you might like are the Harmony Good Dog Ceramic Dog Treat Jar, Amici Pet Woofgang Metal Food Canister and the Milltown Merchants Dog Treat Jar.

9. Best Dog Treat Container For Walk


Paw Lifestyles

Who It’s For: A must-have if you like to take your pup on walks, runs, or do anything outdoorsy.

Material: Quickdraw

Dimensions: 7 x 2.5 x 5 inches

Capacity: 56 ounces

Weight: 5.9 oz

Seal: Zipper

Why we picked and recommended it: For active dog owners, the Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Pouch is an essential companion. Perfect for walks, runs, or any outdoor activity, its compact design can hold a generous amount of training treats. Beyond treats, its multiple external pockets and compartments are ideal for essentials like dog poop bags, training clickers, smartphones, money, or keys. The two zippered pouches and front mesh netting offer added storage versatility. Whether it’s puppy training classes, dog park visits, hikes, or camping trips, this pouch is a reliable companion.

What sets it apart from competitors: Crafted from weatherproof nylon, it ensures treats remain dry during those early morning adventures. Its lightweight design can be worn in three ways: via the removable 48″ adjustable waistband, the shoulder strap, or the sturdy metal belt clip.

10. Best Dog Treat Jar


HB Design Co

Who It’s For: Its beautiful design makes it ideal for those who appreciate finer details in home decor.

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 9.1 inches

Capacity: 83.5 ounces

Weight: 2.38 pounds

Seal: Airtight

Why we picked and recommended it: The HB Design Dog Treat Container stands out as a top choice for those in the market for dog treat jars. Its elegant white ceramic finish, adorned with subtle paw prints and a bone-shaped handle, complements any interior setting. Its spacious interior is designed for convenience and can accommodate over 10 cups of popular dog treats, allowing easy access. Perfect for various settings, from kitchens to offices, this treat jar serves its purpose and enhances the aesthetic appeal of its surroundings.

What sets it apart from competitors: Beyond aesthetics, this jar prioritizes functionality. Its robust construction is paired with an airtight rubber-lined ceramic lid, ensuring treats, whether hard, soft, or kibble, remain fresh and moisture-free.

11. Best Stainless Steel Dog Treat Container


Now Designs

Who It’s For: This canister is perfect for pet owners who prioritize durability

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 5x5x7 inches

Capacity: 83.5 ounces

Weight: 24 oz

Seal: None

Why we picked and recommended it: The Now Designs Dog Biscuits Tin is our top pick for the best stainless steel treat canisters. This dog treats canister features an attractive white base and matching black lid made from food-safe powder-coated galvanized steel. It provides plenty of storage space for dog biscuits, training treats, rawhides, or your pup’s favorite snack.

What sets it apart from competitors: The company has been in business for over 50 years, so you can expect superior designs, unsurpassed quality and workmanship when buying this dog treat storage container. 

Another option we love is the Amici Pet King Charles Dog Treats Canister. Its beautiful, functional hammered metal with copper plating looks stunning. Another fantastic alternative is the PetSteel Stainless Steel Treat Jar with a red lid.

12. Best Smart Dog Treat Container



Who It’s For: Tailored for tech-savvy pet owners who value connectivity with their pets, especially those who often find themselves away from home but still wish to interact with and treat their dogs.

Material: Not specified

Dimensions: 4.72 x 8.86 inches

Capacity: n/a

Weight: n/a

Seal: Bamboo lid & silicone rim

Why we picked and recommended it: The Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing Container is the perfect solution for dog owners who want to monitor and feed treats to their dogs while they are away. Designed to work best with treats about half an inch in diameter and aren’t prone to stickiness or crumbling, it serves as a convenient temporary treat storage. While its primary use is pet monitoring, it also holds sufficient treats for those times you’re away.

What sets it apart from competitors: Beyond just storage, Furbo offers an interactive experience. Our dog eagerly awaits the treats Furbo dispenses. The ability to communicate with our pet and reward her with her favorite treats via our phone adds a personal touch that sets Furbo apart.

13. Dog Treat Container Set



Who It’s For: This set is perfect for pet owners who want everything with a matching design.

Material: Wood, paper & metal

Dimensions: Varies

Capacity: Varies

Weight: Varies

Seal: Bamboo lid & silicone rim

Why we picked and recommended it: For those searching for a comprehensive dog treat container set, the Pethiy Dog Food & Treats Storage Tin Containers Set stands out. Its understated yet elegant design exudes classic luxury without being overly flashy. Their retro farmhouse design only adds to their vintage charm even if the paint chips. Built to last, they can withstand wear and tear and remain intact. Available in beige, white, and black, this set also includes a matching scoop, making treats and food dispensing a breeze.

What sets it apart from competitors: Crafted from robust carbon steel, this set boasts two containers, each complemented by a contemporary wooden lid. The larger “dog food” and the smaller “dog treats” containers strike a balance between portability and capacity, ensuring ample storage for your pet’s favorite treats and food.

14. Small Dog Treat Jar


Oregon Stoneware

Who It’s For: For dog owners with small dogs and small treat needs.

Material: Stoneware

Dimensions: 4 x 6.3 inches

Capacity: 2 cups

Weight: 1.75 pounds

Seal: n/a

Why we picked and recommended it: If you have a small dog, toy dog, or teacup pup – a small dog treat jar like Oregon Stoneware Studio Small Dog Treat Jar is your best option. Most small dogs do not consume many treats, so a jar like this is perfect for your tiny furry friend’s treats. This small artisan pottery dog treat is gorgeous and fancy-looking. It can hold plenty of little bite-sized treats. If you have a medium or larger dog but love this design, you can get a large version of this jar.

What sets it apart from competitors: It has a lead-free and food-safe glaze inside and out. It’s hand-crafted and embellished with pewter paw finial and “Good Dog!” hardware by Crosby and Taylor.

Other Mentions

Additional Information
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Personalized Dog Treat Jar

Here is a list of our favorite brands that offer personalized dog treat jars. These jars allow you to personalize your treat jar with your dog’s name or anything you want it to say and fill it with your dog’s favorite treats. Our favorites include

Dog Treat Jar Ideas

Looking for DIY dog treat jar ideas? We found a few for you to try at home.

Easy DIY Dog Treat Jar


  • 1 glass jar with a lid
  • 1 dog collar to fit around the neck of the jar to ensure the lid will still close
  • Small rawhide dog bone to use as decoration on top of the jar
  • Gel-based super glue
  • Spray paint the dog bone to match the metal on the dog collar
  • Chalkboard label
  • Chalk pen
  • Nudges Grillers Dog Treats


  • Place the dog collar around the neck of the jar and tighten it to fit snugly.
  • Spray paint the rawhide bone and allow it to dry according to the directions on the spray paint.
  • Once dry, use your gel-based super glue to adhere it to the lid of the glass jar. Follow instructions and let cure.
  • Place a chalkboard label on the front of your jar and write a saying of your choosing! I wrote “treat” and our dog’s name, “Max,” on mine.

Source: MustHaveMom

Dog Treat Jar DIY (Video)

Check out this video and learn the principles of making your dog treat jars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Dog Treat Containers — Conclusion & Alternatives

So, is a dog treat container worth it?

In short, yes. Your pup will appreciate the extra effort you put in to make their treats stay fresh, but you’ll also be helping to keep your home (and everything in it) a little bit cleaner. Win-win! Dog treat jars, or containers can eliminate the need for fiddling with a plastic dog treat packets.

Using a dog treat container always gives you peace of mind by knowing that it will not be stale every time you reach for a treat to give to your dog. It also means fewer messes for you to clean up.

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