11 Best Dog Boat Ramps 2022: Pontoons, Ladders, Docks & More (Reviews)

best dog boat ramps

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This is a complete guide to finding the best dog boat ramps.

When boating or swimming around the dock, getting in and out of the water can be both difficult and dangerous for our dogs.

Some dogs love to just jump in the water, but what if your dog can’t jump due to a condition like arthritis, anxiety, or merely fear? What if your dog needs to escape the water and can’t reach the surface when you are distracted or away?

Whatever the reasons might be, these platforms simulate a shoreline and work by providing easy access and exit to the water.

Learn everything about boat ramps for dogs including, our top picks by category. Let’s dive right in!

Best Dog Boat Ramps (Our Top Picks At A Glance)

Here are just three of our top picks for the best dog boat ramps by category.

You can click here to see the full review for all our best picks here, but we encourage you to keep reading so you can make a more informed decision before getting a dog boat ramp.

Best Overall Dog

Boat Ramp

Best Dog Boat Ramp

For Pontoon

Best Dog Boat


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Learn all about dog boat ramps

What Is A Dog Boat Ramp?

A dog boat ramp is a floating platform that allows dogs to get in and out of the water onto a boat platform, dock, or swimming pool deck without assistance.

Boat dog ramps simulate the shoreline, ensuring your dog is safe from potential injuries by falling into the pool or the water. For dog owners, it’s a stress-free way of lifting their dogs out of the water manually.

How to Pick the Right Boat Ramps for Dogs

Here are the top features and characteristics to look for when selecting a dog boat ramp for your dog.

1. Waterproof finish. A must-have feature for dog boat ramps is waterproof. This feature will prevent corrosion and rusting. Look for ABS plastic or aluminum-made dog bat ramps.

2. Non-Slip, high traction and stable surface. The dog ramp must have a non-slip surface to prevent injuries. Your dog will usually be soaking wet when it gets out of the water, so make sure the ramp provides high traction and a stable surface for a good grip.

3. Safety features (Smooth edges, side railings and more). Some dog boat ramps come with side railings to prevent the dogs from falling off the side while walking on the ramps. Be sure all edges are smooth to avoid injury as the dog walks in and out of the water. You can always add sand down some rough surfaces or add edge-protecting pads.

4. Easy install, portability and transportation. Choose a dog boat ramp that is portable and has a versatile design that makes it easy to set up, use, and pack up to be moved easily from one place to another. Most dog boat ramps can be attached and removed from any surface (i.e., boat, decks, pools, yachts, etc.).

5. Dog size. Opt for dog boat ramps that are appropriate for your dog’s size.

Conversely, if you don’t need portability, get a fixed ramp that requires a one-time installation.

Pro Tip: A dog lamp will not come off the surface, nor will it cause any damage to your dog’s legs or body.

Top Reasons For Using Dog Boat Ramps & Stairs

Why does my dog need a dog boat ramp or stair? Here are some of the most common reasons and benefits.

  • Avoid injuries: Although some dogs can climb back into boats, dogs are not ergonomically built to climb onto a boat or deck. Severe injuries to hips and joints could occur over time.
  • Mobility and other issues: Dog boat ramps are great for dogs that love the water but have mobility issues, are afraid of jumping, have anxiety problems, arthritis, or are of advanced age.
  • Save your back: Get your dog out of the water safely and quickly without risking injuring your back. You’ll save yourself some bumps and bruises.
  • Heavy dogs: Some dog breeds are too big to lift out of the water. If you’ve ever tried to lift a heavy, wet dog out of the water onto a dock or boat, you know how difficult it can be.
  • Easy access to the boat: Your dog will be able to enjoy swimming time a lot more while you have the peace of mind that Fido re-turn to the boat safely and on its own.
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The best dog boat ramps reviewed

Best Dog Boat Ramps Reviews

We chose the best dog boat ramps for each category based, price, customer reviews, performance, materials and more.

