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This is the ultimate guide to finding the best dog treat jars (aka dog treats containers or dog treat canisters).

While keeping your dog’s favorite treats in their original packaging is fine, it’s not a viable option for long-term storage, storing treats in bulk, or ensuring dog treats remain fresh, delicious, crisp and safe to consume. But with so many dog-treat container options out there, how do you know where to start in your search? Right here! We have curated a list of the top best pet treat storage containers and provided reviews to help you find a product that works best for your needs.

We also cover the different types of containers and factors to consider before picking one. Let’s dive right in! 

Best Dog Treat Container (Our Top Picks At Glance)

Here is a quick overview of just four of our top picks (by category) for the best dog treat containers. You can click here to go straight to the reviews.

Bone Dry
Best Overall

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Van Ness
Best Plastic

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Bone Dry
Best Ceramic

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Planetary Design
Best Airtight

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What Is A Dog Treat Jar?

A dog treat container is a storage solution to store your dog’s favorite snacks conveniently. A dog treat container will let you store any kind of dog treat, from jerky treats and dog cookies to freeze-dried dog treats and dog biscuits. Dog treat jars come in many materials, shapes, and sizes.

Dog Treats Jar Types

There are different dog treat containers on the market. Here are some of the most common ones.

  • Ceramic dog treat jars. Ceramic dog treat jars are a sturdy and durable way to store your pup’s snacks. Ceramic dog treats containers are among the most popular choices and often boast stylish, unique designs (many are hand-crafted)—a great option for dog owners who worry about home decor.
  • Plastic dog treat jars. These are lightweight dog treat containers. They are the most durable kind as they do not tend to break if dropped since they are made from plastic. Plastic pet treat storage solutions come in various sizes that fit most of your household cabinets. Look for plastic treat jars made of PVA-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free plastic.
  • Airtight dog treat jars. If a dog treat container is airtight, its lid fits so tightly that no air can get in or out. Storing dog treats in an airtight container prevents the growth of bacteria and entry of foreign substances that can contaminate the treats. They are great for preserving freshness. Airtight dog treat jars can be made of a variety of materials.
  • Stainless steel dog treat jars. Stainless Steel dog treat canisters are crafted from food-grade stainless steel with a long-lasting silicone seal to protect dog treats.

Why Get A Dog Treat Container? Dog Treat Jar Benefits

Here are the main reasons you may consider buying a dog treat canister.

  • Lengthens dog treat shelf life
  • Keeps dog treats fresh
  • Great for long-term storage
  • Locks in odors
  • Prevents pests like rodents and ants from getting inside your dog’s treats
  • A more convenient way to store treats
  • Keeps treats safe from your dog
  • Space-saving move (avoid bulky original packaging)
  • Great if you buy treats in bulk
  • Perfect if you have multiple dogs with different treat needs
  • Better looking than treat plastic bags

If you care about home decor, we love having dog treat containers. It makes our kitchen and pantry look more aesthetically pleasing than keeping treats in their original plastic bag packaging.

What To Look For In Dog Treat Containers

Important things to consider when buying a pet treat storage container.

1. Dimensions (size) and capacity. The size of dog treat containers depends upon how many treats you generally buy for your dog and how much they tend to eat. Typically larger dogs consume more treats, so choose a dog treat canister with a large storage capacity to fit all the treats, especially if you buy a whole month’s supply of dog treats in one go or have multiple dogs. A good tip is to add up the ounces on all the treat bags you have (or plan to buy) and find a dog treat jar that meets that requirement.

You should also consider how much space you have in your kitchen. Too large of a container may not find in your pantry.

2. Materials. Dog treat storage containers are commonly made from plastic, glass, ceramic and stainless steel. All are acceptable, but if you pick plastic, just be sure it’s food-grade and BPA-free. BPA is short for “bisphenol A,” a manufacturing chemical found in certain plastics. BPA is an endocrine disrupter that can be toxic to your dog’s health. You also want a material that’s easy to wash with soap and water.

3. Seal. You want as tight a seal as possible. This prevents moisture and bugs from getting in and spoiling your dog’s treats. The best options are airtight options like screw tops or gasket seals.

4. Durability. Get a dog treat jar made from sturdy materials and durable. Among the most durable options include plastic or stainless steel treat jars. These do not break when dropped. On the other hand, ceramic and glass dog treat containers are more fragile materials that need to be handled with care. 