Whether you need a dog ramp for a pontoon boat, a floating dog boat ramp, or a dog boat ladder, our experts have reviewed the top brands of dog ramps for water use for every need.

Note: Be sure to compare the size of the boat ramp with the area where it will be installed so you know it will fit once you get it.

Best Dog Boat Ramp (Dog Boat Boarding Ramp)

Pet Step Folding Pet Ramp is our pick for the best all-around dog boat ramp.

While Petstep Folding Pet Ramp is not explicitly designed for pool or boat use, it’s versatile and can fit most boats thanks to a universal non-slip grip that fits all vehicles and edges.

This all-purpose ramp supports pets up to 500 lbs. It measures 70″ L x 17″ W x 2.5″ H  making it ideal for all dog sizes.

Pet Step’s dog boat boarding ramp assists dogs in getting on and off the car and other vehicles, as well as boats and pools. 

It’s made from high-quality materials, and it has a soft non-slip rubberized walking surface for superior traction. It’s made from advanced composite plastic construction, so it will not rust or corrode and can be cleaned with soap and water.

When using this ramp for your pool or boat, you may need to add points of attachment, depending on the resting surface of your boat.

Note: If you plan to use this off-shore, we recommend adding a flotation foam cushion underneath the ramp or sides for additional support and stability. This will ensure the ramp supports your dog’s weight more efficiently when he steps on it. Attach the foam to the water-receiving end of the ramp.

Alternatively, consider the other boat ramp for dogs in the water below.

  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Two side rails for safety
  • Portable and durable
  • Fit most boats
  • Bi-fold design for easy storage
  • Made in the USA
  • Rubber can peel off over time
  • It may be heavy to transport

Best Dog Boat Ramp For Pontoon Boat

Harbor Mate’s aluminum heavy-duty ramp wins the medal for best dog ramp for pontoon boat.

This ramp acts as a bridge between your pontoon boat and shore (or dock).

Its heavy-duty built and 600-pound weight capacity makes it accessing docks, floats, or the beach safe and accessible for all your passengers (children, dogs) and equipment (fully-loaded coolers).

It’s our pick for the best dog ramp for pontoon boats due to its loading and unloading capacity, easy setup and excellent customer feedback.

You will find a high-traction grit coat surface for additional safety. And, it comes with self-drilling/self-tapping mounting screws for easy installation.

It measures 6′ long x 24″ wide; weighs 52 lbs, making it ideal for all dog sizes, even giant-sized dog breeds.

This ramp is an excellent addition to your pontoon boat gear if you are always loading and unloading heavy stuff. It can also be used on other types of boats.

You can try Extreme Max’s pontoon dog boat ramp if you want a slightly cheaper option.

  • Made from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum,
  • Easily store under the deck of your boat
  • High-traction surface
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • Strong and sturdy for heaving loading and unloading
  • Easy and fast installment
  • Safe and durable
  • Universal mounting bracket fits most pontoon boats
  • Ramp slides into bracket and secures with bungee latch
  • 600-lb capacity supports full coolers and gear

    Pontoon Boat Ladder For Dogs

    If you are looking for the best dog ladder for a pontoon boat, the Pet Loader H2O is your best option.

    This pontoon boat ladder can be easily mounted to the deck of most pontoon boats. Once installed, your dog can swim to the underwater platform, giving him a solid and sturdy landing to easily get in and out of the water.

    Pet Loader H2O provides a pet-friendly, stable, and easy-to-use boat ladder for any pontoons or boats without swim platforms.

    It mounts to the boat swim platform or side gate. It’s made from a non-corrosive material, so you don’t have to worry about rust.

    Pulling dogs onto the boat can result in scratches, harm to the owner, or even damage your boat. With the Pet Loader H2O, your dog will no longer have to struggle to reboard your boat from the water and risk injuries.

    This pet boat ladder easily supports dogs from 60 to 150 pounds. All hardware is Stainless Steel and is powder-coated aluminum with USA-made Marine-grade rubber welded onto it with traction ribs for your pets’ comfort. 

    For storage, it can be flipped up and easily detached when not in use.

    Your doggie will love this dog ladder next time you go on your pontoon boat adventure.

    • Excellent ladder for pontoon boats
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Made with plastics anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware
    • Foldable design for transport and storage
    • Designed for dog use only
    • Great for any boat and pool decks too
    • No injury to dog or yourself
    • Low angle of ascent/descent eliminates your pet’s fear
    • Dog instinctively knows how to it
    • Wide decks eliminate anxiety
    • No sag for added assurance
    • Easily holds the largest dogs
    • Limited warranty for reasonable use
    • Rubber matting for critical traction
    • Higher price tag than most dog boat ramps

    Best Dog Boat Ramps For Docks

    The Creekside Metalworks Boat Boarding Platform Dock Step is what you need to bridge the gap between your dock (pier head or walkway to your boat) and the boarding platform on your boat. 

    This dog water ramp for docks is one sturdy beast, rock-solid, bulletproof, and indestructible.

    The dimensions of this product are 18″ wide and extend 19 1/4″ past the dock edge.

    Other features include an anti-slip decking and removable handrail and can be folded up when not in use.

    Because every mounting location is different, mounting hardware is not included. It does come with four 1/2″ mounting holes on the top and two on the side.

    If you are in the market for a dog ramp for boat docks, this high-quality dog dock ramp for boats is perfect.

    • All aluminum construction
    • Removable handrail
    • Gangway style hinge for superior strength
    • 325+ pounds capacity
    • Removable 30″ tall hand rail
    • Free shipping
    • Made in the USA
    • Due to the many possible mounting locations mounting hardware is NOT included

    Paws Aboard Doggy Boat Ladder (Best Dog Boat Ladder Ramp)

    Looking for the best dog boat ladder?

    A dog boat stairs like the one from Paws Aboard is an easy way to get your dog out of the water and back aboard with this unique dog boat ladders ramp.

    The steps provide extra support and help your dog lunch upwards more efficiently than regular dog ramps. It’s perfect for senior dogs, dogs with mobility issues, overweight pups, or dogs with health issues like arthritis.

    Doggy Boat’s dog boat boarding ladder provides an easy exit, reducing the risk of straining or injuring joints.

    It’s portable, lightweight, durable and it can easily be attached and removed from any boat ladder with 3 or more steps and up to 14″ wide.

    This ladder for dogs to get on boats conveniently floats next to the watercraft when the boat ladder is needed for human use.

    It fits almost all boat ladders and it folds in half for easy storage. It measures 64″ x 17″ x 4″ inches, weighs 12 pounds, and it comes in yellow to help Fido spot it more easily while in the water.

    • Can be attached and removed in seconds
    • Highly durable ramp
    • Rust and corrosion-proof
    • Folds in half for easy storage
    • UV resistant
    • Perfect for medium or small size dogs
    • Floating dog ladder for boat
    • Universal grip that fits most boats
    • Holds up to 150 lbs

      Best Boat Platform For Dogs (Great Day Load-A-Pup)

      If you have a speedboat, sailboat, or any kind of boat and are in need of a boat platform for dogs, the Great Day Dog Platform is a great option.

      This platform provides an easy way for your pooch to leave and re-enter the boat as he pleases. It’s easy to install. Simply hook this dog water ramp to your boat’s boarding ladder, and you are ready to go!

      It’s made from quality materials that don’t allow corrosion or rust. It’s light-weight (7 lbs) with gripping ridges to excellent traction when your dog tries to climb back into the boat after a swim. It comes with a generous 14″ by 20″ platform that can easily be folded for compact storage—no more bending and tugging your wet furry friend out of the water.

      The off-white, powder-coat finish complements the factory finish color of any boat and ensures years of dependable service. It’s also available in green. This brand takes the spot for the best boat swim platform for dogs.

      You can also opt for a dog ladder/ramp platform like this one.