5. Budget. Consider your finances. High-quality dog treat jars can cost anywhere between $30-100, even more at times. The better the quality of the dog treat jar, the more it will cost. However, several budget-friendly options are durable and of good quality.

Best Dog Treat Containers

Meet the best dog treat containers available in the market today.

We’ve based our ranking on different factors, including materials, price, size, materials and more. Our top picks are ranked by category to help you find the one that aligns best with your needs.

You have a lot of dog treat jar ideas to choose from below. Keep reading!

Best Overall Dog Treat Container

Bone Dry Lattice Collection Pet Bowl & Canister wins our top picks because of its stylish and functional design and excellent price. Made with ceramic, this lightweight dog treat container is efficient and easy to store. The bamboo lid allows the treats to breathe while the silicone rim helps keep out moisture, humidity, and pests. The trendy lattice design with paw print goes well with any home décor. To meet your pet’s needs and fit into any home style, their collections have a variety of colors and timeless designs.

Best Plastic Dog Treat Container

The medal for the best plastic dog treat container goes to Van Ness Pets Airtight Dog Treat Container. They use USDA-approved plastic made in the USA that is food safe and BPA-free. Plastic makes it durable and resistant to scratches, and thanks to its flip-up bone lever, it’s also easy to open—a huge plus for those with less manual dexterity. We love that the container is lined with a Fresh-Tite Seal to keep freshness and moisture out. Furthermore, the company has been in business for over 70 years and is known for its high-quality products. The transparent design allows an easy view of treats inside, so you know when it’s time to refill.

Best Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

Looking for the best dog treat ceramic container? Rae Dunn Ceramic Cookie Jar wins the top spot in this department.

This adorable storage container makes storing your next pet treat easy. The ceramic container has a molded lid with a silicone seal to keep your dog’s cookies fresh. It comes in four different sizes and designs that will fit right into any kitchen collection. We recommend this handcrafted dog treat cookie jar that seamlessly balances function and structure with a touch of whimsy and fun. It’s extremely easy to clean — the jar and lid can be thrown in the dishwasher. Using this jar to store your dog’s favorite essential foods is safe because it is made from food-safe materials. Not in the market for a dog treat canister yourself? It also makes a perfect housewarming gift for any dog owner. 

Best Airtight Dog Treat Container

Airscape Lite Pet takes the crown for the best airtight dog treat container. Why?

Unlike other airtight dog treat canisters, this brand features patented food-preserving technology for treat preservation. It has a plunger lid that removes and locks out air and humidity. It has a specialized two-way CO2 valve to preserve and protect freshness and flavor. There are three versatile, stackable sizes available—small, medium and large—so you can choose the one that works for you. It’s made from a durable, BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic container body that resists staining and scratching. The container can be washed in the dishwasher between refills, but the lid should be washed by hand. Its strong seal technology makes it great for storing intensely scented pet treats to minimize odors and keep critters away. It fits perfectly in any pantry, and its square share makes for a great travel container.

Best Value Dog Treat Container

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality dog treat storage container. Outshine White Farmhouse Dog Treat Container offers the best price for the size, capacity and features. Plus, when you buy it, you get two dog cookie cutters to make special dog cookies or dog biscuits for Fido, making it an even better deal.

Thanks to its awesome design, this dog treat canister accentuates your countertops with a touch of vintage charm. Thanks to its impressively durable powder-coated galvanized steel, it’s been crafted to last. This dog treat holder has enough room to hold a whole box of medium-sized treats, 30 large milk bones, or 6 cups. Outshine is so confident in its canister that they will refund you if you don’t like their treat canister.

Best Large Dog Treat Container

Do you have copious dog treats that require an extra large dog treat jar? Look no further than the Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Pet Food Airtight Container. It comes in five capacities, from 15 pounds to 80 pounds.

This dog treat and food container is stackable and made of food-grade, BPA-free HDPE plastic that won’t shatter if dropped and can be kept in garages, barns & outdoors. This product has an airtight Engineere spinning lid and a threaded locking system with double gaskets for freshness and controlled moisture making it difficult for pests or the elements to enter. It prevents dog treats from going bad. The storage containers are made in the USA with premium heavy-duty materials that will make them last for decades. It also comes with a measuring cup scoop to dole out precisely the amount of food you want. Its efficient square and elegantly designed style shape is also a plus.