      • Great for recreational boats
      • Suitable for any boat with boarding ladder
      • Easy installation (no bolts, pins or screws)
      • Made of durable aircraft aluminum
      • May also work in swimming pools
      • Steady footing
      • A dog can use it without any help
      • Made in the USA
      • May not work great for extra large dogs

      Best Floating Dog Boat Ramp

      The metal for the best floating dog boat ramp goes to the Solstice Inflatable Pup Plank Pet Ramp Series for Pets.

      Solstice Docking Solutions is a reputable company that offers a family of floating solutions for boats and docks.

      This floating dog boat ramp design consists of drop-stitch construction that creates a rigid, comfortable feel when inflated for unmatched stability. Additionally, it has an EVA traction pad that serves as a comfortable launch pad.

      gives your dog an easy way to enter and exit the water safely.

      Perfect for all swimming environments including off the boat, the dock, or in the pool. You can secure your pup plank anywhere you go, thanks to its built-in D-Rings & two 8-foot tie-ropes.

      You can pick from two sizes, medium (34.5 x 24.5 x 3 inches) and extra-large (48 x 32 x 5 inches). It’s built for pets up to 100 pounds. Also, it’s incredibly light at 13 pounds making it super portable.

      It comes with a pump, carry bag, and repair kit.

      • Ideal for boats, docks and pools
      • Deep mesh with weighted bottom for easy entrance
      • High-pressure H3 Valve for quick inflate/deflate
      • Includes 2 D-Ring tie down points and (2) 8-foot lines
      • EVA traction-pad on top side
      • Incredibly easy to inflate, deflate, fold, and store back in the included bag

        Best Dog Boat Ramps For Yachts

        What’s the best dog ramp for my yacht?

        Our pick for the best dog ramp for yachts is PetSafe’s Solvit Telescoping Ramp.

        It’ longer than other ramps. It can be extended up to 72″ inches long, so it’s perfect for reaching the deck of your yacht.

        It has a telescoping design, and it supports over 400 pounds with no bending. It’s made from aluminum and plastic, which helps make the ramp both extremely light and incredibly durable.

        This ramp measures 39/72″ x 17″ x 4″ with a high-traction surface and side rails to keep your furry friend from slipping or falling in the water.

        It’s also a good option for most types of boats.

        • Easy to clean
        • Convenient carry handle
        • Telescoping design for ease of use
        • Adjustable from 39” to 72”
        • Ultra-stiff design for stability
        • Might take a little practice to walk on it

        Dog Ladders For Fishing Boats

        If you own a fishing or hunting boat and you’d like to bring your dog on your water sport adventures, the WaterDog Adventure Dog Ladder is the best way your furry companion can have easy access and exit to the water.

        This dog boat ladder has a capacity of 130 pounds and it measures 42″ L x 18″ W x 5″ D.

        Its versatile design allows it to be used with almost any fishing or hunting boat design. The steps have a high traction surface, which adds to the safety of dogs while they are walking.

        Features a “space-frame” design that minimizes the force and effects of surrounding water currents. It’s sturdy but engineered for lightweight and suitable for dogs of all sizes.

        Your dog can now swim and come back to your boat as he pleases, making your fishing experience much more enjoyable for both.

        Designed to mount over the gunwale or transom lip of Jon boats. 

        • Collapsible for transport/storage
        • Floats if dropped in the water
        • Made from non-corrosive materials
        • Slip-resistant top surface
        • Dog-friendly design and sturdy
        • Lightweight
        • Designed with the angler in mind

          Dog Boat Ramp Hunting

          Whether you are looking for the best boat dog ramp for duck hunting or any hunting boat, Momarsh Ramp Stand is your best option.

          The lightweight, foldable, and fully adjustable features make this dog boat ramp a great addition to their arsenal for hunters.

          With its gunnel clamps and adjustable sidewall positioning system, it can adapt to fit the contours of a wide range of boats in multiple locations. Momarsh can also function as a dog boat ladder and a hang-on timber stand, making it the only one of its kind.