Best Glass Dog Treat Container

What’s the best glass dog treat jar? The Amici home Maxwell Canister is constructed of crystal clear glass and a high stainless-steel screw lid with a silicone ring seal to keep air out for maximum freshness. This jar is great for dog owners looking for a natural or high-end look to store their dog treats. The paw prints on the outside give it a cute look, while the glass gives it an elegant look. They come in a 56 -ounce and 28-ounce capacity. The Maxwell Canister requires handwashing to maintain its beauty and functionality. It has excellent customer reviews, and dog owners love it.

If you want a more stylish design, Arthur Court Dog Treat Jar vintage-inspired treat jars are works of glass, acacia wood and aluminum metal art.

Modern Dog Treat Container

Are you looking for a modern dog treat jar container with a streamlined and sleek design?

Barnyard Designs Dog Treat Jar offers a minimalist design that can be warm and inviting that will blend with almost any surface material and finish selections in your kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. Its rustic appearance evokes a modern feel. It has a vintage look and print on the front, making it great for decoration and organization. You can store all sorts of dog snacks and bones in this decorative pet treat canister. It has the perfect size for a doggie biscuit holder and a cookie jar.

Other modern dog treat jars you might like are the Harmony Good Dog Ceramic Dog Treat Jar, Amici Pet Woofgang Metal Food Canister and the Milltown Merchants Dog Treat Jar.

Best Dog Treat Container For Walk

The Paw Lifestyles Dog Treat Pouch is a must-have if you like to take your pup on walks, runs, or do anything outdoorsy.

It has a compact design and holds generous amounts of dog training treats. It also has several external pockets and compartments that you can use for other items, such as dog poop bags and dog training clickers. You can even safely store your smartphone, money, or keys in the two zippered pouches or front mesh netting. This dog treat container for walks is lightweight and made from weatherproof nylon that keeps your dog treats dry while you go on those fun early morning walks with your dog. It can be worn in three different ways: using the removable 48″ adjustable waistband, removable shoulder strap, or strong metal belt clip. Plus, it’s great for puppy training classes, a trip to the dog park to train, socializing with other dogs, hikes, camping, or other adventures.

Best Dog Treat Jar

When shopping for dog treat jars, HB Design Dog Treat Container is one of our favorite options in this category. With its beautiful white ceramic finish, subtle dog paw prints, and a bone-shaped handle, this treat jar blends seamlessly into any décor. The container is large enough to hold all the most popular dog treats and it easily lets you reach your hand inside to grab them. Whatever the size of your dog, this bone jar can store more than 10 cups of pet treats. This jar is sturdy and secure and has an easy open airtight rubber-lined ceramic lid that keeps hard or soft treats, dental sticks, or kibble moisture free and delicious. This treat jar, ideal for kitchens, offices, pet stations, console tables, or anywhere you treat your pet, will elevate your home décor.

Opt for the Oggi Food Storage Container if you want a glass dog treat jar. It’s just as good as our option above.

Best Stainless Steel Dog Treat Container

The Now Designs Dog Biscuits Tin is our top pick for the best stainless steel treat canisters. This dog treat canister features an attractive white base and matching black lid made from food-safe powder-coated galvanized steel. It provides plenty of storage space for dog biscuits, training treats, rawhides, or your pup’s favorite snack. It has great customer feedback and an eye-catching design that comes in two colors. The company has been in business for over 50 years, so you can expect nothing but superior designs, unsurpassed quality and workmanship when buying this dog treat storage container. 

Another option that we love it’s the Amici Pet King Charles Dog Treats Canister. Its beautiful, functional hammered metal with copper plating looks stunning. The PetSteel Stainless Steel Treat Jar with a red lid is another fantastic alternative.

Best Smart Dog Treat Container

The Furbo Dog Camera Treat Tossing Container is the perfect solution for dog owners who want to monitor and feed treats to their dogs while they are away. The best treats for use with Furbo are about half an inch in diameter, aren’t sticky and aren’t easily crumbled. It works great as a temporary dog treat container, but it’s not recommended for long-term treat storage. We use it mainly to monitor our pets and store the necessary amount of treats for when we know we will be away.

Our pup loves the treats that Furbo tosses out. We let our dog know we did not forget her by talking to her and having Furbo dispense her favorite treats via our phone.

Dog Treat Container Set

If you want a dog treat container set, this beauty from Pethiy Dog Food & Treats Storage tin Containers Set is a truly desirable option. Its subtly sleek design gives it a classic and luxurious look without being ostentatious.

This set includes two strong, sturdy steel carbon steel tins paired with a modern wooden lid. Both the large “DOG FOOD” and small “DOG TREATS” containers are small enough to transport but big enough to store quite a few of those treats and dog food your pet loves! If the paint ever chips, it makes these containers look better thanks to their retro farmhouse appearance. It can also be knocked around and won’t break even after many years. It comes in three colors, beige, white and black. A matching scoop is included with this adorable set to fill the pet food and treat bowls conveniently.

Small Dog Treat Jar

If you have a small dog, toy dog, or teacup pup – a small dog treat jar like Oregon Stoneware Studio Small Dog Treat Jar is your best option. Most small dogs do not consume many treats, so a little jar like this one is perfect for your tiny furry friend treats. This small artisan pottery dog treat is gorgeous and fancy-looking. It can hold plenty of little bite-sized treats. It’s a lead-free and food-safe glaze inside and out. It’s handcrafted and embellished with pewter paw finial and “Good Dog!” hardware by Crosby and Taylor.

Have a medium size or large dog and love this design? Don’t worry. You can buy a large version of this jar.

Other Mentions

Here are other dog treat jars commonly searched and bought by dog owners like you.

Dog Treat Jar Ideas

Looking for DIY dog treat jar ideas? We found a few for you to try at home.

Easy DIY Dog Treat Jar


  • 1 glass jar with a lid
  • 1 dog collar to fit around the neck of the jar to ensure the lid will still close
  • small rawhide dog bone to use as decoration on top of the jar
  • gel based super glue
  • spray paint to paint dog bone to match the metal on the dog collar
  • chalkboard label
  • chalk pen
  • Nudges Grillers Dog Treats


  • Place the dog collar around the neck of the jar and tighten it to fit snugly.
  • Spray paint the rawhide bone and allow it to dry according to the directions on the spray paint.
  • Once dry, use your gel-based super glue to adhere it to the lid of the glass jar. Follow instructions and let cure.
  • Place a chalkboard label on the front of your jar and write a saying of your choosing! I wrote “treat” and our dog’s name “Max” on mine.

Source: MustHaveMom

Dog Treat Jar DIY (Video)

Check out this video and learn the principles of making your dog treat jars.

Personalized Dog Treat Jar

Here is a list of our favorite brands that offer personalized dog treat jars.

These jars allow you to personalize your treat jar with your dog’s name or anything you want it to say and fill it with your dog’s favorite treats. Our favorites include

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should I Put A Dog Treat Jar?

Dog treat containers can be placed on your kitchen counter, pantry, or where you see fit. It is important to place dog treat jars in an accessible location so that you can reward your dog immediately for good behavior.

Should I Wash My Dog Treat Container?

Dog treat containers should be kept clean and mold-free since. Wash them in the dishwasher or by hand, depending on the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Does My Dog Need Treat?

Dogs enjoy consuming treats in moderation as they reinforce good behavior or assist in learning new skills.

Do Dog Treat Jars Keep Treats Fresh?

Yes, dog treats jars can keep treats fresh for a more extended time, especially if they have an airtight seal.

Are The Best Dog Treat Jars Expensive?

Generally, dog treat jars are not too expensive. However, dog treat containers made from quality glass or hand-crated design may cost more.   

What Type Of Dog Treat Jar Is The Most Durable?

Stainless steel dog treat jars are a great choice in terms of durability since they do not break and offer maximum durability.

Should You Buy A Dog Treat Container?

So, is a dog treat container worth it?

In short, yes. Your pup will appreciate the extra effort you put in to make their treats stay fresh, but you’ll also be helping to keep your home (and everything in it) a little bit cleaner. Win-win! Dog treat jars or containers can eliminate the need for fiddling with plastic dog treat packets.

Using a dog treat container always gives peace of mind by knowing that it will not be stale every time you reach for a treat to give to your dog. It also means fewer messes for you to clean up.

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