          It features tree grabber teeth, clamps for boats, webbing straps for added traction, and draining dura mesh floor.

          Using the gunnel clamps as gear hooks in the timber is another benefit. The two-stage step system allows your dog to reach the platform even in deeper water where he may not be able to get the bottom on his own.

          • Removable/Adjustable gunnel clamps
          • Boat sidewall height and angle adjustment
          • Water draining Dura Mesh Floor
          • Two stage ladder platform
          • 15 pounds
          • foldable design
          • Feet adjusts to tree radius or boat sidewall pitch
          • Arms keep stand at 90 degrees at all times & adjusts for boat sidewall easily & securely
          • On boat applications the gunnel clamps open to 3″ or 3.75″ with the clamps removed 

            Drifter Marine Dog Boat Boarding Ladder (Easiest Set Up)

            Are you looking for the simplest and easiest dog boat ramp to set up? Drifter Marine Dog Boat Boarding Ladder is the most convenient way for your four-legged companion to get back into your boat after swimming.

            Its adjustable ladder hooks fit over almost all boat walls. It can hold dogs weighing up to 125 lbs and it measures 39″×16″×6″.

            We consider this dog water ramp great for small or medium breeds. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a more sophisticated dog boat ramp, this is your choice.

            It has adjustable ladder hooks that slip seamlessly over almost all boat walls. Simply sit the hook over the wall of your boat and voila! Your dog can now start using this ramp!

            • Rubber guards on the hooks prevent it from scratching your boat’s wall
            • Anodized-aluminum construction
            • Extremely strong
            • Mesh netting for slip-proof surface
            • Hooks fit over almost all boat walls
            • Ladder stays submerged even in waves thanks to the mesh
            • Easy to store
            • Features additional ladder hooks
            • Mesh could tear over time
            • Not suitable for docks

            Other Dog Water Ramps Mentions

            Beavertail Dog Ladder Review

            If you are still looking for convenience but didn’t like the mesh option above, then the Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder might work best for your doggie.

            The steps have traction ridges on their surface to ensure that a dog has even footing while walking on it.

            It provides better support than a mesh surface as it is made from aluminum and stainless steel. It’s easy to use and but it acts as a ladder more than a ramp.

            It measures 24 x 13 x 8 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds. This ladder can be attached to most boats.

            Another option is the Beavertail Dog Ramp that fits both the Stealth 1200 and the Stealth 2000.

            • Floods up for easy storage
            • Durable aluminum and stainless steel construction
            • Two ways adjustable
            • Rubbed arms that protect your boat from scratches
            • Made with aluminum and stainless steel
            • It weighs only 9.8 lbs.

              Best Dog Boat Ramp For Traction

              If your dog is rather clumsy, has trouble balancing, or has a weak grip, this next doggie boat ramp will help.

              The Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp is a great pet boat ramp built for maximum traction.

              It works for dogs up to 200 pounds and locks closed when you fold it up, so it’s easier to put away. Customers state it is sturdy and has excellent traction for dogs.

              A unique feature is a “pressure-activated gripping” system, which means the more pressure Fido puts on the mat, the stronger the grip achieved.

              Overall this is a solid ramp, specially built to provide sure-footing. It measures 71 x 19.5 x 4 inches and weighs 27 pounds.

              • Soft surface that protects pets’ paws
              • Raised edges help prevent pet from slipping off of the side
              • Tri-fold design for portability and compact storage
              • For pets up to 200 Lbs

                Best Dog Ramp For Pools

                The Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps provides your dog with an easy and convenient helps pup enter and exit the pool, especially if they fall in.

                It’s best for dogs between 4lbs and 150lbs. It measures 21″ high x 28″ deep. The first step is 14 1/2 ” deep. The second step is 8 1/2 ” deep top lip 5″.

                This dog pool ramp is a great safety device while you’re away from the pool. It will not damage your vinyl liners. 

                • Made from strong UV resistant ABS plastic
                • No holes that paws can get stuck in
                • Slip-proof steps to ensure solid footing
                • Easy to remove and replace
                • Works with both in-ground and above ground pools
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                  Learn in-depth, key information about dog boat ramps

                  Dog Boat Ramps Maintenance

                  Here are some guidelines to give your dog boat ramp the proper maintenance it needs to remain clean and in tip-top shape.

                  These cleaning tips include:

                  1. Wash every month or sooner depending on how dirty it looks
                  2. Check for debris stuck on the front and back of the ramp
                  3. Use a high-pressure hose to rinse it off
                  4. Use a pet-friendly detergent or soap and scrub all sides
                  5. Rinse again and make sure there is no residue left
                  6. For tricky spots, you may have to manually wipe off any detergent or soap
                  7. Let is dry
                  8. Keep away from pet and children when not using

                  Train Your Dog To Use a Dog Boat Ramp

                  How do I train a dog to use dog boat ramps? Here is a step-by-step guide.

                  Step1: Arm yourself with your clicker and a bag of his favorite treats

                  Step 2: Let the boat ramp sit in the room so your pup gets used to its presence. Once he is familiar with this new object, proceed to the next step.

                  Step 3: Start with your dog on the leash on the same side they will be on to use the ramp.

                  Step 4: Walk over to the bottom of the ramp and start walking next to the ramp. If your dog starts walking up the ramp, reward the behavior. Repeat this daily for about 5 to 10 times.

                  Step 5: If your dog is afraid of the ramp or seems hesitant, never force him onto the ramp. Simple, position his favorite treat just out of reach along the ramp. This will encourage Fido to take a step on the ramp. Reward only when they step on the ramp, even if it’s just one single step.

                  Step 5: Once Fido is more comfortable with the ram, raise the bar. Lure him until he takes a second step. Keep increasing the number of steps before rewarding.

                  Step 6: By now, your dog will be able to walk across the ramp on its own when instructed. Once in the water, he will know what to do instinctively.

                  DIY Dog Boat Ramp

                  Watch this video on how to make a homemade dog boat ladder or ramp for your boat.

                  DIY Dog Ramp For Boat Dock

                  Here is another genius way to build a ramp for your dock.

                  Dog Boating Tips & Best Practices

                  Make sure your dog wears a life jacket in and out of the boat to keep him safe. A doggie lifejacket can keep your dog afloat if they fall off the boat and make it easier for you to get them back on board if they do fall off. Ensure you have a dog boat ramp and a dock boat ramp installed to create an even safer environment that assists your dog in entering and exiting your boat at any time.

                  Supervise your dog at all times while onboard or in the water. And last but not least, review local and state water regulations for any rules concerning pets on boats.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Are Dog Boat Ramps or Stairs Better?

                  A dog boat ramp is typically a better choice for senior dogs and dogs with mobility issues who have difficulty going upstairs. A dog ramp or dog stairs will protect a small dog’s joints by at least reducing the number of times he leaps each day.

                  How Do You Get A Dog On A Boat Out of Water?

                  Using a dog boat ramp is the easiest way to get a dog on a boat out of the water.

                  How To Install A Dog Boat Ramp?

                  Installing the product depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to ask for the manual when buying a dog ramp. However, generally, there are three primary ways of installing dog boat ramps. The first way is by peeling off the stick on the ramp and attaching it to the dock ramp on the boat. Using ropes is the second option. The ramp can be attached to the ramp of the boat using ropes. Lastly, the ramp on a boat can also be permanently fixed. 

                  Boat Ramps & Dogs

                  We hope this post helped you find the best dog boat ramp for your needs.

                  Having one of these ramps will make your next boating adventure much more enjoyable, especially for dogs with arthritis or those scared of boats.

                  A dog boat ramp, ladder, or platform is an effective solution to keep the fur kids safe in the water. Plus, you will never have to go through the cumbersome process of lifting your big wet dog onto the boat again.

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